The 2019 American Girl Doll Is Here, And She Struggles With An Issue Kids Can Relate To

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We’ve got exciting news for American Girl Doll fans as the 2019 doll has just been released. Earlier this week, fans had the opportunity to meet the newest character and doll in American Girl’s ever-expanding catalog. Her name is Blair Wilson and just like so many other kids her age, she’s got a screen time problem which is something that a lot of parents and their children can relate to.

The company describes Blaire as “a young aspiring chef who enjoys bringing people together at her family’s upstate New York sustainable farm and bed and breakfast.” And while we would love to see how Blaire's Instagram account looks like, her parents would rather you see it for themselves, and not on social media. That's because “Blaire struggles to find balance between the digital world and the real world and feels self-conscious about a newly-diagnosed food sensitivity.”

Just like so many kids, tweens, pre-tweens and teens out there, Blair can't seem to tear herself away from her electronic devices. And while we don’t know if that’s because she’s been spending endless hours playing Fortnite or Roblox or simply watching her favorite YouTube videos, the company is hoping that Blaire’s screen-time obsession will help fans pick up her series book instead to see how she resolves it. As a matter of fact, Blair will help kids just like her find more balance in their own family and social lives, which includes their reality and non-reality worlds.

The plot of one of her books says that Blair is the kind of girl who loves to cook and decorate and help her parents with their bed-and-breakfast business. But at the same time, she finds herself more engaged in her electronic devices than with her friends and family during real-life gatherings. In other words, she has a hard time being “present” when she is needed the most, which is something many kids find difficult, too.

According to statistics, screen time obsession has been a huge problem for both kids and adults in recent years. That’s because nearly one-third of 12 to 15-year-olds watch television and use the computer for at least two hours every day. What’s more, 6.9 percent spend more than five hours with screens daily. Multiple types of screen time can add up to another five to seven hours daily, which has many pediatricians and health professionals worried.

For years, there has been a general consensus that too much screen time is bad for children of all ages. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for kids under two, and an hour max for those between two and five.

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