23 Things The Second Baby Will Do Sooner Than The First

With one baby, there are all kinds of milestones that are anticipated, even a few that were unexpected. Waiting for these milestones to pass is exciting. However, when a second baby comes along, those milestones might come sooner than expected. Walking, talking, catching a cold and being independent all might come much sooner than anticipated based on the first baby reaching these milestones of growing up.

When your second baby arrives, you expect that things will happen in a similar manner to your first. This isn’t always the case. There are many things that a second baby will achieve sooner then the first one did. The reason for this is that they have a sibling that will help guide them in certain behaviors. You will love watching as each child reaches milestones, but you want to be prepared for the ones that your second baby will reach before the first one. After all, being a parent means you want the best for your children and knowing what to expect is a great way to prepare yourself and your children for the differences in learning behavior.

Here are 23 things that your second child will more than likely do sooner then your first baby did.

23 They Will Learn To Walk Sooner


This isn’t an absolute science, but more likely than not, your second baby will walk before the first one did. The reason for this is, even from a young age, your baby will learn from their older sibling.

It is common knowledge that kids copy other kids, and by watching the older one walk, the youngest will try to follow.

One day this sweet baby may be just laying around watching the world go by and next thing you know they are walking around in that very same world. More likely then not, it will happen faster than you expected it too.

22 They Will Learn How Awesome It Is To Watch Television

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Yes, that’s right. Your second baby will learn how much fun it is to watch television and enjoy the multiple colors sooner than your first one did. This can be for many reasons, but usually, it’s because the first one is watching a show while you are playing with your second baby and they see all the flashing colors and become interested in it. They will learn how awesome it is to both hear and see a story play out before them through the television and they too will highly enjoy the colored images that come to life before them.

21 They Will Enjoy Scrumptious Treats Sooner Too


Oh, the wonderful sweet world of ice cream, cookies, and cakes.

Yes, your second baby will learn how wonderful these things taste a lot faster then the first one did.

Your older baby may want to be a good sibling by sharing, or they stand to close to a baby that touches everything and puts it in their mouths, or perhaps you saw that sweets didn’t hurt your first baby, so you are more likely to share them sooner with the youngest one. Whatever, the reason, they will learn how super awesome these sweets are at an earlier age than the oldest one did.

20 Baby Number 2 Will Get A Boo-Boo Sooner Than The First One Did

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One of the things you dread the most when you have babies is when they will fall and get hurt. Either while attempting to walk, rolling over or running around, it’s inevitable. Your baby will get hurt at some point, it’s just a matter of time. This is more likely to happen sooner with the second baby than it did with the first. Reason being is that baby number 2 is going to try to copy baby number 1 and when they do, they will think that they can do things at the same pace as their older sibling. This often results in a boo-boo.

19 Baby Number 2 Will Love Water Faster


Most babies either love or hate water. If the older sibling loves water, your younger one will too. Most babies will love to play in water sooner than their siblings did because they will likely have more time to play.

Often times, the older sibling likes to help out when bathing the baby and this results in more play time and making the water seem so much more fun.

Soon enough, your second baby will start to love the water. Be it bathing, swimming or just jumping in puddles, water will become a fun thing to play with, especially with the older sibling helping to make it that way.

18 They Will Learn To Love The Melody Of Music When It's Played To Them


It’s starts with a mobile above their heads or a music box in their rooms. When babies hear music, they always stop and listen because they love the unique melodies that they can hear. More likely than not, your younger baby will start to enjoy music at a younger age. Though most babies just naturally love music, the older sibling will want to share what they love with their baby sibling. Often times, they will want to share their love of music. Don’t be surprised every time music is being played your second baby will notice and enjoy it faster than the older one did.

17 Baby Number 2  Will Figure Out Where All The Delicious Food Is Stored


Older siblings like to help take care of their younger ones. So, when the younger one gets hungry and you are sleeping, the older one will get food for them. This act of kindness between siblings is a great way to teach the younger one where the food is in the house.

As a result, they will know where all the delicious food is faster because they are showed where it is whereas the older one had to figure it out by themselves.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and find your youngest baby trying to get stuff out of the fridge, they know where to go when they're hungry!

16 They Will Figure Out How Much Fun It Is To Get Dirty

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If there is one thing kids don’t care about, it’s how dirty they are. One thing siblings will teach each other is how much fun it is to play in the dirt and get super dirty. You will find out very quickly the influence an older sibling has over a younger one when they both play outdoors and you find them down in the dirt. The younger one is learning what is fun from the older one and often times that means two times the dirt. Bath time will be a lengthy one the first-time baby discovers the fun of digging in the dirt.

15 They Get To Go With To The Movies Younger


There is nothing more thrilling than going to the movies for the first time. Seeing the screen that is much larger than the TV at home, hearing the loud booming surround sound that echoes – it’s thrilling for a baby, or terrifying.

When you had your first baby, you were very careful to avoid the movies, now you are alright with taking your baby to the movies with you because your first baby survived it.

So, more likely than not, your sweet second baby will go to the movies with you sooner than baby number 1 did. It’s a right of passage that they will either love or hate.

14 Baby 2 Will Find Out How Fun It Is To Make A Mess


Kids of all ages love to make a mess. It’s something they unknowingly do and then find out how much fun it is to throw things around, smear on the walls or even toss rolls of toilet paper around. Your second baby will find out how much fun it is to make a mess sooner than your first one did because, well, number 1 will teach them. They will start making a mess and involve baby number 2 and soon you have a huge mess that will shock you. Make sure to keep some heavy duty cleaning supplies on hand because you are going to need it.

13 Junior Will Do Something That Will Get Them Punished Quicker


Like every other kid on the face of the planet, you can rest assured that your little angle will for sure do something that will get them punished.

This moment will come sooner with baby number 2 than it did with the first because they have a great teacher.

Your older sibling will be the influence your littlest one will look to when learning new things and when they see something their older sibling does that gets them punished, they will follow. At least until they learn what is right and wrong by being punished for wrong doings. Sorry mom.

12 Baby 2 Will Learn How To Get Along With Other Kids And Make Friends

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This one really shouldn’t come as a big surprise. When you are the only child in the house, it can be a bit difficult to maneuver the world of making friends. However, when there are two of you? Making friends just becomes common place. You will figure out quickly how much having a sibling has taught your youngest one when you see them making friends on the playground. Having a sibling will make your baby less shy around people and more likely to reach out in friendship than your eldest. After all, siblings are great teachers.

11 The Dreaded First Cold And All The Misery Will Come Quicker


Unfortunately, the joys of having kids means that you are going to have to deal with the kids catching colds and other illnesses from other kids. The same is true for siblings.

The oldest one may have been sheltered by you for quite a while before being exposed to illness infected germs.

However, when you have two kids, the younger one will catch whatever the older one has and vice versa. So, the likelihood that the youngest will get catch a cold sooner than the oldest one did is very high. It’s just a matter of time before you are dealing with the sniffles.

10 They Will Be Alright With Staying With A Babysitter Faster

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Babies have a tendency to get very attached to their parents. This can make going out to watch a movie or have a romantic dinner difficult. However, when there are two siblings, it is usually easier to leave, especially when the older sibling is alright with it. The youngest will look to the eldest for how to react most times. If the oldest is alright with the babysitter, the youngest one will likely be too. Go out and enjoy yourself, your baby will be fine. Your youngest baby will learn from the oldest one that the babysitter is actually a good person.

9 They Know How To Get Anything They Want


Babies are amazing at getting what they want when they want it. If there is one thing you can be sure your youngest baby will learn from the older one quickly, it will be how to achieve their goals.

Everything from getting up and down stairs to climbing out of their cribs, they will see a sibling doing it and copy them.

It will be challenging to keep your little one safe as they learn how to get in and out of spaces that are higher than you are comfortable with. Babies are fearless, they will climb anything.

8 Your Oldest Will Teach The Youngest How To Play Peek-A-Boo


One childhood favorite is peek-a-boo. You spent hours teaching your first baby how to play and now with two little ones, you just don’t have the time. Don’t worry, your youngest will happily learn from the oldest teaching them. You will soon see the oldest kid playing peek-a-boo with your youngest and listen to their delighted chimes of laughter as the younger one finally catches on. It is a great way to entertain siblings and actually lets you get something done other than watching their every move. You will learn to really enjoy and look forward to the peek-a-boo sessions.

7 They Will Learn To Play Nicely With Other Children


Like all other skills, practice makes perfect. When you have two children, the younger one will generally learn how to play nicer with other children a lot faster than you first child did because of the practice they've had with their sibling.

You will see your younger child playing with kids and getting along with them faster than you would have seen with the older one.

It will be great to see them at the playground or moms groups playing along with other children their age and knowing how to interact, baby style of course.

6 They Will Enjoy A Game Of Catch With The Family Younger


Along with playing with others, you will soon find that your younger one has picked up the eye-hand coordination needed to catch a ball. It will start by rolling the ball back and forth on the floor and, before you can blink, you will see your children outside playing catch with actual balls being thrown around. The younger one will pick it up faster by watching the older one and what they do to grab the ball. Don’t be surprised if there are a few misses because they are just learning. Enjoy the quiet time while the siblings entertain each other.

5 Sibling Rivalry And Other Ways To Fight For What They Want Will Come Quick

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You can’t help it, no matter how much you try to steer clear, a natural part of childhood is learning to fight. As a baby you won’t see this much, but it is inevitable.

Your sweet younger baby will learn to fight for what they want when they want something.

Usually it will be over something as small as a toy or something the older sibling is eating, but they will learn to argue or fight for the things they want. This isn’t a bad thing mom, it actually is a good thing for them to know so that they don’t get take advantage of.

4 Younger Babies Will Learn How To Share With Others Quickly


There is a good thing that your second baby will learn from the first and it will be to share as stated on Exploring Your Mind. When your first baby was alone, there was no one to have to share their toys with, therefore this skill came later. However, with baby number 2, you will see how quickly they will figure out how to share with their sibling and then, with others. It is a great thing about having siblings, the social skills will help them quickly adapt to what it is like to have to take turns with things, share the things they have and be nice.

3 They Will Be More Independent

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Younger babies will love watching their older sibling and will want to mimic them as much as possible. As a result, you will quickly find out that your baby will figure out independence faster than the first one did.

Wanting to be as cool as their older sibling, you will find your baby saying “no” or trying to do things for themselves much sooner than the first one did.

It is both wonderful and heartbreaking as you don’t want them to grow up as fast as they want too. Let your baby grow at their own pace, you will treasure their independence soon enough.

2 Second Babies Learn How To Be Creative Sooner


It’s true, when there is an older sibling, you will see the creative side in the younger one much sooner than in the older one. This is common because, as always, they mimic. The younger baby will see their sibling painting and will want to be apart of that. Next thing you know there is a mess of paint everywhere, one happy older kid that is laughing and a baby covered in colors. Though the mess is the last thing you want to deal with, you will soon appreciate the creativity lesson your younger baby is learning from the older one.

1 They Will Become Interested In Potty Training Before The First One

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One great joy you will have with the second baby over the first is how quickly they will want to use the potty.

According to Disney Baby, this will come from wanting the independence the older one has and wanting to be just like them.

However, one draw back is even though they are interested in learning to potty train sooner, it could take a bit longer to get it down. Though, interest is the first step, so don’t lose heart. They want to use the potty and it will come to them in time.

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