20 Women Who Laboured Alone And What They Really Thought About It

The miracle of childbirth is divine and unique. Although pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes, they are special and unpredictable for each woman.

The miracle of life has its price, though: giving birth challenges the body, the mind, and the soul. Thus, the medicalization of the process of labor and birth has helped many women experience less pain and deliver a healthy baby. On top of that, fathers have also changed the way society perceives childbirth: men can be active participants in the process. In fact, now it’s almost obligatory for fathers to attend the birth of their bundle of joy and support emotionally their other half.

At the same time, we are one with Mother Nature. As a result, more and more women are going back to their roots, avoiding hospitals and painkillers. Giving birth alone has become trendy, giving women the chance to experience the raw and animalistic sensations of birth.

Since childbirth cannot be planned, some women give birth alone in the wild, others in the embraces of the ocean. Some mothers cannot be with their partner, others choose simply to be alone.

In the end, birth is not a competition, a c-section or natural birth in the woods, all mothers are heroines that bring life into the world.

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20 Google It

Giving birth alone is one of the most unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experiences ever. It’s difficult, messy, and unexpected, though - that’s for sure. Tia Freeman was traveling from the US to Germany, and she stopped off to visit exotic Turkey. According to independent.co.uk, Tia started suffering contractions in Istanbul… and gave birth alone in her hotel room.

At the same time, giving birth alone can be inspirational; there’s so much one can learn about their beautiful nature and mental will. How? Just google it. As the brave mom, Tia Freeman tweeted, "Now it’s still attached to him so now I’ve got to google how to cut an umbilical cord."

19 Just a Different Way

Giving birth is unique and everyone has their own beautiful story. While many women give birth in the hospital or at home, there are some women who do it a little bit differently. In 2000, Chirindza, previously named by journalist Sofia Pedro, was forced into a tree by the most devastating floods Mozambique had ever witnessed. She gave birth after enduring four days without food or shelter.

Chirindiza’s story is amazing; it proves that pregnant women are strong individuals who can cope with pain and fear to save their baby. What does her tough daughter, Rosita think? As she told The Guardian, "It’s just a different way of being born."

18 Skype Daddy

Life offers us unexpected surprises. For instance, due to work, some loving men may miss the birth of their own baby. Many military wives understand that duty comes first and accept the fact that their second half is thousands of miles away.

Hey, cheer up, we have the magic of the Internet! According to dailymail.co.uk, military wife Nicole gave birth to her second child, Silvia, alone. However, technology brought the family together; the proud father, who was serving in Afghanistan, could watch his daughter being born on Skype. And as the brave mother said, "At least he was part of the journey through Skype. It’s just been amazing."

17 Everything Is Wonderful

Many women worry about the wonderful process of giving birth. One of the biggest fears is that the mom won’t make it to the hospital and her birth plan will simply vanish. According to mirror.co.uk, Amber Pangborn realized she was going into labor and decided to drive to her parents’ house. However, she got lost in one of the most remote parts of the Plumas National Forest.

Still, Amber survived on apples and gave birth alone in the woods. A few days later, after a fire broke out, the brave woman and her baby were rescued by firefighters. And as everyone else said, "The baby's beautiful and everything's wonderful."

16 The Baby’s Coming

While many researchers, mainly men, wonder if the medicalization of birth has gone too far, there’s no doubt that medical interventions can save lives and relieve pain. No surprise many pregnant women want to give birth in the hospital and receive medications for pain relief.

Yet, sometimes medical staff may be too busy or unprofessional and leave a woman in labor alone. Australian Christie Jones gave birth alone in the middle of the night because nobody came to help her. The cool mom did not panic, though. She told dailymail.co.uk, "I was screaming out 'The baby’s coming!'"… and delivered alone."

15 Open, Please!

Birth is miraculous and birthing rituals across the globe vary. India is one of the most colorful places in the world; a place where the process of giving birth differs significantly from our Western traditions. Rural India, in particular, has its own traditions and tribal beliefs. In fact, many mothers try to stay away from medicalized birth.

Funny enough, pregnant Chakki locked herself in the labor room and refused to open the door. According to The Guardian, the independent woman just shouted, "Don’t worry!" Things were fine, of course: a few hours later, she opened the door holding her sweet baby in her arms.

14 You Don’t Want Someone Else Watching You

Giving birth is a liberating and empowering experience. Many women worry about revealing too much to their partner and try to hide all the fluids, smells, and screams during childbirth. Thus, freebirthing is becoming more and more popular. No hospitals, no midwives, no partners.

As the brave mom, Sarah told The Guardian, "You don't want someone else sitting there watching you." Following her own beliefs about freebirthing, Sarah gave birth alone while her husband was in the next room. She even said that there was no pain, just pure sensations, which helped her deliver quickly. Would you give freebirthing a try?

13 Do It Yourself

Birth can be spiritual and magical. Giving birth shows how strong women are and how perfect Mother Nature can be. Many women want to experience all the raw sensations of unassisted birth, and many claim that freebirthing can even be sensual. Laura Shanley, the author of Unassisted Birth, believes that "women are the true experts of birth."

Family members do not have the right to interfere with a woman’s birth plan. If unassisted birth is what a woman wants, that’s what she gets. As Laura shared on her website unassistedchildbirth.com, "If you want the job done right, do it yourself."

12 Bornfree

The community that supports freebirthing is increasing. There are more than 1,000 members from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Many celebs like Kourtney Kardashian support natural birth. Some women hate hospitals, some just want to try something alternative and natural.

Mary Siever is one of the many brave mothers who chose to freebirth. In fact, Mary has free-birthed three kids at home. She shared her passion, "I think hospitals and doctors have their place, I just don't think they have their place in birth… People are trusting themselves more or maybe they are trusting the doctors in hospitals less. I wanted personal control and responsibility." She got it.

11 I Don’t Buy that Selfish Thing

Society loves judging women. In fact, studies show that even medical professionals may be a source of hatred, sexism, and racism. Thus, many women decide to trust their own body and avoid medical pressure.

Nevertheless, many women who give birth at home are perceived as selfish, as they may put the baby at risk. While medical help is needed in high-risk pregnancies, women should feel confident about their own choice. As Cassidy, a freebirth supporter says, "I don't buy that 'selfish' thing. I've heard horrible stories… Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time… So is it selfish to stay at home? Or is it selfish to go to hospital?"

10 Riding the Waves of Joy

The process of giving birth is not only a personal choice. It’s simply natural. Birth can be scary, but worth it. Women have the unique physical and emotional ability to carry a baby and bring a new life into the world. It’s amazing and natural at the same time.

Many mothers share their joyful experience of unassisted childbirth. Mother Chani shared on Chabad.org, "There I was, doing everything alone, contracting, riding the waves, reassuring myself. And it was simultaneously so amazing and yet so completely natural… I discovered that my body knew exactly what it was supposed to do. So I followed its lead and did what I never thought was possible."

9 Family Support

Women are fierce and pregnant women, in particular, show that the miracle of life has a divine power. While there are women who prefer to give birth alone, there are other expectant women who need a strong network of family support and understanding.

The thought of giving birth alone can be stressful. Many women are scared to give birth without their loved ones. A mother shared her fears on healthunlocked.com, "I only have 4 weeks left for my due date. My hubby wouldn’t be able to come as he has to look after the little ones." Hey moms, you’re not alone. In fact, online forums are pretty helpful.

8 Hurry, Hurry!

Via National Geographic

Our world is a wonderful place and women are heroines that can bring love into the world. However, in many cultures, birth is seen as a sinful, embarrassing, and dirty experience, which is often a man-free zone. China is beautiful and diverse, but when it comes to pregnancy, the country is still marked by many social contrasts.

Interestingly, a Chinese woman gave birth in the street and nobody helped her. People were just looking and shouting "Hurry, hurry!" The baby and the mother were tough, though. The new mom didn’t need much time to recover: she just took her grocery bag and baby and headed back home.

7 Ideal Birth Involves No Men

Some experts believe that the process of giving birth should not involve men. The father’s presence has been linked to mental problems and break-ups.

Childbirth specialist Michel Odent says that women would be more relaxed and labor easier if women were left alone. She adds, "The ideal birth environment involves no men in general. Having been involved for more than 50 years in childbirths in homes and hospitals in France, England and Africa, the best environment I know for an easy birth is when there is nobody around the woman in labour apart from a silent, low-profile and experienced midwife - and no doctor and no husband, nobody else." Is that true?

6 I’m So Glad He Wasn’t Watching

Although giving birth is miraculous, there’s still some stigma and shame around the whole process, including weight gain and, oh well, the 'female genital organs'. As mentioned above, the father’s presence can lead to high levels of stress, which can result in slow labor and break-ups. In fact, birthing alone can be a choice.

Korin Miller, a mother who chose to give birth alone, told womenshealthmag.com, "I’m so glad he wasn’t watching." While fathers play a crucial role in child development, society and family members should let mothers decide how to give birth. In the end, birth is one of the most challenging experiences ever.

5 Completely Empowered

Mothers are heroines that have extraordinary powers and divine beauty. Giving birth is one of the most amazing strengths women have. While it’s tough, birth is a blessing which empowers women. All moms are supermoms, but women who birth alone feel even more accomplished. Did you know that Pamela Anderson is one of the moms who support unassisted birth?

The raw experience to trust your body and let your baby decide when he or she is ready to say Hello to the world is simply great. As Kacie, a mother of three, told thebirthhour.com, home birth makes women feel "empowered." Note that water birth is also a great alternative, which can help pregnant women have a great birth experience.

4 Hallelujah!

Giving birth is divine and mystical. Talking about water birth, there are many people who specialize in water births and may help a pregnant woman give birth alone… in the sea. As a matter of fact, there are mothers who believe in the healing effects of the sea water and do not hesitate to face waves, cold temperature or jellyfish to give birth alone.

According to foxnews.com, a Russian woman gave birth in the Red Sea. Her photos went viral. On top of that, people said, "The mother came out of the sea after giving birth like it was nothing. Hallelujah." Isn’t that amazing?

3 I’d Really Achieved Something Special

Unassisted birth is becoming more and more popular, and many women do not hesitate to test their will, body, and emotions to give birth alone. Some rely on their midwife, others on their partner, and of course, there are mothers who give birth completely alone. Many women share their amazing unassisted birth stories. A mother said, "Afterwards, I felt fantastic - like I'd really achieved something special."

Nevertheless, giving birth is not a competition. At home, in the hospital, or in the wild, all mothers challenge their body and achieve something special: they create life and bring love into the world.

2 Too Quickly

Having a birth plan is always a good option to make moms comfortable with giving birth. However, giving birth is one of the things people have no control over. Some babies simply can’t wait to explore the world. Precipitous birth is defined as extremely rapid labor and delivery. Usually, precipitous birth happens within three hours.

While people think that’s good, many mothers who had experienced precipitous birth confessed that things happened too quickly, so they didn’t have the chance to realize what was happening. As the expert, Mark Yudin told todaysparent.com, "You don’t have a chance to get used to being in labour."

1 What’s Next?

Each story is unique and full of surprises. Positive or negative, each birth experience is special. What’s more, birth cannot be predicted. While some women want to give birth alone, others need support and medical help. According to data, one in 1,000 women ends up with unplanned and unassisted home birth.

In case that happens to you, experts suggest the following: stay calm, call 911, and get ready to meet your baby. Do not doubt your ability to deliver your own baby. When the baby is breathing on her own, guide her and try to breastfeed.

You did it, mama!

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