Here's Every Single New Emoji Arriving In 2019

Unicode Consortium has just released it's latest version of upcoming emojis, and users can expect to see 59 new emojis launched this year with over 170 available variances that will allow a user to customize skin tone and gender.

While the updated emojis will include a yawning face emoji, a skunk emoji, and even a sloth emoji, this newest update focuses on including emojis to represent those with physical disabilities as well as being gender inclusive. There is now an emoji of a manual wheelchair and motorized wheelchair, an emoji of an ear with an hearing aid that also has variances for skin tone, an emoji of both a man and woman in a wheelchair, mechanical arm and leg emojis and emojis that represent non-gender specific couples that also allow the user to personalize skin tone.

Emojipedia has posted this graphic of sample images of what all the new emojis should look like, and it's easy to see that there is definitely a focus on inclusivity that has been missing from past updates.

Credit: Emojipedia

Perhaps one of the most talked about emoji that was announced in this latest release was the drop of blood emoji, otherwise known as the period emoji. The period emoji is a result of a campaign launched by Plan International to ask Unicode to include an emoji that could help remove the shame and stigma surrounding periods, and especially how that affects young girls. While the first design Plan International suggested to Unicode was rejected, the blood drop emoji was approved, and women everywhere are applauding the inclusion of the period emoji in this latest update.

The latest update also allows users to customize skin tones for each person in their holding hand's emojis, something that many people have been asking for a long time.

Credit: Emojipedia

People will now have the option to use more color in their emojis when the new options are available. While some shapes were only available in limited colors previously, Emojipedia reports that with this latest update all shapes (circle, square and hearts) will be available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black and brown.

Credit: Emojipedia

Which means that the white heart, an emoji that Emojipedia writes is one of the most requested, will now be available.

Unicode will begin making their updated emoji list available in March, with each company in control of when they will choose to roll out the emojis on their own platform. Most should be available by fall of this year.

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