25 Creative Nurseries Moms Will Wish They Thought Of First

Many moms begin designing their baby's nursery long before the due date. It's exciting to prepare and daydream about where the baby will be rock, where they might sleep and what their first experiences on earth will look like. Not only is planning and creating the dream nursery fun, but the hormones also make it impossible at times to think about anything else. Gotta love those nesting urges.

With so many women preparing for new babies all the time, there are hundreds of thousands of pictures to inspire others on the internet. It's a little overwhelming at first. Princess-themed? Monochrome? Woodlands? What should you choose?

Well, I'm here to help. When I became pregnant with my son, I couldn't decide what theme I wanted to go with, if any. Naturally, Pinterest was my best friend at that time, and I found some brilliant rooms to inspire my fellow moms-to-be. Keep in mind, these rooms are typically designed by people with a high budget and a keen eye for interior design. While you might not be able to recreate these nurseries, they will at least get the creative juices flowing.

Let's take a look at 25 of the most creative nurseries that are sure to make you envious!

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Black And White
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25 Black And White

Black And White
via ProjectNursery.com

How cute is this monochromatic nursery? Bold black and white patterns have been all the rage lately, especially on Instagram. This nursery gives off a simple but chic vibe.

Let's be honest - it won't stay white forever, but they can probably get a good year or two out of it. Bleach and Magic Erasers will most likely be this mom's best friend. Having a nursery this bright and bold is worth the extra cleaning. Only someone with a keen eye could pull off putting together a nursery with so many different patterns!

24 Classy, Sweet, And Feminine

Classy, Sweet, and Feminine
via ProjectNursery.com

This nursery was featured in Project Nursery, where the mother, Shelby Cain confessed that she's not really a fan of pink. Instead, she wanted to create a "classy, sweet, feminine nursery without it!" She certainly pulled it off!

I love the wood accents and light neutral colors. Shelby said, "this is definitely my favorite room in our home." I would spend all my time in there if I were her, and apparently, the 202,000 people who shared her article agree! If she's not an interior designer, she should be.

23 Monochrome Zoo Nursery

Monochrome Zoo Nursery
via ProjectNursery.com

This is another beautiful monochrome nursery, but the parents incorporated different shades of grey into the room as well. The mother who designed the room, Ashley Heather Piowlski, says she had a difficult time designing a nursery for a boy, but ultimately decided on the monochrome look since black, white, and grey are the first things that babies can see.

My favorite part about this nursery is the geometric design on the wall. This mama won't have as hard of a time keeping things clean since she incorporated grey, so that's a huge plus!

22 Mustard Yellow and Light Blue

Mustard Yellow and Light Blue
via Instagram: @oh.eight.oh.nine

This nursery comes to us from @oh.eight.oh.nine on Instagram. I absolutely adore the mustard yellow with baby blue. I wouldn't think that those colors compliment each other so well, but they totally do. She did a wonderful job!

It looks like her baby is a little older since she has the crib set up toddler-style, which really makes me wonder what it looks like now. I can't imagine allowing my son to wander around in that room unsupervised. Then again, this appears to be set up for a little girl. I want to see what the rest of @oh.eight.oh.nine's house looks like!

21 Bear And Moon

Bear And Moon
via Hartendief.com

I think we can all agree that the bear holding the moon lamp is just about the coolest wall decor ever, right? I mean, come on. How creative is that? The stars match the artistic style of the bear as well, and that little ladder gives the room the woods-y feel she was going for. The wire basket was a great choice, since it keeps the nursery feeling open and less cluttered.

I give this nursery a 10/10. Really, the only downside is the impracticality of the ladder. I'm sure she'll have to take that out once her child discovers climbing!

20 Light And Bright

Light and Bright
Photo by Meghann Miniello

This adorable nursery is light, bright, and beautiful! It puts you in a good mood, just looking at it. That Ikea Cart is a must-have for new moms, and I love the stuffed animal hammock in the top corner. This mama sure knows how to add cute matching accents.

Notice how the wooden crib matches the curtain rod, and the lining on the stuffed animal hammock. She even matched the crib sheet to the fabric wall art. Wonderful job Ms. Miniello! Your daughter is sleeping in style.

19 Girly, But Not Overdone

Girly, But Not Overdone
Photo by Heather Moore

This picture was taken by Heather Moore, and I'm absolutely in love! This nursery is feminine and sweet, without being overdone at all. In fact, upon first glance, you can't really tell the gender of the baby. That is, until you see the adorable unicorn head and pink rag garland on the wall.

It's such a step up from the overly-girly, everything-needs-to-be-pink, princess nursery that was so common when I was growing up. There's nothing wrong with pink, but adding it as an accent color is much easier on the eyes.

18 Boho Mama

Boho Mama
via LittleandLux.com

I'm totally digging the boho desert look to this nursery. The teepees, feathers, and cacti make for one cute, unique nursery theme. How often do you see a crib mobile made out of feathers, surrounded by a hoop canopy.

Come to think of it, how often do you see a hoop canopy over a crib? It's genius! Of course, once her little one starts pulling up on the bars of the crib, it might be time to tuck that away for later. She will certainly need to do some redecorating around then, but while "Parker" is still little, she gets to tuck him into one adorable room.

17 Totally Retro

Totally Retro
via ProjectNursery.com

As Project Nursery put it, this room is "a little bit beachy, a little bit boho and a whole lot of cute." It truly looks like it belongs in an interior design magazine. The mama who designed the room is a blogger who helps people plan their destination weddings.

Planning, organizing, and creating aesthetically-pleasing spaces is part of her job description, and it clearly helped her when designing this space.

The only downside to this room is the fact that her diaper changing station is a little questionable. Chances are she had to upgrade within the first 6 months of her son's life. Other than that, A+!

PS - There's that must-have Ikea Cart again! I wasn't lying, it's amazing.

16 Bold And Colorful

Rainbow Nursery
via ProjectNursery.com

This colorful nursery was designed by yet another blogger - Kelly Mindell from Studio DIY. She's known for her ability to coordinate colors like a boss, so it's no surprise that her nursery is on point.

The more you look at this picture, the more you realize that she paid close attention to detail. Our eyes are automatically drawn to the wall shelves full of colorful books, but look closer and you'll see that she added a lot of traditional Mexican patterns, like the serape blanket draped across the crib. It's a Mexican-inspired nursery with a colorful modern twist!

15 Southwestern and Feminine

Southwestern and Feminine
via ProjectNursery.com

This beautiful nursery was designed by one of the Project Nursery staff, Halley, who claims that she changed direction for the room a few times before it all came together. Originally, she envisioned her daughter's room as black and white with pops of floral colors.

Once Halley found that adorable Southwestern rug, she completely changed her plan. I can see why! With a rug that cute, I'd be willing to rethink the whole thing too! The best part about this nursery, aside from the rug, is the adorable hexagon-shaped wall shelves. Wonderful job, Halley!

14 Real Life Farmhouse

Real Life Farmhouse
via ProjectNursery.com

This nursery was designed by Morgan Ford, the mom behind the blog, White Farmhouse. She lives on a literal farm with her family! I've never seen a crib like that, and I'm super jealous. You can't see it in this picture, but her son's closet is full of little wooden crates.

When asked how her personal style influenced the design of her nursery, she said, "I try to be as organized and practical as I can. The shelves and crates make staying organized so easy. Plus, I love change, so I can update the room with baskets I stumble across or anything else I find that is a must-have."

13 Modern and Nautical

Modern and Nautical
via ProjectNursery.com

The nautical theme is fairly common for nurseries, but I have to say, I've never seen it used for a girl, and I've never seen one that I enjoy quite as much as this one. The whales on the wall, complete with the bubbles really pulls the whole room together.

The rest of the nursery only has hints of the theme, from the baskets, the throw pillow with sailboats, to the drapes with anchors. It's all very subtle and feminine! The color scheme is my favorite so far. I've never seen grey and brown used together so flawlessly!

12 Copper Dreams

Rose Gold Dreams
via ProjectNursery.com

I've never been a huge fan of copper until I saw this room. It really makes me question why I didn't like it in the first place! I suppose when you have a keen eye for design like this mama does, you can not only pull off copper accents, you can it look absolutely amazing!

When used minimally, it can pull the entire room together, and Megan Burges did just that. The thing that sells me on this nursery the most though, has to be the huge pictures on the wall. You don't see that very often in nurseries, and the fact that she printed them in black and white - perfect for a newborn's eyes - makes it that much better.

11 A touch of Nature

Touch of Nature
via ProjectNursery.com

Has there ever been a cuter use of greenery in a nursery? I don't think so! This Australian mama says she and her husband struggled to get pregnant for well over a year, and she began decorating the nursery as a way to escape.

She told Project Nursery, "With each passing month of finding out we weren’t pregnant, I started to design and plan the nursery as a positive distraction."

After fifteen months of decorating and arranging, when they discovered they were pregnant with twins, she had to rework the entire room! On the right wall, she has a picture hung that reads, "We made a wish and two came true". I'm so happy for Beth and her husband!

10 Pastel Boho

Pastel Boho
via ProjectNursery.com

Similar to Halley above, this mama based the entire nursery around the rug. Once she saw the beautiful southwestern pattern, she ran with it! Amy Clevenger told Project Nursery, "Once I found out I was having a girl, I knew I wanted two things for the nursery—I did not want the room to look like it had thrown up pink, and I wanted the nursery to be something that she could grow into over time".

She definitely pulled it off! The teepee ties the whole nursery together, but it's also something that her daughter will enjoy for years to come. Just beautiful!

9 Southwest Cactus

String Art Cactus
via ProjectNursery.com

It's no secret that cacti are totally in right now. This expecting mom, Millie, saved tons of pictures on Pinterest of different cacti patterns, from wallpapers and fabrics to blankets. Somehow she managed to take something that everyone is doing - and completely make it her own. I have to say, I've never seen string art in a baby's nursery before. And I'm totally loving it!

This family lives on a ranch in Texas, so it's not just trendy for them. It's a reflection of the environment that their son is going to grow up in. She really pulled it off!

8 Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor Flowers
via ProjectNursery.com

Surprise, surprise! This nursery was also designed by Amy Clevenger, the same mother who designed the "Pastel Boho" room above. I love them both for different reasons. This room feels a little more grown up, but every bit as gorgeous!

There are few things daintier than more feminine than watercolor flowers. Clevenger told Project Nursery that her first daughter was only three months old when she found out she was pregnant with her second child, so she felt a little lost.

Understandably so -- she just finished putting a nursery together! But she managed to build a gorgeous room for baby number two, and it all started with the wallpaper. Now she has two darling daughters and two fantastic nurseries!

7 Little Explorer

Little Explorer
via ProjectNursery.com

According to Project Nursery, this room was inspired by all of the wonderful adventures taken by the baby's mother and father. Now if that doesn't make you teary-eyed, I don't know what will.

The colors compliment each other well, and it seems like something that their son, Logan, will grow into. I wonder if the family will continue to travel once their son is a little older. They'll make plenty of memories as a family of three instead of just two, and the room will only become more sentimental with time.

6 Modern Woodland

Modern Woodland
via ProjectNursery.com

The woodland theme is pretty popular right now, and these parents kicked it up a notch (or five)! The very best thing about this nursery has to be the chalkboard wall. Seriously, how cool is that?

The wallpaper is awesome too, and they've almost completely eliminated the possibility of their son drawing all over it by adding a wall that he is allowed to color on. It's pretty clever, actually. Our kids want to draw on the walls, it's just a fact of life. These parents took that fact and created an opportunity for their child to do just that. They seriously deserve a medal for the level of creativity that went into this room!

5 Natural and Dreamy

Natural and Dreamy
via ProjectNursery.com

This nursery was designed by Heather Winn Bowman, a textile designer. She too went with a southwestern feel, as you can see from the patterns on the ottoman and throw pillow. Her nursery has a remarkably high ceiling, which really opens the room up. The Aztec patterns are pulled together by the unique tapestry wallpaper from Cavern Home.

Whatever she has hanging on the crib is adorable, though I'm not sure how practical it is. For the sake of pictures, I would have hung it too, though. I'm in love with everything about this room! Good job, Heather!

4 Whimsical Paradise

Whimsical Paradise
via ProjectNursery.com

This nursery, much like my son's room, is pretty small. But this mama made the most with the space she had, and it turned out wonderful! I don't recall ever seeing a nursery with the crib in the middle of the room, but it really works well here.

Though it might make the room appear smaller than it actually is, it allows the parents to walk around both sides of the crib. The teepee and rug are definitely my favorites, and I love her minimal use of brown. And just look at that chandelier! Fancy!

3 Fit For A Princess

Fit For A Princess
via TheDesignDaredevil.com

It's not often that you see a room with painted pink walls anymore. Most of the time it ends up looking overdone or "too girly". But this mom really pulled it off! I love that she used black instead of white. She managed to make her daughter's nursery look elegant and unique, even with solid pink walls. My favorite part about this room is definitely the carriage on top of the dresser on the left side. If I ever have a girl, I'll be taking notes from this photo!

2 Modern Space

Modern Space
via ProjectNursery.com

When I was pregnant with my son, my mother-in-law suggested a space-themed nursery. My husband and I were not into the idea. We felt it was suitable for older children, but not babies. This picture just proves how wrong we were! This nursery is artistic and modern.

I wish I would have found it sooner because the image I had in my head of a space-themed room were exaggerated and cheesy. The constellation wall has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

1 Little Superhero

Little Superhero
via BabyCenter.com

What this nursery lacks in space, it makes up for in awesomeness. The use of bright oranges and dark blues is spot on, and it automatically makes me think of comic books. The coolest thing about this room is the fact that (as far as I can tell), it's not modeled after a specific superhero or story. This allows their son to be the hero in his own story. Yes, I'm a little cheesy. But you can't deny that it's a neat idea!

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