20 Women Share Their Spouses' Little Secrets

The longer we stay with someone, the more we begin to see their different character traits and quirts. All this happens way faster when sharing a home with that person and especially the moment kids are thrown into the mix. In fact, that's when we start seeing a new side to our significant others' and begin to know their secrets -- for better or worse

You might find your partner’s secrets out on your own thanks to some sleuthing, or perhaps they eventually revealed to you their surprising news. Perhaps their so-called secret isn’t much of a secret. It could just be something you never noticed that they do or prefer.

Either way, it can be eye-opening to learn such intimate things about your partner.

These husbands and wives all anonymously shared little secrets they’ve learned about their partners throughout the years. From funny ways their spouse tries to cover something up to surprising things they’ve been sworn to secrecy about, it’s clear that you really get to know someone when you’re married to them.

Chances are, your partner is hiding something from you, too. It could be something as simple as them not washing the dishes more thoroughly or, who knows, it could be something truly life-changing!

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20 The Bedtime Routine

via pinterest.com

Paris* opens up about her husband’s hilarious bedtime routine that was inspired by what his mom did for him when he was a little boy. It’s gotten so bad, though, that he evidently can’t sleep without his wife doing it, too.

My husband has a weird routine before he goes to bed. When he was little, his mom would always bring him and his brother a glass of water. He started asking me to do the same for him after a year of dating.

Now we’ve been married for six years, and he can’t sleep if I don’t bring him a glass of water (even if we’re in a hotel or something).”

19 Plant Moms Are Real Moms, Too

via gardenista,com

Andrew* says his plant-loving wife has taken things to a whole new level now that she’s having full-blown conversations with the greenery.

My wife has gotten really into gardening in the past year. I always tease her about it, so I think she’s self-conscious now. Or else she knows she’s crazy. Because I’ve caught her on multiple times just casually talking to the plants, telling them to grow big and strong and that she loves them.

I haven’t asked her about it, but I think she didn’t tell me she does this because he knows I’d judge her. And I sure am.”

18 The Phobia Of Diapers

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Marisol* admits that her husband has a fear of poop- one that prevents him from changing even his own kids’ diapers! While she says she’s most annoyed that he’s so secretive about it, we can only imagine how annoying it would be to be the only parent dealing with this dirty job.

Since we started dating, my husband has always had a fear of fecal matter (like, he’ll need to walk away if a dog does a #2 in front of him).

I thought he’d get over it or suck it up when we had kids, but it’s even worse. I don’t think he’s ever changed one of our kids’ diapers before. He’s made me swear not to tell anyone we know because he’s so embarrassed by it.”

17 The Secret To His Youth

via youtube.com

Grace* says her husband enjoys getting Botox, but it sounds like he’s embarrassed about turning to cosmetic enhancements. He’s so worried about his secret’ getting out, that he’s told his wife he’ll leave her if she ever spills the beans. Now that’s harsh!

My husband has been getting Botox for years! He knows that I know, but he hates when I acknowledge it because he’s shy (it’s a ‘woman’s thing’ he says). He’s honestly said he’ll leave me if I ever tell anyone we know in person. He’s that paranoid.”

How would you feel if your husband said something like that to you?

16 Gotta Sweat It Out

via businessinsider.com

Lorna* says that her husband is unhealthily obsessed with going to the gym- so much so, he actually lies to her about where he’s going just to get in some more weightlifting time.

My husband actually lies about how much he goes to the gym. He has a pretty bad obsession with working out. Sometimes he says he has to go into work on a day he actually doesn’t or he’s staying late just so he can get a few more hours in at the gym.

We’ve been fighting about it for years because it means he’s hardly spending times with the kids. At this point, I don’t think it’s something he can help.”

15 Doing It For Denny’s

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Bella* says she discovered that her husband was eating-out without her in the most hilarious way.

My husband hates going out to eat with the kids because he can’t ‘enjoy’ his food.

I started noticing that he was getting up extra early on Fridays to go to work. I thought he was having an affair so I followed him one day… all the way up to Denny’s. He confessed he’d been coming there on Fridays the past few months so he could order a huge breakfast for himself.

It’s weird, but it kinda makes sense. I’d love a break from the kids to just eat food.”

14 She Couldn't Handle The Truth

via glamour.com

Marcus* admits that his wife can’t stand his mother- she just puts on a good face when they interact in public. He says his mom would never recover if she found out how her daughter-in-law really feels about her.

My wife actually hates my mother. She’s really good at putting on a nice face at family functions and acting like it’s all okay. But then as soon as we get home, she starts going off about how she can’t stand my mom. She doesn’t care if she does it in front of the kids or not.

I feel like I do so much damage control to make sure my mom doesn’t find out because she’d be devastated. She actually thinks they have a good relationship.”

13 The Bird Who Flew The Coop

via thesprucepets.com

Evelyn* says her husband once lied and said their pet died, even though she knows it actually ran away.

I took the kids to my parents for the weekend a few years ago, but my husband stayed behind because he had to work. At the time, he was always taking our pet parakeet out and trying to train it, though it’d often just run amuck in the house.

When we got back, my husband told us the bird had sadly passed away. I’ve always known that he took it out of the cage and it flew away, though. Aren’t parents supposed to lie and tell the kids the pet ran away rather than the opposite?

12 Sweet Dreams, Hubby

via instagram.com

Marley* says that her husband has been talking in his sleep for as long as she’s known him, which has led to some interesting revelations.

I’ve known for years that my husband talks in his sleep. But I’ve never told me because I don’t want him to be self-conscious and it's actually hilarious hearing what he has to say.

Most of the time, he talks about things that are really going on. I found out how he really felt about re-mortgaging our house and how he thought one of our kids was going downhill. He just thinks I’m intuitive to his feels when really I just listen to him while he sleeps."

11 He Leaves The Leftovers

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Vada* says that her husband is so picky about leftovers that he won’t eat them, even if that’s the only thing for lunch.

I finally figured out my husband won’t eat leftovers!

I’d always pack them for him to take for his office lunch, whatever we had leftover from dinner or lunch the day before. He always told me they were yummy and he ate them all up.

But one night after a few drinks, he finally confessed he hated the idea of leftover food so much he’d just throw the food out in the garbage and bring back the Tupperware. He admitted he’d rather stay hungry until dinner than eat it.”

10 No Sweatpants Are Safe

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Natalia’s husband thought he came up with a way to prevent her from taking his sweatpants, but she knows his secret.

My husband hides his most comfortable sweatpants with me!

Since we’ve been together, I’m always stealing his hoodies and sweatpants. It drives him crazy because then they usually end up in my stuff and he doesn’t get them back.

He thinks I don’t know, but he put his favorite sweats in the back of the closet where he doesn’t think I’ll find them. I secretly lounge around them when he’s out of the house!

9 Just Don’t Tell His Mom

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Adeline* admits her husband originally didn’t want to have kids- and now he’s obsessed that his secret is going to get out!

My husband’s ‘little secret’ isn’t that little… it could do a lot of damage to our family. The truth is, he didn’t want kids for the longest time. I honestly was going to leave before he finally agreed because it caused so much conflict.

Of course, he loves being a dad now, but he’s so paranoid the kids or his mom is going to find out. Like he genuinely gets stressed about it.

I promised him I’d never tell, so I don’t know what the problem is.”

8 Everyone’s A Newbie At Some Point

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Carolina* hilariously recounts how her husband struggled to keep it together the first night they had their new baby in the house.

Most people think it’s the mom that has the breakdown when you bring a newborn home. But nope, it’s the dad too.

My husband was hysterical the first night we had our new baby. He wouldn’t stop crying and he thought something was seriously wrong with her or him as a parent. He was traumatized after that one night. It’s hilarious, but he’s totally sworn me to secrecy, even though he’s a great dad now.”

7 Just Be Alone With The Baby

via pinterest.com

Sophia* says that her husband refuses to be left alone with their child because he’s too worried he won’t be able to properly take care of him.

My husband’s biggest secret is that he has never been alone with the baby, even though our son is almost 2.

He has a lot of anxiety over watching him by himself. Even me going out for 10 minutes for a little walk is too much. One of his parents or mine has to be there with him. I don’t know if he just wasn’t ready to have a kid, or if this is going to be the new norm.”

6 Don’t Be Scared Of The Dark

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Nola* admits that her husband has a very real phobia of the dark, and it seems like it’s affecting their entire family.

My husband would never forgive me if he knew I was sharing this… but he has a real fear of the dark! Usually, that’s something people grow out of in childhood. But my husband still hates being somewhere where it’s completely dark.

We have little nightlights plugged in all over our house so there’s no corner that it’s totally pitch black. He literally panics more so than our toddler when the electricity goes out.”

5 A Walk Around The Block

via flickr.com

Deliah* says that her husband was once taking not-so-secret walks before he came home from work.

We have a really hectic schedule that takes a toll on both me and my husband. He works a normal 9-5 job and then I take night shifts at the hospital. That means, as soon as one of us is off work, it means we’re watching the girls.

My husband started getting home 15-20 minutes later than usual and blamed it only on traffic. I got really suspicious and confronted him, so he admitted he’s been taking short walks before coming home to ‘transition’ to looking after the kids. I honestly get where he’s coming from.”

4 The Fish That Lives Forever

via animalpex.com

Sydney* says her husband sweetly replaced their pet goldfish when they pass so the kids never have to find out the harsh truth.

It’s not so much a secret between us, but more so for our kids. We got our kids fish because they wouldn’t stop asking for a pet. But the last three fish we’ve had have all passed.

My husband didn’t have the heart to tell the kids the first time it happened- he just bought a new one. So every time one passes, he goes out and replaces it before anyone can notice. Well, I noticed…

3 It’s Her Way Or The High Way

Via: Pinterest

Kaden* admits he’s annoyed that his wife re-arranges the dishwasher if he loads it, even though she complains that he doesn’t do enough housework. Can you imagine how annoyed you’d get if your spouse did this?

My wife always complains that I don’t pitch in enough around the house. But I’ve noticed that she’ll actually rearrange the dishwasher if I try to load it for her. She thinks she does it behind my back, but it’s so obvious what she’s doing.

It doesn’t make me want to pitch in if she’ just going to ‘fix’ everything I do.

2 Going Under

Via people.com, Credit: Daniel J. Vasquez

Ted* says that his wife is secretive about what cosmetic procedures she does or does not get done.

We’ve been doing long distance for years because of my job. I think it makes my wife think she has to look extra good in person to impress me or something.

She’s super shy about getting work done, but she’s admitted to doing Botox and some nose thing (only after she had them done). After we had our second kid, it was so obvious she had a tummy tuck because of how quickly she got back in shape.

With our first, it took her months… which was obviously fine. I don’t mind that she goes under the knife, I just wish she felt comfortable telling me about it.”

1 There’s Always More To A Name

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Jacqueline* admits her husband feels insecure about his childhood nickname.

He would never tell his family, but my husband is secretly insecure about the nickname everyone calls him. He’s the youngest of four boys and was shorter and smaller than his brothers while growing up, so they call him ‘short stuff,’ even though they’re now all well past 40.

My hubby says it makes him feel like he’s still a 10-year old being bullied on the playground. I want to say something, but I know I can’t.

*Names have been changed.

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