20 Ways This One Mom Keeps Her Kid's Privacy While Still Posting On Social Media

Beeps, updates, and notifications! We can hear the buzz of our tech-driven society. From contraction tracking apps to mom blogs, technology has shaped our world. The Internet gives moms and dads the unique chance to find parenting advice, connect with other parents, and post pictures of their baby shower parties.

Social media use, in particular, is growing in popularity. Snapchat, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest - just name it! Social media platforms can help people reconnect with family and friends and make their dreams come true. Do you want to become a mommy blogger? The digital world is yours!

Nevertheless, there are numerous risks associated with social media networks. From psychological effects to privacy concerns, parents should respect their child’s privacy. Do you really want to post a video of your sweet baby covered in vomit?

The good news is that one doesn’t have to be a professional photographer or a hacker to stay safe online. So, here are 20 ways that can help you keep your child’s privacy while still posting on social media.

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20 Parents’ Greatest Fear

Smart devices and social media go hand in hand. Parents can’t escape from the vast labyrinths of the online world. We simply love posting pictures, getting Likes, and gossiping behind the screen. Yet, social media is a parent’s greatest fear. According to the guardian.com, 43% of parents in the US believe that social media channels have a negative effect on families and kids, which outweigh the benefits of the Internet.

More and more people agree that posting pictures of kids is not safe and may lead parents to the so-called "sharent" trap. In fact, psychologist Genevieve von Lob says, "The pictures that are uploaded can form a permanent tattoo."

19 Creative Photography

Although many parents are questioning the wisdom of posting on social media, we all want to share more and more with the rest of the world. Just look at your bundle of joy: their cute smile, first steps, and baby adventures! Therefore, a beautiful alternative to keep your child's privacy while still posting on social media is to seize the moment and take creative photos.

Photographer Kelley Hudson has managed to find a way to take pictures of her daughter without revealing close-up images of her pretty face. As we can see from the picture above, artistic and fun reflections work just great.

18 Fun Within Limits

Being a parent comes with lots of responsibilities, hormones, and fears. At the same time, there’s so much fun, learning, and love. Although some days might be repetitive, most of the time parents and kids are on a treasure hunt to find joy. Nevertheless, there’s no need to post all your meals or travels. Some games, activities, and silly moments should be kept between you and your little one.

What’s more, some people, especially those without kids, find pictures of children annoying. Did you know that there’s an extension that can auto-detect pictures of babies and replace them with "less-annoying material like cats"? Can you believe that?

17 Taking Photos From Behind

Funny enough, scientists do not agree with people who find new parents a social media hassle. Computer scientists Meredith Morris told the wired.com that actually new moms post less than half as often, so "The total quantity of Facebook posting is lower." It’s algorithms that create the impression that moms and dads bombard the Internet with baby talk.

So, don’t worry, mama: you can still post pictures of your bundle of joy. However, in order to keep his or her privacy, try another creative way: take pictures from behind. In fact, many of the so-called influencers on Instagram do exactly the same.

16 No More Kisses

In a world where people's lives are exposed to Comments and Likes, try to avoid social media feuds. In other words, do not post content that might be inappropriate. Nah, we are not talking about nude pictures but just an innocent gesture that may trigger another online mommy war.

Although the Internet is full of revealing pictures of women in bikini and men with photoshopped muscles, moms may become a target of online hatred. Hilary Duff, for instance, was scrutinized for kissing her Luca, three years old at the time, on the lips. However, as Duff told allure.com, "Kiss your kids, and anyone who doesn’t like it can hit unfollow."

15 Out Of Focus

Becoming a mom is really divine. So, sharing your journey is more important than someone’s breakfast. Keep sharing pictures of your baby but respect her or his privacy. A cool way to do that is to focus on objects and leave your little one out of focus. Simply because being out of focus makes the shot.

In fact, according to bufferapp.com, posting cool content is a psychological phenomenon known as self-representation. We position ourselves and our feed pages the way we want to be seen. What’s more, a study showed that 68% post on social media to give other people a better sense of who they are.

14 R-e-s-p-e-c-t

Although most of the Friends and Followers we have online Like our pictures without actually looking at them, we still post and share. In fact, stats show that the notorious Facebook Like button has been used more than 1.13 trillion times since its implementation. Funny enough, just before I deactivated my Facebook account, I posted some travel pictures. A few days later, a person who liked them asked me where we went. And that was the moment I realized that people simply Like pictures automatically.

Thus, respect your child and do not post embarrassing content, such as naked photos or vomit. Funny or not, people won’t remember your photos but your child might still see them when they grow up and feel embarrassed.

13 Out Of Time

Posting in moderation is all about safety and respect. As long as you respect your child’s safety, do not care what other people think... and simply share your favorite moments.

Interestingly enough, using monochromatic pictures can deliver a strong message and make your pictures stand out. Black and white images eliminate the concept of time, which can give you more anonymity. Experts say that black and white images today are similar to images taken decades ago. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to experiment with colors, contrast, and shades. Many platforms give you numerous filter options you can apply.

12 Monitor Apps

Social media is not only about photos, though. There’s a whole new world one can explore online. From traditional forums and chat rooms to Twitter and Reddit, people can share their thoughts, political views, dreams, and parenting advice, of course. Since many people can’t live without their phones, more and more websites have created mobile-friendly versions and apps.

While constant and automatic updates of apps may become annoying, there are some apps that can help parents monitor their kids in order to stay safe in the digital world. Whether it’s an app to control smart devices or an app to locate offenders who live in the neighborhood - just press Download and stay safe.

11 Social Media Is Not So Dark

While social media sites pose many security and privacy risks, the Internet is not a demonic place. Thanks to technology, people can access better healthcare, work online, and predict the weather. Social media networks, in particular, can connect people and help brands expand and succeed.

In addition, it’s interesting to mention that turning to places like Facebook is one of the most powerful self-affirmation activities. Experts claim that there’s something like virtual empathy, and we all want to feel loved and liked. It’s no surprise that many moms seek advice online. Figures presented by adweek.com show that 90% of millennial moms find social media helpful.

10 Fashion Mama

It’s not only advice moms can find online. The Internet can become a stable source of income. There are many parenting blogs out there. Mommy fashion bloggers, in particular, are becoming more and more influential. Yet, parents must respect their kids and put their privacy before fame and money. Did you know that the Instagram account of influencer Clemmie Hooper was taken down due to an excessive posting of family pictures?

Talking about millennial parents, 50% of millennial dads also use social media for the purpose of parenting. Surprisingly, according to adweek.com, dads cite Pinterest as the site they visit the most.

9 Yummy Social Trends

From fashion to photography, social media can shape our society. A cute way to keep your child’s privacy while still posting on social media is to follow some of the most popular trends online. And there’s no doubt that the yummy ice cream trend is still ruling many social media platforms, such as Instagram. Whether it's a black and white photo or a picture from behind, Instagram trends are loved by many modern and tech-savvy parents.

Just look at this beautiful picture photographer Kelley Hudson shared! And let’s not forget that a scoop of ice cream can make any child smile.

8 Family Tree

While moms can take an advantage of various photography tricks, which can help them keep their child's privacy while still posting on social media, parents should set rules for older kids. One of the important aspects is to let them know at what age they can start using social media.

As parenting coach Mark Loewen told mashable.com, "When kids feel 'it's never going to happen,' they are more likely to set up their own, secret profile." The good news is that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act stops social media platforms from collecting data from children under 13 without their parents’ permission.

7 Private Accounts

There’s no doubt that photo-sharing social network services are extremely popular among parents. If you want to keep your child’s privacy while still posting on social media, you should consider changing the privacy settings on each social media network you use. Note that companies are constantly changing their regulations and updating apps, so make sure that your account is protected.

At the same time, private accounts on Instagram, one of the most popular photo-sharing social networks, prevent other people from seeing your content. Therefore, you should decide which option you prefer: gaining more followers or keeping your family life private.

6 No Tags

Social media services have created new social realities. Apart from the popular Like button, poking, tagging, and emojis have slowly invaded the world of people’s communication. Note that when someone tags you, the audience also expands, so your privacy may be violated. Thus - when you post a picture of your child or family -it’s a good idea to change your tagging privacy settings.

When it comes to tags, consider stopping people from tagging you or posting on your feed. In fact, experts say that this is one of the main privacy settings which people, especially those with kids, should consider.

5 Lost Coordinates

Location-tagged photos are quite popular. Actually, smart devices and geotagging go hand in hand. Psychologists reveal that social media with all its weird settings create a feeling of self-importance. It’s no surprise that many people who surf the net are obsessed with Badges and Levels; in fact, geotagging and ticking locations off their bucket lists are also common.

However, experts say that parents should turn their geotagging settings off in order to protect their families. So, next time you go on a family trip, do not hesitate to share creative photos or cute videos. Simply avoid geotags in order to keep your child's privacy.

4 Respect Other Kids

All parents want the best for their kids. Therefore, more and more parents talk openly about the risks associated with social media. As mentioned above, posting pictures out of focus or taking pictures from behind may be good tricks to keep your child’s privacy while still posting on social media. At the same time, moms and dads should respect other families, especially kids.

So, next time you organize a play date, ask for permission before you take a picture. Considering other people’s privacy is even more important when it comes to street photography and posting. If you want people to respect your privacy, respect theirs as well.

3 Open The Door To Communication

Tech-devices keep evolving and sometimes it’s hard to follow social media trends and online feuds. In fact, the vast labyrinths of the Internet are way too mysterious. It’s not only Facebook! When we talk about social media, there are blogs, chat rooms, forums, Flick, Reddit, Imgur, Dropbox, and so on and on. Thus, the best way to keep your child’s privacy is to familiarize yourself with all the social platforms out there.

As psychotherapist and parenting experts Amy Morin told mashable.com, "It's important for parents to understand the difference between Tumblr and Snapchat, because each social media platform has different risks."

2 Disable Comments

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to keep your child’s privacy while posting on social media is to disable comments. This is extremely important; it’s not a secret that an innocent photo can trigger a whole discussion full of negative comments. Interestingly, data analysts revealed that negative comments that lack common sense are enough to change people’s perception. As expert Morin says, "Often, parents forget to talk about how pictures, comments and social interactions could impact their [children's] future."

Sadly, even kids can become a target of cyberbullying. We all know that young actress Millie Bobby Brown deleted her Twitter account after becoming the face of a terrible meme.

1 Being Supermom

Social media is like a double-edged sword. It gives parents the unique chance to reconnect with old friends, find advice, chat with mommy friends, post pictures of their little bundle of joy, and make some extra cash.

On the other hand, there are many risks associated with social media networks: social media feuds, strangers, cyberbullying, and psychological problems. Spending time on social media has a negative effect on the whole family. Sadly, a study revealed that kids perceive parents who spend too much on their phones as less loving and caring.

Therefore, never forget that the best follower you have is your own bundle of joy.

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