25 Baby Boy Names For The Gentlest Little Souls

As parents, we love to pick out our children’s names just as much as we love to pick out their wardrobes, or the wallpaper for their nurseries. We want to give our children names that will encourage them to be the leaders of the free world, rulers of kingdoms, philosophers, philanthropists—or perhaps Wall St. Stockbrokers.

Overall, we want them to thrive and succeed in the world— against all the odds, be remembered in the history books or create an invention that will change the world as we have come to know it.

But, where do we find these names that stand out amongst the crowd? Do we ask our nearest and dearest friends? Well—we can do that and then some. So long as we find a name that’s suitable and isn’t something another kid on the block has, then all is fair in love and baby names. And we can’t just give them any name that comes to the top of our head. It has to be something unique, something that suits their personalities. Everyone talks about what to name their strong, brave kids but what about those of us who want a more sensitive name for our sweet baby boys?

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25 Isaac—Son Of Abraham

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Isaac is a Biblical name that comes from the Hebrew origin. He is known to be a derivative of the Hebrew name Yitzchak which came from the Greek word Yitshaq, which is translated to mean "laughter". According to She Knows, he was also the son of Abraham and the father of Jacob in the Christian Bible.

He shares his name with a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist by the name of Sir Isaac Newton. There is also a famous violinist with a derivative of his name Itzhak Perlman.

24 Conner—A Friend To Everyone

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Conner has a personality that thrives on interaction with others who are like him. He has a friendly nature and loves to help others accomplish their tasks as he is seen as an intuitive person—and loves harmony is his dealings, especially with close friends. His name comes from the Irish origin and generally means that he is a lover of wolves, according to Baby Names. Conner has consistently ranked high on the US Baby name charts since the early 1920’s.

23 Carter—He'll Get You Where You're Going

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Carter shares his name with the 39th president of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter. His name came from the English and was originally used as a popular surname. The translation of his name means the "driver of a cart", which signifies that he will be an entrepreneur or handy with goods. According to Our Baby Namer, his personality is one who thrives on acceptance and recognition for their hard work and endeavors. He is also a free spirit by nature and is easily adapted to a variety of environments.

22 Elijah—A Name With Many Roots

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Elijah is a name that shares its origins with American, Greek, and Hebrew traditions. His name has multiple variations depending on the culture such as Elijaha, Elijahh, Elijahjames, Elijajuan and a host of other name combinations. According to She Knows, the meaning of his name is "Good the lord" or "strong lord".

He has a personality of someone who is very sensitive to the needs of others and in part loves to feel needed himself. He is also extremely compassionate but is known to be anti-social at times.

21 Paul—A Disciplined Fellow

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Paul is a name that is steeped in Christian Biblical tradition. He was known as one of the twelve disciplChrist. Although, his name originally comes from the Latin origin and has a meaning of "humble" or "small". There are several variations of his name stemming from other cultures such as Paulesh, Pauley, Paula, Paulash, etcetera.

According to Our Baby Namer, his personality style is of someone who comes across as confident and has a directness about themselves. He is extremely intelligent as he thrives on schoolwork but can be unfocused from time to time.

20 Michael—A Name That Will Stand The Test Of Time

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Michael is someone who loves to help out, is very active and involved in the community and generous with their time. As a child, he often has a great urgency to feel needed and are often fulfilled by acceptance from others. His name comes from the Hebrew origin.

His name has the translation of "someone who is like God", according to Baby Names. He shares his name with some very famous people, most notable being the actor Michael J Fox.

19 Jesus—A True Leader

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Jesus is also pronounced as “hey-seuss” in the Hispanic tradition and has its origin rooted in the Greek tradition with a meaning of "God being their salvation". According to Baby Names, it’s the variant of “Jeshu’a which is also known as Joshua” in the modern day.

He was the name of Christ the Redeemer is the Biblical sense. His personality is of one who has charismatic tendencies, an insightful nature and is drawn towards socially conscious issues.

18 John—A Creative Soul

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John is also very well known in the Christian religion as one of Jesus’s twelve followers or disciples. His name is derived from the Hebrew tradition and means “God is grateful”, according to Baby Names. He also shares a name with the 35th president of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

His personality as a child is someone who is filled with creativity and doesn’t require much oversight as he has a knack for thinking outside the box, according to Our Baby Namer.

17 Peter—Strong And Reliable

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Peter is a name that comes from multiple origins which include Hebrew, Greek, or Czechoslovakian traditions. He has several different meanings, most commonly "rock" or "stone". His name can also be written in various dialects like Peter, Peterka, Peterke, and used as a surname Peterson, according to She Knows.

His name also comes from the "Greek word Petros and the Ecclesiatic word Petrus,” according to Baby Name Wizard. Peter was also one of Jesus's fisherman and twelve disciples, who was of a strong faith.

16 Josiah—A Healer

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Josiah comes from the Hebrew tradition and is a derivative of the name of Yoshiyahu which was the King of Judah, who became one of the youngest kings in history at the age of eight years old, according to She Knows. His name also means "Jehovah has healed them".

He is very confident as a child and enjoys having inner peace as it relaxes his soul. He also has a practical nature which should aide him in business dealings and help him to amass a great deal of wealth in his future.

15 Jamie—Lover Of The Finer Things

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Jamie gets his name from the Hebrew tradition and means "supplanter" or "one who supersedes someone and replaces another". As a child, he will be adept at getting along with and meeting the needs of others around him—which gives him a sense of fairness as he strives to keep the peace in difficult situations, according to Our Baby Namer.

He will also pay very close attention to the finer details in life and are known for being free-spirited.

14 Jeremiah—Harmonious Hebrew Native

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Jeremiah is stemmed from the Hebrew tradition and has a meaning of" God will uplift", according to Baby Names. His name has a few variants and is spelled as Jerimiah or Jeramiah. According to Brittanica.com, Jeremiah was given the title of weeping prophet who was born in Anathoth—a village which bordered Jerusalem.

He lived during the Assyrian Empire which was ruled by King Josiah. His personality is one who is harmonious by nature and tends to avoid any discord.

13 Kevin—Gentle Little Man

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Kevin has a personality of someone who is on the curious side and has a wide intellect. His name originally comes from the Celtic origin and is widely used in the Irish, Gaelic and German traditions. The Old Irish spelling of his name was Coemgen. His name was derived by combing two words “caomh” and “coim” which each means "fair and gentle". The first person on record to use this name was Saint Kevin of Glendalough, according to BabyNamesPedia.

12 Marcel—Fit For A Saint

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Marcel comes from the Latin origin which is written as Marcellus. The name—according to BabyNamesPedia—is a “derivative of Marcus or the planet Mars.” His name was widely popular among a wide number of popes and saints from the Catalan, French, and German traditions around the 3rd century.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the name began to be used overseas in the United States. Some of his names variants include Marcelline, Marcelee. Marcele, Marcelino, Marceau, and Marcellinus amongst others.

11 Jason—A Talented Grecian

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Jason is a name given to someone with a personality that has many talents and is extremely versatile. As a child, he has an unwavering need for exploration no matter the environment or the situation as he has chameleon-like adaptation skills. He is considered a loner at times and will come off as having a cold personality in certain situations according to Our Baby Namer. His name comes from the Greek origin and is written Iasthai, meaning “to heal.”

10 Ryan—A Celtic Celebration

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Ryan as a child is one who has the ambitions to turn a penny into a fortune. He boasts with creativity, confidence and is extremely competitive in all things. In his future, he would make a great scientist or entrepreneur. His name comes from the Celtic origin, according to BabyNamesPedia, and is reserved for “descendants of Rian.” Although popular among Gaelic and Irish tradition, the name has been used in the past for females with a spelling of Rayan, Rhian, or Ryiann.

9 David—Magical In More Than One Way

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David is a name that stems from the Hebrew origin and is characterized in the Bible as someone who is beloved or favored. Some original spellings of his name include Dawid in ancient Hebrew tradition and Dewyyd in Old Welsh language, according to BabyNamesPedia. He shares his name with a Saint Dewi or Wales and a Welsh poet by the title Dafyyd Ap Gwilym.

A modern person who shares his name is the moniker of a famous magician David Copperfield—the namesake of a Dickens novel written in the 19th century.

8 Darius—The Pharaoh

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Darius is a name that comes from the Persian origin and has a meaning of one who preserves himself or other things. His name is also widely used across other traditions such as Greek, Biblical and American. His name can mean several things including "one who informs himself", a "pharaoh", or "someone who is wealthy" depending on which tradition it stems from, according to SheKnows. His personality as a child is compassionate and intuitive. He will be romantic as an adult but may exhibit a bit of temperament.

7 Terrance—The Professional

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Terrance is a name that comes from the Roman times and was popular in the medieval era, and his name means smooth. Some variations of his name are Terrence, Torrance, and Tarrance, according to Babynology.

According to his Letter Analysis, he is a child who likes to live in the fast lane, has strong feelings, thinks outside the box, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He also shares his name with a famous NFL player by the name of Terrance Metcalf who played with the Redskins and the Cardinals.

6 Landon—The Little Englishman

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Landon is a child who is very ambitious from the start. He has an uncanny knack for problem-solving and is always finding new ways of doing things. Most will see him as a tough act to follow. He is also very outgoing and enjoys being the life of the party. His name comes from the English origin and means long hill as it was widely used as a surname—while gaining in popularity in the States around the early 2000’s, according to BabyCenter.

5 Adam—APath For Others To Follow

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Adam is known as a born leader and does really well at directing others around him. He is known to display self-confidence, be assertive and never lacking in the ideas department. He is also very ambitious and goal oriented, according to Our Baby Namer. His name comes from the Hebrew tradition and means "red earth boy" or "man of the earth". According to Behind The Name, his name also means to make in the Akkadian adamu language dating back to the old testament.

4 Tyler—The Friendly Frenchman

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Tyler is originally known as a masculine name, which means "tiler of roofs" or "doorkeeper of an inn" from the English tradition. He also shares his name with a United States President John Tyler. Often used as a surname in the 14th century, it was derived from the French term tieulier according to Baby Name Wizard. It was widely popular among the French and has slowly gained popularity in the United States since the early part of the 1990s.

3 Keaton—Follower Of Intuition

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Keaton comes from the Old English tradition and means "shed town". It has been very popular among the Scottish and British populations. It has also been said to mean "hawks town", according to Baby Names. Some variations of the name include Keatyn and Keaten. His name has steadily increased in popularity in the States since the 1970s. His personality is one who is said to be idealistic and intuitive. He is also known to be blessed with great health and fortune.

2 Kiran—The Admirer

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Kiran is from a personality type who has a deep admiration for social statuses. He will be full of courage, have a knack for leadership and push others to be their complete selves, according to Seven Reflections. His name is from the Hindi and Sanskrit origin and has a meaning of "ray of light" or "beam of light". His name can be used for both boys and girls. His name variations include Kieran, Kirwan, Ciaran, and Keiran, according to Think Baby Names.

1 Ky—An Artist's Soul

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Ky is a spinoff from derivatives such as Kyle or Kyler. It comes from the Gaelic and Celtic traditions and means "strait of water", although it has been used in many different origins, according to The Name Meaning. His name has also been used for girls in some languages which are more commonly written as Cai, which is a Welsh derivative of King Arthurs seneschal Sir Kay. His personality as a child is someone who’s extremely artistic with a flair for the creative and has no trouble working with others.

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