25 Baby Boy Names Moms Are Already Obsessed With In 2018

Expecting a boy in the near future? There’s quite a bit to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect name. Will it be a name that’s unique? Will it be one that’s named after a special place? Or will mom want to use a family name to honor? Regardless of where the name inspiration comes from, most moms will choose a name that is not only a perfect fit for their child but one that will also be perceived positively by others.

Think about it: there’s something fascinating about choosing a name that’s widely adored. After all, the name a mom chooses today will become a part of her son’s life forever, so what better way to honor a child than with an exquisite name that everybody loves? There’s nothing better than having a name that’s favored by many. Seriously. Who wouldn’t want to hold a name that people swoon over? It’s like having automatic celeb status.

So, what are the best and most favorite boy's names this year? We've got 25 of them! From the widely popular, to the more unique, but beautiful-sounding, take a look at the baby boy names moms today are obsessing over.

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25 Aidan

The name Aidan is a boy's name of Irish origin. When translated from its Irish derivation, Aidan means “little and fiery.” Now, what mom wouldn’t want a fiery, little dude? If you ask us, Aidan is a perfect pick.

When it comes to the name’s association, Aidan has nothing, but positives. Popularity-wise, Aidan is a hit and currently sits as the tenth most popular boys’ name in America. The name also has an association to Aidan Shaw, Carrie Bradshaw's infamous boyfriend on SATC. Now, who wouldn’t remember him? Aidan was arguably one of the best (and cutest) boyfriends Carrie ever had!

24 Ledger

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Ledger is a new age boys’ name that moms today are swooning over. While its origin isn’t confirmed, the name is said to be of German derivation. In fact, Ledger was once said to be a surname derived from the German name “Luitger,” and composed of the elements “luit,” which means “people” and ger, meaning, “spear.”

While the name isn’t topping the U.S. baby name charts just yet, it is becoming more widely used amongst the millennial generation. And, for good reason! It’s super cute. We are also seeing a trend in moms using names that were originally seen as surnames, as first names for their babies – and more specifically for boys!

23 Elijah

Elijah is a beautiful boys’ name of Hebrew origin that is currently on many moms-to-be love list. When translated from its Hebrew origin, Elijah means “God the Lord,” or “The Strong Lord.” What’s not to love about that? Plus, the name’s soft-sounding pronunciation perfectly rolls off the tongue. And, it comes with a pretty adorable nickname: Eli.

According to BabyCenter, Elijah currently sits as the seventh most popular boys’ name in America. That’s right! Lucky number seven. And, any little boy would be lucky to hold such a beautiful-sounding name.

22 Milo

Milo is an adorable boys’ name of German decent. In its German origin, Milo means “merciful.” Milo is also known as the root name of Miles. The Norman French and English used Miles whereas the Germans used Milo.

Milo is not only adorable, but it’s also a favorite among moms today. In fact, Milo is at an all-time high, sitting at 159 on the U.S. baby name charts. While this may not seem like a top contender, the name has been drastically rising in popularity in recent years – and we only expect it to grow even more popular! What’s not to love about this name? It’s the perfect name to give any sweet little boy.

21 Keenan

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Keenan is a lovely male name of Irish origin. In the Irish the meaning of the name, Keenan can be translated to “ancient.” Keenan first made its appearance onto the U.S. male name charts in 1958, and it saw its peak in 1997, where it sat at 354.

Today, Keenan currently sits at 956. And while the name has recently dropped in popularity, it’s not because Keenan is not adored. In fact, we expect the name to spike in popularity in the next five to ten years. Why? We are beginning to see more and more moms gravitate to snappy two syllable Irish names – and Keenan certainly fits the part!

20 Carter

Originally seen as a surname, Carter, an American male name can be translated “cart,” or “cart driver.” Today, Carter currently sits at 11 on the U.S. baby name charts. Again, another surname that’s topping the name charts as a first name!

While still widely seen as a surname (one of the most famous being the surname of the 39th President, Jimmy Carter), Carter is an excellent choice for a first name. Not only is it super trendy, but it’s also one of those names to grow into. Carter is a perfect name for a little boy, and can easily grow with him into adulthood.

19 Brayden

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Brayden, a male name of English origin is one mom’s today are swooning over. When translated, the name means “broad hillside.” Brayden spelled with a “y” is a new age variation of the older, more traditional spelling Braden or Bradon. There’s something about the letter “y” that makes the name more appealing, so we understand why mom’s today adore it.

Popularity-wise, Brayden currently sits at 74 on the U.S. baby name charts. The name hit its peak in 2008, and even though it’s dropped in popularity, it still remains in the top 100 – and has so for thirteen consecutive years.

18 Hayes

Originally seen as an Irish surname, Hayes is making its way onto the baby name charts as a first name – and an adorable one at that! When translated from its Irish origin, Hayes means “from the hedged land.”

According to BabyCenter, Hayes has been on the rise since 2009. And while the name sits at 433, we expect it to make a huge spike in popularity within the next ten years. The name is not only adorable but it also perfectly suits both a darling little boy and a handsome, grown man.

17 Logan

The name Logan is a male name of Scottish origin. In the Scottish meaning of the name, Logan means “small hollow.” Logan is one of those names that, no matter how often it’s heard, is one that widely adored. Today, Logan currently sits as the fifth most popular boys’ name in America.

According to SheKnows, bearers of the name Logan are powerful forces to be reckoned with. They are natural born leaders who can undertake large endeavors with great success. Take note, parents, if you choose the name Logan, you’ll have a bold little leader on your hands.

16 Max

Originally seen as a nickname to the name Maximilian (meaning “greatest) and Maxwell (meaning “great spring”), Max is now often used as a boy's name on its own. While we love the longer variations, there’s something extra special about Max; the name is cute, stylish and professional all at once.

If you’re considering the name Max for your baby boy, we suggest taking note of its special meaning. It has been said that bearers of the name Max are visionary beings that have a unique way of inspiring others to a higher cause.

15 Adrian

Adrian is a beautiful boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “man of Adria.” Popularity-wise, Adrian currently ranks as the 58th most popularity boys’ name in America.

Adrian is a name that moms today are obsessing over, however, that wasn’t always the case. In the past, moms were reluctant to use Adrian due to its similarity to the female name Adrienne. In recent years, Adrian is being reconsidered, and we predict it to spike even further in popularity in the next five years. Why? Adrian is a versatile name that complements just about any surname.

14 Hunter

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Hunter is a male English name meaning “to hunt.” While Hunter is traditionally seen as a surname, it’s hitting big in America as a first name. For good reason, too – Hunter is not only adorable, but it’s also very trendy in sound.

According to She Knows, bearers of the name Hunter become excited by change and adventure. They are optimistic, intelligent, and their outgoing nature allows them to makes friends very easily. If you ask us, Hunter is an all-around fantastic choice if you’re expecting a little boy. The name is not only lovely in sound, but it also comes with come excellent character traits.

13 Levi

Levi is a beautiful name of Hebrew origin. When translated from its Hebrew derivation, Levi means “joined in harmony.” In recent years, Levi has been spiking in popularity; moms today seem to love it.

Popularity-wise, Levi currently sits as the 32nd most popular boy's name in America – the highest rank it’s ever seen! If you haven’t already noticed more and more boys with this name, you will soon. We expect Levi to break into the top ten in the next five years. Levi is not only an adorable name, but its soft-sounding essence makes it the perfect first name to pair with just about any surname. If you ask us, Levi is truly a beautiful name that any little boy would be lucky to have.

12 Ethan

Ethan, a beautiful name of Hebrew origin, is one that moms have always been infatuated with. It’s just on of those name that, when heard, instantly puts a smile on the face. In its Hebrew origin, Ethan means “strong,” or “the gift of the island.”

According to BabyCenter, Ethan is the eighth most popular boys’ name in America. For years, Ethan has been widely used. In fact, Ethan has consistently remained in the top twenty for seventeen consecutive years. Talk about a name to obsess over!

11 Cyrus

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Sun lovers, rejoice! Cyrus, a lovely male name of Persian decent, would be the perfect choice for your little boy. Why? When translated from its Persian origin, Cyrus literally means “sun.”

When it comes to the name’s popularity, Cryus continues to become more widespread. Today, the name currently sits at 433. And while that may seem like a low standing spot, the trends are showing that Cyrus is on the rise. So, if you’re looking for a name that’s unique, but super trendy, Cyrus would be the perfect pick!

10 Lennon

Lennon is a unisex name of Gaelic origin that means “little cape.” For the sake of this list, we will be using the name in its masculine origin. Lennon as a boy’s name is absolutely lovely, and moms today are in love with it.

Popularity-wise, Lennon is on the rise. The name currently sits at 600 on the U.S. baby name charts – the highest rank it’s ever seen. We are expecting Lennon to make a large rise on these charts, as we are starting to see more and more new baby boys given this name. Truth be told, Lennon is one of our favorite names on this list – it’s bold, yet adorable, and any little boy would be lucky to have it.

9 Theodore

Theodore (Theo for short) is a male name of Greek origin. In the Greek meaning of the name, Theodore is: “God-given.” In terms of popularity, Theodore currently sits at 86 on the U.S. baby name charts. While this spot isn’t the highest it’s seen, it is beginning to make a comeback, as more and more moms are using it. We think it has something to do with the name’s adorable nicknames. Both Theo and Teddy are just irresistible!

Theodore hit its peak popularity in 1901 when Theodore Roosevelt took office. The name was in the top 40, as moms everywhere were obsessed. Today, we are starting to see this love for Theodore reoccur. Who knows? Maybe it will break into the top 10 in the very near future.

8 Austin

Austin is a wonderful boy name of Latin origin. When translated from its Latin roots, Austin means “majestic.” While Austin has traditionally seen as a name given to boys, it has recently been seen as a unisex option, too. Still, however, Austin is predominantly used as a male given name.

Austin is one of those names that moms have always loved. Even if a mom didn’t use the name for her little boy, chances are the name was on her baby name list. Today, Austin currently sits at 64, and though it’s sitting lower than the last few years, the name hasn’t dropped out of the top 100 for 32 years. Talk about popular!

7 Noah

Noah, a Hebrew name meaning “repose; consolation,” is one to love. Since 2006, Noah has sat in the top twenty, and today, it sits as the second most popular boys’ name in the United States.

Noah is just one of those names that will always be beautiful, regardless of the generation. Not only is Noah beautiful in sound, but it’s also beautiful to look at. The four-letter, two-syllable name is truly one of magnificence, so it’s understandable why moms everywhere are obsessed!

6 Mason

Via: DHgate

Mason is a male given name of English origin, meaning “worker in stone.” Mason was traditionally seen as a surname that crossed over in recent years as a beautiful first name option.

Popularity-wise, Mason is a huge hit and moms today have absolutely fallen in love with it. Don’t believe us? According to BabyCenter, Mason is the fourth most popular boy's name in America. We told you! Mason is an absolute winner, and we only expect it to get even more popular in the next coming years. So moms, if you’re looking for a name that everyone loves, Mason is it!

5 Landon

Landon, a boy’s name of English origin meaning “long hill” is a lovely choice for any little boy. For mom’s today, Landon surely rings a bell. Everyone remembers Landon Carer, the protagonist of A Walk to Remember played by the 2000’s heartthrob, Shane West. Perhaps that’s why moms obsess over the name. Seriously, though! Who doesn’t love Landon Carter?

Popularity-wise, Landon is currently ranked as the 54th most popular boy’s name in America. Landon hit its peak in 2010, where it sat at 32, and though it hasn’t yet broken into the top 20, we are expecting it will in the next ten years. Get ready, mamas! Your little Landon may have some name twins in his kindergarten class.

4 Henry

Henry is a lovely male name of German descent. When translated from its German roots, Henry means “rules the home.” The name has been around for hundreds of years and has just recently made its comeback onto the mainstream stage.

Popularity-wise, Henry currently sits as the 24th most popular boy’s name in America – down just six spots from its peak year: 2017. We love the name Henry and trends are showing most millennial moms do as well. The name is the epitome of a trendy classic.

3 Luca

Luca, a Latin name meaning “light” is quite possibly one of the most adorable names on this list. Luca also has an Italian association; the name was originally seen as a surname meaning “man from Lucania,” which is a region in Italy. Regardless of its derivation, one thing’s for certain, Luca is a hit among moms today.

Popularity-wise, Luca currently sits at 87 on the U.S. baby name charts – the highest it has ever seen! That’s right! Luca is trending and we only expect it to become more popular in the next five to ten years. But, that’s no surprise. Luca is an exceptional name that a parent can be proud to stand behind.

2 Vaughn

Vaughn is a boy’s name that was originally seen as a Welsh surname and sometimes from one that came from Germany. In its Welsh origin, Vaughn comes from the word “bychan,” which means “small.” And while the name means small, its impact on others is big.

Today, Vaughn is breaking into the mainstream as a given name. Although it still sits low on the U.S. baby name charts (at 1,437), it’s beginning to spark interest among many expectant mothers – especially those from the millennial generation. Just wait! Vaughn is on the rise, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it hit big.

1 Holden

Holden, a Teutonic name meaning “gracious” is one that moms today are in absolute love with. Why? It could be because of our high school English teachers, actually. Does Holden Caulfield ring a bell? It certainly does with us!

For many of us millennial moms, Holden was a name we became familiar with in our 11th grade English class after being assigned to read the 1951 classic The Catcher and The Rye by J.D. Salinger. In fact, Holden Caulfield has become an icon for teenage rebellion, and now stands among the most important characters of 20th-century American literature. Considering the name Holden? Go for it! It's not only super trendy in sound, but it also comes with an iconic association. Pretty cool, right?

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