21 Baby Products Young Moms Are Ditching (And 3 Celeb Moms Who Are Doing The Same)

When it comes to doing what's best for the baby, moms are usually on top of the latest trends and the best products. As generation after generation produces more offsprings, many of the products that were once all the rage have disappeared altogether. Young moms are now educating themselves and realizing that some of the things their moms or grandmothers used are outdated and possibly dangerous. Did you know that highchairs never used to have buckles? It's hard not to wonder if babies used to fall out of those things left and right.

It’s natural for products to either improve over time or merely become useless and obsolete. As parenthood advances, some baby products are becoming niftier and technologically-savvy, making it difficult for a young mom to avoid saying, "Out with the old, in with the new."

One of the main reasons why a majority of young moms are ditching certain baby products is because of how unsafe they have become (or initially were) for babies. Whereas the use of baby powder used to be rampant, we now avoid it because the link talc has shown to cause cancer. Conversely, we no longer let babies sleep with a ton of pillows and big comforters in the crib as we have realized all of these aren't needed and quite frankly, we do it to avoid SIDS.

Another reason is the amount of money companies are asking for these products that we eventually throw away or sell for literal pennies at a garage sale. Here are a handful of products that you most likely will never see a young mom using.

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24 Pillows

via Ashley Glass Photography

Pillows are a huge no-no when it comes to babies and sleeping. Just like blankets, they are a suffocation risk. Yet, some people still use them because hey, why not risk your child’s life, right?

Ultimately, young moms are not having it. Baby pillows are cute; They are small and have a bunch of cute designs but as impractical as everything else on this list. So what is the point? Not only are young moms now being diligent about this but even moms as far back as in the 90s already knew better!

And all this because pillows, like blankets and crib tents, have been linked to SIDS.

23 Co-Sleepers


Co-sleeping is the act of sleeping in the bed with your newborn. This was initially done for babies who would cry all night. Studies found that babies actually sleep better while cuddling with a parent. They also quickly found out that this ran many risks.

As a result, co-sleepers were created. These are essentially a bed beside the parent's bed. It has an opening for easy access for the parents but now these products are being used less and less.

With all the literature on how dangerous these products are, young moms are definitely opting to just let their babies sleep in their crib.

22 Change Table

via: Hape Toys

A changing table it a great accessory for a nursery but most of the time moms end up changing their baby on the couch beside them.

A nice cushy bed or couch is just fine for any baby's tooshie.

Or right in their crib. It’s rare that a mom gets ups to take their baby all the way to the changing table when they can just change them on the bed. Bringing all the stuff to them is sometimes easier than disturbing the child. Not to mention, changing tables are now one of the things that are starting to show up on banned baby items lists, especially the ones that only have three sides because of the risk of babies rolling right off them.

21 Shoes For Newborns

via: The Sweetest Thing

This is a total waste of money. One of those products that basically is all about the aesthetic. It’s cute to see newborn babies wearing baby size versions of adult shoes but they stop fitting really fast, rendering them absolutely useless.

Young moms are throwing this idea by the wayside. We aren’t mad at them either. It really is a total waste of money and there are so many different shoes that it is easy to get caught up buying a bunch that you won’t have time to even put on your baby.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of these “shoes” are actually just booties that offer no traction because no newborn anywhere in the world is walking yet.

20 Cardi B Doesn't Need A Crib Mobile

via: ParentsNeed

We will explain what a mobile is since this product is almost non-existent. It is a contraption that hangs over the babies crib that could play music and turns to keep your baby occupied.

Young mothers of 2018 are no longer using this product. Instead, they opt to pat their baby's back and gently place them to sleep in the crib, drowsy but awake.

There is no doubt that a home with young parents will not have a mobile in it, including the home of rapper Cardi B. The new mom opted to place a crown over her baby girl Kulture's head while she sleeps. There are enough toys that make noise and move and are way more helpful for a babies development. Plus, as your child gets a bit older, they tend to pull down on this thing, thus leaving room to injuries and the risk of choking.

19 Blankets

via:Copper Pearl

Blankets in the crib are cute but not practical. Most importantly, they are dangerous. Many kids have suffocated due to being covered by a blanket and not being able to maneuver themselves away to breathe properly.

It rarely happens anymore that a baby suffocates as a result of a blanket because of the increased awareness, however, we noticed a rise in blankets being sold geared towards babies. We can’t imagine they are selling well, especially with the new literature that young moms are keeping up with today. There is no way one of them will be covering their newborn in a comforter, it’s just not safe.

18 Sleep Positioners

Via: Verywell Family

We aren’t saying that this particular product is not a necessity but we are saying it isn’t a necessity for EVERYONE.

There is this idea that parents need to have items to assist with things that would come naturally for every human being.

A sleep positioner is not needed we all know how to sleep and our bodies naturally take the position that is best for us. The only reason why a baby would need to sleep positioner is if they have acid reflux and they need to be in a more upright position for digestion. Young moms have figured this out and are opting to keep their dollars in their pockets.

17 Bath Seats

via extranjeriaymigracion.com.co

Bath seats are essentially a foreign concept to most parents now. Parents of today are either using a little tub designed specifically for the baby or simply bathing the baby in the sink.

There have actually been a lot of incidents where bath seats have tipped over and children have hit their heads or taken in too much soapy water. So, young moms are on the right track by ditching this product altogether.

Really, it’s not necessary and there are better options for bathing your baby. When you really think about it, does any parent want to risk their baby falling over in a tub while using something that is supposed to stabilize them?

16 Sophie The Giraffe

Via: mysigast.se

This once popular toy has had a dramatic fall from grace when young moms began to realize that their teething toy was harboring mold that could seriously harm their child.

Not all parent’s jumped on the bandwagon, in fact, you can still spot some babies chewing on this disgusting toy. There are way better teething options and young parents know this. As a result, they have moved on from the now-disgraced giraffe. Don’t worry new moms, you still have time to decide what kind of teething toy you want for your baby. They typically don’t start teething until 4-6 months. Make sure to do your research.

15 Baby Detergent

via:MBA Mama

This is a scam. There is no need for baby-specific detergent. The biggest difference between baby detergent and adult detergent is that baby detergent is unscented. Unscented detergent is available in adult form so, really, you don’t need to spend extra money on this product.

Young parents have realized this and are throwing in regular, old, unscented detergent in with their baby’s clothes.

They are actually saving a lot of money in the long run because the price of baby-related things is so hiked up. It’s just another way to scam money out of young parents especially those who could be struggling financially.

14 Baby First Aid Kit

via YouTube

There is no question that first aid kit is essential for every home children or not. But a first aid kit geared towards a baby is not necessary as you won’t use more than half of the things in the kit. All the products in a baby first aid kit are available individually and some things that should be in there are not there. Parents are realizing this and only buying the essentials ultimately opting to make their own first aid kit.

Nail clippers, thermometer, baby Tylenol, bulb syringe all these products can be purchased on their own.

Put them in the baby bag and keep them there so you always know where they are when needed.

13 Baby Books

via Wired

No one anywhere is reading baby books anymore. It’s all about the google search and apps.

There really is not a lot of time in the day to sit down and read a book about how to take care of your child. Like it or not, a lot of new moms are getting their parenting lessons through word of mouth. This, to us, is the best way to learn. A lot of the books only cover the happy side of pregnancy and being a parent.

There is actually a whole dark side to pregnancy and parenthood; The stuff no one wants to print in a book and the best way to learn about it is talking amongst one another.

12 Newborn-Sized Clothing


Yes, your kids look so darn cute in those newborn clothes. Yes, there will be a time or two when you need to dress your baby up. But, please, don’t go crazy when it comes to buying newborn clothes.

Parents are realizing that babies are most comfortable in onesies and it is easier on the parents do not have to throw on this frilly, unnecessary outfit every day.

Besides the fact that it’s a waste of money, most young moms realize that their child doesn't actually need to get dressed up much at all, especially if you don't leave the house much, while on maternity leave. We suggest you pre-buy a few outfits for each holiday and call it a day.

11 Bath Thermometer

via Walmart Canada

It’s safe to say we can all agree that you don’t need an unnecessary device like a bath thermometer. Parents have been testing water temperatures with their hands and elbows for years. All of a sudden, this lazy millennial device pops up on the scene and people lose their minds.

It was popular for a short time until parents realized they barely used it or even forgot they have one and remembered how handy their own body parts were for testing temperatures. It’s just another product that is a serious money grab. If you don’t trust yourself to check the temperature than get your partner to do it.

10 Bottle Sterilizers

via: YouTube

They are helpful but they are not necessary. Moms have realized that going back to boiling baby bottles the way their parents did back in the day is the best way to go.

Have you seen the price of sterilizers? Buy yourself a cute new mom outfit instead. It will be of better use to you in the long run.

Not only are you saving money, but it really doesn’t take that long to boil bottles. Put them on and go about your day cleaning or eat your lunch or feed your baby by the time you are finished, those bottles are sterilized. It's certainly tempting to pop them into a machine and have the machine do all the work.

9 Bassinets

via YouTube

Thankfully, there are no real health risks with bassinets but moms are still ditching this product for the simple fact that they are not practical. Babies outgrow a bassinet so quickly and yet, they cost a lot of money.

Young parents have caught on to the fact they're wasting a lot of money buying these and are now removing them from their registries.

We aren’t saying they are not useful because they totally are. But, that money can go towards something else. Something more useful that will also last longer than a few months. New parents truly do not realize how quickly a child grows, they will be surprised when they realize there 3-month-old no longer fits inside that expensive contraption.

8 Kourtney Kardashian Says No To Jarred Baby Food

via YouTube

Yes, believe it or not, many people are ditching jarred baby food. Even the busy working mom is opting to make her child her own homemade baby food. The world is currently obsessed with health, alkalizing the body and providing children with the cleanest eating possible. This is an awesome undertaking and even a few celebrity moms have taken on the challenge. Kourtney Kardashian and Sarah Michelle Gellar talked about providing their children with the best food possible. They opt to boil and crush their own baby food when their children were no longer breastfeeding or drinking formula.

7 Jumpers

Via: Pinterest

Jumpers were once the talk of the town. Now, they are harmful and not used. It is rare that you see someone with a jumper in their home. It was found out a few years ago that the baby jumpers were essentially ruining baby’s legs and causing harmful curvatures that hindered how they learned to walk.

A report came out in 2010 showing that 4,000 children were injured from baby jumpers.

That is way too much! In fact, the statistic was so concerning that a few countries banned jumpers altogether and some countries put an age restriction on them. Recently, it has even been reported that it is very rare to see a jumper in a home nowadays.

6 Crib Bumpers

via CNN com

A bumper is a pillow-like device used around the inside of the crib to keep a child from hitting their head. However, over the last few years, this product has been used less and less because it just isn’t safe.

Some countries have now banned them altogether. There have been too many incidents and some kids even took to gnawing on them until the cotton inside was exposed cause more harm. This product has even been linked to SIDS. There is just nothing good about this product at this point. Safety experts have recommended using nothing along the side of the cribs. This idea has stuck and virtually no one is using them anymore, thankfully.

5 Crib Tents

via YouTube

Everyone wants their nursery to look adorable and that is understandable. However, it is imperative that parents realize that cute isn’t always practical. One of the most impractical things in a nursery is a crib tent. They can be dome-shaped for fabric draped over the bed.

Either option is bad. A child can get wrapped up in the fabric and harm themselves. They can also pull down on the drapes. There are just so many ways to pass on from a crib tent so stay away from them. Better to be safe than sorry.

4 Baby Walkers

Via: Pinterest

Yes, it’s cute watching your baby learn to walk and giving them the assistance of a walker disguised as a toy to help them do so. But, walkers have gotten a bad rap and are even banned in some countries like Canada. There have been instances where the walker has been pushed or rolled away and the child have fallen flat in their face surfacing with heartbreaking injuries.

In the past, negative reports of walkers have included the rubber stoppers not working and children falling over. In a few cases, some babies have fallen down the stairs.

We should mention, if you do choose to have a walker for your child, don’t leave them unattended or even allow them to use it on a second floor.

3 Sling Carriers

via Country Living Magazine

While sling carries still seem to be quite popular, a lot of people are using them in different ways that are not accidentally suffocating their children. There have actually been several accidental fatalities, some of which weren't just suffocation cases either.

There have been reports of accidents and injury, and some children have even fallen out of them. A lot of models for baby slings have been recalled because clip placements were off or they just weren’t strong enough to carry certain weights even though they advertised as such.

Are you willing to risk your baby’s life? We sure aren’t.

2 Drop-Side Cribs

via Wee Bee Dreaming

A baby crib is essential for a child. Really, there is only so long that you can have your baby sleep in your bed it’s not good long-term for both parties involved. That being said, stay away from the drop-side cribs. Those are the ones that come down about half way on one side for easy access to your baby. As they grow they tend to hold onto the crib for balance as they yell out for you.

This is an accident waiting to happen. Many of the sides have fallen down thus injuring thousands of baby.

There is an official ban on them now but if you are buying used or from a garage sale or off of a friend make sure it’s not a drop side crib.

1 Jessica Alba Ditched Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder


We have to stress here that it is only this particular brand of baby powder that people are ditching including celebs like Jessica Alba and Selma Blair. The powder has been linked to causing cancer, as pointed out by The Washington Post, and has been proven to have ingredients in it that are harmful to the skin. Alba is instead opting for her brand Honest Companies version of baby powder. We're not sure what brand Blair is using but she and Alba are friends so we can only assume she is on the Honest Company bandwagon as well.

References: The Washington Post.

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