20 Very Weird Things These Women Did During Pregnancy

Let’s get real, when we’re carrying our little ones, weird things happen. Pregnancy is the perfect storm for weirdness. We’re hormonal, we're growing new life, and we’re constantly thinking about all of the things that are going on with our bodies and the things we need to prepare before the baby comes. Not to mention, strange cravings, that pregnancy brain, those sensitivities to certain smells, and our crying fits. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Cravings are common during pregnancy, we hear about the cliché pickles and ice cream cravings on television. Our desires for disgusting food combos can get pretty intense and make for some weirdly entertaining stories. “Pregnancy brain” is characterized by forgetting and misplacing things, and lapses in attention.

A mother’s brain is literally restructuring during pregnancy and even afterward, per Scientific American. To be quite honest, “Pregnancy brain” also known as momnesia can be the root of some hilarious situations.

The things we’ve cried over can be even crazier. We don’t want to belittle any of intense emotional moments. All of our pregnancy moments are legit, and we had the right to be upset, overly happy, or even sad—but we must admit some of those moments were pretty weird. Let’s kick our swollen feet up and laugh our stretch marks off; we deserve it.

20 Pregnancy Tests Galore

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This one rings especially true if a mother has had trouble getting pregnant. It is quite normal to wonder “is this real?, am I dreaming?

Pregnancy may seem like a fairytale. Even if a mommy hasn’t had trouble, bringing a new life into the world may be hard to grasp. Mommy, Britt shared with Glamour that she took regular pregnancy tests until she was showing. She admitted that she didn’t have any other reason to do so except maybe that she liked throwing money “down the toilet.”

We can all probably understand the excitement and disbelief this mom faced, but still—it’s kind of weird—and expensive… and most of us are closet pee-on-a-stick addicts.

I won’t even disturb you with the details of how much money I probably spent on tests just for one pregnancy. Even creepier, some of us—ahem—save them in a box right next to baby’s first lock of hair. Eek!

19 Live Delivery Selfies

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While some of us are modest, others are not. Some moms are eager to get their baby’s birth captured on camera. It makes for good memories. It also makes for good birth control when the child becomes a teenager. A nurse, Cindy shared with Parent Magazine that one mom she worked with was one of those mamas who wanted her delivery on film.

Dad was filming, but he became woozy and had to sit down. Mom attempted to lure dad back to his cameraman position, but to no avail. Mom then took the camera and began recording the birth herself—while pushing. Talk about multitasking—this woman was born to be a mom!

18 It’s A Crying Shame What Happened To That Ravioli

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Food is essential to life, but the body has all kinds of growing vitamin requirements when pregnant. We need more than food; we need the right food prepared the right way. One dad over at The Bump recalls his wife craving Chef Boyardee ravioli.

He was heating some up on the stove and not really paying attention while doing so. He glanced up and noticed it had come to a rolling boil. He took the ravioli off the heat and began stirring it so not to leave any pasta stuck to the bottom of the pan.

While stirring, his wife walked in and yelled “You’re stirring it too fast! They’re going to break apart!She left the room weeping intensely.

17 Forgotten Pregnancy—A Whole New Level Of Mom Brain

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Forgetfulness is a part of pregnancy. As we established before, people call it pregnancy brain or momnesia. One woman’s story is an extreme testament to pregnancy brain. She discussed via Reddit how one night while lying in bed with her husband, she became extremely nauseous. She asked her husband to get her a bucket.

While he was gone, she thought to herself “Oh my god, I think I might be pregnant. I feel like I’m pregnant. I can always tell when I’m pregnant. How am I going to tell my husband?

About 10 seconds later it finally dawned on her that she was 32 weeks pregnant.

16 Save The Snake

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Many women have a soft spot for animals. If something terrible happens to an animal, it’s heartbreaking. However, that soft spot may grow into heart-wrenching guilt when pregnant. One mommy shared with The Bump that she had mistakenly run over a snake in the road.

She claims she “ugly cried” for two hours wondering if the snake’s family was waiting for him to come home, knowing that he would never show up. When her husband’s only reply was “what?” the snot bubbles intensified. Maybe this mom’s behavior was weird, or perhaps more people should get pregnant, so we can finally save the planet.

15 Darn You, Twitter!

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Learning any new software can be difficult. It can be even more difficult when dealing with heightened emotional sensitivity and pregnancy brain. One dad over at The Bump describes a time his wife took an online class.

One of her assignments was to create a Twitter account. A few minutes after she got started, he recalls hearing his wife bawling. He went in and asked her what was wrong. Through tears, she confessed, “I don’t know how to work Twitter.”

Maybe some think it’s weird to cry just because Twitter is difficult to learn, but perhaps those people haven’t tried to convey their deepest thoughts in 140 characters or less. That’s no small feat, says this writer.

14 Chalk It Up To Hormones

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During pregnancy, some women develop a disorder called Pica—eating substances such as dirt or paint that have no nutritional value, as per WebMD. Women with Pica risk medical complications like lead poisoning, constipation from undigested stones, and bacteria and parasites from dirt—just to name a few.

A mom, Lucy, shared her story with Essential Baby. She said she fantasized about eating chalk during her fourth pregnancy. In her third trimester, she finally gave in and bought a box from her news agency.

She claims she ate a half-stick and spat it out. She felt too guilty to do it again and started eating antacids instead, for that “chalky texture.” Wintergreen Canada mints can provide the same relief without the risks of antacids if you’re dying to have some chalk, mommies.

13 Walk Dirty For Me

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We’ve all had strange food cravings or at least heard about them during pregnancy. What about weird sounds or sensation cravings? One mom on Essential Baby expressed her need to step on dirt or clay while she was pregnant. She claims that she walked every day during her pregnancy.

She would get off walking paths or tracks so that she could step on balls of dried up dirt; it was satisfying to hear the crunch. She says the urge stopped after she had her babies. Maybe she felt the need to conquer something; smashing clumps of dirt does sound oddly satisfying.

12 A Hilarious Bawl

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As we’ve established already, our emotions can be all over the place during pregnancy. One mommy via Reddit explains that she had several “emotional roller coaster” episodes during her nine-month-long journey to motherhood.

If something amusing happened, she would laugh until she got to a point where she couldn’t stop laughing.

Once she started laughing hysterically, she would get so worked up that her laughing would shift to crying. Then she would cry uncontrollably shifting back and forth between laughing and crying.

Her husband would rub her back and hand her tissues while she declared, “This is so confusing.Weird, funny and sad all at the same time.

11 From Laughing To Crying

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Getting sick can be an atrocious part of pregnancy. On Reddit, a mom described how laughing led to vomiting for her. After dinner one night when she was about 14-15 weeks pregnant, she and her husband were on the balcony watching a YouTube series.

She started laughing; she laughed so hard that she started coughing. Her husband went to get a bucket predicting that she might vomit.

As he stood in front of her, she projectile vomited everywhere.

At the same time, she started to pee and soaked her pants. All of this led to her crying uncontrollably. From one extreme to the next. Weird? Or nah, just pregnancy!

10 Gimme That Ash

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As noted earlier, women crave some pretty strange things during pregnancy, but it doesn’t get much weirder than craving ashes? Say what? One mom surveyed during a Pica-related poll, as per Daily Mail, admitted that she craved ashes during her pregnancy.

Her husband left an ashtray out one evening.

She says she thought to herself, “I wouldn’t mind a dab of the ash.” She knows it sounds disgusting but admitted that she did indulge and that the ashes “hit the spot.” It was probably similar to the grill marks on a burger or hotdog—not a real taste, but a nice smoky flavor. Right?

9 The Lucky Tampon Box

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Pregnancy can be a superstitious experience. There are stages to move past and we don’t want to jinx anything, so anything that can bring us luck or blessings—we’ll take it. A mom, Katy, shared her story via Glamour.

It had taken her a year to get pregnant, and she was excited. She had a box of tampons sitting in her bathroom cabinet at the time and didn’t want to put them away for fear that it would jinx her pregnancy.

About a month before her due date, her husband pointed out that it wouldn’t make a difference and asked if he could use the space in the cabinet for something else. Hey, people have done a lot worse in the name of superstition.

8 The Vegan Meat-Craver

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Can pregnancy cravings be so strong that they turn a vegan into a carnivore? You betcha! One mom, VeganMommy21, wrote about her dilemma on Baby Center. She had been vegan for four years and was vegetarian for two years before that.

At around four weeks pregnant, she started craving meat. She tried faux meats, but they were making her feel sick. She claims that before she was pregnant, she couldn’t stand to touch meat, but at that time she was drawn to meat.

Completely confused, she asked, “Has anyone experienced this, how did you handle it?” I’m sure most of us feel bad for her, but we must admit it’s still pretty fascinating what those hormones can do to us.

7 Pregnant And Ticked Off

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We all know that there can be a dark side to pregnancy. One woman via Baby Center rationalizes her ideas about her anger during pregnancy. She says she believes that hormones can bring out a misguided maternal instinct. This instinct is meant to protect the baby, but can manifest as irritation.

For instance, she once when to the pharmacy to get Nexium—for reflux. She created scenarios in her head where the clerk would not give her the medication. She even had fictional arguments with the clerk screaming curses in her mind at the woman. What actually happened? She requested her medicine and got it.

6 GPS And Still Can’t Find My House

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As we learned with the woman who forgot her 32-week pregnancy, forgetfulness is not uncommon in pregnancy. However, if there is a device to help you remember, shouldn’t that be enough? A mommy on Reddit described a time she left her in-laws house to head home. On the way home, she encountered a car accident.

It must have thrown her for a loop because she couldn't remember her way home and had to enter the directions in her GPS. About 15 minutes later, she arrived back at her in-law’s house.

She had put in the wrong address. That’s classic pregnancy brain for ya!

5 The Unbreeching Spell

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It has probably crossed every pregnant woman’s mind at least once, “I hope my baby isn’t breech.” What lengths would we go to, to turn that breech baby around? Meghan explains what she did via Glamour after she was told she would have to have a C-section if her baby didn’t turn. She started looking into natural remedies to help her baby.

She tried hanging off the couch upside down until her face turned red, putting frozen veggies on her stomach, burning herbs by her toes and getting regular acupuncture.

The baby turned!

The doctor claimed that most babies do anyway, but Meghan swears her remedies helped. These are actually pretty common remedies to turn a breech baby, as is regular chiropractic care during pregnancy. But they can certainly sound odd to those who aren’t in the know!

4 I’ll Try Anything To Stop The Itching

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Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy—PUPPPs—is characterized by a rash that starts during pregnancy and stops after delivery, as per DermNet. Pregnancy is hard enough, and to add a rash on top of it is just horrible. 

One mommy via Huggies describes her terrible itching on her stomach, legs, and arms. She seems to have tried every remedy: coconut oil, antihistamines, chamomile oil, ice gel, nettle tea, V8 juice, Vitamin C tablets, apple cider vinegar topically, steroid creams.

Others found it off that she tried everything under the sun to cure her itching, but the most bizarre thing was the comments from other PUPPPS sufferers who claimed that nothing worked better than delivering the baby. Well, obviously!

3 The Elliptical Can’t Have My Baby

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Exercise is good for mother and baby, right? One mom convinced herself that the opposite is true. A mom, Sara, told Glamour that she had always loved going to the gym. During her second pregnancy, she stopped going.

She had no complications, but she convinced herself that exercising too much could hurt her baby. During her second trimester, her doctor told her that she was gaining weight at a rapid pace. She decided that she should start back doing her 20 minutes on the elliptical.

It’s odd how we can convince ourselves that something entirely healthy is bad for us, but pregnancy comes with all kinds of woes and worries.

For newbie moms, it can be tough to take even minor risks. It’s that motherly instinct kicking in!

2 The Magic Necklace

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As we discussed earlier, good luck charms and blessings are welcomed during a time like pregnancy. We want things to go smoothly, and we’ll take all the help we can get! Bethany discusses with Glamour that it had taken her sister forever to get pregnant.

When her sister finally became pregnant, she was wearing a gemstone necklace. She ended up wearing it throughout her pregnancy. When Bethany was trying to get, pregnant her sister passed the necklace on to her.

Bethany got pregnant right away and wore the necklace throughout her pregnancy. It may sound weird, but it seems to have worked. The power of positive thinking, perhaps?

1 The Pregnant Half-Marathon

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According to the APA, exercising while pregnant can ease backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling. One mom Sarah, via her blog Run Far Girl, wishes that she hadn’t run so much during her pregnancies.

Sarah ran during her first pregnancy. She ran a half-marathon at five months postpartum. She even ran The Big Lake Half Marathon at six months pregnant, but she “leaked” the entire time.

She claims that her “leaking” got progressively worse and she ended up having to do physical therapy to gain more strength in her pelvic floor. Running while pregnant probably looks weird, but it sounds incredibly empowering. We’re glad Sarah finished strong and is now taking care of her body.

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