25 Goddess Names For Mom's Divine Daughter

Baby naming is the first big job parents have to tackle, and the choices have major implications for the rest of the child's life. It's important in naming to consider that while it may be cute now and fitting for a newborn, someday that baby will be an easily embarrassed preteen, a serious university student and a middle-aged person. Will the name carry through all the life stages, fitting any age and station in life? For instance, Bambi may be adorable on a toothless 6-month-old, but less appropriate for a lawyer handling corporate contracts.

Today's parents have particular concerns when choosing a moniker for a daughter. They want something that will go forward and be future-friendly. For this reason, a goddess name is great; it is powerful, timeless and yet uniquely feminine. Not all goddesses were created in Greek or Roman culture either, so consider goddess names from other parts of the world, as well. If a name appeals to parents but seems a little off perhaps because of the way it sounds with the surname, they should feel free to tweak or alter the spelling or pronunciation slightly. As always, parents should write out the proposed baby name in full and see if it results in tongue-twisting or unfortunate nicknames best avoided.

25 Athena

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Of all the names on this goddess list, Athena is likely the one most recognizable. Athena is the daughter of Zeus. She is said to have been born fully grown and from her father's forehead. She is the goddess of many things including wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, skill, and courage, according to greekgodsandgoddesses.net (Just to name a few) Athena is the title of a Who song, and Princess Athena is the 6-year old who is tenth in the line of succession for the throne of Denmark. Athena can be spelled Athina, and nicknames include Thena or Attie.

24 Rhea

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Rhea comes from the mythology of Greece and is said to be a mother goddess, and as such, a goddess of fertility and motherhood. She was considered gentle and protective. Her name means, "flowing; ease; rivers." The name Rhea according to babycenter.com ranked at #595 in 2018 for baby girls in the US, making it familiar but definitely not common. The popularity of the name was at a high point in the US in the late 1800s, and in the last several years, has been increasing in usage once more. Rhea is also the name of a moon of Saturn.

23 Kianda

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Kianda may sound like a modern name, but it is actually quite old and comes from Africa, specifically Angola. The goddess Kianda was a mermaid and goddess of the sea and protector of fisherman. Typically, she was worshipped by offerings of food and clothing tossed into the sea, according to godfinder.org Kianda is a pretty name, but rare in the US. It ranked in 2018 at #20,804. Kianda could be paired with a simple middle name like Grace, Leigh or Brooke. Nicknames include Kia, Andi or Ki-Ki.

22 Inanna

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Inanna is one of the oldest goddesses, dating back to the Sumerian culture and mentioned in the epic ancient text of Gilgamesh. Inanna according to mythology.net was worshipped during a time when men and women both held power, and when patriarchy ruled later, many goddesses were absorbed into male god legends. Inanna, later referred to as Ishtar, retained her female name and role in the patriarchal society. Inanna was the goddess of war and fertility amongst other things. She was noted for her dual nature, and was often displayed with a lion for her courage. Inanna means "lady of the sky." It is pronounced "ee-Nah-nah."

21 Anjea

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Anjea is pronounced "ann-GEE-uh." It is the name of an Aboriginal deity from Australia. Anjea, according to godfinder.org is fertility goddess found in the mythology of the tribes of the Pennefather River in Queensland, Australia. The tradition was that a newborn's grandmother would bury the afterbirth near a river, where it would be collected by Anjea and held until it was time to make a baby from the mud and place it into another woman's womb. Anjea was said to hold souls between their incarnations. Anjea could be shortened to Anji, Jea or Annie.

20 Anaisa

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Anaisa is a deity associated with cultures from Puerto Rico, Haiti and Dominica. She is a goddess of love, money and happiness, and according to destee.com she is flirtatious and playful. She later is associated with the Catholic Saint Anne. Anaisa is known to be adorned in colors of gold and yellow. Anaisa is another name that sounds modern, belying its ancient origins. Ana, Isa or Ani are all suitable nicknames. Pronunciation can vary, but one often used it AH-nigh-ee-sah.

19 Ezili

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Ezili, pronounced eh-ZEE-lee,  has origins in Africa, and specifically tied to voodoo origins in Haiti. Erzuli or Ezili has a few different manifestations. Ezili Freda is the goddess of love, beauty, dancing, flowers and jewelry. According to ezilikonnen.com, Ezili Danto is a mother goddess and often depicted in art as a type of Madonna. Ezili is a rare name in the US and doesn't even chart, but it's exotic sound and brevity make it sound contemporary. Ezili could be made into the nicknames Zi, Zili or Ezil.

18 Dalia

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Dalia originates from mythology from Lithuania. She is a goddess of fate. The name meaning is "branch," or "tender," depending on where you trace the name. It is found in Hebrew, Spanish and Swahili language. Pronounced "DAH-lee-ya," it sounds a lot like the flower name, dahlia. Dalia ranked #1009 for baby girls in 2018 according to babycenter.com. Dalia is a pretty and very feminine name which will fit all kinds of ethnic types of surnames. Dalia could be shortened to Dal, Lia or Dalli.

17 Saranya

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Saranya is a Hindu female deity. She is the goddess of dawn and the clouds, and sometimes linked to the goddess Demeter who is the goddess of the harvest. Saranya is said to be the beautiful wife of the sun god. According to godfinder.org, Saranya is mother to twins who are divine horsemen. A goddess with such a lovely realm would naturally fit a baby with a sunny disposition. Saranya is rarely used in America, but would easily shorten to Sara, Rani or Ranya.

16 Zemyna

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Zemyna is from Lithuania and is considered the goddess of childbirth and life, as well as vegetation, according to godfinder.org. Zemyna can be pronounced zee-MEE-nah, or some other way that works for her parents. Since it's such a rare name, who's to argue? Zemyna was said to be married to the thunder god, Perkunis. Goddesses who rule over fertility, childbirth, love and such are frequently also in charge of the harvest or crops. Zemyna could be called Zee, Myna or Zem. Zemyna sounds a little exotic and old, but old names are in vogue now anyway.

15 Gita


Gita is the common name for the ancient Hindu holy text of 700 epic poetic verses. Gita therefore is a divine literature rather than a divine being, in this heritage. According to babycenter.com Gita means "good," and is pronounced, "GEE-ta." According to godfinder.org, Gita is the name of a Buddhist mother goddess in Tibet. Whichever source you trace the name, Gita is a holy name, whether as a goddess or scripture. Gita is also a nickname for Margaret or any of that names various forms.

14 Korrigan

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Korrigan comes from the area of Brittany, and she was a goddess associated with water, fountains, springs and such. Korrigans were small fairies who served Korrigan, and were a few inches tall and lovely with long, blonde hair. During the daytime, they appeared as an old hag, however. Korrigan, according to babycenter.com hasn't charted since 2015 in the US as a baby girl name, and then only appeared in 2 per million births. Needless to say, it's a rarity. Korri is a natural nickname.

13 Freya

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Freya, pronounced "FRY-uh," or more commonly "FRAY-uh," means, "lady; noblewoman." It is from Norse mythology, and Freya was the goddess of love, fertility, beauty and amongst other things, according to godfinder.org. In 2018, Freya ranked #188 in the US for baby girls. It is even more popular in parts of Europe, such as England and and Wales. Alternate spellings include Freyja, Freya and Freija. She loves jewelry, poetry, and song, and according to legend, her tears turn to amber or gold. Freya is possibly where we get the name of one of our favorite days of the week; Friday.

12 Sina

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Sina is a goddess who is known throughout Polynesia through various names, Hina, Sina or 'Ina. According to the Handbook of Polynesian Mythology by Robert D. Craig, Sina is most revered in Hawaii as the original goddess. Throughout Polynesia, she is tied to moon myths and is considered the goddess of or in the moon. She is also the protector of night travelers. Sina was said to be beautiful, as well. In 2018 Sina occurred as a name in only 6 in a million baby girls' births from the US.

11 Kades

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Kades is an ancient Canaanite goddess, usually shown holding a snake and standing on a lion. Kades is a fertility goddess, according to godfinder.org. This is not a well-known deity, but the name sounds more along contemporary lines. Kades could be pronounced KAY-dis, KAY-dees or KAH-diz, or KAYDZ. Nicknames could include Kade, Kady or Dees. Canaanites were later called Phoenicians and were famed for their purple cloth and possibly the earliest alphabet. Kades is a name that will work well with many types of surnames, too.

10 Caillech

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Caillech is an Irish goddess, and according to theirishplace.com she is considered a mother goddess, creator and veiled one or "hag." She was said to grow more beautiful and young as the days grew shorter since her domain was winter. Caillech is associated with different geographical features of the island and is considered supremely powerful. To this day, visitors to certain areas leave coins to appease the strong deity. Caillech is pronounced "kye-luhkh," and could be spelled Cailleach, Caillic or Kaillech. Nicknames include Cailley, Caillie or Cai.

9 Holle

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Holle, according to mother-god.com, Holle is an ancient Germanic deity predating Thor, Odin, and the other Norse pantheon. She is a sky goddess, ruler of weather, but later closely associated with winter. Her other names include Holda, Hulda, and Holla. It's believed she dates back to Stone Age people. She is depicted often as weaving or spinning. When it snows, people still say in certain areas of Germany that Frau Holle is making her bed. Holle can be pronounced "HULL-ah", or "HOLL-ah." Hollie is a natural nickname.

8 Nokomis

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The name Nokomis is of Native American origins and means "moon child/daughter of the moon," which in itself is a cool meaning. Nokomis appears in Longfellow's poem,  "Hiawatha," as his grandmother. It is said she liked to swing on vines in the sky, far above the Earth, but a jealous observer cut the vine and Nokomis fell to Earth, landing in the sea and becoming the mother of everything. She is also known as Grandmother. Parents could call their daughter Noki, Komis or Noko for short.

7 Sulis

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Sulis is a Celtic goddess, and her domain is the sun as well as the healing waters, or hot springs, and is associated with the ancient city of Bath, in England. Later the Romans came there and Sulis became connected to the Roman goddess Minerva. She is known as a goddess of healing, prophecy, and blessings according to feminismandreligion.com. Her symbols are the Sun, antlers and an owl. Sulis could be called Su, Liss or Lisi. Suliss could be spelled Suliss, Sulisse or Suelis.

6 Ziva

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Ziva is yet another fertility goddess, this time of Slavic origin. Pronounced ZHEE-vah, she is often depicted holding apples in one hand and grapes in the other. According to babycenter.com, Ziva means "splendor; aglow," while others sources say it means, "life; brightness, radiance; light of God." Ziva is also connected to longevity. It ranked #1053 in 2018 for US girls and has seen a steady rise in popularity since around 2005. Nicknames include ZiZi, Zivy, and Ziv.

5 Zaria

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Zaria is the name of a Slavic goddess of battle noted for her beauty. Indeed, some sources cite her as a goddess of beauty, not unlike Venus. Wearing full armor, according to ancient-code.com, Zaria would protect warriors from passing away in battle. Other meanings of the name come from either Arabic or Jewish roots, meaning, "princess," or "flower." Zaria ranked #632 for baby girls in the US for 2018 and has been rising in usage since the late 1990s. Zaria is also the name of a city in Nigeria. Zari, Zia or Ria are all contenders for nicknames.

4 Marina

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Marina is a Slavic moon goddess, according to godfinder.org. Marina ranked #614 in 2018 for baby girls born in the US. Some sources state the name means, "sea maiden." Marina was most popular in the late 1980s and has decreased each year since, which can be a plus for parents who prefer less common names. Marina can be shortened to Mari, Rina, Mar or Marni. Since Marina is a moon goddess, it would make a cute nursery theme for a girl given that name.

3 Luna

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Since John Legend and Chrissy Teigen had a baby girl, Luna, the name skyrocketed in popularity, coming in at #14 for baby girls in 2018. Luna, not surprisingly, is a moon goddess. Luna is a Roman goddess and is equivalent to the goddess Selene. A major temple was dedicated to Luna in Rome during the 6th century but later taken down during Nero's infamous reign. According to talesbeyondbelief.com, Luna's name comes from the Latin word, lucere, which means, "to shine." Luna could be shortened to Lulu, Lu or Lune. Avoid Lunie for obvious reasons.

2 Boann

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Boann, according to feminismandreligion.com is the goddess of poetry, fertility, creativity, and knowledge. She is associated with the River Boyne in Ireland, as well. She is also known as the White Cow since at the time cows were considered sacred. Indeed, the Milky Way is also known as the Way of the White Cow, meaning Boann ruled over the heavens also. Boann is a pretty rare name and could also work well as a middle name, if a family felt it too unusual for a first name.

1 Thalia

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Thalia was one of the 9 Graces in mythology from Greece, and later specifically identified as the goddess of comedy and pastoral poetry. Thalia can be pronounced TAH-lee ah or THAH-lee ah. Thalia ranked at #616 in 2018, meaning 254 babies per million were given this name.  The name is derived from thaleia, meaning "blooming." She was portrayed with a comic mask, a shepherd's staff and an ivy wreath encircling her head. Nicknames could include Thali, Lia, or Tia.

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