20 Ways The Second Month Of Pregnancy Is So Much Different Than The First

The baby just went from the size of an itsy, bitsy black dot of a poppy seed to the size of a nice big red and ripe raspberry. We are now in the epic second month of pregnancy. Four weeks seemed to have flown by. We cannot believe we have potentially seven more of these months to go, though. That, we think, seems so very far away.

Month one was interesting as we worked to understand and recognize new body sensations. Some of us gained a bit and others just felt “weird” like something was growing inside of us! If we are pregnant for the very first time, everything is even more novel to us.

Now we sit here at the second month of pregnancy hoping our partners don’t leave because of our severe mood swings or because a weekend road trip is now engulfed in four bathroom breaks and possible stock in Depends. We look in the mirror at our darker circles and we feel our exhaustion. Our girls are starting to be a bit more tender, if not much larger and what’s up with these weird dreams? Nevertheless, we are grateful that our baby is thus far healthy and growing, even if only the size of a raspberry!

20 What A Dream

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We are truly happy we finally got to sleep the night before. We have been feeling a bit gassier, nauseated at times and just overall exhausted, all of which disrupts our sleep. Now when we wake in the morning, we are surprised by our colorful and vivid dreams. We feel like we just entered a scene in Wizard of Oz on the Yellow Brick Road.

Everything seems a little crazy, eccentric, weird, yet real and exciting! Our dreams are definitely more vivid especially now that we are in the second month of pregnancy. We notice this shift and chock it up to the hormonal changes that literally have us all over that wild and exciting Yellow Brick Road! According to The Bump, that’s what is responsible for all of your weird morning mental states.

19 Here Comes Moody Martha

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Much to the dismay of all of those around us, this second month of pregnancy has brought about an increase in moodiness. In addition to hormonal changes, though, we are also scared. Not terrified or frightened, but we are literally growing something within our very own sacred bodies. We experience a little anxiety as we work to make sure our babies are growing healthy and that we are providing them the best little nesting place ever.

We have little fears that crop up as we anticipate and wonder about our new lives with the baby in tow. We have such a mix of emotions coming over us that we appear to be moody. This is definitely something that seems more marked during our second month as the first month we were just kind of settling into the new concept of having a baby! The Bump says your hormones are about as stable as an accordion.

18 Gotta Go Right Now

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This symptom seems to have come on so suddenly. We are surprised as it’s only the second month of our pregnancy. We are now peeing for two. Our partners are shocked and appalled at how disruptive their sleep has become as a result of us rolling out of bed to use the bathroom at all hours of the night.

Weekend road trips to the mountains now take twice as long because not only are we more hungry and thirsty, but we have to stop for potty breaks at every major rest stop and intermittent gas stations. We do have faith that it will hopefully not be as bad as the time goes on, but as our baby sits on our bladder and grows larger than a raspberry, according to American Pregnancy, we know it’s going to be a long haul.

17 "Mourning" Sickness

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The first month we felt a little different as our bodies adjusted. Now we are feeling the effects of actual morning sickness. Our tummies always seem a little off as we are nauseous and dizzy. Our bodies are adjusting to an excessive amount of hormones. We try to drink more liquids to counteract this feeling and keep hydrated, but we just keep either peeing them out as fast as they go in or throwing them up.

We are disheartened and exhausted, but constantly pep talk ourselves that this is all for an amazing and beautiful cause and hopefully this morning sickness will subside. Some will feel it more extreme than others. As per Livestrong, the influx of hormones and our newly developing little one are taking a huge toll this second month.

16 Starvin’ Marvin

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Our appetite during this second month has grown exponentially. We are shocked that our bodies can not only grow an entirely new little being but that our stomachs seem to be able to hold double the amount of food as usual. We are always hungry. We shock all those around us as they realize, even if we are not fully showing yet, how much we can consume in one sitting or how often we are snacking.

Some joke and ask, “What are you eating for two?!”

Again, these hangry hormones are throwing us for a loop. They increase our metabolism and we feel more hungry than usual. Our growing little nugget needs proper nutrients, too. Mom Junction says we’ll need our fair share of folate, calcium, and protein. We need to work hard to grab some fruit and nuts and maybe a yogurt instead of a much-craved Snickers.

15 Sensory Aversions Galore

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That candied apple body spray that you once loved is now making you feel like vomiting. We angrily toss it in the garbage because we cannot take another sick day for impending nausea that this once-beloved perfume is causing us to take. Our partners are stunned when we go through the house on a rampage getting rid of all the candles that we once loved and purchased in bulk during the last sale.

As our body chemistries begin to change, especially early on in pregnancy, we tend to experience sensory aversions. Scents and tastes that we once adored are now no longer on the table for decoration or consumption via Health.

14 Well, Hello Dolly

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Much to our partners’ happiness, the size of our breasts is changing. As our body begins to morph into pregnant avenger, our breasts become noticeably bigger early on. Maybe we did not notice much of a change in our first month, but this second month we notice that there is definitely a size difference. We may have to run to the mall and grab a couple of maternity bras in larger sizes earlier than we had expected.

We begin to feel uncomfortable because this noticeable difference came along quite quickly as far as we are concerned. Either way, our breasts are preparing for the ultimate and most precious duties of all–to deliver food to our babies. This preparation will be key to helping our baby develop big and strong. According to Livestrong, we can thank hormones for the free chest refresh.

13 Fatigue Is Far From A Strong Enough Word

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For the love of all things holy, we are just exhausted. Taking on the job of carrying and caring for a baby inside of us is a huge feat and being exhausted is just a natural part of this second-month milestone, as per PregnancyWeek. We are truly amazed at how quickly we become fatigued during the day.

When we thought ahead about what our days pregnant would look like, we planned to work right up until our due date. In addition, we did not plan to be this exhausted until our third trimester. We know what happens when we plan things, though. We plan and the Universe laughs. With all of the changes in our bodies, it is difficult for our body to keep up and, naturally, we are tired.

12 Flashback To Those Teenage Years

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Around the second month, we start to notice that we look similar to that of a teenage girl at the height of puberty, specifically in terms of our new acne-prone skin. We realize that we may not have expected this and none of our beauty regimens has changed. This is one of those little hidden gems of surprises that pops up during month number two of being pregnant. As our hormones work hard in overdrive, so do our oil glands.

Acne begins to sprout and we are constantly researching all-natural ways to combat the stubborn breakouts, as per What To Expect. (A little dab of apple cider vinegar helps!) We comfort ourselves by reminding our pregnant selves that we will one day be back to the clear-faced gem we once were.

11 Cramps May Plague Us

Sometimes we may experience some light to medium cramping and spotting in the beginning of our first month, heightening during month two. This we do not expect as we rejoice that our periods have disappeared while we are pregnant. We think cramping is a thing of the past and the future. However, we are not thrilled when we experience the cramps.

This is normal, though.

We must also be cognizant of the fact that we do not need to panic. If our cramps become worse than say a set of typical menstrual cramps and are prolonged with no relief in sight, then we find ourselves reaching out to our obstetrician or midwife, according to What To Expect. Normally, cramps will happen, but we are worried because we are still in our first trimester after all.

10 Stop The Spinning!

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Everything seems just a little off-kilter. Things are new and we are excited; however, we seem more dizzy than usual. Wait! We are not usually dizzy but now as we approach month two, we are faced with some dizziness. We may feel off balance and slightly as if we have a mild case of vertigo. Our body is adjusting to this new way of being and, in preparation, our status quo is uneven.

We may feel dizzy when we first get up in the morning or it may come and go when we have episodes of “morning sickness.” As per Pregnancy Week, being pregnant puts pressure on our blood vessels and this is the physiological reason that we start to feel dizzy.

9 Bigger Belly Bump

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Even though we could “see” ourselves getting slightly larger in the belly during our first four exciting new weeks, we noticed a huge difference in the size of our belly and its subsequent growth during the second month of being pregnant. We felt different, of course, but there’s something about being able to notice our belly bump in a visual and physical way when we look in the mirror or when we are showering.

Our little growing raspberry-sized baby is really in there, we squeal in our minds and shout to our partners. This bigger belly is essentially our body making room for our baby and our actual baby growing inside, as per What To Expect.

We don’t feel fat, we feel pregnant!

8 Swelling Extremities Is An Understatement

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Additional blood and fluid increase in our bodies when we become pregnant. It is around the second month that we will really start to notice a difference with feeling more bloated and overall body swelling. We feel like our hands and feet are slowly blowing up into balloons. It becomes uncomfortable, but we understand it is our body’s way of accommodating our new growing and ever-changing little one inside of us.

American Pregnancy says that approximately 25% of our weight increase during pregnancy is a result of extra fluid buildup and blood from carrying our baby. Sometimes we grow “cankles” or feel our faces puffing up a bit. This is all something we should expect–at least to some degree–and month two we will really begin to notice it starting.

7 Whoops! Excuse Me!

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Have we always been this gassy? Sure Baby says we notice an increase in our flatulence, another one of those pregnancy symptoms that seem to crop up and increase around this second-month mark. Much to our family’s dismay, this is something that is just a natural part of carrying an extra little human. As a result of becoming pregnant, the hormone progesterone increases which causes our intestines a little more relaxation.

This, in turn, causes our digestion to slow down which results in an increase in–you guessed it–smelly gas. Slow digestion allows for excess gas to build up.

Luckily for us, there are all-natural ways to help with this. If we slow down while eating and chew our food more thoroughly, we may notice a decrease in gas. We also may choose to avoid trigger foods.

6 Heartburn Heartaches

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Progesterone is the culprit for this annoying symptom as well. Since our body is producing extra of this (and other) hormones—specifically as we reach into our second month of pregnancy—we will notice heartburn being an issue. Even if we have never really suffered from it before, we will start to have it.

We (as suggested with our flatulence issue!) can try to avoid certain foods to reduce the likelihood of acid reflux and related symptoms.

According to Health, another reason that we may feel increased heartburn is that since our baby is growing, our uterus is growing and we may be crowded down in the belly area. This growing belly forces acid into our esophagus. Eating smaller meals and not lying down immediately after eating can help ease symptoms. And maybe ease up on the peppers and heavy sauces.

5 Moving Targets

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Now that we have entered the second eight weeks of getting ready for the baby we may have noticed some additional differences when putting on our bras. Before looking at our boobs wasn’t anything new because they just kind of sat there.

Now, when you stand in front of the mirror you may notice that your skin is actually darker. It definitely looks like you’ve been sunbathing at the beach topless. According to The Bump, all of those dark spots on your face are called melasma or pregnancy pigmentation.

This is normal to an extent when it occurs on the linea alba—making it the linea nigra—or the areolas. After all, babies can’t see when they are born and have to be able to find their feeding targets somehow. However, darkened splotches elsewhere are a whole other ballgame.

4 All That Alligator Skin

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Not only do you notice that your skin is looking all kinds of wacky due to those blotchy spots all over and creepy spider vein, but as it time goes on it gets—stretchy, too. So, we say goodbye to our perfectly toned, smooth and supple skin and hello to our new, stretchy, dry veneer. According to The Bump, itchy skin or dry skin is very common in the second month of pregnancy and affects all of us differently.

This is due to those crazy hormonal changes and loss of fluids that go to the baby. Thus, keep your lotion handy. If it's truly out of control, talk to your provider as itching is often the first sign of conditions like PUPPPS and Cholestasis—the latter of which can be fatal to the baby if not treated.

3 Those Hormonal Headaches

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If you’re usually the type of person who does lots of exercise and participates in yoga class, then you may want to keep that up. With all of the hormonal changes also come headaches and they can range from slightly irritating as they linger all day long to full-on migraines, which will have you flipping those light switches off all day long—or maybe donning a pair of those men in black sunglasses.

According to What To Expect, headaches occur for a variety of reasons like stress, tension, hunger, or just being pregnant. It’s just another one of those unpredictable things about your body that you will have to learn to deal with.

2 Size Up!

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As we move along in our pregnancies, we may soon notice if we haven’t already that our waists and tummies are already expanding. So, all of those cute clothes that we just bought to spruce up our wardrobe are about to get a permanent spot in the back of the closet. According to Early Pregnancy, our uterus is expanding, believe it not and putting pressure on that bladder.

Hey, but don’t go getting any self-esteem issues, because before it’s all said and done our partners may find us in the living room one day rocking it out to Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen.

1 Must. Quench. This. Thirst.

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Have you ever noticed that those prenatal vitamins taste so darn horrible and seem to have an aftertaste that makes you want to gag? Well, that’s because, according to Pregnancy Zone, our bodies are starting to experience hypersalivation—or excessive thirst.

That’s when our salivary glands kick into an overdrive state and everything that touches our palate has that icky metallic taste to it. So, if you find yourself drinking an extra gallon of water every few hours or thirstier than a lizard in a California or Arizona desert, then you can thank the pregnancy gods for that one, too.

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