23 Pics That Show How Celeb Moms Are Just Like Us (And 3 That Show They're Really Not)

The experience of being a mom is really a universal experience. Money and fame don't change the basics, such as dealing with pregnancy symptoms, enduring the pain of childbirth and learning the parenting ropes. This is why so many celebrity moms are captured doing the very same things as the rest of us Moms, from taking kids to the park to pushing strollers in the 'hood to shopping for food for the family.

Moms who love their kids are involved in the day-to-day aspects of childcare and creating stable and happy homes, whether they have a little money or a lot. Sure, celebs have tons of money and are able to access help whenever they need it, but a lot of them are making every effort to be hands-on when it comes to their parenting style. Today, it's time to look at 23 celeb moms who are just like us, and three that we find it harder to relate to.

Celeb moms who keep it real are frequently photographed in very casual clothes, with minimal makeup. Celebs who are harder to relate to tend to be high glam at all times. There's no right or wrong way to be a mom, but let's explore these interesting contrasts. It's fun to see different celebrity parenting styles in action.

26 Just Like Us: Kristin Bell Keeps It Real


Kristin Bell is a celebrity who is outspoken, frugal and down-to-earth. She's not afraid to be captured makeup-free and her strong features don't need a lot of adornment with cosmetics. She definitely looks a lot less glam than some celeb moms, although she looks just as dazzling when she dresses to the nines.

According to Hellogiggles.com, Kristin keeps her yummy mummy beauty routine pretty simple for every day, but does depend on coconut oil as a moisturizer and makeup remover.

Kristin is not afraid to show her real face to the world and describes her parenting style as "tag team". She and her hubby, Dax Shepherd, trade kids when they're feeling stressed out.

25 Just Like Us: Cindy Crawford Protects Her Kids


When her kids, Kaia and Presley, became involved in the modeling world as teens, Cindy was there by their sides, making sure that they were being treated well. She's a protective force in their lives.

Kaia, who's been walking the runways for some very big designers, including Versace, says that her Mom is very down-to-earth.

She thinks the world of her famous and beautiful mother. According to Justjared.com, mother and daughter are very close and enjoy just hanging out. They go shopping together and always look happy to be together.

24 Not Like Us: Kris Jenner Gets 10 Percent of Her Kid's Earnings


Would you feel comfortable managing your adult child and taking ten percent of everything that he or she makes? Kris Jenner does. Her role as "Momager" is a big part of her identity, according to Eonline.com. A lot of parents find the concept of making money off of their kids cringe-worthy.

Parents are supposed to help kids for no monetary reward.

Since the media is constantly saturated with Kardashian gossip (this write-up is yet another example), the idea of a mother making money for helping her children seems almost normal. Ultimately, the Kardashian family is anything but normal...and Kris is its leader.

23 Just Like Us: Chrissy Teigen Chills Out With The Kids


Children don't care if their Moms wear makeup. They don't care if their Moms wear designer clothes. What they do care about is their moms being present in the moment. Kids want attention and love. They want to feel like their moms are really listening.

Chrissy gives her kids quality time by stripping things down to the basics. A sandbox, cheap plastic beach toys, and casual, comfortable clothes are components of a perfect family day.

Chrissy and her brood like to relax in the sun as they play and talk, according to Parent24.com. Chrissy is glam on a regular basis, but can do without it. Her down-to-earth side is pretty relatable.

22 Just Like Us: Blac Chyna And Kids Have Matching Pajamas


Slightly corny parenting stuff, like wearing matching PJs or t-shirts, is good fun. Most moms do this kind of stuff and enjoy it, and the kids enjoy it, too.

Blac Chyna becomes more relatable when she's photographed wearing jammies that are the same as her kids.

When celebs pose for staged pics with their kids, and everyone is dressed up, it often looks very fake and superficial. This candid shot of Blac Chyna shows her softer side. It detracts from the big-time drama of her failed relationship with baby-daddy Rob Kardashian, who Blac Chyna reportedly dissed along with fellow baby-daddy "Tyga" on Father's Day, according to People.com.

21 Not Like Us: J. Lo Keeps It Glam

via Popsugar

Jennifer Lopez is consistently fabulous, day in and day out. Her outrageous beauty is God-given and she hangs onto it through the decades by taking very good care of herself. She's not one for indulging in the vices that prematurely age other celeb Moms.

"Jenny from the block" has twins that she calls her "coconuts", according to Instyle.com.

Even though her kids are really growing up, she is an ageless goddess. She likes to keep it glam and you'll rarely find her going casual, unless she's on her way the gym with A-Rod. Jennifer is not basic in any way and never will be. She's a total superstar.

20 Just Like Us: Kim Kardashian Deals With Tantrums


Kim is far from basic but she's been photographed dealing with North West's tantrums more than once and lots of moms can relate to being out in public with children who decide to have meltdowns.

When Kim's dealing with a tantrum, she seems more relatable. The stress that a mom goes through internally as a child screams, cries and carries on is not fun, but it's part of being a mom.

According to the Telegraph.co.uk website, moms who are dealing with meltdowns should forget about onlookers and talk to their kids just as they would if they were at home. Easier said than done, right?

19 Just Like Us: Kylie Treasures The Special Moments


Kylie seems to have embraced motherhood with a whole heart and every fiber of her being. She displayed a lot of maturity during pregnancy, when she decided to keep a much lower profile.

In Kylie's view, any negative emotions that she might feel during pregnancy, because of the press and trolls, might transmit to her unborn baby and she didn't want that. So, she stayed off the radar for a while. She kept everything calm and chill as she prepared to give birth.

When Stormi was born on February 1st, 2018, according to Famousbirthdays.com, Kylie Jenner was ecstatic and definitely celebrates every special moment, just like the rest of us.

18 Not Like Us: Angelina Jolie Lives the Jet-set Life


Angelina is super-glam and she's not a celeb mom that a lot of other mothers relate to. She got a lot of shade from women when she became romantically involved with Brad Pitt. Plenty of women blame her for the failure of Brad's marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

Anyway, Angie's own marriage to Brad ended in disaster, but Angelina keeps moving forward.

According to Instyle.com, Jolie's net worth is 160 million bucks. She's an amazing actress (Tomb Raider, Salt, Maleficent) who's also an activist. Angie reportedly has no regrets about ending her marriage and is focusing on her kids, her new roles and her philanthropy.

17 Just Like Us: Drew Makes School Lunches


Drew is active on Instagram, like most celebs, and she's posted pics of the cute lunches that she makes for her daughters. Drew has two girls, Olive and Frankie. Their dad is Drew's ex-hubby, Will Kopelman.

Drew has a touch of hippie spirit which comes through in everything she does. She's a bit of a modern-day flower child, and she named her cosmetics company, Flower Beauty.

Women relate to Drew because she seems so real. She's willing to show herself on her worst days and her best days. She seems very authentic and truthful. According to a September story at Marieclaire.com, Drew has recently spent time with her cute ex-boyfriend, Justin Long.

16 Just Like Us: Mariah Carey Takes Her Kids to Disneyland


Mariah Carey may be able to give her her twins a VIP experience while they're visiting Disneyland, but us regular moms get to make our children very happy at Disneyland, too. While we aren't all fortunate enough to visit Disneyland (or Disneyworld) with our kids, lots of us do plan Disney holidays, with amazing results. Taking children to Disneyland is a milestone that plenty of regular moms get to enjoy, and Mariah Carey did it, too. She actually had her own B-day party at Disneyland this year, and brought her twins along for the fun celebration, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website.

15 Just Like Us: Gwen Doles Out Snacks On The Go


Gwen Stefani is clearly a devoted Mom. She's always being "papped" at the park with her kids, and seems very loving.

Right now, she and her ex-husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale, who is the father of her three boys, are involved in mediation because he wants more custody time and she thinks that it's a bad idea.

That may be because he stepped out on her with the family nanny, which went on for years before being discovered, according to Thesun.co.uk. Gwen's been through some serious heartbreak and she keeps bouncing back, for the sake of her kids.

14 Just Like Us: Kourtney Had To Bounce Back After Childbirth

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Kourtney didn't bounce back from childbirth as soon as her ex, Scott Disick, wanted her to. According to the Dailymail.co.uk website, Disick would make comments about how he preferred her before childbirth... when she'd just had a baby!

That's some harsh pressure to put on a woman when she's a new mom, and his remarks hurt Kourtney.

Hopefully, she'll be able to settle down with someone who isn't so hard on her. While she's been unlucky in love, she chooses to stay positive for her kids.

13 Just Like Us: Mila Kunis Balanced Pregnancy And Motherhood


Mila Kunis seems to handle motherhood very well. She's the rock in her family and is up every morning to be with her kids.

Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, sometimes gives her a break by getting up with the children so she can sleep in, but she seems to be the primary caregiver.

She's balancing motherhood and her career, just like many of us do. According to Popsugar.com, Mila gets "ragged tired" regularly, but soldiers on for the sake of her children.

12 Just Like Us: Sandra Bullock Embraced Single Motherhood


Beloved actress Sandra Bullock is charming and believable in almost every role, including single motherhood. She began the process of adopting her son, Louis, while she was married to Jesse James. When a scandal about Jesse broke, she and Jesse called it quits and she proceeded to complete the adoption of Louis on her own. These days, she has two adopted kids (a boy and a girl), according to Thewashingtonpost.com. Sandra seems like a kind and sweet woman. No one really has a bad word to say about her. She's rocking single motherhood, just like so many of us do.

11 Just Like Us: Sarah Jessica Parker Walks The Kids to School


Sarah Jessica Parker enjoys New York City life with her kids and her husband, Matthew Broderick. Her marriage is long-lasting, her career is perennially successful and she's very committed to giving her children a normal life, away from Hollywood. Sarah walks her kids to school and to other activities. When she needs to drive, she ferries the family around in a used Ford station wagon, according to Camelbackford.com. The station wagon is very similar to what her parents used to drive her from place to place when she was young.

10 Just Like Us: Cardi B Sings To Her Baby


If you're a mom, you may have fond memories of singing to your baby, or you may still be singing to your baby or older child. Cardi B is doing the very same thing. The hip-hop superstar is in the press because of her beef with rap rival Nicki Minaj, according to Complex.com. But Cardi B has a life beyond the beef. She's enjoying motherhood for the first time, and she and her hubby, Offset, have posted some touching photos, where they are admiring their little baby daughter, Kulture.

9 Just Like Us: Jennifer Garner Celebrates Special Days


Jennifer Garner just finalized her divorce from troubled actor/director, Ben Affleck, according to People.com. Jen helped Ben when he needed to do a stint in rehab. She helps him because he's the father of her kids. Jennifer is a devoted Mom and seems to have a traditional parenting style, which probably gives her children a lot of stability and security. She's not living the wild Hollywood life. She enjoys celebrating special days with her kids and living a quieter, more typical lifestyle.

8 Just Like Us: Reese Witherspoon Takes The Kids To Church

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Reese grew up in the South and she went to church regularly during her childhood and beyond. Today, she makes sure that her children attend church, too. She and Gwen Stefani are two Hollywood moms who are often photographed taking their kids to church on Sundays. Reese is married to Jim Toth and they seem very happy. They have one son and Reese's two oldest kids are from her relationship with actor, Ryan Phillipe.

7 Just Like Us: Alicia Silverstone Protects Her Son’s Hearing


When Alicia attends music festivals with her husband, Chris Jarecki, and her son, she makes sure that her little one wears headphones, to protect his hearing for the future. Alicia is someone who cares about others, and she'll always make sure that her little boy is well taken care of.

Alicia is the author of The Kind Diet, according to Webmd.com, which helps newbies to become vegans. She's against animal cruelty and prefers a natural and crunchy lifestyle. Alicia put headphones on her little boy when he attended Coachella with mom and dad.

6 Just Like Us: Halle Berry Buys The Family Groceries


Halle Berry is known for being very responsible with her money, according to AOL.com. She doesn't like to throw it away and this is one reason why she does things for herself. Instead of sending an assistant out to get groceries for her and her two kids, Nahla and Maceo-Robert, she goes and gets the food herself.

While Halle certainly indulges in real estate and designer clothes, she's one of those celeb moms who prefers to save a lot more than she spends. She's sort of the anti-Kardashian in terms of not flaunting her impressive wealth.

5 Just Like Us: Jenna Dewan Has Her Hands Full


Jenna Dewan has a lot on her plate. She's gone through a big life change, because her marriage to Channing Tatum is over, she has a busy and thriving Hollywood career and she's a mom to her cute daughter, Everly, who seems to take after her famous father. According to Babble.com, Jenna feels that being brought up by a single mother gave her the power to be a strong human being. She uses that strength to balance everything in her life.

4 Just Like Us: Rachel Weisz Has a Modern Family

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Rachel Weisz has given awesome performances in so many films, including The Constant Gardener. She's an actress who is as brainy as she is beautiful. When her long relationship with Black Swan director, Darren Aronofsky, failed, she moved on to marriage with Daniel Craig. Now, she has a modern family, which includes her son with Aronofsky, and her new baby daughter with Daniel Craig. When Daniel gives up on his 007 role for good, his wife might want to fill the spot as the first female Bond. She's definitely got the looks and acting chops. According to the Telegraph.co.uk website, Rachel was 48 when she gave birth.

3 Just Like Us: Pink is Embracing Gender-Neutral Parenting


Pink has gotten flak for looking masculine. She's tired of outdated gender norms and this is why she's committed to giving her kids gender-neutral upbringings, according to Newsweek.com. Pink is strong, beautiful and talented. She's able to hold onto a very strong sense of self, no matter what people say about her, and she wants her kids to love themselves, too. She seems like an awesome mom and role model. Her modern view of parenting is one that many moms share.

2 Just Like Us: Model Chanel Iman Spoils Her Baby Sometimes

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It's so much fun to buy cute things for new babies, even if the fancy clothes and stuffed animals aren't strictly necessary. After a turbulent relationship with ASAP Rocky ended, high-fashion model, Chanel Iman, moved on to the comfort and joy of motherhood. Rocky has admitted to stepping out on Chanel while they were in a relationship, and he seems to regret his conduct today. Chanel is now married to football player Sterling Shepherd and they have a beautiful baby girl, Cali Clay, whom they both love to spoil, according to Elle.com.

1 Just Like Us: Heidi Klum Dresses for Comfort (Sometimes)


Heidi Klum looks great in anything. She's tall, willowy and gorgeous. Since she's very active, with a thriving business empire and plenty of kids, she sometimes chooses to dress for comfort. When she's heading out with the kids, she sometimes skips the high heels and wears clothes that are loose and comfortable. Her best accessory is her smile. Heidi hasn't married since her relationship with Seal ended. According to Self.com, she's a big believer in romance, but doesn't want to tie the knot a second time.

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