20 Ways Solo Moms Have Inspired Their Daughters

I think it's safe to say that every parent has a special bond with their child(ren). Depending on how many kids a parent has, each bond is different yet similar. The amount of love we have for our kids is unparalleled to anything else in this life. However, if parents thought that kind of love went one way, they're sorely mistaken.

Children also feel the same kind of love for their parents. And while kids might have a "favorite" parent depending on the week, it's hard for a parent to choose their favorite child. It's impossible. That being said, there have been many personal stories about a mother's connection to their daughter. There's something about being a woman and raising their own little girl to become a better version of themselves. It's all about paving the way for our children and hoping that one day, their kids recognize everything they did was for them.

Luckily for these mommas, these 20 kids recognized all the hard work that their mom put in when raising them — and they did it all on their own. Sure, some moms had a little help from family members, but at the end of the day, it was just a mother and her daughter (or her children). Here are 20 solo moms who have inspired their daughters.

20 This Daughter Learned Independence Through Her Mom

Some of us are more independent than others, but it's imperative to show the importance of independence to our children. This daughter, in particular, learned how to get things done from her mother.

"Having a single parent, you learn all about independence and not relying on others to do work for you," she said. "My mother also made sure to teach me hard work and the importance of using your voice."

After learning about the countries her mother has migrated to, to make a better life for herself and her children, her daughter wishes to do the same in her life. "As a current college student, I can only hope that I will follow in your footsteps mom. Happy Father’s Day to you too. x"

19 This Mom Fought Hard To Protect Her Family

Growing up with a single parent can be hard, especially when the other parent is MIA and not helping in the slightest.

This daughter (and her siblings) grew up in a Latina household, watching their mother fight tooth and nail to keep them away from their unstable father, all while working two jobs to put food on the table.

"She was working and was always tired, but she still went to my brothers' soccer games and to my choir concerts when she could."

To be even more of an inspiration, this mom went back to school, proving you can never be too old to accomplish your dreams. "Once my older brother and I started college, my mom wanted to finish her education and recently graduated from her GED program."

18 This Mom Took The Reigns After Her Husband's Passing

It's amazing what young girls learn from their mothers, and this daughter saw her mom go through the ringer after losing her father.

"This pic is from the first family vacation we took after my dad [passed] from cancer. I’m 13 in this and my brother was 11. My mom is a full-time doctor and after my dad passed, she still worked full-time to keep my brother and I at the private school we were at and to make sure we were comfortable. Even though she worked so much she would still be there for all our races, horse shows, and plays. Somehow that made us so much closer as a family. I turned 21 a couple of weeks ago and she flew out to visit me at school and to party with me. That was the best present I could have gotten because I just got to be with my mom who made me who I am today."

17 These Two Are So Close, They Graduated Together!

It's common to see a parent struggle when they have to  juggle everything, solo. Between jobs, school, housekeeping, and feeding the family — there's a lot to accomplish with minimal time. But this mom? She seemed to have figured it out.

After having her daughter at 19 years old, she never married or brought up her daughter's father until she was asked. Even nicer, her mother never spoke poorly about her father either, letting her make her own decisions on her father. And since it has just been these two, side-by-side for so many years, they're predictably close.

"We have developed a great relationship. I also never felt like I was missing out on something. She has been my role model. So much so that we graduated with our bachelor's degree in nursing together and we are now both Nurse Practitioners. Statistically, we should have failed but here we are with graduate degrees and thriving. All because of her!"

16 Creating Possibilities For Daughter With Disabilities

Being a solo mother is no easy feat. But imagine being one with two children who have Autism and therefore need more hands-on learning than others? Stacey Wohl of Long Island didn't let her children's disabilities get to her. In fact, she didn't even let it hinder their life. Instead, she used it as a learning opportunity. She opened her own coffee business.

NBC New York reported, "Her 18-year-old daughter Brittany goes to trade shows to promote the brand..." And since Brittany is non-verbal, she uses an iPad to communicate to potential buyers.

At the end of the day, Stacey just wanted to be an inspiration to her children, and to show the world that people can do anything with some hard work. "There is a place for them to go, no matter how disabled they are. There is a job for them."

15 Completed Her Law Degree With Five Children

Having five children means parents have to wear a lot of hats. From carpools to after-school activities, to homework, to bedtime — that's a lot of heads to account for! But when you're taking care of five kids by yourself... that's a full-time job right there. But for Ieshia Champs, she wanted to make something of herself for her children; someone her daughters could look up to. With five kids in tow, she ended up getting her law degree from Texas Southern University's Thurgood Marshall School of Law. But not without some help from her brood of five!

"They would help me review with flash cards while I cooked. They would sit as a mock jury while I taught them what I learned that day," Champs said.

14 Worked In Law Enforcement

Working in law enforcement can mean a few things. A person can be a police officer on the streets, they can work for the city, they can be an agent — they're top-notch jobs that require a lot of dedication. And that can't be easy to do when you have kids at home. Especially a daughter who's looking up to their mother.

This daughter, in particular, posted an image on IMGUR, "My single mom in the 90's [sic], two kids and also at this time just starting her career in law enforcement."

Being such a young mom and working in such a powerful position can be intimidating, but this mom proved to her kids that you can do anything — regardless if you have a partner or not.

13 You Don't Always Have To Act Like You Have It Together

There's one thing I feel most single parents feel like they need to accomplish, and that's to always seem like they have their sanity. But that's not the case! Pretending to be "okay" is only going to make things worse, and that's something this mom learned the hard way. She realized being imperfect was a better lesson for her daughter to learn.

“You don’t have to be supermom 24/7 and nobody is expecting you to be,” she told Parenting NH. “Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for not being what you consider a ‘perfect’ parent… As long as your child is safe, happy, healthy and cared for, you are doing an amazing job and you should be proud of that.”

12 This Mom Went Into Labor During Her Final Exam At Harvard

Solo moms can do anything! Wait, excuse me, women can do anything! Remember the story on this list of a single mother of five kids graduating from law school? Well, this mother actually started going into labor in class.

"I went into labor in April — during final exam period [sic]. I immediately requested an epidural so that my contractions wouldn't interfere with my Family Law grade. And, with tears in my eyes, I finished it," she told CNBC.

Briana Williams graduated from Harvard Law School with her baby girl, Evelyn, in tow. If that's not a future inspiration for Evelyn, I don't know what is.

11 Escaping Afghanistan For A Better Life

As adults, it's easy to see other cultures and what they're going through from the news, but it's a completely different ballgame to have lived it. A mother from a war-ridden country spoke out about her troubles and what she had to do to make sure that her children had a different life than she did. Especially her daughters.

Growing up in Kabul, Afghanistan, Reihana was married off when she was a child to a man who was much older than she. Five kids later, she knew she had to escape to give her kids the life she never had. Thankfully, she was able to do just that. She is now setting an amazing example for her daughters by studying political science while working at the Ministry of Counter Narcotics in a safer place.

10 Mother Of Three Becomes First Black Stuntwoman From The UK


After Amanda Foster learned that there were no black stuntwomen from the UK working in Hollywood, something triggered her to step up to the plate. "I was pretty sporty so I thought, 'Oh, OK, I'm going to train'," said Foster.

After years of training and trying, she finally made it big as Halle Berry's stuntwoman in Die Another Day. Not only did she work with Halle Berry, she also ended up working with Martin Scorsese, Beyonce, Vivica Fox, and more. But her story is deeper than being the first black female stuntwoman.

She grew up in foster homes and had three kids by the age of 21. Knowing she had no help, she had to provide for her family while setting a good example. And that's exactly what she did. "The big thing for me is that they did not end up in care like I did. I think that is where my impetus comes from to make something of myself," she told BBC.

9 This Daughter Gave Back To Her Mom What She Gave To Her

It's not easy for parents to list all the things they did and sacrificed to make sure their kids lived a comfortable life. Kids sometimes don't realize everything their parents did to make sure they even had dinner that night. Especially when living with single parents. However, this is one daughter who saw everything her mom did and gave back to her through a letter and some precious mementos through the years.

"Dear mom, I am so thankful to have you in my life. I can’t imagine how difficult it must’ve been while being a single mom. You played the role of both mom and dad. You were struggling to do so, but you never ever let me know or made me feel guilty. You allowed me to be a child. I don’t know who or where I would be without you. I love you, and just know that you are the best mom anyone could hope for. Love, Olivia."

8 Her Daughter Saved Her Life

After getting into the wrong crowd and even worse relationships, Danielle Fischer found herself pregnant. Finding it hard to quit her former life, Fischer hit rock bottom when she found herself behind bars. It was then that her 10-month-old's face gave her the motivation to find a new life.

“I knew I needed to do something and was determined, so when I got out, I went into rehab at the Prototypes Women’s Center (in Oxnard) and Peyton came with me,” she said.

After taking out a loan to go to cosmetology school, she was finally able to give her daughter the life she needed to succeed.

“When I see Peyton super happy, full of life and surrounded by people who love her, it makes me really happy, she gets to go to school and be completely uninhibited by anything, believing she can do anything.”

7 This Momma Taught Her Daughter How To Love

It's always a sweet moment for mothers when their daughter(s) reach out and appreciate all the work they put into raising them. As a mom, you just want to set a good example for your daughter. And it appears that this mother has made her mark.

"My mom raised three kids by herself while working two-three jobs at a time to send us to Catholic school. At the same time, she always had a home cooked meal on the table each night (because we couldn’t afford to go out to eat) and it was always delicious. She taught us all what it means to love someone. She taught us how to express our feelings in a mature, appropriate way, and to never be ashamed of yourself."

6 This Mom Raised An Olympian

A few years ago Ariana Washington tried out and made the Olympic team for sprinting. Going to the Olympics for any athlete is an incredible moment, but this solo mom and daughter duo made headlines when it was said her mother could not afford to go to Rio for the games. Also with a son who has cerebral palsy, it was tough to pay for the trip. But with the help of some friendly strangers and GoFundMe, these two were able to watch their daughter and sister perform. 

So how did a solo mom raise an Olympian and take care of a child with disabilities all on her own? By being both of their biggest cheerleaders and teaching them compassion to help those who need it most.

5 From Bolivia To The US For A New Life

Now that social media is so prevalent, most parents know how to work the more popular sites. Saying that I really hope this mom saw this loving tribute from her daughter on Twitter for Immigration Heritage Month.

"Honoring my mother for #ImmigrantHeritageMonth for taking herself out of her life in Bolivia and embarking on a journey to bring her kids to the America [sic] in pursuit of a better future. She provided an example that led us through work + college despite the circumstances!" That takes one strong woman.

4 She's Teaching Her Kids To Follow Through With Commitments

While most people expect you to graduate high school at 18 and then attend a university to get your undergraduate degree – it's not always that easy.  It takes the right circumstance, time, and money to get yourself an education – especially a post-secondary one.

Monica Romero found herself in the Army ROTC with two young kids, her oldest being her daughter, Mikayla. After moving around the globe for the Army, Romero went back to school to complete her bachelor's degree in Kentucky. Then, on the night of her Military History Class's final exam, her babysitter canceled. So did she skip the exam? No. She brought her kids with her!

Thankfully, her professor played with her kids while she took the test, but it shows great dedication to a better life for her family by following through with her commitments.

3 This Mom Stood In As Both Mom And Dad For Her Daughter

Taking women for granted is not a new thing — it's been happening for centuries. We wear many hats and get things done because they need to be done. But when you're a single mother to a daughter, all you can hope is that she's respected and treated the way she deserves.

Last February, Sandhya Sharma and Samuel McIntosh got married in an Indian affair, but there was one thing people on the Internet adored. During the ceremony, the daughters are supposed to sit on their father's lap, but considering her mother was single, Sandhya showed her mother respect and honor by sitting on her lap instead. Now that's love.

2 This Daughter Gave Her Mother The Makeover She Always Wanted

The most admirable thing about single mothers is that they don't ask for much. They do everything they can for the sake of their children — sometimes without even as much as a thank you. However, when BuzzFeed gave two mothers a much-needed makeover as a token of appreciation from their daughters — tears were shed.

After coming to America from the Philippines with her children, she dropped her professional dancing career to provide for her daughters. It was her daughter (in yellow) who realized what her mother did for her, and decided to give her a "momma makeover."

"I feel so special today. I thought this would happen to the other ladies I see on TV, I didn't think that it could happen to me too!"

1 This Mom Became The Father She Never Had

Watching your mother go through a divorce and becoming a single parent can be traumatic. The same is multiplied when you watch your mother get married again, only for her new husband to pass away from cancer 12 years later. "She worked at a newspaper for 29 years, which required her to work weekends and holidays. She made sure my sister and I wanted for nothing. She paid for my bachelor's degree, several apartments, and unexpected medical bills," she said.

Her mother became the father she never really had. "She can maintain a one-acre lawn, fix the plumbing, build furniture, travel across the US to move me and my sister, and help raise two grandchildren. She is the ultimate woman, and I would be completely lost without her. I hope to be half the mother she is one day!"


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