20 Very Honest Thoughts These Women Shared After Birthing Their Babies

There is truly nothing like having a baby. However, it can help to hear the thoughts of some moms who have been there before. Giving birth is not all butterflies and sunshine. It can be messy and difficult, to say the least. But, the end result is well worth it! Now is the chance to discover some very honest thoughts some women shared after birthing their babies.

We all know that having a baby is not an easy task. It is exhausting but of course, not without an incredible reward. Are we right?

When else can you go into a hospital and leave with a new human being?! It is absolutely amazing! But, the moments after having your little one can be heartwarming, after all, you did just have a baby, but it can also be full of pain, tiredness, confusion, and a new sense of reality.

Are you ready for some brutally honest thoughts when it comes to having a baby? We have collected some hilarious, sad, and all too real thoughts that new moms had just after they gave birth to their adorable bundle of joy. You may cringe. You may relate. You may just say, been there, done that! And if you are pregnant, this is what you have to look forward to!

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20 A Tiny Person

Via People

Being pregnant for nine long months does not always prepare you for what is actually to come. Sure, you are very well aware you are going to have a baby, but it may take the actual birthing experience to realize how real it actually is.

As this new mom put it after she had her baby girl, “A person… an actual person just came out of me. How? HOW?!!”

So many moms can relate to this! We marvel at our beautiful newborn baby but then start to think, how did that little person, that human being, come out of me?!

19 A Messy Experience

When you give birth to a baby, it is not exactly a glamorous experience. Let’s face it, it can even resemble a crime scene.

And the new mom is likely to be a complete wreck (although a very happy one!) after the baby is finally out. Sarah shared, “I believe the phrase, tore up from the floor up, is in reference to someone who just had a baby.”

Yep. Who can agree to that?! Having a baby can, well, hurt, to say the least. But, let’s all remember, no matter how much healing you have to do, you at least can hold, look at, and play with your baby while you do it!

18 Reaching A New Level Of Exhaustion

Via US Weekly

Even though you may still be in the hospital, once you have your baby, your job as a mom begins. And it is a 24-hours a day, seven days a week job!

“It is incredibly hard to stay on top of everything all the time. I just had a baby, I can’t be perfect!” confided Linda.

Moms everywhere will nod their head to this mom’s thought! It is very true; after having a baby, moms experience exhaustion but are also sometimes expected to be Mom of the Year. No mom is perfect, and you do not have to be, either!

17 Nothing Else Matters

We cannot truly control when our baby decides to be born. If you wait for baby to tell you when, it could be whatever day and time they choose to enter into the world.

Sometimes, the date corresponds with other important dates in your life, such as your birthday. While that can be exciting, this mom also put it to us in real time, You know you’ve just had a baby when it’s your birthday and all you want to do is sleep…”

Well, a newborn baby and time to sleep? Sounds like a pretty good birthday present to us!

16 New And Improved

Having a baby can, well, leave us feeling gross, to say the least. Yes, yes, it is a happy gross, of course, we just had a baby! But, things hurt, things go on down there and it can just be an overall yucky feeling.

Karen told us, "A shower, my own clothes, and real food. I think I might be a new person.”

This mom’s thought after having a baby is spot on! Once you get out of that hospital gown and get moving around, you really do begin to feel like a new person. On the flip side, if you want to stay in the gown for three days straight, that is totally fine, too!

15 At The Stroke Of Midnight

Raise your hand if you are pregnant and cannot reach your toes, much less see your toes!

“My legs are shaved! No longer do I look like wolf-woman mama!” enthusiastically shared Kiara.

This thought is all too real! Shaving your legs is a very difficult, if not impossible, task that moms-to-be often have to forgo. However, once baby arrives, they can groom themselves as they wish.

And for some moms, doing so makes them feel so much better, and like a normal person again, especially during the summer months! No more howling to the moon for these moms once their baby is birthed!

14 The Best Health Plan

We all know that babies make us gain weight. That is a fact.

The scale says I weigh 15 pounds less than I did 48 hours ago!” laughed Brandi as she shared this weight loss goal, which, well, obviously was because she gave birth to her baby and then passed the afterbirth.

Just the placenta and everything that comes with it can amount to around 15 pounds. However, it is still nice to see those numbers on the scale drop once you have given birth, even with the obvious and cute reason! Isn’t it crazy, though? To know that suddenly you weigh less after having your baby.

13 Back To Reality

Via: Forbes

Nine long months of pregnancy can have us feeling a bit odd, perhaps unlike our normal selves. Throw in labor and delivery and you enter into a world, emotionally and physically.

“After being a mom for only a day, I’m finally starting to feel like a human again!” exclaimed Candace.

Well, this mom may feel human now, but any new mom knows that once you are home and up every two hours just about, that feeling of being human goes out the window again!

So when do moms feel human again? Some say it takes about 18 years if the feeling of being a human being ever comes back!

12 This Mama Needs Some Munchies

So what they do not often tell you about having a baby, is that once you are in labor, you will not be eating.

Some moms are cool with that and are distracted by labor, while other moms just need some food, yet all they get is ice chips.

After hours and hours of labor, once the baby is born, some new mommies need their favorite food!

Melissa shared, “I think I earned this cookie so I’m gonna eat it. No joke, I’m starving. I just had a baby for crying out loud!”

Mama, eat your cookie and enjoy every bite, you did earn it!

11 Nope, Not Caring

“Bikini season is just around the corner, and you know what? I don’t care!” told us Crystal.

The thoughts of this new mama have us saying, you go girl! There should be no pressure for new moms to lose the baby weight so quick, even if the summer swimsuit season is in the near future.

It took nine long months to gain all that weight, so give your body ample time to lose the weight. Let’s face it, no one will be looking at you anyway, they will be looking at your adorable newborn baby, so get her in a cute baby bikini pronto!

10 It Really Is All They Do

Having a newborn baby is filled with excitement! To think you waited all these months, and now, the time has finally arrived and you have your sweet bundle of joy ready to take home! The thing is, newborns really do not do much.

So Jana came up with a genius idea, “I just brought home my newborn baby and came up with a great book idea. Eat, Pray, Love was already written, so now somebody should write Eat, Sleep, Poop.” 

We gotta say, that is a good idea. And so very accurate. That is all that newborn babies do when they are so little, round the clock, too.

9 Modesty Is Out The Window

Via: Romper

Once you have a baby, you realize something. Suddenly, being modest is something that doesn't even matter. If you are not there yet, just wait, you’ll see.

Marcela shared, “I used to be self-conscious about even eating in front of him. How, oh how things have changed since giving birth!!”

When everything is hanging out there while the baby is being delivered, trust us, you do not even care. Not even a thought in your head, because you just need that baby out of you! Once all is said and done, you have that adorable little one and you couldn’t care less who sees you naked!

8 One Word- Ouch

Having a baby is not exactly painless. Even if you choose to have the epidural you will still feel things, and you will definitely feel the aftermath!

New mom Julie gets it, “Holy sore abs. Ouch. Thanks to my sweet baby. Labor was brutal but worth it!”

Going through labor, which can last hours, and hours, and hours, is a workout in and of itself. Pushing and those contractions are all full of ouchiness afterwards.

No one said delivery was easy, after all. Even if it is a short labor and quick delivery, there will still be guaranteed pain afterward. But you can distract yourself from it all by looking at your sweet little baby!

7 What Dreams May Come

“I just had a baby, but already had a dream I was pregnant again- ahhh! What does this mean?!!” frantically wondered Mary.

Having crazy or odd dreams is not only common in pregnancy, but also might continue once you have given birth, just as this mom has revealed! Your body is still working to regulate those hormones, and if you are breastfeeding, you will continue to have crazy hormones.

It is just part of the game.

The interesting dreams are certainly something though, you have to interpret those! Who knows, it could be your lack of sleep, hormones all over the place, eating habits, etc., that cause those dreams, or it could be that your dreams are trying to tell you something!

6 I Got Problems

Once you step through those hospital doors ready to have your baby, everything else will likely be a blur. Labor might seem like it goes on forever, and then you have your baby and you are in a sleeping daze for the next day or so (or forever, let’s face it!).

Having these so-called problems are just the tip of the iceberg known as motherhood. “Nothing like getting woken up at 5am for a blood draw. Guess that’s the hospital problem of having a baby!” shared Lauren.

After you give birth, your baby will be poked and prodded, and so will you!

5 Everyone Is A Hot Mess

The world after you have a baby is surely an interesting one! You are caring for your sweet bundle of joy one little to no sleep, trying to get back to your normal self.

It is not easy. For some women, it is very difficult, in fact.

New mom Allyson's thoughts really set the record straight for all new moms and their little ones everywhere. “Postpartum is a little unfair, everyone is crying for no reason and in some form of a diaper.”

You gotta laugh because it is so true! It is definitely an adjustment after you have a baby, both physically and emotionally.

4 You've Got A Job To Do

First, we grow and nourish our babies in our bodies. Then, we go through crazy labor and delivery our beautiful baby to the world. It doesn’t end there. Our bodies then are capable of continuing to nourish our little ones. It is like we are some sort of vessel.

If it looks like a cow, eats like a cow, and makes milk like a cow, well it is probably just me… moooo,” summed up Kelly the way most new moms feel.

But, honestly, we really should not be so hard on ourselves! What we are able to accomplish is absolutely amazing!

3 You Can’t Make Me

The new mama daze is for real. It is often referred to as mommy brain. You’ve heard of it. You might have experienced it firsthand! Just about everyone mom has it. Some can outgrow it, others have it for a lifetime! It can make us just want to cuddle up with our little ones and not do any grown-up stuff whatsoever.

As mom Robin put it, “I just had a baby, and you cannot make me adult today… don’t make me adult!!”

We hear ya! It is tough enough to have a baby and then raise that baby, why do you have to do adult things on top of all of that?!

2 An Interesting Side Effect

Giving birth to a baby can wreak havoc on our bodies. Things change. Things may not, nor ever, be like they once were.

Candi said, “When you laugh so hard that you wee your pants just a little bit. Oh my, that is a definite mom problem!”

She’s got that right! For some new moms, they will find that once everything is healed, it is not quite like they remember.

It can be tough, but laughable too. It is a side effect of having a baby that so many moms everywhere experience, yet, we do not talk, or laugh, about it enough!

1 Wait, I’m In Charge?

Via: ParentWise

You prepare endlessly for your little one during your pregnancy, and maybe even before! You are all set. The nursery is ready. You have all the baby gear and clothes, now you just need the baby.

Then, you have your baby. They hand him off to you, and you think, "Wait, this is mine? I am the one that has to take care of this baby? Is there an instruction manual?!"

We all laugh. We all have these thoughts, because, let’s face it, it is crazy to go into the hospital without a baby, and then leave with one. Kerri summed it all up the best:

“Don’t know how to act. #JustHadABaby.”

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