20 Tiny Homes That Are Kid-Friendly

Tiny home living has quickly become a trend amongst people who are looking to own property but don’t want to be bogged down by having to live in and clean a huge home. This popular way of living has friends and family questioning how sane it is, how livable it actually is, and most importantly, how accommodating it will be when it’s time to raise a family.

What most people don't realize is that tiny homes are really only tiny in name. They actually have a great amount of space IF you know what to do with it. The key to tiny living is building up — not out. This is why you will find a lot of rooms that look like they are in an attic or have very limited space above the head.

Tiny living can be just as profitable as owning a home, people who own a home have equity and can draw money from that home, but people who live in tiny homes can easily afford a better way of life because their bills are less and the maintenance is less. Not to mention in some cases it forces people to get out and explore with their family and ultimately have kids who are more well-rounded, well-versed, and see the world as their playground as opposed to a Fisher-Price toy they will toss within a few weeks.

20 Can Someone Sleep Up There?

This is definitely the ultimate way to maximize space. When living in a small place, there is really never going to be enough room but when you add a kid into the mix, you have to get creative. 

I love that it has everything that anyone will need; a kitchen, a bed, a pseudo stove — but I have to ask, is someone actually able to sleep up there? This has to be a child's bed because it's barely there and so small. However, I would love to see what the rest of the home looks like. If it is this creative in one picture there must be much more.

19 All That Space To Explore

Who says tiny homes have no space? Look at all the beautiful land surrounding this tiny home! Let’s be honest, this is as kids-friendly that it will ever get. All kids need for fun is an imagination and a space to explore that imagination. A wooded backyard is perfect for that. When you really think about it, kids get all these toys and they end up having way more fun playing with a stick or a cardboard box. The parents even set up a little porch for themselves to watch their kids play as they relax with a cup of coffee. What more can a child need?

18 This One's For The Girls

Having kids can be hard. They need their space and they need it to be comfortable. Having a space like this in a tiny home is ideal, though. They have their privacy, it’s big enough for two (or four, if I'm being honest), and it’s kind of away from everything else. Luckily, the space is long and can fit a desk that they can both use. The way the room is designed is perfect the beds are lifted off the floor, they made the space look bigger by adding a carpet that opens the floor plan up.

I have to assume that there are two very happy girls sharing this place.

17 Kid’s Room

This is certainly maximizing a small space. Their kids probably don’t even know that their beds are not regular size and their room is on the smaller end because, in addition to it being all they know, it looks so cool. The parents have set up the kids room so perfectly; they have closet space and the room even has a bit of a beach feel to it.

Not going to lie, I would love to have a room that looks this relaxing and peaceful. I only have one question, though: what is going to happen to those bunk-beds when the kids get older?

16 A Nursery To Die For

Now, this is what you do in a tiny home when you have a baby on the way. They set up a super cute baby crib in what used to be a closet space. I'll admit it won’t last long (kids grow quickly), however, it is smart to make use of what they have at the moment. The mother had to sacrifice her closet but for her baby but, it’s no sweat off her back. I would be curious to see where this room goes as the baby gets older. It may be safe to say that they will continue to make d0 with what they have because they refused to abandon their small space when they initially found out they were expecting.

15 600-Sq. Ft. And A Baby

via Pinterest

A Murphy bed is the best way to maximize space. It leaves the room with enough space to spread out this adorable little boy's toys. The fact that he is helping mommy put the bed up after a good night's sleep is making my ovaries perk up.

This house is indeed 600-sq. ft. and we can only assume it's a bachelor or loft style home hence the Murphy bed. They have definitely made is kid friendly just by putting the bed up every day. (Trust me, it's easier to leave it down and keep it moving.) As accommodating as they are trying to be, that mini fridge in the corner is not going to last long with a baby in the house.

14 A Modern Loft

It seems as though someone has made an individual and beautiful space for their child in a small area. Everything is in one area for them, the bed on top, and the cute desk/dresser underneath as if they are preparing for business of school. It looks elegant and classy. Many people assume that a small space will look cluttered and messy, but this space is actually quite zen. Look at the cute plant in the corner! It's as if this little space is the kid’s own tranquil area. They can lay with their head on the pillow and daydream under their bed.

13 A little Place To Play

Every kid needs a place to play; if not, their play area spills into everything else. These parents were smart about leaving a good little space for their kid to set up shop and go to town. It’s not huge but it’s enough for them to spread out a bit and not end up playing in other places of this tiny home. There simply isn’t room for them to not have a small play area for their child. The fact that they were able to keep it close to the bed is perfect. The tall ceilings, in this case, helped a lot seeing as they were able to build up and not out.

12 This Is How You Get Homework Done

I have to admit, I would love a loft-looking space like this one. I'm even curious to see what the rest of the home looks like because this design is so clever. The best thing that someone can do in a tiny space is build up. Tiny homes normally stand pretty high. It was awesome that they were able to put a bookcase under the bed and a rug and pillows for him to hang out on and be creative. It should be easy to get homework done under a peaceful space like this one. He even has room for his cat! Awww.

11 Three For The Price Of One

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Three people might be a bit much in one space, but I can appreciate the effort. It’s clear to see that this space is small but the fact that they got three beds in the room is honestly the most shocking thing about this room. Of course, they have to make room for a desk, which I can’t fault. It’s a bit much but it’s doable, and like we say in a tiny home: you have to make things work. Tiny living is a lifestyle, it’s not necessarily about money. How does the desk schedule workout though? Who uses it? When and why? I see some paints laid out, so I'm a bit worried about the all-white room.

10 It’s Getting There

This tiny apartment is a struggle bucket but I must say the parent of this child has sacrificed a lot just to make sure this little girl can live in an apartment that accommodates her. Her toys take up a majority of the floor and she even built a block fort around herself as she sleeps on a makeshift bed as opposed to her real bed, just a few short feet away. She even has a princess tent set up. If this isn’t the ultimate kid-friendly room, then what is? I can safely assume that mom and dad are living for this little one right here.

9 Jealous Much?

Why can’t our tiny home look this good? The stairs leading up to the bed, the cute deer head hanging over the bed like she went out and hunted herself her own little baby deer... I'm not sure if we should say aww or be afraid of how good she is with a weapon. Regardless, this looks like a cozy space that anyone would love to have. The words of inspiration on the staircase is something that everyone needs in their life. What a way to utilize what looks like was a former nook. There is even a window to let a little bit of light in her life!

8 The Clutter Is Real

The only good thing about the clutter in this tiny home is that it’s all for baby. The parents have completely given up their space and peace of mind in order to accommodate their child. There is no denying that kids need a lot of things to survive, and it looks like dad is just trying to survive as he plays video games from his small couch that is doubling as a bed. They have tried to make the most of the space they have. They have added flowers to liven up the room and bring a sense of hominess to their small area.

7 Labeled Drawers

What a cute idea this is; labeling the drawers for the kids so they can be more organized. I know that this would never work for me because as soon as I hear the word organize, I assume it means to throw my clothes on the floor in a panic as I run late getting to work in the morning. This could be a way that the parents force the kids to appreciate the small space and to keep it as clean as possible. I don’t blame them, there is nothing like a dirty small space. You would literally have nowhere to walk.

6 This Should Keep Them From Writing On The Walls

Don’t want your kid writing on the walls but are worried about how boredom will affect them after you move into a smaller space? (This is a totally legit fear.) This chalkboard wall isn’t a unique invention but it sure has saved a lot of parents and kept a few dollars in their pocket. Imagine having to repaint all the walls in your tiny home because your kid was bored and decided it was time to experiment with color using the big canvas. Space is clearly limited in this house so every inch counts. An idea like this is clever when having to keep a child occupied in a home.

5 A Playroom To Die For

This playroom has something for everyone. In addition to it acting as a bedroom for the kids, it is also the room where they can feel comfortable hanging out in. The parents have set this up in a such a way that it looks like something that everyone would be jealous of. Even though the home is small, it is accommodating and all about the kids. A bookshelf, two hanging swings, and room for everyone’s individual toys. This is creativity at its best. There is even a door that we can only assume is meant to divide the girl's space from the boys when is it bedtime.

4 Is That You, Tinker Bell?

via today.com

My word! This basement was turned into a fairytale den complete with real wood. Can you imagine coming up with an idea like this for your kids to romp around in all because your home is lacking space? You can’t have them invading your space as they loudly use their imagination to play with their toys. This option seems like the best thing to do. They even bought a costume for the little girl to be able to truly play out her fantasy for being a Tinker Bell-type character. This looks like something straight out of The Secret Garden and I am here for it... Can I come over sometime?

3 How Cute Is This?

via Amara

A bedroom at the very top of a small home is always going to be limited space and sometimes even cramped. However, this family has managed to find the perfect sized bed for their kid to sleep in (until they start to grow like a weed that is). A great place to find smaller sized furniture is a place that is meant for apartment living.

Let’s be real, living in a small space is basically like living in an apartment only it might be cheaper and you own the small space (usually). This photo proves that downsizing does not necessarily mean that you cannot accommodate children even as they grow.

2 Sharing A Room With A Baby

According to Today’s Parent, this is the partial set up of a room that parents share with their baby. It looks as though they gave the baby one half of the room while they occupy the other half. Babies have a lot of things—especially clothes—because friends and family can’t resist buying those adorable outfits.

This clever use of wood as a place to hang up the clothes gives this tiny home a rustic look, while the white gives it a clean look. Therefore, it’s hard to trash on the fact that the parents share their room with a baby. Everything looks so fresh, elegant, and clean which is hard to maintain in a tiny space.

1 School Bus And A Kid

This family converted an old school bus into a home. They are not the first to do so and I can guarantee they won’t be the last. However, this is one of the best conversions I have seen over the years. Looking at the inside of this bus, no one would ever assume this family is living in a tiny school bus — especially with a kid. Regardless, they have managed to make it work and make it kid-friendly. As you can see a glimpse in the background shows an area that could be leading to the little’s girl’s room. Soft colors and crisp light. Looks like a good beginning.

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