20 Ways These Women Tricked Him Into Picking The Name She Wanted

One of the scariest things about having a baby is choosing a baby name. While it may seem like one of the most exciting parts of a baby, it can be intimidating realizing that this is the moniker they’re going to be stuck with for the rest of their lives.

Not only do parents have to make sure it’s a name she and her partner will like for the long run, but it has to be something the child will also love, too. Let’s just say that puts a lot of pressure on a parent!

These moms all admit to using some pretty sneaky strategies to convince their partner to name their baby what they wanted. From coming up with elaborate lies and stories to subtly dropping hints during the whole pregnancy, these women took things to the extreme to ensure that their baby was given the name they wanted. As hilarious as these are, if some of these secrets were revealed they could do some serious damage to the families involved. You’ll definitely be surprised by some of the crazy reasons these moms-to-be have for naming their kid, and why they won’t tell their partners the truth.

Read on to hear the 20 ways these moms convinced their partner to choose their top baby name. Which one surprised you the most?

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20 The Fake Family Name

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Lorna* was very adamant about what name she wanted to call her daughter- and she even told a pretty big lie to ensure that they wouldn’t name her anything else.

I always knew I wanted to name my daughter Stella, but my husband told me early on in our relationship he didn’t really like it. So, before we got married, I lied and told him my great grandmother was named Stella, and that’s why I wanted to use it for our future kid’s name. He couldn’t reject a name that had such a special family connection, so I got my way!

19 The Race To Win

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Candace* found herself in a predicament when both she and her sister fell in love with the same baby name. That’s when Candace came up with a sneaky way to get her husband on board with the name choice.

“Both my older sister and I loved the same baby name- Rose. Since we were kids, we were always arguing about who would get to name their baby it. My sister thought she had more of a right since she’s the oldest. I got pregnant first, and told my boyfriend Rose was the name of a distant relative I wanted to honour, so he couldn’t object to the name. Boy was my sister jealous!”

18 Seen It On TV

Caroline* knew that she’d name her firstborn after her favorite TV show. The only problem? She was too shy to admit it to her husband. Yikes!

“I’ve literally been obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer for as long as I can remember, but it’s embarrassing telling people you love it so much you want to name your kids after it (even your husband). When we got pregnant, I told him I didn’t know where I heard the name Willow from; I just liked it a lot – although it’s actually a character from the show. He still doesn’t know I fibbed!”

17 And This Is Jeopardy

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Not many people leave big life decisions up to TV game shows, but Lily* and her husband came up with an extra-creative way to decide on what to name their baby. Too bad her husband doesn’t know that Lily cheated in order to get an advantage (and secure the name she wanted!)

I made my husband a deal that if I won the next round of Jeopardy then I’d name the baby, and vice versa if he did. What he doesn’t know is I recorded an episode from the night previous and learned the answers. Then I played the recorded episode when we were ready to compete together. I won by a landslide!

16 The Celebrity Crush

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Some parents find baby name inspiration from their favorite celebrities or icons. Madeline* did just that when it came to naming her eldest son, but it turns out she had to keep it a secret from her husband.

“My best friend has been obsessed with Ryan Reynolds for years… so much so, that she named her son Ryan. She told her husband that she just happened to like the name, but only her friends know the truth. I don’t think he’d be too impressed knowing his son is named after his wife’s celebrity crush.”

Would you be okay with your partner naming your child after their celebrity crush?

15 Consulting The Mother-In-Law

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Regina* enlisted helped from her mother-in-law when it came to convincing her husband what to name their daughter. She only had to tell a few (very, very) big lies in the process!

I told my husband’s mother that the name Monalisa was important to me because it was my late mother’s middle name. I knew this would make her insist to my husband that we name our firstborn Mona, though he’s never been a fan of the name. She nagged him for my entire pregnancy until he agreed! My mom’s actual middle name is Janine, though.”

One a side note: don’t you think her husband would know her mother’s middle name?

14 That’s Not Grandpa’s Name

Via: Pinterest

Amanda* made it seem like her baby name choice had a special connection to her husband’s family, which is how she got him to agree to it.

I told my husband that I looked up his family on Ancestry.com and learned his great-great-grandfather was named Luke (he didn’t know much about his family beforehand because he was adopted). I suggested naming our baby Luke as a way to honour his biological family. Truth be told, I never did any Googling… I just really liked the name Luke.

We’re curious to know what happened when this lady’s husband began looking for more answers into his family’s history… and learned this wasn’t actually his great-great-grandfather’s name!

13 You Can Do A Lot With Candy

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Gabriella got creative when it came to convincing her toddler to convince her dad what she should name her new baby brother or sister. From the sounds of it, this wacky plan actually turned out successfully!

My boyfriend and I argued for months what to call our new baby. We decided to let our 3-year old daughter decide what name she likes best. I coached her for days behind is back and bribed her with candy to make her say she preferred my choice better. When her dad finally asked her, she was adamant that she liked my choice and then asked ‘Where’s my lollipop?’ My BF wasn’t suspicious at all!

12 A Sign From Above

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Charlotte and her baby daddy couldn’t agree on a name for their little boy. So, she led him to believe that a higher power was giving them signs about what to name their baby.

I really loved the name James, but my fiancé still wasn’t convinced. So, before I gave birth, I intentionally took him to places with the name James in it so that it would seem like destiny- everything from a James restaurant, a James pub, and a James park. He eventually agreed that it seemed the Universe was telling us what to name our baby, when in reality it was just me being sneaky.”

11 Just Like The Kardashians

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Chelsea* decided to convince her husband that their kids’ names should all start with the same letter in a very Kardashian-esque move… even though that wasn’t her main motivation!

Our older daughter’s name starts with an ‘A.’ When I was pregnant for a second time, I fell in love with another A name. My husband wasn’t keen on having kids with names that start with the same letter. So I made a big deal about how this was a tradition my mom wanted but never got to start (I was an only child as she had fertility problems). Eventually he agreed!

10 Called Up The Sister-In-Law

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Dana* enlisted the help of her husband’s family in order to convince him to agree to her top baby name. Surprisingly, her plan actually worked.

“I wanted the baby name Xavier so badly that I begged my husband’s sister to convince him. She told him that it would mean the world if we named our baby after her name pick. My hubby and his sister are super close, so it totally worked… although he initially just suggested we give the baby a middle name after his sis.”

That’s going to a whole new level by getting your partner’s family involved in such a decision! Would you do the same?

9 A Little Reverse Psychology

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Hallie* used reverse psychology when it came to convincing her partner what to call their newest addition. The plan worked so well that she’s even planning on using it when it comes to their third child.

I didn’t have a specific name in mind, I just knew it had to start with a ‘C.’ I promised my husband he could name our second child whatever he wanted. And I knew if I told him no ‘C’ names he’d want one extra badly. The plan worked and we ended up naming our son Colton. I’m gonna try the same with an ‘A’ name for baby no. 3.

8 She’s Getting Deployed Again

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Natasha* got her sister involved in a big lie just so she could call her daughter the name she wanted.

I really wanted to name my daughter Joy after my sister’s middle name, but I was having trouble convincing my husband. My sister is in the army, so I lied and told him that she was deploying again in a few weeks and would miss the baby’s birth.

I made a big deal about how I didn’t know if she’d come back or ever have a chance to meet her niece, so it was a big deal for me to name her Joy. My husband reluctantly agreed, and then I finally had to figure out a way to explain why she wasn’t getting deployed.”

7 Leave It To The Hockey Gods

Miriam* left the fate of her baby’s name up to the hockey gods when she made a risky bet with her boyfriend. Luckily, it seems the Canucks didn’t play as well as they were predicted too!

“We debated back and forth about baby names for months. Finally, I told my BF if the Canucks made it into the Stanley Cup, then he could have his choice of name. Despite positive predictions, the team didn’t make it to the next round, so I got to choose our daughter’s name all by myself. He says we’ll do the same thing for baby no.2!”

6 That’s So Psychic

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Gina* came up with a wild story about having psychic abilities to convince her partner that she knew exactly what they should call their little one. Evidently, it worked so well, she used the same strategy for babies no. 2 and 3, as well.

“I have really strong opinions on baby names. To get my way, I convinced my fiancée I was psychic and the perfect name had come to me in a dream. He’s believed it for all three of our kids. Now he’s started asking me to use my ‘psychic’ powers in other parts of our lives- like to make career and financial decisions. It’s kind of fun.”

5 Don’t Leave The List Unattended

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Amber* told her husband he could choose the baby’s name, but she had a very sneaky plan to get around it.

I had named our three older kids. So when I was pregnant with baby no. 4, my husband insisted on picking the name.

However, the names he was considering were really bad. Our plan was that he would create a list of names he loved, and I would choose the final one out of that. So, I took the list he’d been compiling with potential names and wrote down a name I liked in his handwriting. And, when he gave me the options, I immediately chose that name.

I think he was a bit confused, but he honestly thought he’d written the name himself. I’ll tell him one of these days and we’ll have a good laugh.

4 Shouldn’t Have Trusted Her

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Ellie* and her boyfriend finally decided on a way to choose a baby name, but she rigged the system so it came out in her favor.

My boyfriend and I had finally narrowed it down to 10-15 baby names. After days of arguing, we decided to put all the names in a hat and then choose one. Whichever one we picked would be the name of our baby. I told my BF that I would get the hat and names ready- but what he doesn’t know is that I wrote down the same name on all the papers. That way, he’d choose my top baby name no matter what. It worked!

3 If You Just Say It Enough

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They say if you say something enough times you begin believing in it, and Sidney* took that to heart when it came to convincing her fiancée what to name their daughter.

Even before I got pregnant, I told my fiancé our daughter had to be named Holly. He wasn’t on board to begin with- he wanted to consider other names, too. So, from the beginning of my pregnancy I just began referring to the baby as Holly. After 9 months, we were both so used to it that we didn’t even consider other baby names. I can’t believe it actually worked!

2 Raising A Little Feminist

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Nicole* appealed to her and her wife’s shared love of author Judith Butler when picking out a name for their newest addition.

I’ve always loved the name Jude, but my wife hasn’t always been the biggest fan of it. When our surrogate was pregnant, I convinced my wife that we had to name our daughter after feminist icon Judith Butler. We’re both proud feminists, so she really couldn’t say no. Our daughter is named Judith, but I get to call her Jude for short. It’s a win-win!

Not everyone would name their child after their idol, but clearly it worked out for everyone in this case.

1 The Imaginary Best Friend

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Valerie* used her imagination to spin a tale about her imaginary best friend from childhood, and how she always vowed to name her firstborn after her fake friend.

I came up with a wild story about how Angelina used to be the name of my imaginary best friend growing up, and how I’d ‘promised’ her I’d name my first child after her. I told my husband that I’d lived all my life envisioning having a daughter with the name, so we couldn’t choose anything else. IRL, I don’t think I ever had any imaginary friends and I just so happen to really like the name.”

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