20 Unexpected Baby Girl Names Flying Under The Radar Right Now

‘What’s in a name?’ is the ultimate question a parent asks before assigning one to each of their children. A lot of research goes into looking for names for our babies because it ultimately defines who they are going to be in life. Often, children do not like the name they are given, either because it isn’t one they would have picked or they dislike it specifically because their parents chose it. Every little girl deserves a name from her parents that has been carefully thought about and picked not only because they liked how it sounded, but also because of the meaning.

It’s common for kids to find out the meaning of their name and if parents aren’t aware of it beforehand, they may be in some trouble when their little girl grows up and figures out that it doesn’t mean something pleasant. There is a long list of trendy girl names, but at the same time, there are many names which don’t seem popular at first but are used quite often.

Names can be famous; they genuinely do make up how a person feels about themselves and what the rest of their lives are going to look like. Being confident in a name is essential, and each child needs confidence in their life.

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20 Ada Played On A Cold Mountain


Ada is a German name, currently ranking in at number 321 on a favorite name list, according to Nameberry. Ada means noble or nobility and is used often in the bible.

It was popular near the end of the 19th century and has dropped below the ranks since then, but it has been heard of a little here and there. Ada was way more popular in the year 1880, reaching the top 100 in position. Although we may not be meeting many little girls with the name Ada, there are plenty of uses on screen, including Nicole Kidman's part in Cold Mountain.

19 Arabella Was A Staple In Harry Potter


This English name is much more well known in England and Wales than any other place in the world. Arabella is a direct relative of the name Annabelle, but much more modern. Interestingly enough, the name means “invokable,” according to Behind The Name.

This baby girl name is popular among ordinary people but not so much on the big screen.

Arabella has only been used twice, once on Harry Potter as the Dursleys’ neighbor, and the other mention was a song that came out in 2013, titled “Arabella.” This year, the name happens to be at the most popular it has ever been, ranking at 157.

18 Kyneslay: New Name Alert!


This name meaning “Kings Woods” ranked at 161 this year and is most used in Canada. Although it only came to the United States around 2005 the name was popular in the 13th century as a derivative of, “Kyneslay.”

The name is so new around the US that it isn’t even used as anything but a name for some lucky little girls out there. According to Oh Baby Names, this name is characterized by the words, “freedom loving,” “adventurous” and “easy-going.” Anybody given this name has room to be unique and make the name her is that it is not commonly used.

17 Fiona Is Shameless


This Scottish name means “white” or “fair” and has recently been the most popular in Belgium. Fiona appeared in the United States on Broadway first before even being seen on the popularity list. It took almost 50 years before the name appeared anywhere after debuting on the musical, “Brigadoon.”

Some names don't make it onto television, but Fiona is different. Most recently, it has become famous for characters on Nurse Jackie and Shameless, which just aired its new season! Not only is it on the big screen, but stars such as Julia Roberts and Jennie Garth endorse the name, as both have incorporated it into one of their children’s names, according to Nameberry.

16 Meredith, Like Grey


There are some names out there that are more popular on TV than they are as individual names. Meredith happens to be one of those and is most famous for being the main character on a show that's been running for 13 years, Grey’s Anatomy.

This Welsh name means “Great Ruler,” which is ironic due to the ruler status of Meredith Gray on the TV show mentioned above. Although this name has been made famous by television, it only ranked just below 500 on the popularity list, as reported by Nameberry. It was much more popular back in the early 80’s when it ranked in at 140.

15 Harley Is Comical


This gender-neutral English name means “Hare Meadow” and ranks this year at 202. Harley wasn’t even on the spectrum of favorite girl names until its spike in 1990, going up and up each year until recently dropping a few spots.

The most popular use of this name is as a Marvel comic book character named Harley Quinn. She is a villain who works closely with the Joker in common Batman features. The name seemingly spiked high when the comic book character made her debut, as reported by Baby Center.

A little girl with this name is sure to feel like a superhero, even though her namesake is a villain.

14 Quinn, The Irish Girl

Via Pinterest

This Irish name rolls right off the tongue. The name came from the former Irish name “O’Quinn,” meaning, “wisdom, reason and intelligence,” which are three characteristics little girls given this name are sure to have. Interestingly enough, the name was not used enough in the United States before 2008 to make it onto the favorite name list, according to Baby Name Wizard.

There are a lot of kids out there who have names that are hard to pronounce, let alone spell. But Quinn is perfect because it is easy to say and spell, and there are no scary nicknames attached to it!

13 In Honor Of Marilyn Monroe

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This is another gender-neutral name, although not nearly as popular as the first.

According to Nameberry, it means “Mouth of the Roe River” and is of Scottish origin. The most popular Monroe in the books doesn’t use it as her first name, but as her last: the late Marilyn Monroe, who has had a huge following both before and after she passed away.

Many celebrities have been known to give their little girl this name specifically to honor Marilyn, including Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Just because a name is popular among celebrities doesn’t mean everyone else loves it, though; in 2017, the name didn’t even make it to the top 500 list.

12 Blue As The Sky


Little girls with this name are sure to have their head in clouds, daydreaming about things to come. This English name means “clouds and Heaven,” according to Oh Baby Name.

Sky is perfect for those who are interested in giving their little girl a name associated with nature. This girl name is most popular in England and Wales and ranked at 887 on the favorite names list.

Many little girls have special namesakes, and while Sky doesn’t have many famous people out there, it does have a few books that use the name. This includes Sky, by Pamela Porter, and Sky: The Blue Fairy, by Paul Cole.

11 Scarlett, The Redhead


This English name has reached the top 20, ranking at number 18 on the popularity list, according to Behind The Name. Mothers often name their red-headed daughters Scarlett because the name means red.

The most well-known namesake is actress Scarlett Johansson, known for movies like Avengers, Lucy, and The Good Woman. Scarlett has frequently made it on lists of names that characterize sassy girls.

Little ones with this name will sparkle with equal parts sass and sweetness, giving them the most desirable traits a little girl could have. It’s important to remember that each child has characteristics that come with their names, and some make up their own.

10 Nora Is No Horror Story

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Naming your daughter Nora will ensure she is the light of your life. This Irish name ranked at number 28 this year and is known as an old baby girl name. Although it is pretty high up on the list in the United States, it is even higher on the Norway list, ranking at number 2 in 2015.

There are a lot of Noras all over the world, but one of the most popular appears on American Horror Story frequently. Little girls with this name, according to Behind The Name, are meant to be leaders and are bound to be CEOs and owning their own companies when they are old enough to do so.

9 Kiera: The Dark One


Not many names have a dark meaning, but this Irish name happens to mean “little dark one,” according to Nameberry.

This isn’t a bad thing, though; it doesn’t make girls with the name Kiera bad people, it makes them active girls who are overcoming the stigma that comes with the name.

Names come into popularity in the United States at different times, and this one happened to start becoming popular in 1988. The most popular namesake is Kiera Knightly, who starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. It’s important that little girls know their namesakes because it gives them someone to look up to. Every little girl loves to meet others with their name.

8 Kiana Has No Meaning?


This is an exciting name overall. It is used in certain ethnicities—specifically African-American—more than others. But Kiana is indeed used by others as well. Most of the other names on this list have had a specific meaning, but this name is such a modern name that nobody is aware of any significance, as reported by Nameberry.

According to the ranking system, Kiana comes in at number 939 in 2017. Namesake Kiana Brown is known for her appearance on the MTV show Scream. Everybody can get their chance to be famous if they work hard and believe in themselves.

7 Melina Is A Little Honey


The name Melina makes many think of a Mexican heritage, but this name—believe it or not—is Greek, according to Nameberry. It just missed the top 500 ranks this year and means “little honey.”

Whether that means honey as in person or sweet as honey, we will never know. Melina fluctuates in and out of popularity; a few years back, it was known for its namesake, WWE Diva Melina. She could indeed be described as a “little honey,” as shown by her well known split entrance into the ring. This name wasn’t only popular from wrestling, though, as it has been seen on the big screen on more than one occasion.

6 Leyla: Dark Night


This Arabic name also has a dark meaning and is an underdog when it comes to popular titles. According to Oh Baby Names, it means “night” or “nocturnal,” and it ensures that any little girl sporting this name will be a night owl.

Girls named Leyla are labeled with characteristics like independent, ambitious and strong-willed. This name flies under the radar because it isn’t that common.

It ranked 623, but not because it isn’t popular; this version of the name didn’t come into play until 2005. Although it is an exciting version of the name, it has appeared on the big screen many times.

5 Mila: That 70s Name?


Most names derive from one place or another. According to Nameberry, Mila comes from many places in and around England. The name is the most common in Russia and ranked number 30 on the popularity list.

Some names don’t have famous namesakes, but this one happens to have none other than That 70’s Show actress Mila Kunis. She may not be so remembered from that these days, but that’s where she got her start, and little girls everywhere with her name will look up to her. Other than Kunis, there aren’t that many Mila’s out there, so there is plenty of room for little girls to make a name for themselves.

4 Nova Lee Rolls Off The Tongue


This name makes all of the others jealous because of its astronomy background. A Nova is a star that lets off huge bursts of energy from time to time.

If that doesn’t describe a little girl all too well, then what does? The actual meaning of this Latin name is new, which makes it perfect for a brand-new little girl, according to Nameberry.

Nova pertains to a few on-screen names here and there, but one millennials will know well is the name given to Teen Mom stars Tyler and Catelynn. They named their second daughter together Nova Lee, and it suits her perfectly.

3 Raquel: Spanish For Rachel


Some names are similar in sound and spelling. The baby girl name Rachel was popular in the United States for a long time before Raquel came into the mix. This is also a girl name used in more than one culture, including Catalonia, Galicia, Portugal, Spain and even in the United States.

Raquel is the Spanish version of Rachel, which is why the two are so similar. A girl with this name is sure to be able to do anything, including earning gold and silver medals as their namesakes did in volleyball and swimming! In the U.S., the name ranks in the 800’s, but it is much more popular in Spain, according to Behind The Name.

2 Grey’s Anatomy Go-Round


There are some names out in the world that don’t roll of the tongue like others and don’t seem as prevalent. Addison is one of those names, but it remains popular without most of us knowing it. The popularity on this one started low and slowly rose until its perch this year on the top 50 list.

This year, the name reached number 34 in the United States, according to Nameberry. The namesake here falls under the very popular Addison Montgomery, who stars in both Grey’s Anatomy as well as Private Practice.

A little girl with this name can look at her namesake and realize what it’s like to be a doctor on the big screen.

1 Maryse: A True Diva


There are many meanings of this name, but the most fitting for a baby girl is “wished for child,” as described in Baby Name Wizard. Some women out there don’t fit well as a role model for little girls who have the same name as them, because they seem so perfect that it’s unrealistic for our little ones to live up to them.

A famous namesake here is WWE Diva Maryse. Not only is she known as the blonde bombshell, but she doesn’t portray herself as perfect. She prides herself on working out regularly, eating right and everything that helped her become who she is today. She lets everyone know that she worked for it and is perfect for your little Maryse to look up to.

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