20 Ways Mom Kourtney Kardashian Runs Her Household

Anyone who has watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians probably has a pretty good sense of Kourtney Kardashian's personality. She's devoted to parenting her three kids, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and she's also passionate about health, fitness, and homemaking.

Kourtney has an estimated net worth of 35 million dollars, according to People.com, so she's able to run her household exactly how she wants. Today's article is an exploration of this famous Kardashian's household rules.

She lives in Calabasas, California, in a luxurious gated community known as The Oaks. She's less than half a mile away from her half-sister, Khloe. Kourtney bought her house from football star, Keyshawn Johnson and paid a whopping 8 and half million bucks for her impressive SoCal pad.

Kourtney's home is a big estate with lots of room for her kids to play. Now, it's time to find out how she runs things in her not-so-humble abode.

Kourtney's been in the news lately because she was featured in GQ Mexico Magazine. There's also the fact that she's been posting a lot of pics on social media which feature her ex, Scott Disick, even though Scott is dating Lionel Richie's daughter, Sofia Richie. Actually, Kourtney is always in the news, isn't she?

20 Her Kids Don't Get Junk Food Too Often


Kourtney lets her kids indulge in junk food sometimes, such as ice cream and potato chips.

Sometimes, she joins in by indulging herself. However, she's not known for giving her kids a lot of unhealthy foods.

At home, she tries to encourage her children to eat clean foods that are good for them, according to People.com. She prepares soups with farm-fresh ingredients, including beets, asparagus, and sweet potatoes. She also enjoys making large batches of turkey chili, so she can use the leftovers later on. Judging by paparazzi pics, her kids do love ice cream for a treat...and who can blame them?

19 She Limits The Kids' Use Of iPads At Home


Kourtney doesn't want Mason, Penelope and Reign to rely on screen time too much when it comes to entertaining themselves. She prefers that they do other things. While she has used iPads in the past to entertain her kids at restaurants when they were little, she limits the usage of these electronic toys now, according to Stylecaster.com.

Most moms would agree that too much iPad usage is not good for kids. Moderation is key. When kids aren't using electronic toys all of the time, they are more inclined to go outside and explore or indulge in other forms of imaginative play.

18 She Chooses Glass Over Plastic


Kourtney Kardashian's pantry is immaculate and features plenty of glass. While there are some plastic bottles of water on display, she tries to utilize glass instead of plastic whenever she can, based on information from Homes.nine.com.au.

Kourtney believes that elements in plastic have the capacity to transfer into food. She prefers to store food in containers that are made of glass.

Lots of people worry about harmful elements in plastic, so she's not alone. Phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) are the two ingredients that moms worry about the most. There are some BPA-free plastics available these days.

17 She Doesn't Believe In Microwaves


Kourtney doesn't like plastic and she's not dependant on microwaves, either, according to Refinery29.com. When Kourtney needs to heat up food in her household, she uses a toaster oven. Some people believe that microwaves remove nutrients from food. They also believe that microwaves raise the risk of certain health problems.

Simone Austin, who is a nutrition expert, doesn't agree with the whole nutrient loss argument. She says that most forms of cooking do trigger a bit of nutrient loss. As for the health risks, the evidence is not conclusive. Long exposure to a microwave which is run at an extremely high power level might be problematic.

16 She Prefers Her Family To Use Organic Personal Care Products


Kourtney prefers a "green and clean" lifestyle, according to Hellomagazine.com. She's a little crunchier than the rest of her famous family. She's been on a voyage of discovery which has taught her a lot about healthy, clean eating and the value of organic personal care products. She stocks her home with lots of organic personal care products

Did you know that the Kardashian women get their makeup and hair done every day that they're filming KUWTK?

That's quite a perk! Kourtney must pass on her pure and natural makeup to the show's glam squad.

15 She Displays Family Keepsakes


Kourtney misses her father, the famous lawyer named Robert Kardashian Sr., tremendously. She lost her father in 2003. To honor him and remember him, she displays his old law books in her home. That is a touching and nice way to bring a bit of his spirit into her home. Whenever she sees the books, she thinks of her father.

Kourtney was quite upset when her mother, Kris, and her father, Robert, divorced. Losing her father caused her a great deal more of heartache. By keeping his law books close, she shows her love for him. There are lots of cute pics of Kim and Kourtney with their father, according to Eonline.com. He always looked thrilled to be with his daughters.

14 She Doesn't Mind When Toys Are Everywhere


Kourtney's home is organized, but she clearly loves the sight of toys, because many rooms in her home are loaded with huge toys that really stand out, such as big stuffed tigers and penguins.

Operating on the belief that kids need the freedom to play, Kourtney's home has plenty of rooms where toys are a focal point.

Since she has three young children, she makes her home as pleasant for them as she can. The kids have plenty of exciting toys to play with, day in and day out. According to Kourtneykardashian.com, she uses large storage bins to stash away certain toys, such as LEGO blocks, but she doesn't mind putting other big toys on display.

13 The Gluten-free and Dairy-Free Rules Are Not As Strict Now


Kourtney used to be committed to a gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle. She wanted to be as healthy as possible and she wanted her kids to feel great, too. However, she has recently relaxed her stringent food rules. She's currently eating gluten sometimes, according to People.com. Her current household food rule is to enjoy a bit of everything in moderation, which is a sensible approach.

While some people definitely don't tolerate gluten and/or dairy well, Kourtney seems to be handling it just fine. She looks very healthy, as always. Kourtney may give up gluten and dairy again in the future. For now, she's enjoying a variety of different foods.

12 She Might Be A Little Hard On Her Staff


Is Kourtney Kardashian too hard on her household staff? One ex-employee of hers thinks so. This former staffer spilled the beans online, without revealing his or her name, according to Okmagazine.com. The former nanny was forced to call her famous boss, "Madam". When she forgot to do it once, she got into trouble with Kourtney.

Of course, Kourtney is allowed to set rules for her nannies, but asking to be called Madam seems a bit over the top. It's quite old-fashioned. There is always the possibility that this employee was disgruntled and making things up. Other members of the Kardashian family have also gotten poor reviews from some ex-employees.

11 She's A Neat Freak


Judging from pics posted online (and Kourtney's home was featured in a layout at Architecturaldigest.com), she is a neat freak. Unfortunately, a former housekeeper of Kourtney's finds her tendencies a little bit grating. In addition to complaining about Kourt's neat freak ways, the former staffer found her unappreciative and unpleasant. The same ex-employee also found Kourtney very overprotective of her children.

Do you believe that Kourtney could be a bad boss? When people become famous and rich, they sometimes forget how to treat ordinary people well. Did this happen to Kourtney Kardashian?

10 She Keeps Close Tabs On Babysitters


Kourtney was described by a former housekeeper as a micro-manager of the family babysitters, according to Intouchweekly.com.

According to this report, she had trouble kicking back and letting the nannies do their jobs. This isn't too unusual. When a nanny is taking care of a woman's kids, she might feel as though the nanny is taking over her role as a mommy. This might spur a little bit of unfounded anxiety. With reports from unnamed sources, it's very difficult to know what's true and what isn't. Anyone can say anything online, right? Plus, there are two sides to every story.

9 She Practices Attachment Parenting At Home


Kourtney found that attachment parenting was the best parenting style for her and her kids.

For example, when her kids were babies, she found that the attachment parenting tactic of sleeping with her babies, in her own bed, made more sense than putting her babies into cribs.

I have to admit, I did the same thing as Kourtney. My crib didn't get a real workout when my son was a baby. Both my son's dad and I worried about rolling over on him. According to People.com, attachment parenting, which includes co-sleeping, helped Kourtney and her babies to get more rest and feel happier.

8 She Waits To Bring Boyfriends Home To Meet Her Kids

Via: People

Kourtney was miffed when Scott Disick started bringing their kids around his new partner, Sofia Richie, according to the Dailymail.co.uk. She thought it was too soon and that she and Scott should wait a reasonably long period of time before introducing their children to new love interests.

Scott had promised in relationship therapy with Kourtney to wait to introduce the kids to Sofia, based on the same Daily Mail report, and then reneged on his promise.

With this in mind, it's safe to say that Kourtney moves slowly when it comes to bringing guys that she is interested into her home.

7 She's Been Known To Save Money By Using Coupons


Kourtney has a lot of money, but that doesn't mean that she likes spending more than she has to. She got into couponing at one point and was excited by how much money she was saving with coupons, according to Internqueen.com. If you watched Kim and Kourtney Take New York, you may already know about Kourtney's coupon hobby. She has spent long periods of time organizing and collecting coupons, with a mind to saving cold, hard cash.

With couponing, big savings are possible, but you have to consider the "time is money" equation. Is your time worth what you are saving?

6 She Sets House Boundaries With Scott Disick


Scott Disick used to stroll into Kourtney's house as though he still lived there, even though he wasn't Kourtney's partner anymore. She grew increasingly wary of him acting like he still lived there, according to Eonline.com.

She was committed to co-parenting effectively with him, and still is, but needed to set boundaries.

Scott needed to understand that he would visit her home as a guest, rather than acting like he owned the place. He would need to stop roaming around her place while he was in her home. He would also need to let her know in advance when he wanted to come over...and get her approval. Sounds fair and sensible to me.

5 She Welcomes Family To Her Home...Sometimes


Kourtney welcomes family to her home if she's on good terms with them.

Recently, she's had her troubles with her sister, Kim. The two have clashed very publicly. When Kim commented on Kourtney's appearance, it set off some big and emotional issues. Kourtney was also displeased with Kim years ago, when Kim threw a party at her house without her permission, according to Eonline.com.

Throwing a party at someone's house when you're rich and can throw a party anywhere does seem odd. These two sisters are going to fight and make up. There will be times when Kim is less than welcome at Kourtney's house, but they will pass.

4 She Throws Great Big Parties For Her Kids

Via: People

Kourtney loves to give her kids lavish b-day parties, according to People.com. Some of the parties are held at her place and others aren't. It's safe to say that she's done some serious party planning at home, though, with the help of party planning pros.

In 2016, she threw a grand Halloween party for her children and her BFFs, which looked really fun. Kourtney dressed up as a witch from a Disney movie and her house was decorated to perfection. She's also known for the unicorn-themed party that she helped to throw for her daughter, Penelope, and Penelope's cousin, North West.

3 Her Kids Are Allowed To Have A Lot Of Freedom At Home


Kourtney's kids have an epic playroom to enjoy. It's just fantastic, with chalkboard walls and amazing toys and so much square footage, according to Kourtneykardashian.com. In the playroom, the kids are free to express themselves and make a mess. As a Mom, I would have loved to have given my son the same time of extravagant playroom when he was little, but, by the looks of it, a playroom like Kourtney's would cost an absolute fortune.

Moms who aren't rich shouldn't feel bad about not being able to provide this level of luxury. Kids are pretty happy playing almost anywhere.

2 Her Kids Can't Use Certain Words


Kourtney's kids aren't supposed to use negative words to describe other people's appearance. In a culture of constant judging, this is a good rule. Her kids are also encouraged to avoid using a particular word that starts with F. I think you know which word I mean. One of Kourtney's sons has used that word in the past and Kourtney doesn't want her daughter to hear it.

According to Hellogiggles.com, Kris Jenner used the same word while talking to Kourtney, and although she wasn't using it in reference to Kourtney or her kids, Kourtney told her not to say it anymore around Penelope.

1 She Likes Decorating Some Rooms In Her Home Herself


Kourtney took care of the interior design for her daughter's nursery, according to People.com. The end result is really very beautiful. Kourtney chose a white crib, a carpet with pink and coral patterns and a light fixture with turquoise-colored beads. The overall effect is vibrant and uncluttered. Toys are stacked neatly on shelving units and the ceiling is covered with pink wallpaper with a whimsical cloud pattern.

Clearly, this room was a labor of love for Kourtney and she did a great job making the room inviting and appropriate for a baby daughter.

Do you love this over-the-top nursery?

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