20 Ways Teen Mom Briana DeJesus Is Winning At Motherhood

Briana DeJesus is a reality star who first gained fame by starring on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant show and its spin-off, Teen Mom 3. The shows documented Briana’s struggles as she welcomed her daughter, Nova, at age seventeen with her absentee boyfriend, Devoin Austin, who she shortly broke up with. Fans also got to meet the young mom’s feisty, girl-power family, which consisted of her mom Roxy and older sister Brittany.

Although TM3 was canceled after its first season, Briana was later asked to star on the more popular Teen Mom 2, much to the surprise of many fans. The show documented the final months of her pregnancy with her second daughter, Stella, and the deterioration of her relationship with her second baby daddy, Luis Hernandez- the two broke up shortly before their daughter’s birth after Bri learned about his infidelities. Since then, TM3 has been documenting the star’s difficulties with both of her baby daddies, her tumultuous love life, and crazy family.

Many fans have painted Briana as the antagonist of the show due to her large, outspoken personality and penchant for dating her co-stars' ex-husbands. The celeb receives a lot of hate online for her antics. Regardless of how feisty she may get on or off camera, we still think Briana is doing an awesome job at being a mom. We’ve compiled a list of 20 ways this reality star is totally slaying mother.

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20 She Stays Strong Amidst Her Daughter’s Health Problems

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Leah Messer isn’t the only Teen Mom 2 star whose child has health problems! Briana’s youngest daughter, 1-year old Stella, has had health complications since birth, mostly caused by a heart defect.

Just this past August, the reality star announced on social media that her daughter was back in the hospital having an emergency surgery due to an infection called septic arthritis.

Despite the scary incident, Briana kept her cool like a trooper and only asked for fans’ support online. After telling US Weekly it could have been fatal, she added, “The doctor said nobody knows how one gets it."

A simple bug bite or scratch can open up flesh and bacteria can travel.” Scary!

19 She Goes Above And Beyond To Co-Parent

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Back in February, fans were shocked when Briana sent out a cryptic tweet that it made it seem like she was living with her ex and father of her eldest daughter, Devoin Austin.

“Living with a man = sports channel is always on,” she wrote to her fans.

Briana quickly shut down rumors that she and her former high school flame were giving things another go. Rather, she said Devoin was staying with her and her family to help care for their daughter, Nova after Briana got plastic surgery.

While not everyone may agree that this is the greatest move, what is obvious is that Briana is doing everything she can to co-parent and have her daughter’s father be involved in her life (even if that means living under the same roof for some time!).

18 But She Also Got Sweet Revenge On Her Baby Daddy

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Unfortunately, Briana’s relationship with her second baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, deteriorated quickly after it was revealed he got together with another woman while she was expecting their daughter, Stella.

But the reality star has since revealed she did get back at him for his straying ways in the most hilarious way!

Wish @MTV was able to film and show what I did to Luis after I found out [...],” Briana tweeted last September. I had keys to his house and bought over 500 crickets and just let them free inside his room.

She also admitted Luis couldn’t figure out who unleashed the crickets, and she even went back to set a second batch loose a few weeks later.

17 She Handled Javi's Pregnancy News With Class

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Dating is already difficult, but it gets even more complicated when there are kids involved. Although the relationship between Briana and her recent ex Javi Marroquin (who happens to be her Teen Mom 2 co-star, Kailyn Lowy’s ex-husband, and baby daddy) was always dramatic, Briana ended it with only kinds words to say.

To summarize their tumultuous romance, these two only dated for a few months, although Javi tried to propose and it caused major drama between the two of them and Kail. But, right after they broke up, it became known that Javi not only got together with Kailyn directly after, but he also got a (non-famous) girl named Lauren pregnant.

Even though the timing is cringe-worthy and some fans believe Javi was already with his current fiancée at the time of his relationship with Briana, the reality star only had well wishes for them and their exciting news.

I’m happy for them. I wish them nothing but the best,” she told Us Weekly. “I don’t wish it was my baby. All he wanted was a family and he got it. So good for him. Like I said, I’m sending my best wishes and have no hard feelings.”

16 She’s Not Afraid To Tell Her Baby Daddies To Step Up

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As viewers have seen on Teen Mom 2, Briana has strained relationships with both of her ex-boyfriends and baby daddies. Not only is she open about it on the show, but the celeb has never been afraid to call either of them out online when she feels like they’re not stepping up to the plate.

In August 2017, for instance, the mom-of-two went on a rant on Snapchat against Luis for posting photos of their daughter, Stella, even though he hardly visits. “Don’t take photos of MY kids and put them on social media or send them in group chats to ur friends to act like u a dad…. u is a [bum], my guy,” she posted.

Briana later tweeted, “I wanted what was best for Stella because I knew Luis wasn’t going to be around.”

15 She Won't Let Her Man Dictate The Way She Looks

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It’s no secret that Briana has gone under the knife more than a few times in order to enhance her post-baby body and it certainly helps that Dr. Miami gives her a discount for all the promotion she does on his behalf!

It was just at the beginning of this year that Briana went to the doctor’s most recently to get her body back in shape after giving birth to youngest daughter Stella. However, there was one person very against her getting any procedures was her beau at the time, Javi.

Though they’d only been together a few months and he was allegedly initially supportive, Bri says he eventually told her he thought it would be bad for his reputation, which led to her breaking up with him for good.

He doesn’t want me to get my [mommy enhancements] (which I’m doing in two weeks) because it’ll look bad on his name at work,” she later explained to Blasting News.

Way to remain body positive and not let a guy dictate how you should or should not look, Briana!

14 She Surrounds Herself (And Her Girls) With Strong Women

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The first things fans noticed about Briana when she started out on Teen Mom 3 were the enviable relationships she had with her mom and sister, Brittany. Evidently, it’s been just the three of them since the girls were young, and they’ve continued to live altogether, even with Bri welcoming her two daughters.

Whether you love or love to hate the DeJesus women, we can’t deny the strong sense of girl power in that household. We love how supportive and protective they all seem of each other.

As is evidenced on the show, the mom and sisters work as a team to raise Nova and Stella. They say it does take a village to raise a child, but we think the DeJesus ladies are doing a damn fine job with those two girls.

13 She Spoke Up Against David Eason’s Unsavory Comments

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Given that they’re two of the most hated characters from Teen Mom 2, it’s no surprise that Briana has befriended Jenelle Evans during her several seasons on the show. So, many fans were curious to see how Bri would react to Jenelle’s husband being fired from the show following his anti-LGBTQ rant on social media.

Briana ended up handling the situation with class, stating that, while she’s Jenelle’s friend, she doesn’t tolerate such hateful messages.I am Jenelle’s friend and I am here to support her by any means necessary,” she said in a statement to Blasting News.

I think it’s unfortunate that it had to come down to this but people make mistakes and we can only learn from them. Love is love at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter what preference you have or [your] skin color. We should all be treated equally.”

12 She Knows The Importance An Education

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So many moms from the 16 and Pregnant andTeen Mom series gave up on getting an education after having a baby at such a young age- but Briana isn’t one of them! The celeb went back to school after welcoming her first child, is now working at a normal, everyday job.

She knows the importance of education, which makes her a lot more down-to-earth and relatable than fans may realize.

I just finished another semester in school,” Briana told Latina Magazine in 2013. “I want to go back to school just to finish my Associate's in General Studies because I still don’t know what I want to do so hopefully this year comes and I figure something out.

Education means a lot to my family and they want me to stay in school so I have to figure it out. That is the least I owe to them and my daughter: stay in school,” she continued.

11 She Goes All Out With The Girls’ Birthday Parties

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If you want some more proof that Briana is an awesome mom, take a look at the photos she posted from her daughters’ birthdays over the years. The reality star puts a lot of time and effort into making them spectacular and memorable and fans go wild each year seeing the photos on social media.

Just this past July, Briana threw a ‘fourth of July’ themed party for Stella’s first birthday. She posted pics of both of her girls in special, matching outfits. The décor was insane as literally everything (even the food) was Americana-themed.

Clearly, Bri is doing her best to make sure her girls have an amazing childhood.

10 She Balances Motherhood, A Reality Show, And A Full-Time Job

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For many of the girls on Teen Mom 2, starring on the reality show is their only job. But Briana hasn’t been shy about the fact that she has a regular, everyday job on top of her commitments to the show and parenting two young daughters -- way to go, mama!

Last November, the celeb revealed her job on Twitter after fans were asking what she does for work. “I work in timeshare,” she wrote to a fan. “I deal with the backhand work of it.”

The Ashley’s Reality Round-up reports that Bri isn’t making nearly as much as the other girls on the show since she’s much newer, which likely explains why she continues to work at a normal job.

9 She Wants Her Daughters To Be Bilingual

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Briana is very proud of her Latina heritage but has been open about the fact that she doesn’t speak as much Spanish as she’d like. Well, she’s hoping to change that when it comes to her girls! The MTV star has admitted numerous times that she’d love her daughters to grow up to speak Spanish.

I speak a little bit but not too much. My mom raised me very Americanized so I understand a little bit,” she explained to Latina magazine in 2013,

I think I want Nova to know Spanish, so I wanted to buy the Rosetta Stone so me and her can learn it together. We need that because she is half black so she needs to have some spunk in there ‘like I speak Spanish and I’m black!’”

8 She Took Her Ex To Court When He Mistreated Her

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Many women, especially if they share a child with him, might be scared to go to the authorities over an abusive lover or husband. But Briana set an example when she took her ex, Devoin Austin, to court after he bad-mouthed her online (it was totally within her legal rights to do so).

Back when the celeb starred on Teen Mom 3, cameras showed her explaining to a judge all the unsavory things Devoin had said and provided proof of the tweets. Devoin denied he’d done anything wrong, but the judge ruled in Briana's favor.

Although Bri and Devoin seem to be on better terms now, we’re glad she stood up for herself and didn’t let he ex-bully her around!

7 She Wants The Dads Involved (Despite Their Legal Issues)

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If you look at the criminal history of either of Briana’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddies, you probably wouldn’t blame her if she preferred her girls not to have contact with their fathers.

Aside from being absent and inconsistent in his daughter’s life, Devoin has a criminal record. The tabloids have documented various times how Devoin has been arrested following the birth of his daughter, Nova. He has even spent time in jail.

Despite her baby daddies’ mistakes, Briana continues to put in an effort to have them see their kids, for the girls’ sake. If that’s not a sign of a trooper, then we don’t know what is!

6 She Wants To Make Amends With Her Own Father

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A sign of a mature parent (or person in general) is when they want to bury the hatchet with their own parent. As we’ve seen on Teen Mom 2, Bri has an insanely close, loving relationship with her mom. But the same can’t be said about her father.

Not much is known about the DeJesus patriarch as he allegedly left his wife and two girls when they were both very young. It’s since been revealed that Briana does not have the same father as her older sister Brittany, though they were raised to believe Bri’s dad was both their biological father.

This past January, Briana tweeted that she hopes to work on her relationship with her dad. "Hopefully in 2018 I can rekindle my relationship with my father... I miss him," she tweeted. "[And] would love for the girls to meet him." Maybe that will be next season’s plotline on TM2!

5 She Stars On TM2 To Inspire Her Daughters

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Too many fans have accused the ladies of Teen Mom 2 of only staying with the show because of the paycheck.

But Briana has always maintained she went into reality television so she could make an example of herself for her daughters, and hopes that they learn from her mistakes.

When asked what she wants her daughter to be proud of when she inevitably watches the show, Bri told Latina Magazine, “Me standing up for us, me giving her everything I can to make sure she is happy, and me just being a good mom to her. I think that is what she deserves, the best and nothing but the best!

You go, girl!

4 She’ll Protect Her Kids Above All Else

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Briana has repeatedly said how much she wants her children’s fathers to be apart of their life. But, at the same time, the mama has also maintained that she will protect her kids no matter what and put them first- even if that means cutting unreliable people out of their lives.

Back in 2013, the celeb revealed that she’d totally cut out her eldest daughter Nova’s father, Devoin if it ever got to a point where it was hurting their child too much. "I want her to know who he is, but I also want her to know you don’t need inconsistent, unreliable people in your life,” she told Latina Magazine, “It is my job to let her know she is going to be okay regardless.”

Sometimes moms need to make harsh decisions, but we’re glad to know Briana’s priority is the safety and well-being of her kids!

3 She Always Takes Her Girls On Vacation

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Briana already travels a lot for her gig on Teen Mom 2 and the other reality shows she’s appeared on. But the celeb always makes sure to find time to take her girls somewhere on vacay and we’re not talking a work trip!

Paparazzi have caught Briana and her family vacationing numerous times together. Clearly, the family knows the importance of bonding and creating fun memories, even though it’s all the more difficult living in the spotlight.

Earlier this year, right around the time Bri would have split from Javi, she was spotted in Orlando, Florida having some much-needed family time with her mom and kids. The family that travels together stays together!

2 She’s A Huge Advocate For Protection

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Given that she’s starring on a show about being a teen mother, it’s no surprise Briana has turned into an advocate for educating teens on the importance of protection. Apart from her stint on Teen Mom 2, the celeb routinely uses her platform on social media or in interviews to speak on the importance of being educated and prepared before rushing into anything.

"Save yourself; protection all the way! Get on birth control, use condoms!” the reality star emphasized in a 2013 interview with Latina.

Try to stay away from guys because they're all bad news anyways. He might say, ‘I love you and I want to be with you,’ but once you’re pregnant there is a big chance you are going to do it alone.”

1 She’s Focusing On Her Family, Not Her Love Life

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Briana has had a few boyfriends here and there, other than her baby daddies, that is. But the star hasn’t had any really serious relationships- well, unless you count her odd fling with Javi as one.

The reality star has been adamant that her priority at this stage in her life isn’t finding a man, it’s focusing on her two girls.

Right after Teen Mom 3 wrapped up, the celeb told Latina Magazine in 2013 that she was in no hurry to get back into the dating scene. “I’m taking things really, really, really slow. I’m not in a rush for anything.” She continued, “I don’t know if I am ready for a relationship, so I would rather take it slow and not rush into anything.”

Hopefully, she still has that outlook on things!

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