24-Year-Old Left Alone To Manage The Waffle House, Customers Came To The Rescue

A bad day at work, turned into an amazing display of kindness and generosity for an entire restaurant full of people in Alabama recently.

The 24-year-old manager was doing his best to get people fed, at the Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama, but he was the only person who showed up for work that day. That means he was taking orders, frying up the hash browns, washing dishes and doing it all on his own.

At first, customers wondered why they were waiting a really long time to get their food. They, naturally, began to feel frustrated, but then things took a turn.

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One man had noticed that something was wrong. He was at the counter, when he asked for an apron. The next thing you know his kind-hearted man began bussing tables and washing dishes. At first, customers thought he was an employee who picked up an extra shift, but then they realized he was just helping out, because it was needed.

Pretty soon, two more customers joined in; one woman was in a sparkly dress and heels, but she leant a hand anyway.

Credit: AL.com/Ethan Crispo

According to Waffle House reps, who were contacted by AL.com, there was a miscommunication about the schedule, which meant that the overwhelmed young man was left on his own to serve a bunch of customers.

When people are hungry, they can easily become angry — hangry, that is. However, these people were understanding and generous with their time.

In the article, the Waffle House executive said, that the guy who offered up his services, first, is welcome to put in an application if he wants a side gig. He certainly earned a tip that night, plus a lot of good karma which will surely come back to him, when he least expects it. His generosity started a movement, and that is something that we all need to remember; good deeds are multiplied.

Waffle House is known for being a community, and these customers showed the world what exactly that means. It's about helping a person in need and working together, to take care of each other. That is as sweet as waffles and syrup.

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