22 Stories Of Parents Who Did The Most Selfless Things

Moms are amazing, they do so many wonderful things. They will stop at nothing to make sure that those they love are taken care of. Everything from making sure meals are made, clothes are clean and that the house is in order. These women make every day special because of the love and care they have in their hearts. They do selfless things all the time for their children and families that often go unnoticed by everyone but those closest to them. Women give up so much in the effort to be good and kind examples to others around them and especially to their own children. They choose to sacrifice their own needs for the needs of others and it’s done without any thought to their own well being.

However, what about the unsung heroes that are mom’s who selflessly give up so much to help others? These are some amazing and random acts of kindness that women commit all over the world that touch the hearts of people everywhere and it will especially help renew your faith in humanity.

22 A Mom Fundraises To Open First No-Cost Housing Option For Cancer Patients And Their Families

One mom learned one day that there were many families who were having a hard time being able to stay with family members while they were in the hospital receiving treatment. One woman complained that it was so expensive to stay nearby, but what else could they do?

This mom took this to heart and started fundraising to help these families.

Soon enough her initiative grew so large that she was able to open the first no-cost housing option for cancer patients and their kids. One woman prompted with an idea led to changing the lives of many.

21 Mom Gives Gift Card To Other Shopping Mom


According to USA Today, when one woman was out shopping at Target, she stepped away from her cart. Upon her return she noticed an envelope in the basket that said, “This is for you.” She saw that it wasn’t sealed and opened it. There inside lay a $20 gift card for the very store she was shopping in. It said it was a random act of kindness going out to 26 people and she was number 8. Rather than use the card, her son suggested they leave it with the bank teller so that they could donate it to someone who needs it more. It stole her heart and made her feel like crying.  You would too.

20 Mom Donates Part Of Her Liver For Another Woman’s Child

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Heather Badenoch gave no thought to the fact that she was going to endure painful surgery that would take a long time to recover from. Her thought was not of herself, but the child’s life she was going to save.

According to Today’s Parent, this woman was more than happy to give up a third of her liver to help save the life of a child she would never meet.

She had originally gotten involved in the process after someone made a public plea for a living donor. Though she wasn't a match, she stayed in the system and was matched to a child. She says she shared her story not to raise awareness, but to inspire action!

19 Woman With Three Kids Becomes A Surrogate

SELF Magazine

When you already have 3 beautiful children of your own, what do you do when you find out someone can’t have kids at all? Well, you offer to be surrogate of course! That is what mom Rene on simple surrogacy did when after watching TLC, she realized how incredibly painful it is for people who desperately want a child but cannot have their own. After being sure she met all of the qualifications, she was matched up with this family and helped them fulfill their dreams of becoming a parent. It was an amazing selfless act to go through pregnancy a fourth time and know the child wasn’t going to be hers.

18 Grandma Helps Single Mom With Temper Tantrum Throwing Kids


On New Year's Eve, a grandmother is sitting in a car in a store parking lot witnessed a young mother who was alone trying to get her two boys strapped into their car seats.

The kids were in full meltdown mode and the flustered mom dropped the milk she desperately needed.

Godupdate states that the grandmother got out of her car, offered kind words to the mom and then went into the store to buy the mom not one but two gallons of milk and a gift card to the market! It was a kindness that this poor mom needed. Thanks, grandma!

17 Unable To Afford The Things Her Baby Needs, This Woman Gets A Miracle From Another Mom


Nothing is harder than when a woman has a new baby and is struggling to make ends meet. Devi, a mom herself, did everything she could to help this poor woman have everything she needed for her baby and herself. She not only stayed with this mom while giving birth but continued to be her friend long after her baby was born. Sheknows shares the story of how this mom was a real-life guardian angel to this new mom when life was hard for her. Despite having little herself, she shared what she had and made sure this new mom could just enjoy being a parent.

16 Mom Offers To Watch Stranger’s Child When Emergency Arises.

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One day a woman was in a restaurant and got a phone call. She realized that there was an emergency and she had to go, but she was torn. She had her two small girls with her and couldn’t bring them. Desperate to go, she frantically thought about what to do.

That is when another woman, with her own children, approached her.

She stated she overheard the conversation and offered to take her two girls to the park with her own children while she went to the emergency. Gone for a few hours, the woman was surprised to come back and see the kids all playing happily. Wow.

15 Family Speechless After Mom's Act Of Kindness


When one mom is grieving she turns her heartbreak into a random act of kindness for one family. When a woman loses a child, she will always want to keep the memory of that child alive. That is what Ashley Santi does annually when she buys a family a birthday cake for their child in the memory of her own daughter. The Independent explains how it was how this woman brought comfort to herself, helping others and making their lives more special. What an amazing woman to think of others in times of her own grief.

14 Mom Runs Into Road To Save Another Woman’s Toddler Before She Gets Hit By Car


The thought of a child getting hurt is enough to spring any mom into action.

However, this mom, in particular, deserves an award for her quick thinking.

A young toddler ran onto the road just as a car was barreling towards her, a woman watching close-by didn't even think about what she was seeing. her reaction was instinctive. She never looked around, her focus was on the baby when she ran onto the street to save this little child. The baby and woman are fine, it was a close-call as this was a busy street.

13 The Mom Who Donated Her Breastmilk


Feeling your baby kick and play in your tummy is one of the best things about becoming a mom. However, horror strikes when that baby stops moving and doctors tell you he is gone. When one woman had to deliver her stillborn child, she was overcome with grief. It was especially hard when she started lactating. Instead of letting the milk dry up, Rebel Circus says this woman turned her grief into a blessing by donating 92 gallons of breastmilk to be given to other children who desperately needed it. That is true love and dedication to being a parent.

12 The Mom Who Saves Babies Life In A Fire And Loses Hers


Uplift describes the story of one of the most selfless moms ever. This young mom, Shelby Carter, only 21 years old, was thrilled with her new baby. She loved to look after her and play with her. One day, while they were home in their apartment, a fire broke out. Baby Keana was 12 days old when the fire started. Unfortunately, there was no escape for this mom and her baby. Fast thinking, while smoke filled the room, Shelby strapped her baby into her car seat and dropped her out the window. It was the last thing this woman ever did. She saved her baby's life and lost her own. Giving your life for another, nothing is more selfless.

11 One Military Mom To Another, A Gift Of Support


The Pittsburgh Post Gazette talks about a random act of kindness one military mom offered another. One day in a Barnes and Nobel, these two women were shopping separately. Overhearing a conversation, the one mom approached the other.

She said that she had overheard that her son was in the military and said that hers was too.

She then gave this woman a gift card for the store they were in. Being that the first mom's reason for being at the store was to pick up books for her injured son, the gesture overwhelmed her. It was just what they both needed.

10 Mom Starts Random Act Of Kindness Group


When one woman believes in Karma and thinks that everything she does will reflect who she is, what does she do? Well, she starts a random act of kindness group, of course! This one woman from Prince Edward Island decided that the best way to give back to others was not just to do random acts of kindness, but to start a whole group of people who are committed to doing random acts of kindness. According to CBC, this woman had the idea and it caught fire. Now they have 15 dedicated board members and close to 400 people have liked their online group page.

9 The Mom/Teacher Who Adopts Students Without Parents


Like moms, teachers are unsung heroes. They selflessly help children learn the skills they need in order to succeed in life.

This teacher was honored on the Ellen DeGeneres show when she got wind of a teacher/mom who was making every sacrifice possible to make a difference.

She gave up her own money to help her students and when two of those students needed a home, she opened her heart and adopted them into her own family. That is an unmatched dedication and selfless love. We need more people like this in the world.

8 The Single Mom Who Donated Her Kidney To A Stranger

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When your child is sick, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to help them. This one mom donated her kidney to a stranger in order to help save her child’s life. In Seattle’s Children, they talk about how when a mom needed to save her son, she became apart of kidney chain that ended up saving many lives. There really is no thought for yourself when you become a mom and some take this above and beyond, this woman truly is an unsung hero as she was apart of something that saved three people’s lives.

7 The Grieving Mom Who Starts A Fundraiser For Other Moms Who Lose Children Tragically

Marin Magazine

Losing someone senselessly is a hard way to have to say goodbye. When one woman lost her husband, she was left alone with her children. Instead of allowing that tragedy to take a hold of her, she decided to start a fundraiser instead.

Today says that Little Mama’s, a Private Facebook group was formed and was dedicated to raising money for moms who lose children tragically.

Also, it helps other moms who lose spouses. It is an amazing thing to come out of a life cut short. What an amazing mom to think of others through her grief.

6 The Mom Who Turned Her Late Husband's Birthday Into A Day To Celebrate With Her Kids

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Grieving the loss of her husband was hard, but especially when her children were also devastated. They got through each day as best they could, but when her husband's birthday came around the sadness in the house was overwhelming. The Washington Post tells how this woman decided to turn her grief into a blessing. Every year now on her late husband’s birthday, she and her children go out and honor him by doing random acts of kindness to others in need in their community. To them, it feels like he is still with them and his birthdays are still celebrated with love and happiness.

5 The Mom Who Completes 30 Acts Of Kindness Before Her 30th


According to Devon Life, one mom of two wanted to do something special before she turned 30 years old. For her, that was to do 30 acts of kindness by her 30th birthday. She chose to do many different things that would benefit random people.

She did things for the homeless, things for firefighters and many more.

In an incredible act of selflessness, this mom made a huge difference in her community by wanting to bring good to the world. It was a great 30th birthday for her when she was able to check off the last thing on her list, signing up to be an organ donor.

4 When A Dad Tried To Help A Mom Fulfill Her Dearest Wish


Working in a hospital is hard enough, but when you work in intensive care, it's even worse. One dad was working in the ICU when a mom came in with pneumonia so badly she wasn’t able to breathe. With great effort, this woman begged this medical professional to keep her alive so she could be with her children. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, this intensive care specialist did the best he could to try and help this woman beat her sickness. With no thought for himself, he stayed by this woman’s side, sacrificing both time and his family. Tragically, it didn’t turn out well, but it was amazing dedication.

3 The Mom Who Bought Another Mom A Car Seat For Her Child

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Two moms’ were in the baby section of a local box store. They were both checking out car seats for their children. Today states that one woman was reading the specs on the seats while another was trying to wrangle two of them into her cart.

The one mom stopped reading and went to help the other.

She not only helped load them into the cart but helped her through check out and to her car. At the car, the mom with two car seats opted to give the other mom one of them. She said she was inspired by such kindness.

2 When A Mom Pays For The Medication Of Another Woman’s Baby


When you have a sick baby that you have to take the emergency to be checked by a doctor, it is devastating. Today speaks of one such mom who had to take her baby to the doctor. After giving her a prescription for medication, she went to the pharmacy next door. Sadly, her insurance didn’t cover the cost and she didn’t have the money. She was in tears not knowing what to do when another mom stepped up and paid the $125 prescription medication bill that her baby needed. She will never forget this woman’s kindness in her time of need.

1 The Mom Who ‘Adopted’ New Husband’s Children


Being a single mom can be tough, but when she meets a new man to have in her life and suddenly finds herself mom to more kids then just her own, what does she do?

The Journal Times talks about one such mom who wouldn’t even allow the word ‘step’ to come into their blended family.

It was so important to her that all the children be treated equally and as though they were hers as much as his. It is an incredibly selfless act to take on parenting children who aren’t yours.

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