25 Celeb Mothers Who Are Doing Things Differently

Parenting is not all it is cracked up to be. Each child is drastically different from the rest, making it impossible to prepare for what is coming each time we give birth to a new child. Some celebrity parents aren’t that different from us; they seem to have a lot more rules at times, but many practice some pretty unorthodox things while others are way more mainstream. It is important to remember that it is not easy to raise any number of children—whether it’s one or nineteen—and for this reason, everyone comes up with their ways to cope and raise happy, healthy children.

Celebrities also have the money to experiment when it comes to rearing their babies; so, they can try activities that we might not come close to being able to afford. But on the bright side, at least we can read about all the different things celebrity mothers do in the tabloids.

Lastly, remember never to judge any parent regardless of what they think may or may not be good for their child. We have no idea what everyone goes through in their lives, and because of this, every person uses different tactics to get through the day with kids hanging off of them.

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25 Mayim Bialik Is Breastfeeding For The Long Haul

Via: Mothering

Breastfeeding is well-known for being the best resource to nourish babies. It is common for mothers to breastfeed their children either for a few months or up until they grow teeth.

This Big Bang Theory star does things a lot differently, according to Parents. She has a three-year-old son and he is still breastfeeding. Bialik admits that she will allow him to do what makes him feel comfortable for as long as he wants.

She had practiced this with her other children as well, allowing them to stop nursing when they were ready. As it turns out, the research supports breastfeeding into the toddler years for developmental purposes. So, self-weaning isn’t as “out there” as some parents think.

24 Kourtney Kardashian Did What While Giving Birth?

Via: Today's Parent

Natural birth is what many mothers dream of having, as research shows drugs during labor and delivery can be harmful to the baby and mother.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian not only went natural during the birth of her first son, Mason but while pushing, she even pulled him out of the birth canal herself.

She admitted to Parents that the entire experience was crazy and that she didn’t even know what was going on, but that she had the urge to pull him out when she felt him emerging. Talk about maternal instinct!

23 Mario Lopez And Wife Want No Snipping

ABC News

Circumcision for baby boys has always been a thing that hospitals do routinely, with parental consent. But as time goes on, fewer and fewer parents are comfortable letting their boys get part of their bodies cut off.

Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez is one of those parents, wanting nothing to do with circumcision, according to Organic Lifestyle. His wife had a different idea of what she would like for their baby boy, but given that Lopez did not have the procedure himself and had a perfectly normal life, he wanted that for his son as well.

As luck would have it, the research supports Lopez’s stance. Because routine infant circumcision has little to no medical benefit, no medical organization in the world recommends it anymore.

22 Angelina Jolie Teaches Her Kids At Home!

People Magazine

There is a lot to learn out in the world, which is why it is necessary for children to receive a good education. The problem with sending your child to school is that you cannot regulate what they are learning.

Movie star parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have gone down the homeschooling route to give each of their children the best education possible. Each child follows a curriculum explicitly based off of their needs and interests, and Jolie oversees it all, according to Daily Mail.

21 Kat Von D Refuses To Vaccinate

People Magazine

Vaccinations are a touchy subject; some believe they cause problems, while others are sure they fix problems. Kat Von D—who is famous for her make-up line—recently came out as pregnant but has also released the news that she will not be vaccinating her child.

She has been getting a lot of flak for this choice and wanted everyone to understand that she and her husband have a right to choose how they raise their child, based on her interview with BBC.

This isn’t an uncommon choice—especially among vegans like Kat—because many vaccines contain DNA from animals and are grown in fetal tissue from terminated pregnancies.

20 Gisele Bundchen Was Comfortable Birthing At Home


Over the years, giving birth at home has become increasingly more normal. Not a terrible thing considering it once was the norm for the majority of our existence.

Doctors still are not entirely on board, and many will encourage pregnant mothers to be seen by doctors and to give birth in the hospital. Gisele Bundchen—wife of the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and renowned supermodel—wanted to be comfortable at home.

Bundchen allowed Parents to know the details of her birth, revealing to them that she had a painless birth in her bathtub at home. She said she had a specific method which helped her calmly birth her baby, and it was a pleasant experience.

19 Where Does Shania Twain Live?


Celebrities are always in the public eye, even when they don’t want to be. For this reason, a lot of them choose to live as far away as possible to keep their lives private when they want them to be.

Man! I Feel Like A Woman singer Shania Twain has been living outside of the United States in Europe—Switzerland, to be exact—for a while. According to The Local, celebrities are free to walk around wherever they want without worrying about who is around watching and taking pictures for the tabloids.

18 Katherine Heigl Ate What?

Parents Magazine

A somewhat unusual meal for new mothers is their placenta, but it has been proven to be a highly nourishing one at that. Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl decided to take part in this practice, but not by physically consuming it.

She turned her placenta into capsules and took them every once in a while, and she will continue until they run out. Everything about her pregnancy was utterly natural, including the consumption of her placenta, as per Parents.

17 Vogue For Veganism

Daily Mail

Individuals who practice a vegan diet are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Many celebrities choose to go vegetarian or vegan for a plethora of reasons, but only a few decide to apply it to their children as well.

Madonna, who is well-known for her singing career, has been practicing the vegan lifestyle for herself and her kids for a while, considering all of her children are grown.

According to Ecorazzi, she has provided this diet for her kids from the time they were born, and she feels as if they are that much healthier because of it.

16 No TV Time For Megan Fox’s Kids

Hollywood Life

Many parents use technology to distract their kids and lull them into sitting still for even the smallest amount of time while they get something done or to relax. Although this might sound good to busy parents, many doctors feel it is not suitable for the development of the child’s mind and eyes.

Precisely for these reasons, actress Megan Fox doesn’t let her kids watch TV or play with electronics. According to Daily Mail, Fox admits that her boys are both what she calls, “nature hippies,” and she believes her sons will be much better off in the long run without TV time.

15 Bill Gates Doesn’t Let His Kids Use What?

Daily Mail

A concern with a lot of children these days is that they are all very much addicted to the Internet. Parents feed into this by allowing their children TV and Internet time to distract them at times in which parents want some alone time or need to get something done.

According to Independent, well-known technology creator Bill Gates does not allow his children to use the Internet or watch TV much at all. The reason for this is because their brains have not fully developed, and increased technology use can slow brain development down even more.

14 No Bread For The Paltrows

Why Fame

Many individuals can’t get enough bread or pasta, but according to Gwyneth Paltrow, her family goes entirely without carbs. She lets her followers know that cutting carbs out of her diet is not easy, and there have been plenty of times when her family has craved spaghetti or pizza.

But she is also very aware of how this diet will positively affect her family in the long run.

According to Fibromyalgia Resources, Paltrow was anemic—which is what made her consider this kind of food for her family, and it has done nothing but help them and their eating habits.

13 The Smiths Don’t Have Rules

E! News

Some parents are strict, while others couldn’t care less what their children do as long as they are well-behaved. The Smith household—which consists of actor and actress Will and Jada Pinkett Smith—is one that doesn’t believe in rules.

As reported by Hollywood Life, the Smiths are more interested in treating their kids like smart individuals and making agreements with them rather than running their home like a dictatorship. Jada believes it is essential to guide children instead of making all of the decisions for them.

12 Bottle-Fed At What Age?!

Daily Mail

King Of Queens star Leah Remini is very well-known for many aspects of her life. She has interesting views when it comes to religion and her parenting preferences have made headlines more than once.

Remini admits to Popsugar that she felt as though she needed to give her daughter anything she could ever want and this includes bottle feeding her for as long as she asked for it. Not only was she bottle feeding her until the age of 4, but she was changing diapers until then as well.

11 Alicia Silverstone Pre-Chewed Her Son’s Food

Us Weekly

There are some very unusual trends when it comes to celebrity parents, and Alicia Silverstone’s take on digestion is no exception. When her son Bear was just one, Silverstone decided she would use a new way of nourishing him.

According to Redbook Magazine, she proceeded to chew up her son’s food before mouth feeding it to him. This way, there was no danger of him choking on his food because it had already been chewed.

She didn’t explain as to why she did this and for how long, but it’s an interesting subject. As it turns out, there’s a good bit of research that supports this practice known as mastication.

10 Celine Dion’s Son Makes The Rules

Via: Just Jared

It is essential for children—even at young ages—to make decisions about the way they look and maybe what they eat on their own to prepare them for adult life.

Singer Celine Dion takes this to heart and allows her children to make all of the decisions about their lives on their own.

For example, her son, Rene, was given the choice of when he wanted to get his first haircut. For the first eight years of his life, he did not cut his hair, just because he didn’t want to, according to Celebitchy.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow Bathes With Her Children?

People Magazine

Truth be told, we could write a whole piece on Ms. Paltrow's rules to proper parenting. Bonding with your children is the most critical aspect of parenthood.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow takes this bonding experience to a new level by bathing with her children. She revealed to Redbook Magazine that her children were not big fans of bath time, and to make it a more enjoyable experience, she climbs in the tub to have some fun with them.

Not only does it allow her kids to have fun, but it gets the job done that much faster as well.

8 How Many Nannies Did Beyoncé Hire?

Via Style Caster

Having kids can be tough for celebrities. They never really get a break between professional work on-screen, parenting and being followed around 24/7 by photographers.

Most celebrity parents can get away with hiring just one nanny, but when Beyoncé had twins, she hired upwards of six nannies to take care of two babies for a limited amount of time, according to Brightside.

Each nanny was not needed at the same time, but they did work 8-hour shifts when they were around.

7 Hot Sauce For Discipline!

Lisa Whelchel

All children need discipline, and this is a topic that every parent differs on slightly. Celebrity mother Lisa Whelchel has a fascinating way of disciplining her little bunch of kids.

According to ABC News, when they talk back to her or get mouthy with other people, her punishment is to drip a few drops of hot sauce on their tongues.

She believes she is punishing their mouths instead of them and that it will cause them to think before using their mouth to insult anyone or to talk back.

6 Pamela Anderson says they need to Try it at least Once

The Kathmandu Post

Kids are often very experimental with anything they can get their hands on. Actress Pamela Anderson shared with Fox News that she allows and even encourages each of her children to try anything once.

She knows this may include illegal activity from time to time, but she admits that she would rather have them try whatever they are interested in earlier rather than dwelling on it forever, wondering what it would have been like to test some things out.

5 Kelly Preston Gives Birth Silently


Birth can be traumatic and extremely painful. It is essential to focus while giving birth because if the concentration is lost, the process of labor can be elongated. Actress Kelly Preston enjoyed the silent birth process because of her religion.

Not only did she have to remain quiet while giving birth, but the entire room had to be silenced as well to allow her son to be born into a soft and stress-free environment.

Preston gave birth to her son like this, and she loved every minute of it, according to the Daily Mail.

4 Kylie Jenner Makes The Rules For Visitors, Not Her Daughter

As a parent, it is normal to create a rulebook when they become old enough to understand what rules are.

According to Brightside, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star believes that because her daughter is too young for regulations, those who come around her must abide by them.

Jenner makes each visitor wear medical masks so there is no chance that Stormi catches any bugs that people may bring around her. Parents can never be too careful when it comes to keeping their children alive and healthy.

3 Christina Aguilera Was Never Shy


Every parent has their secret tips on how to raise a child, but some of them are hard to understand in the U.S. According to Redbook Magazine, Christina Aguilera was not bothered by being naked around her son.

She admitted that she spent a lot of time without clothes around her children to teach them that there is no shame in their bodies or in how they feel about other individuals.

She wanted her kids to understand the importance of loving yourself, and this is how she did it.

2 Beyoncé’s Empty Hospital Floor To Birth On

Ace Showbiz

These two just can't stay out of the spotlight. Celebrity parents can find it extremely hard to find privacy, especially when they are known to be bringing babies into the world.

For this reason, according to ABC News, parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z paid a lot of money to empty out an entire hospital floor for the pop singer to give birth comfortably and out of the public eye.

Some people will do anything if it means they get to have just a few minutes of privacy for their new little family to enjoy.

1 How Many Rules Do The Duggars Have?


Everyone knows how strict parents Jim and Michelle Duggar are with their 19 children. The stars of 19 Kids and Counting have so many rules that they could write a few books specifically based on how their kids are supposed to behave.

According to Cafe Mom, the controls consist of things like girls are not allowed to wear pants, and all the children need to be homeschooled.

They follow a strict religious path which comes with a specific way to parent, making them attractive to the public.

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