20 Ways Harper Is Already Outshining Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham have been married for almost two decades, and together they share four children; three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, and a daughter named Harper. Their family is one of the most-loved celebrity families because they truly seem like a close and loving unit, who often spend quality time together, and both parents can’t pass up on the opportunity to sing their children's praises.

Their youngest child, Harper Beckham, has been making headlines since she was a baby. She has been offered modeling gigs, graced the covers of British Vogue, and she continually steals the attention at her mom’s fashion shows (partly because it’s lovely to see David bring his little girl with him to the front row of a prestigious event). Harper’s parents have already trademarked her name, and it seems she has a bright future ahead of her, whatever she decides to do.

It can be argued that Harper Beckham is outshining her mother because of all the headlines she makes at her young age, and her many interests. However, if ever you needed convincing that she may be more popular than her mama, well then, it’s best to ask Victoria Beckham herself, because apparently, Harper has a better social life.

20 Big Things Are To Come And Her Name Is Already Trademarked

It is a common trend amongst celebrity parents to trademark their children’s names because they see a bright future ahead of them, but also to protect them; and little Harper Beckham’s mom and dad have ensured that no one can profit from their famous offspring’s name.

In 2017, the news of the trademark became public, although according to Grazia Daily, the petition had been filed several months earlier and is covered by intellectual property rights in Britain and Europe.

The point of the trademark is to allow Harper to launch her own brand one day, if she so decides, but also to protect the use of her name in any commercial product.

19 She's Already Making Waves In The Fashion Department

Harper Beckham is aged 7, but she is already making headlines in the fashion world for her incredible style.

Harper made headlines in 2018 when she wore strappy heels, and according to Hello! Magazine, these shoes could have been a special custom-made gift for her. Her mom, Victoria Beckham is often celebrated for her ability to wear sky-high heels, and it seems her daughter is following in her footsteps. Victoria has spoken about her little girls love for high shoes, telling Seth Meyers (via Hello!), "She has been able to run in a pair of high heels for a long time, I'm so proud!"

18 ...And She Chooses Her Own Clothes Like A Pro

Should we really be surprised that Harper is making headlines for her style, given she is one part Victoria Beckham, who runs a multi-million dollar fashion brand, and her father, David Beckham is also thought of as a style icon?!

But her style may not be a result of her parents, because it seems Harper makes her own style choices, with Victoria telling The New York Times, "Harper is incredibly chic." She continued to explain how she "wears some incredibly sweet things. She's a very stylish little thing with her own sense of how she wants to dress. She tends to choose exactly what she wears herself." Harper was just four at the time.

17 She Is The Only Child Following In Dad David Beckham's Footsteps

Harper Beckham appears to be taking after her mother in many ways and has already made a name for herself in the style department, but she is well-rounded and is also taking after her father. In fact, she may be the only child who has an interest in soccer like her famous dad.

According to E! News, during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, David Beckham told the host his daughter “loves” soccer, adding, "The boys don't play anymore, which is heartbreaking." He was joking about the heartbreak, but it is interesting to know that Harper is the only child left of Beckham’s that still plays soccer.

16 Fans Love That Victoria Beckham's Little Girl Plays With Spice Girl Dolls

Victoria Beckham first became a household name when she was one part of the Spice Girls, and although she has since gone on to accomplish many things in her personal life and her professional life, fans thought it was adorable when her little girl played with Spice Girl dolls.

Victoria Beckham shared images on social media of Harper playing with the dolls, and according to E! News, she informed fans that "Harper loves her Spice Girl dolls!" And even though it was Victoria who was the former pop star, it's her daughter that was once again the focus of this post.

15 Her Hairstyle Change Makes Headlines And She's Only 7

There is so much attention surrounding Harper Beckham, that even when she does something as simple as changing her hairstyle, it makes headlines and multiple articles are written about her decision. Her decision to chop off her long blonde locks and transform them into a bob - which looks much like her mother Victoria Beckham’s signature look - happened in April of 2018. Multiple publications remarked how much the little girl looked like her mom.

According to Today, the look is “slightly more grown-up” and Victoria was the first to share photos of her daughter’s new look on social media.

14 Harper's Great Genes Have Resulted In Her Being Offered A Modeling Gig

Harper Beckham seems to have enjoyed a lot of things already in her young life, and although she has appeared on magazine covers with her famous parents, according to Glamour, she has was offered a modeling gig back in 2012 (and she was only born in 2011).

The publication notes that a baby gift company called My1stYears.com made Harper (via her parents), a job offer to star in their campaign.

They stated that because of her parents status as style icons, they “can see no reason why you shouldn't start your own career in the fashion industry even at your young age.”

The brand also stated that they would be prepared to pay a “significant amount” to have Harper onboard, which should probably give some indication of the big things that are going to come in her future.

13 She Steals The Focus During London Fashion Week

Harper Beckham is a regular during Fashion Weeks and is often seen in the front row (and she has been since she was a baby) supporting her mother’s fashion shows. Her presence has gotten a lot of attention because a) she’s adorable and it’s great to see how close she is to her mom, and b) she always looks impeccably dressed and is accompanied by her dad.

The reason she is outshining Victoria Beckham here though is that Victoria may be the star of the show, but in the audience, it’s her little girl that’s getting all the attention.

12 She Adorably Makes Lunch For Her Brother

In many ways, Harper Beckham is just like any other little girl her age, and if you look past the fame and the constant media attention, she also does normal, very sweet things for her family. One of these things is making lunch for her brother, Cruz.

The sweet moment was shared by Victoria Beckham, who, according to Evening Standard, posted a photo showing how Harper had wrapped her brother’s school lunch in foil and even written him a sweet message on a pink note.

The note read, “Dear Cruz I hope you like your lunch. Love Harper.”

11 She's Featured On More Than Just The Cover Of 'British Vogue'

Victoria and David Beckham have featured on the front cover of prestigious magazines multiple times in their life, and their sons have also starred in fashion campaigns, but according to Hello! Magazine, Harper already has an advantage over her brothers. The publication notes that the family (minus David Beckham) appeared on one of the covers of the October 2018 issue of British Vogue, but on the second version of the cover, Harper is the only child to feature (her brothers are absent).

This makes her the only child to have featured on both editions of the October issue.

10 She Celebrates Parties At Buckingham Palace

Harper Beckham’s parents' hard work has afforded her the lifestyle she is accustomed to. So it would be unfair to say that she is outshining Victoria Beckham, without acknowledging that her mother is partly responsible for everything she has. Still, Harper has all the advantages and connections she needs from a very young age, and she even has parties at Buckingham Palace.

According to Irish Mirror, Harper and her friends were invited to the palace for tea.

9 She’s A Talented Little Girl And Very Artistic

Harper Beckham is one of those children who seems to have a lot of varied interests; from playing soccer, like her famous father, to following in her mother’s footsteps and expressing interest in the fashion world. However, it appears Harper also has an interest in art, and Victoria Beckham took to social media to share her daughter’s creative side (when she was aged six), when she posted an image of her painting.

While it’s unclear what the painting is meant to be of, it is lovely to see Harper painting and letting her creative juices flow.

8 Like Her Mama, She Also Enjoys Singing

There are many similarities between Victoria Beckham and her only daughter, and these similarities extend past having the same hairstyle and a passion for clothing (and high heel shoes) because Harper also likes to sing. According to E! News, she was recorded singing happy birthday to Victoria Beckham in celebration of her 43rd birthday back in 2017, and Victoria was so pleased with the message she shared it online.

With so many interests and passions, it’s no wonder Harper Beckham’s parents decided it best to trademark her name because she has many opportunities available to her in the future.

7 Harper Can Do Anything Her Brothers Can Do -- Even Boxing

Harper Beckham is growing up with three brothers and it's lovely that the family doesn’t take an approach that only boys can do one activity, and girls can do another, and it really seems as though Harper is included in all activities. After all, she is perfectly capable of doing anything her brothers can do, including boxing sessions.

According to Irish Mirror, Harper was photographed in 2017 on a family boxing session in west London, along with her father and brothers, Cruz and Romeo. Also worth noting is that she was seen carrying boxing gloves and wearing a shirt which read “equality” which seems to suggest there’s a little feminist in the making.

6 She Makes Headlines Just For Riding A Bike

Via People

You know you have a large fan base when something as simple as riding a bike is reported, but this is the life of Harper Beckham and her ever-growing fan following. The bike riding event occurred in September of 2018, when David Beckham filmed his little girl riding her bike with him on a cycle path, Hello! Magazine reports.

Beckham shared the sweet video online, and it made fans happy to see how close the father and daughter duo are, and that despite their lavish lifestyle they still do very normal, relatable things. Needless to say, the story was picked up by the media.

5 She Has A Serious Wardrobe, Including A Personalized Burberry Garment

Harper Beckham is a child who does not seem to want for anything, yet at the same time, her parents have raised her so that she is a well-grounded and likable little human. But, back to the not wanting for anything part, according to Irish Mirror, Harper doesn’t just have an enviable wardrobe filled with designer labels, she also has personalized garments, and one of those garments is a personalized Burberry jacket.

She was photographed wearing this particular jacket at New York's JFK airport, and according to the publication it cost nearly £600 (roughly $768) and was personalized with Harper’s initials, HSB.

4 Her Mama Says Harper Has A Better Social Life Than She Does

It can be argued that Harper Beckham is outshining her mother because of all the headlines she makes at her young age, and her many interests, but if ever you needed convincing that she may be more popular than her mama, well, ask Victoria Beckham herself.

Victoria has an impressive inner circle (one filled with famous faces), but in an interview with Vogue Australia (via Glamour), she admitted that her daughter has a much better social life. She said, “[Harper] works very hard at school and is very sociable, so has a lot of friends. She has a better social life than I do!"

3 She Doesn't Always Follow In Her Mom's Footsteps, Including Her Hobby Of Cooking

We got a small glimpse into Harper’s love for food when it was revealed she prepared her brother Cruz’s packed lunch for him (accompanied by an adorable note) but apparently, one of her favorite hobbies is cooking.

Victoria Beckham spoke about her daughter’s cooking skills on social media when she was taking part in a traditional Balinese cooking class. Victoria explained that Harper was enjoying a "Cooking lesson in Bali!” adding, “Harper loves to cook!” She then joked that her daughter gets it from her, but according to Hello! Magazine, Victoria was poking fun at herself. So it seems there is only one lady in the family who enjoys cooking.

2 She's The Apple Of Her Daddy's Eye And He Says She's Perfect

David Beckham is a very doting and hands-on dad, and he is always willing to speak about his family, and how proud he is of his children, in interviews. He also shares photos and adorable videos of them online.

But out of David’s four children, Harper is his only daughter and she really seems to be the apple of his eye because he celebrated her in a touching birthday message in 2018. He wrote, “What can I say about my little princess other than she is perfect in every possible way. Harper Seven has turned 7. Happy birthday to my big girl!! This little one is so loved by her brothers, mummy and daddy...special, special little girl. Makes me smile every single day.”

1 She's A Little Girl But She's Already Proven She Has Big Skills

Harper Beckham makes headlines when she cuts her hair, she has an impressive style for a child her age, and even more impressive is that she chooses her own clothes. She constantly makes headlines, whether she’s riding a bike or enjoying a boxing lesson with her brothers. It seems there is a bright future ahead of Harper, no matter what she decides to do. But, to conclude, we bring you yet another hobby of hers; horseback riding.

And this is something she does with her mom, as this photo shows them riding in the sunshine.

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