25 Baby Names That Grandparents Think Are Way Too #Millennial

There are a lot of things that millennials have brought into popularity, from avocado toast to smoothie bowls to binge-watching TV shows. And now, millennials are known for creative baby names. That's right: When this generation has babies, they come up with very interesting and different names that most people might not think to name their little darling.

A lot of people think that it's tough for millennials to start families because it is expensive to raise kids, buy baby clothes and toys, and save money for the future. Those things are true. But even though this generation might not be known for following traditions such as getting married and having kids, many couples still want to do both of these things, and they dream of nothing more so than having little ones running around.

There are many names that millennials are picking out that wouldn't appeal to some members of older generations. What about the monikers that appeal to the moms and dad of this generation? They are fascinating to say the least... and they're not the typical names that people seem to name their kids all the time.

Here are 25 baby names that grandparents would definitely say are too millennial.

25 Lark


Baby Center counts "Lark" among baby names that are "surprising and unusual", and this definitely feels like a baby name that millennials would love. It's a beautiful name for a baby girl.

It's easy to see how grandparents would think that it's too much, though. For one thing, this is a very different name that sounds very nature-inspired. When it comes to nature names, some people might prefer more old-fashioned monikers such as "Rose." That's a great name, but millennials want something more unique for sure.

24 Oak


Baby Center also mentions Oak as another baby name and millennials will definitely be all over this one, too.

When you have your first kid and you're part of the millennial generation, you want to find a baby name that isn't something that all of your friends are going to name their kids, too. You want to stand out and so it becomes really crucial that you and your partner find a really fascinating name. Oak works well since it evokes vibes of fresh air and nature, and it could work for a boy or girl. Grandparents would think it's weird, though.

23 Katniss


According to Parents.com, some millennials are naming their daughters Katniss, which is, of course, based on the Hunger Games character.

Katniss has a really nice ring to it since it kind of sounds like Katherine or Katie but it's a much more interesting spin. This seems like a name that would be pretty divisive depending on who was hearing it. If you're in your 20s or 30s, you would think that it sounds cool, but your grandma or grandpa but think that you should have given your baby girl a much different (and more classic) name.

22 Dresden


Dresden is another different baby name that Baby Center writes about. It seems like a really great choice for a baby boy since it's full of strength and power. Millennial moms who are having a baby boy could choose this name and rest easy that it's not a name that all their friends would pick out.

Grandparents might wonder why moms wouldn't choose more traditional names starting with the letter "D" like David, but younger moms are big fans of names that make you do a double take because they are so interesting.

21 Breeze


Breeze is another name on a list of baby names from Baby Center, and we can imagine telling our grandparents that we have decided to name our baby girl or boy Breeze. They would definitely have a pretty surprised look on their faces...

Honestly, though, Breeze is a pretty fun name. Sure, it might be out there and off the wall, and some people might look at you and wonder why you had chosen this name and not something else. But it just evokes good vibes and makes you think of summer days, and why not bring some optimism to your baby's name?

20 Dynasty


According to Parents.com, Dynasty is a name that some parents are choosing when they want to go a different route.

Grandparents might hear this name and think of the TV show of the same name which ran from 1981 until 1989. It was a very dramatic soap (similar to Dallas which was on TV around the same time). Millennial moms might hear this name and think, "That's so cool. It's not something you hear every day, and it's a great, strong name for our daughter."

19 Peace


According to Travel and Leisure, Peace was a name that was very popular in 2018.

It's easy for millennial moms to see why. This name appeals to people with some hippie sensibilities who want everything to be full of peaceful vibes all the time. If you and your partner are expecting a baby and you're really into sustainability and living healthy lifestyles, you might think that Peace would be a perfect name for a baby girl (or boy). Your grandparents (and even your parents) might scratch their heads in confusion and not really understand the choice.

18 Sable


Sable is another name on a list of different baby names from Baby Center. This is one of those names that you hear and think that it's so beautiful, how did you never come across it before?

If a millennial mom told her grandma or grandpa that Sable was the name they had chosen for their baby girl, chances are, they would get a strange look. Their grandparents would think that this name sounds too strange and that others might think that it's a weird choice, too.

17 Emmie


Travel and Leisure also counts Emmie among one of the most popular baby names of 2018. Emmie is a really beautiful name.

While millennial moms would be attracted to this name since it's different, grandparents might wonder why they didn't just choose a name like Emma or Emily. After all, those are classic names and they're just as pretty, right?

But when millennial parents are choosing baby names, they don't want to go for the same old, same old. Sable would be perfect.

16 Brooklyn


Brooklyn is another different baby name on a list from Parents.com. It's easy to see that millennial parents would be interested in this name.

For one thing, you could call a baby boy or girl by this name, which would also make it easier if you decided not to know the gender until you get to the hospital. And second of all, Brooklyn has a really cool, hipster vibe to it. Not every millennial is a hipster, of course, but many members of this generation are, and it's important to millennials that they can have kids but still be cool. Picking out a name like Brooklyn would up your cool factor for sure, even if your grandparents weren't so sure about it.

15 Drake


Drake was one of the most popular names for babies in 2018, according to Travel and Leisure. If millennials want a truly cool name for their baby boy, it's hard to think of a name that would be better than Drake.

We can guess that this name was inspired by the famous singer, which is probably another reason why millennials are choosing this baby name. Sometimes when you're stuck for baby name inspiration, it can be helpful to look to famous people and see if you like their name.

14 Saffron


Yahoo says that millennials are becoming really inspired by food when they're picking out baby names, so Saffron is a name that has become popular.

Saffron is a super interesting baby name, right? If you're a millennial, you might really like the idea of finding names from food or ingredients since a lot of millennials are foodies. Saffron is pretty and sophisticated. Grandparents would definitely think that this baby name is too out there and too millennial. (But, hey, you can just tell them that it's not like you're naming your baby Lettuce or anything like that.)

13 Chanel


Chanel is a baby name mentioned on Parents.com as something that is different. This is a name that some millennials would absolutely love to name their baby girl.

Not everyone is into brand names, of course, but people who are might think that this is a truly elegant and gorgeous name. There's no denying the truth, Chanel is a name that will make people take notice and it will always turn heads. Grandparents won't like this name, though. To them, Chanel is a fashion brand and that's it.

12 Maple


According to Yahoo, Maple is a baby name that millennials are fans of. This goes along with millennials wanting to name their babies after food.

It's hard not to hear this baby name and not think that it's really cute. Just picture a sweet baby girl named Maple. Isn't it so adorable?! This name makes you think of both the natural sweetener and also maple trees, so it has a really nice vibe.

Grandparents probably wouldn't like this baby name (but it's better than calling your baby "Maple Syrup" right?).

11 Ramirez


Ramirez is a baby name that became really popular in 2018, according to Traevl and Leisure, and that's because of the video game Fornite. That's right, there are some millennials who are naming their babies after video games.

If you choose this name for your baby boy, you'll have to defend your choice when talking to your grandparents (and most likely any other relatives as well). For one thing, not everyone loves video games. You'll have to explain your choice and where you got the name from.

10 Kale


Okay, so millennials aren't naming their babies Lettuce, but they might be naming their baby Kale.

As Baby Center wrote in a press release, "more Gen Z and Millennial parents are choosing baby names that reflect their love of healthy foods." That includes Kale.

No matter how we feel about the actual green vegetable, we can agree that while this name is out there, it's still kind of cool. It has a certain elegance about it, doesn't it? Grandparents probably wouldn't agree, though. It seems like they would laugh and say that this isn't a name, it's a food.

9 Magnolia


According to Travel and Leisure, Magnolia is a baby name that millennials were picking out in 2018. This is because of how much everyone loves Joanna and Chip Gaines from the TV show Fixer Upper.

Chip and Joanna have a company called Magnolia (and they have cookbooks and a magazine named after that, too) so that's where people are getting the name.

As far as baby names go that are very popular, Magnolia is tough to beat in terms of beauty and uniqueness. You would turn heads for sure if you named your baby girl Magnolia (even if your grandparents weren't so convinced that it was a good idea).

8 Leviathan


Leviathan is another Fornite-inspired name that, according to Yahoo, millennials have been turning to as a baby name.

Now this is a name that some of us, even if we're part of the millennial generation, might not want to name our baby boy. While the other baby names on this list are all different and interesting, this one is honestly a bit strange and we would totally get why grandparents wouldn't like this name. But it's interesting to know that so many young parents are getting inspired by a video game and finding baby names.

7 Tiffany


The List notes that millennial parents like the name Tiffany for a baby girl.

When compared to names like Sarah or Rachel, Tiffany definitely sounds very out there, and it's not a baby name that people would expect. If you decide this is your favorite name for the little girl that you're expecting, you might tell your grandparents about it and they might say that they don't like it. If that's the case, maybe say that you could name her Kale instead. That might get them on board with Tiffany, right?

6 Chicago


Yahoo named Chicago as another baby name that millennials are into, and we can probably guess that this is because of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby named Chicago.

This is one of those baby names that is definitely interesting but doesn't appeal to everyone. You would probably understand if your grandparents said that they didn't think that this was the best idea for a baby boy name (or girl name because it could work both ways). But if you want a really unique name, why not go for Chicago?

5 Kiwi


Thrillist notes that Kiwi was one of the most popular baby names that millennials chose in 2018.

Of all these baby names, we can probably agree that this is pretty strange. Kiwi? As a name? Isn't Kiwi a fruit? Well, as we now know, millennials love food and they also love finding baby names based on food, so that seems to be where this baby name came from.

It's safe to say that this isn't a name that grandparents would approve of, either. That makes a lot of sense since it's not a name that will work for most people.

4 Cash


According to What To Expect, Cash is a baby name that some millennials are loving.

Yes, cash, as in money. It might not be that much fun explaining to your older relatives why you decided to name your baby boy Cash. Sure, you could also name a baby girl this technically, but it does sound more like a boy's name.

Of all of the baby names that millennial parents could choose, this is one that might get the most confused looks from grandparents, and no one could really blame them for feeling that way.

3 Rosemary


Of all the foods and ingredients that millennial parents could look to and think, "That would be the best baby name ever," Rosemary is one of the most sophisticated.

Sure, this name won't appeal to everyone. It definitely won't appeal to grandparents because they would say that it's too strange and they would want you to pick something more classic. But for millennial moms and dads who want to pick a different-sounding name that is really beautiful, Rosemary seems like a solid choice for a baby girl.

2 Clementine


According to Thrillist, Clementine is a baby name that millennials have been choosing, and we can for sure see where the name comes from.

If you're going to name your baby girl something that is a food, or a fruit for that matter, it would be tough to improve on Clementine. Calling your baby girl "Orange" would sound pretty odd and wouldn't be the best choice, but Clementine is a beautiful name... even if your grandparents don't feel that way.

1 Stormi


We can tell that Stormi has become a popular baby name thanks to Kylie Jenner naming her baby girl this moniker.

Chances are, when we heard that this was the name she had picked out, we thought that it sounded really cool. It's not a name that we have heard before, and that's something that millennials find appealing. If your grandparents shook their head when you said that Kylie had chosen the name Stormi, they might not think that you should pick it for your own baby girl, either.

But even if grandparents find these baby names to be too #millennial, they're definitely going to turn heads.

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