20 Truths Only Moms Of Boys Will Understand

Boy moms and girl moms face totally different obstacles and hardships -- even from day one. They say there's even a difference in the pregnancies, though no one can really prove that.

To be completely honest, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I first found out I was going to be a boy mom. I know that sounds awful, but it's the truth! I was certain I was going to have a girl and when I found out I was having a boy, I felt totally overwhelmed and unprepared. Now I couldn't be happier and I truly mean that. I hope I only have boys!

They're hilarious, uncomplicated, energetic, and just so much fun to be around. Plus, there's nothing like a mama's boy.

That's not to say it's all peachy keen. Boys give you a run for your money, that's for sure. Most of them are completely wild! I do think my son is a little crazier than most, but it seems to be a trend among little boys. The house is never quiet, and it's certainly never completely clean, but boy mom's hearts are always full. They toughen us up, teach us empathy for men, and keep us on our toes.

Let's take a look at 20 truths only moms of boys will understand.

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Boy Mom Truths
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20 Don't Buy Anything Nice

Boy Mom Truths
via sallyzblog.blogspot.com

Don't do it, it's not worth it. They WILL break it. This was a hard truth to swallow when my son first started... well, being a boy. There are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, it seems boys and destruction go hand-in-hand.

Take a page out of this mom's book (pictured above), and incorporate a kids area in any rooms that you'll be spending extended periods of time in.

If your boys are crazy like mine, they'll probably completely ignore that area of the room 9 out of 10 times, but it's still worth a shot. One thing is for sure - don't leave anything valuable within reach. Say goodbye to your wax warmers for a couple of years.

19 Relating With Girl Moms Is Hard

Boy Mom Truths
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Have you ever had a play date with a girl mom with a daughter around the same age as your son? Watching them play together makes it glaringly obvious that they're totally different.

The little girl will be playing sweetly; she might get frustrated or upset with something a time or two, but it's nothing like your boy.

He'll probably be screaming from excitement at least a third of the time, throwing toys and laughing like a maniac. Beyond that, having a conversation with the mom is interesting, to say the least. How do you relate to someone who doesn't have a crazy little boy breaking everything in their house all the time?

18 You Know That Silence Is Never A Good Thing

Boy Mom Truths
via dailymail.co.uk

This is true for boys and girls alike, but it seems to be twice as worse with boys given their destructive nature. My parents have told me about the times they've walked in on me doing something horrible as a toddler. One time it was a dollhouse and the contents of my diaper. Another time I pulled all of the tape out of their cassettes.

All I can think is that I would do anything for the stories of my son to be so infrequent. It's not an "every-now-and-then" occurrence in my house, and I don't even leave him in separate rooms by himself. If I'm washing the dishes, he'll find the one or two spots I can't see from the sink, and it's on.

17 Daddy Is For Fun, Mommy Is For Cuddles

Via Clikcin Moms

Why does it typically work out this way? It makes sense, but it's still frustrating as a mother. Most of the time we're seen as the caregivers. No matter how much fun we have with our kids, it's not the same as when Daddy does it. If they need more milk or water, they'll go out of their way to track us down to ask. Never mind the fact that they were just in the kitchen with Daddy next to the fridge. *Sigh*

They're Mama's boys for sure, but let's be real - mostly for comfort and snacks. If they want to play, it's Daddy time.

16 Everything Can Be Climbed

Boy Mom Truths
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Everything --I mean EVERYTHING-- can be climbed. At least, in the eyes of young boys, nothing is safe! Tables, chairs, bookshelves, cribs, boxes, couches, toy boxes, you name it, they'll attempt to climb it. Let's just say you'll be kissing lots of boo-boos.

I'm not exaggerating - My son is 20 months old, and at the moment, I spend about a third of my day either saying "don't climb on that!" or running to pull him down off of something.

I put up the baby gate so he won't be tempted to climb the shelf in the kitchen, and he'll just climb over the couch to the end table and try to flop over the other side to get to the kitchen. I can handle the yelling, the throwing things and the picking of noses. But the climbing is extremely frustrating. How much more can I handle before I have a heart attack?

15 Telling Them 'No' Just Makes Them Try Harder

Boy Mom Truths
via nymag.com

Have you ever tried telling a stubborn boy 'no'? Yeah, it's not effective. At all.

All it does is make them strive harder for what they want. This is particularly true for younger boys. It's virtually impossible to get them to listen some days. As frustrating as it is, it's part of their development.

Distance = More time to get away with whatever they're doing.

They're testing you to see how far they can go. If you're on the other side of the room and they're doing something bad (probably climbing), they typically won't just get down because you ask them to. No no, it doesn't work that way.

14 Your House Is Never Quiet

Via Pinterest

Quiet? What is that? Boys are loud with a capital "L". Seriously, the only time it's quiet in my house is when my son finally falls asleep. Every waking moment is full of crashes and yelling.

Boys don't just yell when they're frustrated or upset. I honestly can't even tell you why my son is yelling sometimes. He just does it! He'll walk around trying out different techniques to see just how loud he can get.

Even though it's migraine-inducing, it's fun. They're so excitable! I feel like jump scares don't work on me anymore because he keeps me on my toes.

13 Bugs Are Beyond Cool

Boy Mom Truths

Like, REALLY cool. By the time your kid is going to middle school, you'll know everything you could ever want to know about bugs (plus a whole lot that you could have gone without). Most boy moms become desensitized to the sight of bugs, except for maybe spiders and roaches.

But you'll have held your fair share of grasshoppers, beetles, and worms. I don't understand their fascination with them, but I'll always humor them. It's nice to see them interested in something other than boogers and cars.

Plus, have you seen all the cool bug-themed activities on Pinterest? You can make it fun for you too.

12 Hearing Things Being Smashed Is A Regular Occurrence

Boy Mom Truths
via theconversation.com

Along with all of the yelling that boy moms hear on a daily basis, hearing things being broken is a common occurrence as well.

It doesn't matter how old they are, boys will find trouble. You have to love their spirit, though. It all comes from a place of curiosity and wonder.

Boys are usually natural risk-takers, and before their old enough to go rock climbing and bungee jumping, you can bet they'll find other sources of adrenaline. Like, say, I don't know... Breaking mom's good plates, or tearing the arms off of their sister's dolls. It's hard to be mad when they're so adorable.

11 Their Energy Knows No Bounds

Boy Mom Truths
via theodysseyonline.com

Boys are full of energy. Just when you think they may be getting close to getting tuckered out, they'll have another surge of energy and start running around in circles, dancing, jumping, yelling, you name it. In fact, as we speak, my son has a plastic bucket on his head, and he's jumping from one end of the couch to the other. I'm not joking.

Even better, I know in about five minutes he'll grow tired of that, sit down and quietly watch seven minutes of television and then suddenly jump up and do it all over again. Hey, at least he's entertaining himself.

10 Boredom Leads To Mischief

Boy Mom Truths
via his-girl-friday.com

For the love of God, please don't let them get bored. As soon as you allow it to happen, they'll go looking for something to get into. If I could give one tip to another mom expecting a baby boy, that would be it.

Keeping them entertained the entire day is exhausting, but it's the only way to keep them from breaking things or making a huge mess. Basically, my day consists of a string of different activities, and I try to squeeze in work, cleaning, and anything else in between while my son is preoccupied with the task I've given him. Is it 100% effective? No. But it's the only way I can keep things moving semi-smoothly.

9 You WILL Have A Hospital Visit At Some Point

We've established that boys are crazy, right? Well going to the hospital is practically a given for most boy moms, especially those with little firecrackers like my son.

Thankfully, I haven't personally had to deal with any stitches or broken bones yet, but I know it's in my future. The older they get, the less they're in our care, and the more likely it is that they'll do something dangerous and come home banged up and bruised.

If you're a worry wart like me, it's definitely something that takes some time getting used to. To be honest, I don't know that parents ever stop worrying - we just learn how to cope with it.

8 You Change Bedsheets Way Too Often

Boy Mom Truths
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When baby boys are still in diapers, sometimes it's not enough. I buy the ultra-absorbent, hardcore expensive diapers, and it's still not enough to keep my son's bedsheets dry for an entire week. I always end up washing them 2 to 3 times each week. While they're sleeping, things move around and have the potential to leak from different spots, if you catch my drift. I've never had that problem while watching girls.

Not to mention, boys are far more likely to wet the bed even after being successfully potty trained. And yes, it can last years. Don't get me started on the crumbs and miscellaneous stains.

7 They Are Always Dirty

Boy Mom Truths
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No matter how careful you are, boys get ridiculously dirty. It doesn't matter if I put a bib on my son, feed him myself, and hide all of the markers and snacks in my house; he will get dirty by 11am. It's just the way it works. It's almost impressive, really. I don't know how they manage to get so filthy despite your best efforts, but it's almost like a sport to them.

Every boy mom will inevitably hit a point where she just doesn't try anymore. "Forget it. Today, go for it!"

I usually feel that way at least two days out of the week. I mean, honestly. Is it worth chasing them around with wet rags every 30 minutes? Some days, the answer is a strong, "no."

6 You Have To Seriously Tire Them Out

Boy Mom Truths
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Every boy mom knows - you've got to tire them out during the day if you want any rest at night. Take them to the park, let them play in the sprinkler outside, anything! Let them run a few laps around the house for God's sake.

Boys can't sit still when they're young. It's as if it's completely unbearable. They'll be sure to let you know when they're bored, too. Some common signs include whining, chasing your pets, coloring on the walls, and throwing things.

It all works out, though. You let them run around free outside for a little bit, and it keeps them from destroying the living room. You're welcome.

5 They Don't Get In Trouble, They LOOK For It

Boy Mom Truths
via howtobesupermom.com

Boys don't just find themselves in bad situations. They seek it out. From the moment my son wakes up, until the time he finally falls asleep, he's either getting into something he shouldn't be or looking for something to get into. I'm not exaggerating!

Every room in my house has toys lined against the walls, activity boxes, sensory play stations -- the whole nine yards. Does he play with any of it? Of course not! Don't be silly.

The moment his little feet touch the ground, he's off! He digs through my craft drawers, knocks the trash can down, tries to eat dog food, drags the pots and pans out of the cabinet, etc. Unless I sit down to play with some of his toys with him, they go untouched about 98 percent of the time.

4 If They Can't Figure Something Out, Cover Your Ears

Via Odyssey

Boys are notorious for crying and screaming when they're frustrated. Every child is in the process of learning how to handle their emotions, but boys are...well, they're boys. Girls may cry a bit, or ask for help.

I've taken a lot of hits, and I know how to give a hug during it.

The majority of boys will break out into tears. My son typically throws whatever toy he's having trouble with at me. Because of this, boy moms are really good at calming down a tiny human that's thrashing around and dealing with emotions bigger than they can understand.

3 They're Always Hungry

Via: Morton's Grove

All kids are capable of eating you out of house and home, but there's something different about boys. They can eat all day long and still be hungry. It's insanity!

If you find out you're pregnant with a boy, forget saving for college. You better start saving for grocery money to even raise them up to college age. Every day my son wakes up, he eats breakfast, an after breakfast snack, and pre-lunch snack, lunch, after lunch snack, pre-nap snack... You get the idea.

I don't know how we'll manage throughout the rest of his childhood, but I know a hungry kid is a growing one, and we'll figure it out somehow.

2 Air Freshener Is Always On The Grocery List

Boy Mom Truths
via sterishoe.com

Boys are stinky, point blank, period. I first realized this when my son's feet started stinking. He wasn't even walking yet, and didn't wear shoes or socks! And from what I can tell, it only gets worse with time. I'm really not ready for when the hormones kick in. I'll really need to buy extra strong air freshener, detergent, and soap.

Have you ever smelled a boy's room when it hasn't been cleaned in a week or two? It's bad. Ask any boy mom with a child over the age of 7 and she'll tell you the same thing.

1 Don't Bother Dressing Them Nice

Via: Pinterest

Really, there's no point in trying to dress them nice. I try to avoid formal events all together until my son's a little older, simply because it's so hard trying to keep him clean for the entire event. And if I let him run around looking like a mess, I run the risk of getting judged by other people there. That all just sounds like way more effort than I'm willing to put in.

In all seriousness though, I stopped forcing my son to wear super cute outfits every day when he was about one year old. He's more comfortable in a t-shirt and some shorts, and I cringe less when I see him spill drinks and food all over himself now. Win, win!

Reference: This one mom's experience.

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