22 Photos Of Kids School Projects Moms Obviously Didn't Help With

Interested in enrolling at Hogwarts? Well, although traditional schools don’t teach magic, parents know lots of tricks one can learn from. Between getting dressed and driving to school, it’s almost too difficult to believe that young kids actually make it there.

At the same time, it’s not a secret that going to school is a major change in a child’s life, which supports their social and learning skills. In fact, learning is a lifelong process, and formal education can boost a child’s self-regulation and time-management abilities.

What’s more, today’s classrooms are more than engaging, with technology playing a crucial role in learning. Online classes are more and more popular, helping people in remote areas and/or with physical problems access education. Interestingly, the numbers of US students who completed high school or college education reached 90% in 2017.

School projects, in particular, can engage students and promote teamwork. Project-based learning can prepare children for the real world.

Most of all, school projects can make teachers laugh… and parents turn red. So, here are 22 of the funniest kids’ drawings and school projects moms obviously didn’t check.

22 Real Dedication

Education is bitter but the fruit is sweet, people say. Bitter and boring! As a matter of fact, it’s common for children to complain that school is uninspiring. According to stats, two in three kids say they’re bored in class. While some parents blame the school system, others hold their kids responsible.

The truth is that learning is a complex process which requires numerous skills. Some children simply need a real-life context that can engage their critical thinking and help them embrace unfamiliar situations in real life. Just like jumping off buildings! Well, let’s hope the casts on this girl’s arms are just a coincidence.

21 Preparing Kids For The Real World

Fed up with old-school methods and passive learning? Then, school projects are the right technique for your classroom! Project-based learning can boost complex thinking and creativity in order to prepare kids for today’s world. Researcher Sylvia Chard says, "One of the major advantages of project work is that it makes school more like real life. It's an in-depth investigation of a real-world topic worthy of children's attention and effort."

Now, look at the picture above. No doubt this project is more than real…and strange. As we know, the beak mask is a symbol of the Black Plague, one of the biggest catastrophes ever.

20 Best Friends

Kids are adorable and talented. And let’s be honest: even if you’re not raising a Da Vinci, kids' drawings hanging on the fridge mean much more than the Mona Lisa. Look at the picture above! Isn't this girl’s drawing just lovable?

Maybe… if it wasn’t for her weird friend. At least, her parents can relax now: aliens exist, and as we can see, there’s nothing like mass panic or crumbling buildings. Just an extraterrestrial friendship! Funnily enough, according to the US Association for the Advancement of Science, "if people find evidence of alien life, they’d take it rather well."

19 Education Comes First

We all make mistakes. Typos and misspellings are common, and sometimes even AutoCorrect cannot help. Interestingly, according to bbc.com, "Writing is a sophisticated job and our brains focus on the structure… leaving the close-up work to be done on autopilot. Afterwards we are programmed to read only what we think we have written, not what we actually have."

Yet, when it comes to signs promoting literacy, mistakes are just hilarious. Maybe someone needed a little more help from their mom at school. Joking aside, stats show that more than 30 million people in the US cannot read or do basic math.

18 Extraterrestrial Breakfast

Drawing is important for child development. In fact, art classes must be one of the school curriculum essentials. Just look at the picture above! As we can see, this kid’s drawing is adorable and witty all at the same time.

It can teach even parents that eating breakfast is important. Just like Luke’s mission to detonate the Death Star and accept Darth Vader. In fact, morning meals boost one’s metabolic and energy levels. In addition, according to webmd.com, people who eat breakfast are fit, happy, and healthy.

17 A Project Or An Omelette?

Learning styles differ between kids and experiences. Project-based learning helps students express their true potential and reveal their strengths. Yet, children have one thing in common – they learn through play. Play is one of the main factors for a child’s development. Maybe no mom would risk taking this project, but if you are looking for a fun way to debunk the myth that eggs are fragile, try walking on eggs.

A practical tip for all kiddos out there: if it doesn’t work, try to clean up the mess before your mom sees it. It might be like walking on egg shells… literally.

16 What It Really Takes

Although project-based learning has numerous benefits, such as promoting teamwork, research skills, and self-regulation, school projects can be a mess. As we can see from the picture above, there’s a progression of crying and yelling over time. But since a vast majority of parents help their kids with homework, we can’t be sure who cries and who yells.

Note that according to statista.com, US parents spend 6.2 hours a week helping their kids with homework, while in India parents spend around 12 hours a week helping out. In Japan, on the other hand, parents spend only 2.6 hours helping their kids after school.

15 Yummy Science

Science can be fun. And as experts say, science projects are more fun when children can actually taste the results. Look at the yummy lunar cycle above!

We all know that the Moon affects the Earth and women’s moods, of course. It’s interesting to mention that the full moon can also affect children’s sleep and behavior. Nevertheless, according to weather.com, "The associations between moon phases and children's sleep duration/activity behaviors are not meaningful from a public health standpoint." Note that the brightness of the moon may be the main factor which impacts behavior.'

14 My Sweet... Sauron

Scientific findings can benefit students, families, and societies. So it’s no surprise that science projects are based on facts and figures. Who needs pompous words or beautiful photos? "I’m watching you" is enough to warn parents and teachers.

With surveillance and privacy risks being major concerns in today’s society, one may wonder if this poster implies that Big Brother is watching us. Are we living in Orwell’s 1984? Or perhaps in Tolkien’s Middle Earth where nobody can escape from the Eye of Sauron and its gaze?

13 Wriggling Material

Experiments consist of hypotheses, methods, participants, and… materials. And when it comes to science, nothing is too yucky. Even wriggling material! In fact, earthworms play a crucial role in soil health. They’re even described as nature’s top soil scientists.

So, maybe this boy has taken his love for digging for worms to a new level. Maybe he was assigned this slimy topic. Maybe he has a worm farm. Who knows? But one thing is for sure, no mom would like worms in her house, especially around her microwave.

12 Word Banks Are Endangered

Learning styles and methods vary between societies and generations. Nevertheless, worksheets have always been an excellent tool to engage students during class. Worksheets are also a great assessment technique. Most of all, worksheets can make us laugh. Just look at the picture above! Kids are adorable!

We should mention, though, that the word bank - oops, the Pacific Walrus - is at risk of habitat loss. According to endangered.com, global warming and oil exploration may cause population shifts and risks. As a result, the US Fish and Wildlife Service may grant Endangered Species Act protections to the Pacific Walrus.

11 Contributing To Science

Project-based learning benefits young students. It encourages independence, curiosity, and social skills. School projects can promote research; they include a wide range of topics, breaking the isolation of the school environment. In fact, expert Lee Shulman told edutopia.com, "Teaching has been an activity undertaken behind closed doors between moderately consenting participants."

To motivate students, school projects allow kids to research different topics, like banana browning! Well, perhaps this kid’s mom would’ve preferred to read more about the enzymes that cause banana peels to ripen, not the fact she was "wasting her time." Aren’t kids lovely?

10 What Are You Drinking?

Researchers support project-based learning as it benefits achievement and attendance. While some school projects are funny, others can actually deliver important messages. Perhaps after seeing this project, many parents will reconsider giving drinks with high levels of sugar to their little ones.

As we know, water is one of the most important compounds in the human body, accounting for 60% of body mass. It helps transport nutrients and cleans the organs. Although the daily amount of water kids need depends on various factors, experts say that children need between 7 and 14 cups a day.

9 The Most Difficult Question In The World

Life is like a box of chocolates, a box full of joyful surprises and hard questions. This girl’s project shows that some questions, such as "What is the purpose of life?" and "Why can’t I stop eating cakes?", can challenge people’s existence. This sweet experiment is definitely appealing, and this young scientist won’t have any problems recruiting participants. Personally, I will be more than happy to eat cake to contribute to science.

And there’s no need to feel guilty about it. As expert Jane Milton said, "'A little bit' is key to the popularity of cake, too – it’s a sweet treat which we can control in terms of portion size, so we can enjoy it without feeling too guilty."

8 Oh... No... Acorns

Fear is a powerful emotion which has an evolutionary meaning. Childhood goes hand in hand with phobias. Note that phobias are defined as irrational worries. Babies experience stranger anxiety, toddlers face separation anxiety, kids may be scared of imaginary things (yup, monsters seem real), and older kids may fear real situations and social events.

Of all the monsters, vampires, and creatures that are there to get us, beware of the acorns. After all, acorns can cause lots of catastrophes... At least in the Ice Age franchise.

7 Daddy's Girl

The social battle between women and men has its roots in ancient stereotypes and misconceptions. Some people believe it’s easier to raise daughters than sons as girls start learning maturity and responsibility earlier on. Yet, there’s no doubt that maturity comes with self-awareness, creativity, and manipulative behaviors. Kids know how to get what they want. And there’s scientific evidence behind that. Just look at this sweetheart and her poster!

Did her mom help? We doubt it. Simply because grown-up women have more than a few tactics to control men.

6 Ask Pythagoras

Math projects can be fun. Just look at the picture above! Sweet, right? Now, look a bit harder! Can you see all the formulas and angles? Did Mom help? Maybe… if she is like Pythagoras. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to.

Although the unit circle is a wonderful tool to learn angles and numbers, cognitive psychologists reveal that math is hard for many people, not only kids. Expert David Geary explains, "Math, like reading, is not a 'natural' human activity. It is a cultural contrivance, and the cognitive apparatus to support it must be hijacked from mental systems meant to support other activities."

5 My Mom

Dealing with a little kid is hard. When children master the ability to express their thoughts, they simply can't wait to share all the new things they see and hear. It’s common for little kids to blurt out something that will make their parents' cheeks turn red.

It’s the same with their artistic skills. While parents should encourage their kids’ talents and skills, there are drawings that should be kept within the family. That’s right, mama - especially if it’s about you… Though it’s not a secret we all wake up with a puffy face and messy hair, always check your kid’s homework.

4 F.U.N. For

Chemistry is F.U.N., and while every letter in the periodic table stands for an element, this kid proved that knowledge is not enough. So, what does F.U.N. actually stand for?

It’s not a secret that teachers should bring more creativity and fun into the classroom. This is extremely important in today’s tech-driven world where new stimuli bombard people at a rapid pace. At the same time, research shows that creativity comes with rule bending. As creative people tend to focus on ideas (at the expense of relationships and nurturing), teachers and parents must find a balance between fun, learning, and imagination.

3 World's Greatest Dad

Experts reveal that parent involvement in education is often carried out by moms. Yet, dads play a crucial role in a child’s development. According to bold.expert, parental education is crucial. As researcher Adrienne Burgess said, "The father’s education is a more powerful predictor of a child’s learning prospects even than the education level attained by the mother who is probably spending more time with the child." Also, dads who spend more time with their family have a huge impact on their kids.

Here's to all great fathers who support children’s learning!

2 Little Einstein

Project-based learning, as explained above, is essential. It supports a child’s development, social skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. School projects allow students to express their imagination and focus on the subject they truly enjoy. Like pizza!

As we can see, the nature of this study is way too complicated, and not many parents would be able to help. Problem - pizza; hypothesis - pizza; procedure - pizza; results - pizza. While kids and parents around the world love pizza, this project is brilliant and cheesy, all at the same time.

1 Happy Mother's Day To All The Teachers Called Mom Once

In the end, learning is a lifelong process in which students, parents, and teachers support each other. In fact, teachers, just like mothers, share knowledge, love, and jokes. Mom Kathryn told wifeteachermommy.com, "No other job in the world is as rewarding as being a parent! Being a teacher is like being a parent to many more children, so the reward is huge! You get to celebrate so many successes and encourage 'your children' through the challenges." No surprise young kids may call their teacher mom or dad by accident.

Let’s celebrate learning... and all the funny mistakes that happen on this colorful journey.

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