25 Baby Names That Will Make Us Hungry

When it comes to naming a child, most parents begin leafing through the pages of their favorite books or browsing the websites with the most unique, beautiful, and creative baby names. They also sometimes ask their family members and friends about nice names they can suggest. They literally look everywhere, except for one place: They never look into cookbooks or menus from their favorite restaurants.

Wait a second, doesn't it sound weird to look for a baby name in a cook book or a menu? At first sight, it might. But when we think about it, giving a baby a food-related name is actually kind of sweet. And sometimes, quite literally sweet as well!

After all, we already have a whole bunch of names that are somehow related to food. We're talking about names such as Caesar, Clementine, or Margarita, all of which are quite popular. But what about less conventional names, such as Nori, Kale, or Almond?

Don't they also sound cute? For gourmet parents and for those who like to cook or just, you know, eat, these names inspired by fruits, veggies, spices, and other foods, can become the best choice ever!

So behold the list of the best, cutest, and most adorable baby names that will totally make our mouths water.

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25 Brie

Remember Brie Larson, the popular actress who scored the role of Captain Marvel in one of the MCU's upcoming movies? Her real name is Brianne, but don't you think that Brie sounds way better? If you like cheese as much as I do, you will certainly agree with me!

Brie is a female name of French and Latin origin that translates as "marshland," according to Babble. It's quite a popular name these days often chosen by parents, who don't like nicknames. It's so short that it's impossible to slice it even shorter. And, of course, it's good for those, who want to always know that they have Brie at home. Yum!

24 Caesar

Via: tesco-baby

Of course, Caesar wasn't originally a salad name. We all remember from a history class that Julius Caesar was a great Roman Emperor. But the salad wasn't named after him. It was named after restauranteur Caesar Cardini, who came up with the delicious recipe that quickly became popular all over the world.

These days, some parents still choose the name Caesar for their newborn sons. And, even though they probably want to honor the Roman Emperor instead of the salad, you can't help but think about this delicious dish, when you hear it!

23 Clementine

Via: pinterest

As Nameberry points out, Clementine is a cute girl's name of French and Latin origin that translates as "mild" or "merciful". This name is getting more and more popular these days, and it probably sounds especially nice for the parents, who like citrus fruits.

After all, naming your daughter Clementine is much better than naming her Orange or Pomelo, isn't it?

A number of celebrities, including model Claudia Schiffer and actor Ethan Hawke, have already chosen this name for their daughters. Would you like to follow suit and then celebrate, when your little Clementine eats her first clementine?

22 Basil

Via: mountainx

Oh, basil... The flavorful herb that makes the taste of any Italian dish so much better! Did you know that it's also a name? And, who knows, perhaps, if you have a little Basil, your life is going to become much brighter, just like this pesto you're cooking!

In translation from Greek, a boy's name Basil means "royal" and "brave," according to Cosmopolitan. About a century ago, it was quite popular. Now, it isn't chosen by many parents, but that only makes it even better. I mean, won't it be nice for your son to be the only Basil in the classroom?

21 Olive

According to Baby Name Wizard, Olive is a variation of an old female name Oliva that comes from the Latin word oliva, meaning "olive tree". However, it won't mean that if you name your baby girl Olive, you'll name her after the tree.

Just look deeper: since the ancient times, a branch from the olive tree has been considered a symbol of peace. Isn't it beautiful to name your daughter having this kind of meaning in mind?

Besides, it's such a sweet name. Popular actress Drew Barrymore also thought so when she named her daughter Olive.

20 Kale

If you don't want to deal with a picky eater, try naming your baby boy Kale. Perhaps, in this case, it's going to be easier to persuade him to eat this leafy veggie packed with vitamins and minerals. For example, from his earliest years, you can tell him why you named him Kale and enlist the healthy properties of this food.

And, hey, wouldn't it be fun for the boy to say, "I'm Kale and I'm eating kale!"

An even if making your baby boy eat kale isn't your goal, you can still think about naming him Kale, because this cute name translates as "thin" and "slender," as per Babble. Nice!

19 Margarita

Via: twitter

Who doesn't like pizza? And Margarita (in Italian, it's spelled Margherita) is one of the classic kinds of pizza all of us have tried at least once in a lifetime. It's a simple one (it only has tomato sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil on top of it), yet it's really delicious.

According to a legend, the pizza was named after Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, because it combined red, white, and green - the colors of the Italian flag.

And even if you're not into pizza (do such people even exist?), you can still consider naming your daughter Margarita, because it's a beautiful name that translates as "pearl," according to Buzzfeed.

18 Benedict

Via: eggs

The name Benedict has a Latin origin and it can be translated as "blessed," as per Behind The Name. In the 6th century, an Italian monk had this name. It was Saint Benedict, who founded the Benedictines, one of the Catholic religious orders, in the 6th century. Due to this fact, the name Benedict had been popular among Christians for many centuries.

While it's not as popular as it used to be, this name is starting to gain traction, partly due to the fame accrued by actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

If you've been considering this name, imagine your little Benedict eating (or even cooking) eggs Benedict! Isn't it cute?

17 Rosemary

Rosemary isn't only a spice with a delicious aroma. It's also a female name that sounds amazing! It has a Latin origin and means "the rosemary plant" or "dew of the sea," according to Nameberry.

Rosemary was called "dew of the sea" because this plant has a salty texture and it thrives in the coastal climate. It's interesting that first came the name of the plant and only then it became a quite popular girl's name.

So are you ready to drop the unpleasant associations with the 1967 movie Rosemary's Baby and consider giving this lovely name to your baby daughter?

16 Ginger

If you're a 90s kid, probably the first association with the word Ginger you have is Ginger Spice from Spice Girls.

Now think about it: wouldn't it be cool to give this name to your daughter and then call her "My little Spice Girl"? If you ask me, I think it's pretty cool! This way, your little girl will literally be "sugar, spice, and everything nice."

Think about this name if you're expecting a baby daughter. It won't even matter if she's going to have red hair or not, this name might suit her very well!

15 Almond

Via: parents

According to Baby Name Wizard, the male name Almond originated from the Middle English personal name Almund that means "noble protector".

Wow... Doesn't this meaning make you give this name to your baby boy? If you ask me, I think it's amazing.

Now the name Almond isn't as popular as it used to be in the 19th century. It means that there aren't many Almonds around these days and, if you give this name to your baby boy, he'll probably be the one with this name in the classroom.

14 Sage

Here is another herb that sounds great and can be easily used as a name for either a girl or a boy. The name Sage has a Latin origin and it translates as "wise" and "knowing," as pointed out by Nameberry. So if you don't only want the name of your baby to sound delicious, but would also like them to draw wisdom from it, think about naming them Sage!

Besides, this name can also have a hidden meaning. After all, sage is a herb that has healing properties and it's also believed to eradicate all negativity from around people. Isn't it awesome?

13 Dijon

Originally, Dijon was the name of a place, according to Nameberry. The capital city in the Burgundy region of Eastern France is called Dijon. This region (and this city) is known for the great wine, as well as delicious mustard.

We don't know who was the first person to think that Dijon was also a great name for a baby boy, but we can surely say that this person was a genius!

After all, the name sounds amazing and, since it associates with a nice, spicy flavor, it'll certainly be to the liking of gourmet parents.

12 Pepper

Do you think that calling your daughter Pepper is strange? Well, it's actually as strange (and as delicious) as all other names listed here! Besides, give it a second thought. Don't you think that calling your daughter Pepper sounds really cute?

Obviously, the name has an English origin and it means "hot spice". So be ready: this might mean that your baby girl is going to have a spicy temperament and she'll show you the way she can be during her "terrible twos"!

11 Nori

Traditionally, nori is a word to call a special kind of seaweed with which we can make sushi. But, over the last few years, this word has got a new turn and it's being used as a first name now!

It might sound surprising, but it actually happened due to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West naming their son North West and giving him a nickname "Nori".

In fact, Nori sounds much better as a name than North, so it's nice that people began adopting it for their newborn babies, both boys and girls.

10 Honey

Via: kindercare

What a sweet name, right? It's literally so sweet! So if you want your baby daughter to also be sweet, try naming her Honey and see what happens!

You might not realize it, but Honey is quite a rampant name in popular culture. As Nameberry explains, Ashley Wilkes had a sister whose name was Honey in Margaret Mitchell's classic novel "Gone With the Wind". Several other American novels and even one movie had characters named Honey, as well.

So it's not a joke and you can actually give this name to your daughter.

9 Kobe

Via: babycenter

If you're into Japanese cuisine, then you probably know that Kobe is a name of a Japanese steakhouse that serves Kobe beef. It's unclear whether it was frequently used as a first name before, but with the fame of a basketball player Kobe Bryant (whose parents apparently were big fans of Kobe beef), fame came to this name, as well.

So whether you’re naming your baby boy after a famous basketball player, or your favorite type of beef, this name certainly sounds nice.

8 Saffron

Via: amazon

As you probably know, saffron is an extremely expensive spice frequently utilized in Indian and Spanish cuisine, according to Nameberry. Besides, this spice is also used for producing a gorgeous orange-yellow color for fabrics.

Since saffron is a very beautiful word, it can easily be used as a name for both girls and boys. It's interesting, exotic, and certainly fits the food-obsessed parents.

These days, the name Saffron is getting popularity and, if given to a girl, it can be shortened to an even sweeter Saffy.

7 Clove

Via: parentsmap

Clove is another gender-neutral name that can be given to a girl and to a boy. This spice name became especially popular due to the famous trilogy Hunger Games that had a character named Clove Kentwell. Even though she was one of the main adversaries of Katniss Everdeen, the novel's protagonist, a lot of fans seem to have liked her name.

If you like it too and if you would like to give a spicy flavor to your child's name, think about the name Clove. Maybe it's the one you're looking for?

6 Ambrosia

Via: pinterest

From Greek, the word ambrosia can be translated as "food of the gods".

In Greek mythology, Ambrosia was a drink of the gods that, according to the beliefs, could give an immortal life to anyone who drinks it.

Isn't that beautiful? But even if you don't know the meaning and origin of the word ambrosia, I guess you probably just like how it sounds. After all, it has a really pretty and ethereal-like sounding. And, if you give this name to your baby girl, you certainly won't regret it.

5 Alfredo

Via: amazon

And we're coming back to the Italian cuisine! Do you like fettuccine Alfredo? If you do, what about naming your son Alfredo? In case that you're in doubt whether you should choose this name, think about its meaning.

According to Nameberry, the name Alfredo originates from the Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese languages and means "wise counselor." But if you don't really want the name of your son to sound like a pasta sauce, think of the name Alfred instead. It's an English variation of this name, it has the same meaning, and it doesn't sound as culinary as Alfredo.

4 Charlotte

Via: parentsmap

Right now, you might be wondering, how the name Charlotte can be related to food. In fact, it has a direct relation to the art of cookery. You don't always have a watering mouth when you hear this name, but Charlotte is, in fact, the name of a dessert involving ladyfingers! It's a very good one, by the way, so if you have never tasted it, you certainly should.

These days, the name Charlotte is gaining more and more popularity, partly due to the birth of a baby girl named Charlotte in one utterly famous British family...

3 Quince

Quince, that sounds quite similar to more popular names Quincy and Quinn, is actually the name of an apple-like fruit that has an exceptional aroma.

According to Nameberry, a cool thing about the name Quince is the fact that, unlike many other fruit-related names, such as the above-mentioned Clementine, it can be given to a boy, as well as to a girl. It's also interesting that this name (given to a male) can be found in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Doesn't it make it an even more special gender-neutral name?

2 Huckleberry

Huckleberry is a name of American origin that became popular due to Mark Twain's novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

But even if you haven't read this novel, or if you don't like it, you should know the word huckleberry as a sweet blueberry-like fruit.

One way or another, the name Huckleberry sounds great! If you think that this name is too long for your little boy, still don't throw this idea away and remember that you can always call him Huck for short.

1 Amandine

Amandine is a pretty name of French origin that translates as "much loved," according to Nameberry. There is no doubt that you're going to love your baby girl to pieces, so why shouldn't you give this kind of name to her?

According to Nameberry, it's a French diminutive of a more popular name Amanda. It sounds way more unusual though, doesn't it?

And, of course, Amandine is also a word for a garnish of almonds in French cuisine. Why else would it be in this "delicious" list?

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