2018’s Most Trending Celebs (30 Photos Of What They Looked Like As Children)

Celebrities. We can't live with them, we can't live without them. They fill the void in our lives with their fairy tale stories of rags to riches, rising to stake their claim in the world against all odds. We marvel at their million to billion dollar mansions, copy their fashion styles, gossip about their lives and practically devour any information that the social media leaks about them.

But underneath the glamour, the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys and Tonys, our favorite celebrities are very much human, just like the rest of us. Take away all the makeup, fancy clothes, personal assistants and trails of paparazzi surrounding them and all that's left is a simple human being. And just like everyone else, these celebrities were once innocent and naive little children.

Here, we present to you 30 of 2018's top celebrities. Prepare to be surprised. Prepare to be awed. Prepare to do double takes.

Now scroll down and take a trip down the celebrity memory lane.

30 Ariana Grande

Via : people.com

Well well well, who do we have here? Little Ariana of course. The heavens have been kind to this "thank u, next" singer-songwriter. Even as a child, she already sported very fine and delicate facial features. It is obvious that her facial features have not changed much, she still sports her adorable baby face (although these days, her look is much more on the sultry side). But just look at that picture, wasn't she adorable?

29 Beyoncé

Via : singersroom.com

This multi-talented Grammy Award Winner, wife and mother seems to have it all. She rocks, she has style and swag, and champions women's' rights too! Remember the hit songs "Independent Woman", "Single Ladies" and "Survivor"? Well, know this: Talented little Beyoncé was already singing and performing at a tender age of 7! Heck, most of us were still skipping ropes and playing hopscotch at that time.

28 Chris Pratt

Via : people.com

Before he became Star Lord, he was well, just a kid with bunny ears. Chris Pratt was noted to have been like every other little boy, mischievous, naughty and downright rebellious. But even at a young age, he already displayed a knack for performing, once telling his wrestling coach in school that he wanted to be famous and make a lot of money. And after dropping out of high school and landing on various odd jobs, he was finally discovered by a director while waiting tables at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. So if your kids want to go wait on tables, let them.

27 David Beckham

Via : popsugar.com

Coined The Man With The Golden Foot, David Beckham was always handsome. Not that he ever minded. But the one thing that was his passion was soccer. Little David played soccer from an extremely young age in school and most of his childhood photos we found were of him either in a soccer jersey or of him playing soccer. Talk about passion and making it your dream job.

26 Emma Watson

Via : pinterest

Say the name Emma Watson a few years ago and everyone would associate her with the curly brown haired wizard, Hermione Granger. Say the name Emma Watson now, and kids will tell you that she is the living, breathing epitome of Belle from Beauty and The Beast. And while she never acted professionally prior to the Harry Potter series, writer and producer JK Rowling supported her casting as one of the leads at the get-go. From then on, her fate was sealed and she went on to become one of the world's most recognizable faces.

25 Ezra Miller

Via : tumblr

Emma Watson's quirky co-star from The Perks of Being A Wallflower also started performing at a tender age of 6. He started doing opera ( something his mother encouraged to help overcome his speech impediment) and perhaps because of his acting prowess and sharp facial features, he rose to fame early during his teens. It is totally impossible to ignore how much of a darling he looked even as a young kid...i mean look at those cheekbones! And those lips. Oooh yeah!

24 Felicity Jones

Via : independant.co.uk

The Star Wars: Rogue One actress began acting at 11, landing in a series called Worst Witch. She has not stopped acting since. Her girl next door looks made her America's darling and Ms. Jones found herself receiving more and more acting roles of prominence. But take a look at young Felicity. Such a sweet smile, with twinkles in her eyes. That is a picture of a happy, unassuming child. Who would have thought that this little girl would go on to portray Jane Hawkings in the future?

23 Gal Gadot

Via : pinterest

Before she was Wonder Woman, she held the title of Miss Israel, combat instructor to the Israel Defense Forces and law student. And before that, she was a high school basketball player and earned pocket money by babysitting and working at Burger King. But before she was all that, she was first and foremost little Gal Gadot. Daughter to two loving parents and a little kid who loved flashing her pearly whites.

22 Henry Golding

Via : unreservedmedia.com


Henry Golding was a literal unknown to the Hollywood circuit until the arrival of Crazy Rich Asians, after which the whole world became crazy about him. But back during his early days, little Henry spent a good portion of his childhood in Sarawak (Borneo) , before uprooting to England at 8 where he was constantly picked on for his mixed ethnicity. The former travel talk show host now no longer needs to worry about being picked on.

21 Jennifer Lawrence

Via : boredbug.com

The Hunger Games and X-Men star was scouted by an acting talent agent at the age of 14. She has gone from strength to strength ever since. But what many might not know is that little Jennifer was brought up in a household full of boys. She was the youngest in a family of two older brothers. With the influence of her brothers, Jennifer was often deemed too rough to play with other little girls. Definitely more of a misfit, this girl. It shows, even now. Just think of her famous trips and Oscar winning speeches.

20 Justin Bieber

Via : pinterest

Justin Bieber is known to the world as Bieber the hitmaker. But once, before videos of him crooning on YouTube went viral,  he was more known as Bieber, the diaper pooper and teddy bear hugger. Awww, look at that picture. What's there not to love? He was such a sweetie back then. Take a look at your own kid now. Don't they look about the same? If your answer is yes then there is hope for your child! Quick, go upload videos of them singing. Never mind if they cannot carry a tune.

19 Kylie Jenner

Via : marieclaire

Kylie Jenner, famous television persona, socialite, entrepreneur, model and not too distant relative to the Kadarshians was once just like the rest of us. A bubbly, talkative and active child who loved attention. And boy, does she get attention these days. Her net worth as of 2018 is a whooping $900 million and she is touted as the youngest self made billionaire ever to grace history. Talk about girl power.

18 Lady Gaga

Via : twitter

With talks of Lady Gaga being a potential candidate for the Academy Awards, people have been hitting the search engine to get scoops and details on the life of young Lady Gaga. Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (no wonder she changed her name to Gaga, it's a lot easier to remember), Lady Gaga began music lessons at the age of 4, often preferring to learn music by the ear instead of playing them according to the written notes. So a little rebellion does help in some way for kids.

17 Margot Robbie

Via : imageart.press

Margot Robbie, famous for her role as Harley Quinn of the DCEU and more recently, Queen Elizabeth I. Her transformation as the great queen of England has impressed many. What’s even more stunning is how she looked as a child. The Australian beauty is not your typical blonde hair blue eyed girl. She was a farm girl who worked various jobs to help her solo mom make ends meet before getting her big break at the age of 17.

16 Miley Cyrus

Via : pinterest

Would you look at that. Little Miley Cyrus was a sweetheart. No wonder she landed herself a role in Disney's Hannah Montanna before snagging one of Hollywood's handsome actors for a spouse. She was after all a cutie pie before all the kooky but eye catching transformations. Who can forget how she dressed coming in to wreck the ball? And what about the funny gigantic finger pointing glove she sported on The Voice?

15 Michael Jackson

Via : mjworld.com

The undisputed King of Pop was once a wide eyed kid with an angelic voice. Now come to think of it, he never did grow out of his wide eyed look and angelic voice, even towards the end of his days. But back during his youth, little Michael was in a band called the Jackson 5 and was touring around the state at just 5 years old. He would belt out songs like "My Girl" and the memorable "I'll Be There For You"...ahh , those were the days.

14 Natalie Portman

Via : popsugar.com

Natalie Portman is among the few child stars who managed to transition smoothly into a respected actress as an adult while graduating with the highest degree in psychology from Harvard. Harvard! This little lady was out to prove everyone wrong, with one of her most famous quotes being, "I don't care if college [messes up] my career. I'd rather be smart than a movie star." That statement would have made any mother proud. Grabs tissue and blows into it.

13 Paris Hilton

Via : instagram

Socialite and heiress to the Hilton dynasty, Paris Hilton recently caught unwanted publicity after being photographed with one of the world's most wanted con man. Controversy aside, this spunky little girl was very much like a princess at a young age. She would usually be dressed in dresses and swirls of ribbons, very seldom would one see her in t-shirts and jeans. The once little blonde has gone on to carve out a career for herself as a formidable businesswoman.

12 Priyanka Chopra

Via : instagram

Recently, Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas had the wedding of the century. It was apparently more grand than Prince Harry's wedding, with a change of 3 wedding gowns and 2 exotic locations. But once upon a time, before she became Miss World and one of India's highest paying actress, she was first and foremost the eldest of two siblings and was often tasked with the responsibility of looking after her mischievous little brother.

11 Rihanna

Via : pinterest

Growing up, Rihanna helped her father sell clothes on the streets and was constantly plagued by intense headaches so much so that she was sent for numerous CT scans. Turned out it was due to stress and anxiety from growing up in a troubled home. Music became her source of stress reliever and fast forward a few years later, she successfully auditioned for Jay Z's recording company and the rest is history.

10 Robert Downey Jr

Via : pinterest

Wow. Never in our life would we have thought that Mr. Macho would look so much like a girl in his youth. Just take a look at that hair! And that sultry smile! Put a dress on him and he could probably have passed for a little girl. Albeit a weird looking one. Heh. Today, however, he is and forever will be remembered as Mr. Tony Stark, having revived his career playing a hero flying around in an iron suit.

9 Ryan Gosling

Via : pinterest

It recently came to light that Ryan Gosling was a former member of the Mouseketeer club, alongside Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. In fact, if one were to search YouTube, one would be rewarded with videos of a very young looking Ryan Gosling crooning and swaying his hips to some weird music. Here we have a photo of a shy but adorable looking Gosling and his former teammate, Mr.Timberlake himself.

8 Sophie Turner

Via : instagram

Whad'ya know? Sophie Turner of GoT fame is a natural blonde. And not a natural redhead as many were lead to believe after having portrayed a ginger Sansa Stark in one of the most successful series of all times. This lanky blonde spent a portion of her childhood playing with farm animals before growing up on the set of Game of Thrones. She will be seen next as the titular character of Jean Grey in the next installment of the X-Men series and we shall whether her career will soar like the Phoenix or not.

7 Selena Gomez

Via : pinterest

Former friend of Barney’s and former flame to Justin Bieber, this pop starlet recently garnered a lot of attention when it was found that she had received a kidney  transplant from a good friend due to lupus ( a form of auto immune disease). But before all the drama in her life, Selena Gomez was once a bubbly little girl who was actively involved in church activities.

6 Tom Holland

Via : pinterest

Prior to donning tights and swinging webs as Peter Parker, Tom Holland was donning tights while singing his lungs out at Billy Elliot. Tom Holland had a rather unique childhood, having enrolled in dance and gymnastic classes instead of the usual football / rugby / basketball lessons. And though he was picked on by his peers for his dancing, his efforts have sure paid off.

5 Taylor Swift

Via : pinterest

The blonde beauty and hitmaker is famous for being one of the youngest musicians to have ever been signed by a record label. Even at a young age, Taylor Swift was said to have had an extremely clear vision of what  she wanted to be; a singer-songwriter. It also helped that her parents were extremely supportive of their child’s dream. Imagine having told our parents we wanted to be a singer when we were kids, they probably grounded us for weeks.

4 Uma Thurman

Via : tinseltownmom.com

The unconventional beauty from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction was named after the Hindu Goddess Parvati and was raised with a Bhuddist upbringing. She was constantly teased about her nose as a child but adamantly refused to get  a nose job even when pressured by friends. Her level headedness was later rewarded  when she was scouted by a talent agent for her unique look.

3 Whitney Houston

Via : pinterest

As one of the world’s best selling music artists , Whitney Houston will forever be remembered as a vocal powerhouse. Born a baptist, little Whitney started singing in church before moving on singing in clubs with her mother during her teenage years. Her looks and charm also earned her a modeling gig before she was finally discovered and groomed to be one of the most famous musicians of all time.

2 Will Smith

Via : pinterest

Before the Fresh Prince of Bel Air went on to save the world on Independence Day, Will Smith was once a bright little boy who loved to rap. In fact, it is widely speculated that he turned down a scholarship  from MIT because he wanted to, well, rap. And rap he did before he shifted his focus into becoming a serious and respected actor.

1  Zoë Kravitz

Via: Instagram/lisamichellebonet

Zoe Kravitz, daughter to the legendary Lenny Kravitz and stepdaughter to Jason Momoa. Having been in the limelight ever since she was born, it was only fitting that she would eventually follow the footsteps of her parents into the entertainment industry. And that she did, landing herself in various roles and rising to prominence from supporting roles to eventually landing in one of the lead roles in Crimes of Grindelwald.

References: wikipedia.com.

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