20 (Very Obvious) Times Dad Dressed The Kids

Now, this is nothing against dads. Plenty of them are just as capable of dressing their kids properly as the average mom, but there are also quite a few dads who just… aren’t. Seeing kids in dad-designed outfits is always a treat: clashing colors and prints, clothes put on backward or shoes on the wrong feet, or even missing crucial items.

But one of the best things about dads is their infamous sense of humor, so we know that these guys are laughing along with us at these outfit fails. At least, we hope so since there are more than a few "dad jokes" to be made looking at these outfits!

Maybe take notes about what not to do from these 20 examples. Or maybe we should copy these looks instead, and be more adventurous with our kids’ outfits. After all, babies don’t care about magazines and runways. The most important thing with getting kids dressed is that it’s fun and comfortable, and most of these outfits, silly as they may be, achieve those goals admirably. Plus, these little style adventures lead to some great pictures that allow us to tease both dad and kid for years to come. So, here’s to the dads!

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20 Jersey Boys

Since leggings have gotten so popular, this outfit might not look too strange. But some background info will show the true oddity: these are pajama pants. Also?

It wasn’t a rainy day, so the rain boots are an interesting choice of footwear.

Plus this mixing of football jersey and stripes gives a nice visual clash. I do have to appreciate the sibling coordination of the child with red pants having blue boots and vice versa for his sibling. However, I think this dad deserves some bonus points for making these two match! Let me guess--these three are going to watch the big game today!

19 Baby Straitjacket? Or "Straitpants"?

This one might actually be considered a life hack if you’re no good at swaddling! This dad stretched his baby’s pants all the way up to their armpits. I certainly hope this isn’t uncomfortably tight, but the baby looks plenty happy. It’s a little nontraditional, but at least they won’t be scratching their face today! Though the baby doesn't seem to be uncomfortable, I must say that they certainly seem quite confused. But despite their confusion, I am sure dad knew exactly what he was doing. Hopefully mom got a few laughs out of this as well!

18 No Snaps, No Problem

Another common dad mistake is forgetting (or not bothering to) do up the snaps on baby’s clothes. Here it’s double trouble, both the onesie and sleeper are undone. Mom says, “J forgot to snap his onesie before bed. This is what I found when I changed his diaper the next morning.” At least baby didn’t get more tangled up than this! Plus, the baby doesn't look too bothered by their breezy night, maybe they enjoyed the freedom of unbuttoned pajamas. Perhaps the trouble will now be getting this baby to keep their sleepwear buttoned.

17 Cool Kid

Okay, this one’s not a fail. This kid actually looks super cool, and he knows it. I feel like this kid just time-traveled out of an 80’s movie where he was like a toddler Ferris Beuller. Coolest kid on the street.

I think the short sleeve shirt over a long-sleeve tee is the clue that dad was the artist behind this look, but no worries, this kid is pulling it off.

Plus those sunglasses add all the mystery needed to fulfill this cool guy aesthetic. In all this look gets a solid A+ from me. Great job dad!

16 Dress Shoes And A... Sweat Band?

This dad really did try his hardest, but baby girl was not impressed. It could be the layers that bother her or the clashing of various prints. Are those knee high socks? Dad tried here and the thought should be what counts but we have to laugh, this poor girl has way too many layers on. 

Men are more likely than women to be colorblind, so maybe that’s why they always seem to struggle with the difference between colors and prints.

Still, I think this effort shows that this dad has fashion potential--as long as mama gives him some constructive criticism!

15 Just A Whole Lot Going On

This dad clearly has a sense of humor, judging from the goofy look on his face. He knows his daughter looks silly, but they’re just having fun with it. What parent hasn’t accidentally sent their kid out with mismatched shoes after a hectic, sleep-deprived morning?

However, I think the real #dadfail is the clashing colors of the top and skirt-- burnt orange and hot pink are quite a combo!

Plus, the mix of ponytails and what appears to be a braid in the making will certainly turn a few heads! Luckily dad went a little simpler with his hair style of matching bright pink barrettes.

14 One-Legged Race

This one really amazes me, because this mistake looks so much more difficult than doing things the right way! This kid’s legs are really crammed in there. Plus, I would wager that most dads wear pants every day, so you’d think they have a decent idea of how they work, even if they get confused about other clothing items, like dresses and tights. Then again when you're dressing a silly and wiggling toddler who's to say what could happen!

Hopefully, these two can figure these pants out before they have to be anywhere important, because something tells me this little sprout won't be walking anywhere fast.

13 Backwards Baby

This dad has a great Instagram presence and sense of humor. These twins’ outfits are actually very cute-- I like how they each have a pattern paired with a neutral and on opposite halves.

However, if you look closely, the little girl on the right has her shirt on backward!

This is another one that might be considered more of a life hack than an accident; this insta post was about the girls sliding around on the floor, so that buttoned shirt had probably been scraping. Plus, in that case, you avoid buttons falling off of the shirt!

12 Time For Aerobics!

What is it with dads and putting onesies on over a baby’s pants? These kiddos end up looking like they’re wearing 80’s fitness gear. At least this one managed to color-coordinate! The worst part? This is dad’s second kid! Maybe the third time’s the charm.

Though, in his defense, you could always say that it's never too early to get your kids interested in physical activity and aerobics is great for that. This baby may just have to explain a thing or two about fashion to dad when they grow up. 

11 Polka-Dot Pout

This little girl does not look like she’s too happy about her outfit. The random colors and double-polka dots may look a little silly, but every item of clothing is put on properly, at least! I feel like I’ve seen double patterns like this on the runway. Someone needs to tell this girl her outfit is high-fashion rather than a fashion faux pas, and maybe she’ll cheer up! Though, admittedly those shoes don't help much with the rest of the outfit. I would also be upset having to wear turquoise, orange, and deep purple. 

10 Pattern Overload

This baby’s face just cracks me up. It’s like she knows something is wrong, but doesn’t have the fashion vocabulary to express quite what it is.

This combination of colors and patterns is pretty wild – it almost reminds me of a circus – but still pretty cute.

I also love the big fluffy socks to top the look off, which the mom explains are emblazoned with the logo of dad’s favorite sports team, and thus are included in every look he dreams up for baby. Though flowers and polka dots don't tend to go together, I do have to appreciate this dad's fashion risk!

9 Overalls Go OVER Things, Dad

You may have seen this one already because it went viral, but it’s such a classic that it deserves to be included. This dad didn’t realize that overalls are supposed to have a shirt underneath! Guess he thought it was just some sort of summery tank-top onesie or something! At least baby is fairly covered up, but this outfit might be a bit uncomfortable since overalls aren’t usually made of the softest fabric. What is really amazing about this situation is that dad actually dropped the baby off at daycare in this outfit! 

8 Shorts Surprise

For some reason, this one reminds me of those Minions from Despicable Me! I’ll admit I’m mystified by the thought process behind this ensemble. Maybe he thought the onesie was like tights and you were supposed to put something over it? Or maybe he wanted to make pajamas look more like a day outfit.

Perhaps, even, he just assumed that like legless onesies, footed ones needed pants.

Either way, I’m glad he did, because I got a good laugh out of it! Hopefully, though, this dad learned that this was an unnecessary task and he can save both him and the baby some time and energy. 

7 All Wrapped Up!

New advancements in baby outerwear! If you struggle to get little arms into coat sleeves, consider wrapping baby up in a… pillow? While this look is not exactly fashion-forward, it does look extremely comfortable.

I actually kind of want this to become a trend.

That way anytime can be nap time! Even for grownups--you could just sort of lean forward on your desk and take a catnap. However, this look must not be super efficient for transportation. Getting a baby that's tied to a mattress in and out of a car seat seems like it's own special kind of nightmare. 

6 It’s An Underwear and PJs Kind of Day

Now, your eye is probably drawn first to the underwear on this kid’s head, but once you’ve stopped cracking up over that, you’ll notice that this little boy is also still wearing pajamas. I can only assume that this dad was sleep-deprived because even the most clueless papa knows the difference between underwear and a hat! The look on this kid’s face is priceless too. This kid either clearly insisted on the underwear and doesn't get what's so funny, or is upset that he was made to wear this decidedly special hat.

5 Crop-Top Kiddo


Uh-oh, an unintentional crop top! I think this one’s an example of a dad who just gave up. Either he wrangled his son into this shirt only to find it was too small and didn’t want to start over, or it was laundry day and this old shirt was the last thing still clean.

This kid still seems to be confident in his look--what kid in a spider-man shirt wouldn’t be?

With a hero like that supporting you, what could possibly go wrong? His stance certainly does seem to suggest a level of comfort in his own skin!

4 The Winter Kangaroo Dad Look

Here’s another dad who got creative while dressing baby for the cold. This one decided to conserve body heat by sharing his with baby-- must be one of those dads who’s also obsessed with the thermostat! I can’t help but wonder if there’s some sort of baby bjorn under the coat or if baby’s just tucked inside. As long as it’s secure, this looks pretty cozy! The sternness on this kid's face also suggests that they are as ready as their dad to brave the icy temperatures. It's also funny how the selfie with the digital camera seems to have aged this picture by 10 years already!

3 Minnie Mouse Ensemble

Another onesie over pants! I guess it’s easier to make things match when the clothes have cartoon characters on them: no-stress coordinating!

But these also seem to be pajamas, and mama said dad intended this to be a day outfit.

She said, “I couldn’t stop laughing.” Once and for all, dads: onesie goes on before pants! Though the effort is appreciated, it is also just sort of wrong. The only time the pants go below this type of clothing is during dance classes, but those are also tights – which are always an undergarment!

2 Tights As Pants?

This one is precious--and it incorporates several of the hallmarks of #dadfashion. One is thinking that tights are pants (hint: if there’s weird lines on the butt, or the pattern stops partway up the leg, they’re probably tights). As previously discussed, tights are undergarments! And of course, “creative” pairings of patterns. Honestly, I think we should just let the dads run wild with patterns, they come up with such interesting combinations. Not to mention the hat situation which just really ties the whole outfit together. And by "ties it together" I mean "brings it in a whole different direction".

1 What Even Is Happening Here

Honestly, I’m not even sure what’s going on with this outfit. Are those leg warmers, or just pants that aren’t pulled up all the way?

I also can’t tell what season it is, because baby is all bundled up for winter, but dad’s just wearing a t-shirt.

I am certainly appreciating the mix of owls, train, and stripes. Each feels like a completely different outfit, yet they have culminated in this particular tot's outfit. Though his attitude seems to dare you to question these avant-garde fashion choices. 

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