20 Ways Kylie Jenner Handled Her Journey From Pregnancy To Motherhood

Entrepreneur, socialite, and member of the Kardashian family, Kylie Jenner is a makeup mogul who turned her brand and passion into a successful business. Though she has her fair share of critics, Jenner has shown an impressive amount of maturity. After all, it's impossible to run a successful business empire, deal with the paparazzi, and be a mom at a young age without being levelheaded in some way.

Let's not forget that Kylie also had to come up with an image that was all her own after a life of living in the shadow of her older siblings and well-known parents.

Kylie made headlines when she revealed her pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott. She captured the world's attention even more by keeping her pregnancy under wraps as much as she could despite the constant attention her family gets.

The road from media mogul and socialite to mom sounds challenging. Though Jenner doesn't lead a typical life, it's worth our time to analyze her journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

No stranger to scandals, Kylie had to deal with the public eye during a time when she had to deal with hormonal changes, running her business, maintaining a relationship with her boyfriend, and family matters. Here are some ways she dealt with everything.

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20 Kylie Kept Working Despite Becoming A Mom

According to Bustle, Kris Jenner praised Kylie's transition into motherhood by explaining that her daughter was calm about the many changes she experienced. The famous matriarch also mentioned that Kylie took Stormi everywhere and was a dedicated mother.

Jenner also shared a charming anecdote about how Kylie still kept up with her professional duties but still remained aware that she needs to get home to see her baby.

It's hard for all mother to get back to work after having their first child. We can respect that Kylie not only takes care of Stormi while still running her empire.

19 By Getting A Wax Figure

Via People

To be fair, no celebrity gets a wax figure. Instead, the team Madame Tussauds usually decides who will get to have a figure. Plus, Kylie technically had her wax figure before her pregnancy.

However, Jenner remained private after Stormi's birth so Madame Tussauds took her wax figure out on a street and featured it walking a stroller. But hey, these pictures probably fooled a few fans and paparazzi for at least a few minutes.

The wax figure with a stroller was a way to show the world Kylie's new stage in life without compromising her privacy. That's actually a cool trick.

18 Using The First Few Months To Learn About Herself

Having a child definitely forces parents to reevaluate their priorities, goals, and other personal matters. Kylie Jenner also took time to reflect and learn as much about herself as she could after having Stormi.

Doing things her way also meant staying away from the spotlight for a bit. This is understandable considering how tiring the first few months of parenting can be.

According to E Online, Kris Jenner stated that Kylie decided to be a mother her own way and take time for herself and Stormi. Kylie herself has mentioned that she's had a lot of fun while being a mom and that it's been a great experience for her.

17 Taking The Mom-Judging In Stride

Mom-judging is something that affects just about any mom, regardless of her choices. Kylie Jenner has been judged for everything from deciding to have a child at 20 years old, hiring help, and going out.

One particularly tough instance of this was the time when Jenner spent the weekend at Coachella, as reported by the Daily Mail. Stormi was just three-months-old and it seemed like the media (as well as various critics) took it upon themselves to judge Kylie over her choices.

Kylie chose to be the bigger person and let the criticism slide. Frankly, we're sure a lot of mothers everywhere were pleasantly surprised with how she kept her cool.

16 Enjoying The Process

Via People

Older sister Kim Kardashian interview Kylie about how she felt about becoming a mom. The interview eventually appeared in the Evening Standard. Though Kylie mentioned that there are challenging moments, she reiterated that she's having an amazing time.

This is definitely refreshing to hear. Jenner continued by saying that she disagrees with what everyone says about how people change completely after becoming a mom. In her own words, Kylie said she still felt like herself, but "much better."

She even went as far as saying she enjoys changing Stormi's diapers because keeping her child clean makes her feel more satisfied.

15 Staying Mum

Kylie Jenner and everyone else in her family is known for being great at using their social media capital. Though we suspect there are many things they keep to themselves, their lives are basically an open book.

Jenner surprised her fans by staying as quiet as possible during her pregnancy, as reported by E Online. Given the many changes and preparation a pregnancy requires, a lot of people saw this lack of information as uncharacteristic, but wise.

After all, who wants to update the world about their pregnancy while juggling their business, dealing with changes, and preparing for their newborn? Sounds like she did the right thing.

14 Dealing With Her Insecurities

Via Vanidad

It's easy to post updates about yourself on social media when things are going great. We know this, and so does Kylie Jenner. But being vulnerable while you're on the cover of Vogue, and the world has a lot of questions about your journey as a mother? That takes guts.

Kylie Jenner told Vogue Magazine that being a mom taught her to love herself more. She even talked about how she used to dislike her ears but learned to love them when Stormi was born. We're sure a lot of women everywhere felt encouraged by what Jenner had to say about these positive changes.

13 Kylie Is A Devoted Mom

Via E Online

Spending time with a newborn is tough even for stay-at-home parents. Even when one is taking care of their child, it's hard to find time to play with them or spoil them just a bit.

Kylie has juggled her professional and social life quite well after becoming a mom. She's even uploaded a few cute videos of her being an adorable mom to Stormi.

12 Kylie Was Honest About The "Baby Blues"

Being a celebrity mom sounds like it would make life very easy. It seems like you'd have access to everything you need whenever you want it. But that doesn't mean it'll shield you from feeling down once in a while.

Kylie Jenner explained that she sometimes feels the "baby blues." This was published during her interview with Kim Kardashian on the Evening Standard. Jenner mentioned that she thinks about Stormi constantly, wherever she is.

She also mentioned that when Stormi gets old enough, she'll bring her along everywhere she goes. Being a celebrity doesn't make you immune to missing your child while you work!

11 Posting Pictures Of Stormi For Her Fans

Via: E Online

Despite keeping her pregnancy fairly quiet, Kylie Jenner continued to post on her social media accounts after giving birth to Stormi. The Kardashian-Jenner clan are known for posting items online in order to keep their fans and friends updated on their lives. Kylie has posted pictures of Stormi on her own, with family members, or with her parents.

In fact, Seventeen magazine has compiled a list of adorable pictures Kylie has posted of her baby.

Some of these include pictures with fashionable outfits that deserve their own fashion spread. You would be stylish too if Kylie Jenner was your mom!

10 By Being A Hands-On Mom

Via La Prensa

It's easy to generalize about how Kylie Jenner chooses to parent her child. Still, sources close to her consistently praise her parenting skills and will to continue being a working mom.

A source told Us Magazine that Jenner is a "hands-on mom." This means different things to different people, but according to the magazine, this means Stormi has been well taken care of and is sleeping and eating well.

From the looks of it, Stormi is also surrounded by a loving family and is growing up quite healthy. We can definitely attest that Kylie seems like a hands-on mom indeed!

9 Kylie Has Hinted She Wants A Big Family

Kylie Jenner comes a large family. Though not everyone understands them, they do have each other's backs at all times. According to E! Magazine, Jenner has mentioned that she'd like to provide siblings for Stormi.

This information came from a source close to the family who also disclosed that Kylie would like for any future siblings to be Stormi's age.

Being 21 years old, the clock isn't exactly ticking for her.

Plus, this shows that Kylie's priorities and dreams are quite different from other 21 year-olds who don't always have a plan for when they want children. (But that's okay too).

8 Kylie Is Still A Cool Mom

It's pretty safe to say that almost all celebrity moms are cool moms. So what makes Kylie so special?

First off, her openness about the tough parts of being a mom while confronting her insecurities let us all see a different side of her. In addition, Jenner has remained a fashion icon for her fans and herself.

Despite juggling the new responsibilities of being a mom, she's remained committed to doing things however it works for her. Going to the Met Gala and wowing the crowd with Coachella looks definitely makes her a cool mom in the eyes of many.

7 Kylie Was Disciplined About Her Cravings

Via People

Women who are pregnant must abstain from or do their best to avoid certain foods. This might mean avoiding certain cravings as directed by a doctor.

As pointed out by Babygaga, Kylie was disciplined about her desire to eat sushi. Like any mom, she did cave into cravings she knew her body and baby could handle. These included In-N-Out, doughnuts, and Eggo waffles.

She even admitted as such during a fan Q&A session on Twitter. Sushi lovers can attest to how hard it is to stay away from the delicacy. Kylie's discipline and commitment are admirable, and they show a side of her character we don't normally see.

6 She Was Already A Great Aunt!


Before giving birth to Stormi, Kylie was already an aunt thanks to Kim and Kortney Kardashian. There's adorable proof on the internet that she has sweet bonds with all five of her nieces and nephews. Popsugar even has a compilation of these adorable moments from when Kylie announced her pregnancy last year.

Though it's obvious that being an auntie isn't the same as being a mom, it's clear that Kylie definitely has good instincts when it comes to getting along with children.

Not only that, but these positive relationships set the stage for Stormi to have similar relationships with her cousins.

5 Seeking Help When Needed

Via Buho Mag

We live in a society that sees asking for help is a sign of weakness. This is even seen as a sign of weakness in people who could totally use it, such as new moms who are sleep-deprived, cranky, and probably hungry.

Kylie admitted that her mother and sisters have been helping her with Stormi, according to Babygaga. She took it a step further when she decided to hire nannies to assist her.

It's true that this is something not all parents can do. Even so, not all parents with resources hire someone to help them. Kylie chose to welcome the extra assistance.

4 Kylie Focused on Her Health

Women are often pressured to look a certain way after having a baby. This is especially true for women who live with the public following their every move.

Kylie chose to focus on her health shortly after having Stormi. You could say that her journey to continue loving herself, dealing with her insecurities, as reported by The Standard, and deciding how to go about her social media presence are a part of this. They seem like great steps that allowed her to care for her mental health.

It takes a lot of strength to focus on your physical health at your own pace, but Kylie did it.

3 Thinking About The Future More Often

Via GQ

Being Kylie Jenner doesn't mean you're immune to the ordinary stresses of being a parent.  According to The Standard, she admitted to thinking more about the future and even stressing out about it since becoming a mom.

That sounds remarkably normal. Kylie says that everything she does is to secure a better future for Stormi. On the upside, she also talked about becoming less selfish.

Despite her worries about the future, we're sure her legions of fans can reassure her she's got nothing to worry about. Knowing that Kylie worries about creating a better future for Stormi is probably a source of comfort for them, actually.

2 Protecting Stormi From Public Attention


Kylie has even toyed with the idea of shutting down her Instagram account once Stormi was born. That didn't happen, but Kylie has been very careful about posts involving her daughter.

A famously adept social media guru, Kylie definitely toned it down when Stormi came along. This is quite different from her older sisters, who share a lot about their children on their social media feeds.

To each their own. Regardless of her choice, we're sure Kylie is simply doing what works best for her and Stormi. That, or she's so busy running her empire that there's no time. We'd understand that too.

1 Kylie Used Her Popularity To Help Other Moms

Via 24 Horas

Kylie Jenner has already provided a platform for mothers of all ages by being honest about her experiences. Still, she found the time to have a Q&A on Twitter in the month of March.

Fans got to ask Kylie questions about this new stage in her life. When one of her fans asked about her experiences giving birth, Kylie replied with the encouraging words, "We were made for this!"

You'd think a celebrity wouldn't have time to talk to fans—let alone encourage them. Kylie finds big and small ways to embolden moms everywhere.

This is a great way to use her platform to benefit other women.

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