20 Women On How They Handled Their Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Many of the magical parts of pregnancy are the reasons why so many women decide to get pregnant again. It is an experience like no other. Aside from the good moments, however, there are some down times. Many of the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy come during the first trimester, with the most common being morning sickness. Unlike the implications behind its name, morning sickness can actually hit at any moment during the day.

The experience of morning sickness differs from woman to woman, especially with regards to more than one pregnancy. While some women won't experience any bouts of morning sickness at all, others will be afflicted to the point of having to take time off work way earlier than anticipated. There is no way to truly know for sure, although turning to genetics can be, at least slightly, revealing.

There are ways, however, to deal with the pain of morning sickness and hopefully, either calm or stop the sickness altogether. With such things as mint and ginger being an apparent 'cure' for morning sickness to more invasive procedures such as acupuncture which many pregnant women strongly advise. There are a lot of ways to deal with morning sickness and here is a list of 20 of them.

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20 I went Straight for Acupuncture

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"I had horrendous sickness all day, every day until 17 weeks when I had acupuncture and that did the trick", a mom of twins shared with me.

Acupuncture is something I had never heard of as a morning sickness cure but after hearing this from a fellow mother and searching the internet, I have found that this is a successful method. Along with other methods of coping with morning sickness, acupuncture is now a procedure that practitioners all over the world can recommend for pregnant women and it is perfectly safe. Using this procedure for morning sickness is relatively new in some countries but in China (where it originated) it has been done for years.

19 I had to Munch On Ice

Now, this does not have to be so literal (although some women find that most effective) but simply having a drink made with ice such as a slushie can help ease morning sickness while pregnant. It may be because of the extra water content your body will be getting or simply the cold temperature settling your stomach but for some reason, many women who experience bad morning sickness during pregnancy have found that this solves all their problems and they feel better in no time. Strange but effective.

"I ate ice, had about 10 slushies a day to make myself feel better", stated a young mom I spoke to.

18 I Just Got On With It

This is not so much a way to ease the morning sickness but more of a piece of advice; just get on with things. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do that will take away the morning sickness completely and although you do want to have plenty rest and try new remedies to stop your pain, life continues and you do have to get on with it. Especially if, like many women, you are working or are already a mother.

Many women have shared their feelings that you must power through. One mother, in particular, expressed her opinion strongly, "Handling it? Lord, there was nothing I could do but get on with it".

17 I Gave Into The Drip

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MedlinePlus states, "Women with hyperemesis gravidarum have extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy".

The exact cause of hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) is unknown so it is just unfortunate that some women experience this. If you do have severe morning sickness no amount of old-wives-tales will ease your nausea and instead you are likely to be admitted to hospital and put on a drip. This drip will administer some much-needed fluids and nutrients as well as some anti-sickness medications. You will be discharged from hospital when your condition improves.

"I was constantly in and out of the hospital on drips", a mother who experienced this type of sickness shared with me.

16 I Stocked Up On Ginger

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This method is quite common and I can bet every pregnant woman at one point or another has been told to try it out when experiencing nausea. Ginger biscuits, ginger tea, ginger-scented candles, anything ginger you are told helps prevent or ease morning sickness during pregnancy. Some find this to be true others see no difference; I guess it is all a matter of trial and error. This is definitely the most common remedy that everyone jumps to especially in first-time pregnancies.

For this mother ginger did do the trick, "I ate masses of ginger biscuits and that seemed to ease my nausea".

15 I let him Do The Cooking

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"Never mind cooking, just being near the kitchen made me feel sick. I made my partner cook the same meal for me every night for weeks and I couldn't even see him cooking it or I would be sick, it was that severe. I don't know why. If I was not in the kitchen, my morning sickness was non-existent" expressed one mother who's morning sickness revolved around food aversion.

So, if you are a woman who does most of the cooking, to avoid the dreaded sickness you should let someone else take over in the kitchen. Giving you a chance to hopefully put your feet up and enjoy not feeling sick.

14 I Indulged In my Cravings

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Just as common as morning sickness is pregnancy cravings and sometimes these two things can go hand in hand. One way expectant mothers have eased their morning sickness is to satisfy their cravings. Yes, the craving might be a strange combination of things or perhaps a bit unhealthy but often, if you avoid what you are craving during pregnancy it can cause you to become nauseated.

"I kept a bottle of tomato sauce next to my bed. I would wake up in the night feeling sick but also craving tomato sauce. I would have a tiny bit of sauce and feel all better. Weird but it worked," one mother explained her strange experience

13 I had to Sleep It Off

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"I don't know how I would deal with morning sickness again. The only reason I got through it in the first pregnancy was because I could sleep it off all day, that is really the best thing to do if you can", explained a mother of one.

Getting plenty of rest might be the number one thing you can do to deal with morning sickness, the only problem is getting to sleep can be difficult. Whether that be because you have work, you have other children to look after or because you just feel too sick to sleep, it can be hard, but if you can get rest then you will feel much better.

12 I tried having Frequent, but Small Meals

As much as you don't want to eat anything in fear of being sick, you must keep your strength up and make sure you are getting enough nutrients. A way to do this and minimize the chances of being sick is to eat small meals. Filling yourself up with big meals may be too heavy for your sensitive stomach but eating small, healthy meals and snacks will be lighter.

One mom agreed with this idea and said it really helped her, "I ate small meals throughout almost my entire pregnancy if at any point, I tried a big meal I would feel very nauseated. Small meals and snacks definitely works."

11 I had to Avoid Strong Smells

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This personally affected me when I was pregnant with my daughter, any strong smells- even good ones- made me feel very sick. Many women also experience this during pregnancy and sometimes there will be a certain smell that they must avoid otherwise they will feel very nauseated.

Strong smelling cheese or other food products, perfumes, cleaning products and more can all cause a pregnant woman to feel sick because as well as the stomach, the nose is sensitive also when you are carrying a child. To stop this, it is best to buy unscented cleaning products, avoid some perfume and give away any potent foods, giving you the best chance of avoiding sickness.

10 I couldn't Stop Drinking

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This is similar to the previous entry of eating ice; consuming a large quantity of water will likely make your morning sickness a lot better if not non-existent. Drinking water is good for everyone, pregnant or not, so it is no wonder that when pregnant increasing your water intake will help you feel less nauseated.

"Water, water and more water! That is all I drank, when I was pregnant as it really helped ease my morning sickness. It is so simple but so effective and is now the advice I give to all my pregnant friends," a mom of two told me.

9 I Spent Lots Of Time In The Sun

Another simple, yet effective way to ease morning sickness is getting fresh air. Although when you feel sick you do not want to leave the house and going outside is the last thing on your mind, this could actually be your saving grace when it comes to getting rid of your morning sickness.

One mother I spoke explained her experience, "I dreaded walking my dog when I was feeling morning sickness so always asked my boyfriend to do it but one day I had no choice but to do it myself and it was actually really helpful. Breathing in the fresh air made me feel a lot less sick".

8 I found ways to keep Busy

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Sounds like something your Husband would say to try and get you to do more of the cleaning around the house but it is, in fact, true that cleaning and housework can make you feel better when experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy. As well as distracting you from feeling nauseated the smell of cleaning products can ease morning sickness (if you find the right smell).

"I went through so much cleaning products while I was pregnant. I would buy anything apple scented and clean my entire house with it, the fruity smell made me feel so much better", another mom admitted to me.

7 I Never Missed A Shower Day

This is something many people like to do anyway but if you are someone who doesn't shower every day then you might want to start because it may stop you from feeling sickness while you are carrying a child.

"A warm shower every morning really makes me feel better when it comes to morning sickness. I always feel worst in the morning so starting every day with a shower always makes me feel refreshed and ready to face the day", this mom-to-be shared with me.

Even if you find it doesn’t improve your morning sickness significantly you might as well take advantage of showering daily because when the baby arrives you might not get the chance.

6 I Sniffed Lemons

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This one is strange and something I had never heard of before but according to one mother I spoke to this is something worth trying;

"Eating citrus things was something I was told to try but I found what was most effective was just sniffing lemons! Don't know if it was just me or if it would work for everyone but I felt so much better after smelling a lemon (or lime) for a few minutes".

This may link back to certain smells making you sick during pregnancy or stopping it. If you are drawn to citrus smells while you are carrying a child this might be something that would work for you.

5 I found things to occupy my time

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"I really threw myself into my work while I was pregnant (for as long as I could). I know people tell you to rest but I found that keeping myself busy helped distract me from the morning sickness I was experiencing so before I knew it I was past it"

Like this mother, you could take some extra shifts and keep yourself busy through work. Other ways of keeping yourself busy could be volunteering, spending time socializing, taking up a new hobby, decorating your home or if you already have children I am sure they will be keeping you on your toes.

4 I Sucked On Mints, Grandma-Style

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A common morning sickness antidote is mint. Whether this is the smell or the taste, it is something that pregnant women are often told to try to help tackle their sickness during pregnancy. Sucking on mint flavored sweets seems to be the remedy that most women have a go of and a lot of the time this method is successful.

"I had horrible morning sickness and found that the minty taste from the toothpaste when I was brushing me teeth helped. So, to help me throughout the day I sucked on mints, this was a life-saver!" A new mother exclaimed during my survey.

3 I Pushed On Between The Sheets

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This is probably the last thing on your mind while you are experiencing morning sickness (the combination of sick, tired, and not feeling very attractive is not really the state you want to be in for lovemaking) but it is a scientific fact that getting intimate can improve on your nauseated state.

An article on Babble.com that refers to the findings of scientist ‘Gordan Gallap’ states that morning sickness is a response to the male DNA in your body that you are not used to so "the more [fun between the sheets] you have the faster the nausea will subside" because the mother's body will get used to the new DNA...apparently.

2 I Gave Into Morning Sickness Tablets

With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian promoting these products to help morning sickness there are sure to be many expectant mothers around the world who give these a shot. Morning sickness tablets can be prescribed by your doctor if they think it’s necessary but can also be bought over the counter in some areas. These medically tested tablets are thought to battle sickness during pregnancy and make you feel right as rain in no time.

"I was prescribed morning sickness tablets by my doctor and they helped a lot for me. Took a few days to kick in but once they did I no longer felt sick at all!" One mom shared with me.

1 I Needed my Mommy

Via In Style

“A Mother and a Daughter are closest when a Daughter becomes a Mother" is a quote that I think many women can relate to. You can try all the remedies on this list but the best medicine is talking to the woman that raised you.

Phoning your mom at any hard point of pregnancy is sure to make what you are going through that bit easier, whether it be from the advice she gives you or just her being there to listen. Mother really does know best and I know from personal experience that I could not of went through it without my mom being at the other end of the phone.

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