20 Times Parents Had To Bail Their Kids Out Of The Most Hilarious Situations

Every parent has their own stories of the ridiculous things their kids have done and the dicey situations they have had to bail them out of. For some reason, kids think that mom and dad don’t know best, so they’re prone to do everything and anything, even if you tell them 100 times not to. Plus, age doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, since kids can do crazy things whether they are six or sixteen.

These stories are all from moms who’ve had to go to great lengths to bail their kid out of a sticky situation. From kids who did seriously mind-boggling things in the heat of the moment to those who openly defied their parent’s wishes or advice, these kids all had to learn their lessons the hard way. Age really doesn’t seem to make a difference, considering these moms have had trouble with their toddlers and their teens... and in some cases even adults! We guess this is proof that you should always expect the unexpected when it comes to child rearing.

Read on to hear some hilarious parenting stories and how these moms handled things that will make you want to give them a pat on the back. Would you go to these sort of lengths to bail your kid out of a cringey moment?

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20 The Kid With Sticky Hands

Laurel* learned the hard way that you should always keep an eye on your kiddo while shopping- or else. She shared with us:

A couple years ago, I was walking out of Target with my 5-year old when the sensors went off. We hadn’t purchased anything, so the security man asked to search my purse and jacket. We eventually figured out it was my daughter setting off the sensors, which led us to discover she had been SHOPLIFTING things in her pants!

Evidently, she had seen on The Rugrats that the babies put things in their diapers to carry them, since they don’t have pockets. She thought that was an okay thing to do, so she put everything she wanted at Target into her pants/ underwear. The worst thing was the manager thought that I was the one who forced her to do it, and that we were trying to shoplift the products. They called the police and had to explain the ridiculous reason my daughter was doing it, but luckily no one pressed charges!

19 The Fake Frenchman

Man and woman in a bar

Perhaps Kelsey* regrets not teaching her children French after her son put her in this awkward yet hilarious situation!

I speak French, but none of my kids do. But my son thought it was a great idea to tell a girl that he was bilingual just so he could impress her enough to take her on a date. It turns out the girl also spoke a little bit of French, which he didn’t realize until they were on the date. Long story short- my son kept texting me every few minutes to ask me to translate phrases for him. Surprisingly, there was no second date.”

18 The Suspicious Video

Marnie* must have been fuming when she got a call from her son’s school and thought he was in some very deep trouble.

My son thought he would be cool if he pretended to be doing [illicit substances] on the Internet. He took a bag of sugar to school and pretended to be [taking] it in a Snapchat video he sent to his friends.

I didn’t realize what he was doing until I got a call from his Principal- several of his friends told their teachers what they had seen, thinking he was on something while at school. I had to come to his defense and explain that it was only sugar, which took a surprising amount of time to convince the teachers of.

Let’s just say he doesn’t have social media anymore.”

17 The Fishy Situation

Huffington Post

Deanna* went to great lengths to cover up what her son had done when he was arguing with his twin brother.

“One day, my 8-year old twins were arguing over a toy or something like that. In the heat of the moment, the older twin flushed our pet fish down the toilet. I didn’t even realize until he came to me holding the empty bowl, telling me what he’d done. He told me it was to 'get back' at his brother.

I knew how upset my other son would be over this, so I got called my mom and told her to quickly get a new goldfish. She brought it to the house before my son realize the old one was gone, and I got his brother to promise never to tell him the truth. They’re 16 now, and none the wiser!

16 The Budding Artist

Shelby* thought she had the evening free while her son was at a sleepover, but one phone call quickly ruined that plan.

My son was 8 when he went to his first sleep over at a classmate’s. I knew his parents from the school community, but otherwise didn’t know them well. I thought everything was going fine until I get a hysterical call from his mom around midnight who says the boys have covered their entire wall in Sharpie.

I didn’t fully realize what happened until I came to pick my son up. He and his friend had covered the boy’s bedroom walls entirely in black Sharpie. His mom was already trying to get the drawings off, but it wasn’t working. I quickly got my son out of there because the other mom was so furious, but we ended up splitting the cost for them to get the room re-painted (since my son admitted it was his bright idea).”

15 One Boy, Two Girlfriends

via pinterest.com

Carmen* doesn’t sound impressed that her son had two girlfriends… since it put her in the most awkward situation imaginable!

My son was in a relationship with another girl when he met his current girlfriend. He didn’t break up with his girlfriend before dating the other girl, which put me in an awkward position when his current GF showed up at our house asking for him… and he had the other girl over!

I ended up lying for him, saying that he was out with friends and would call her later. I felt horrible (since I really like the girl), so I went upstairs after and told him he had to break up with her if he wanted the new girl to be allowed around the house. He broke up with her that night.”

14 The Kids Who Went Chicken

via youtube.com

Meghan probably thought her kids couldn’t get up to much trouble on their huge property. But evidently chickens are something to watch out for!

We live on a big acreage next door to a couple that owns a farm with a lot of different animals. My kids usually play outdoors on their own, and one day they ventured onto our neighbour’s property. One of them thought it would be fun to play ‘Chase the Chicken’- so, release the chickens from their coop and try to catch them and put them back.

The kids did just that, but soon realized catching chickens isn’t as easy as it sounds. When even I couldn’t wrangle all the chickens up, I had to fess up to the neighbours what had happened. They weren’t able to get all the chickens back into the coop- one of them was eaten by a coyote the next day.

13 The Hair Dye Story

Joanna* stepped in and saved the day when it came to her daughter’s huge beauty fail only hours before her school’s dance.

It was the day of my 13-year old daughter’s first high school dance. For weeks, she’d been begging me to let her dye her hair pink, but I thought she was still a bit too young. But evidently she didn’t agree because she bought drugstore hair dye after school and then locked herself in the bathroom to try and apply it.

I didn’t realize what she was doing until she started screaming, and I found out that her hair had turned green not pink (and not even a cute shade of green). The dance was only a few hours away, so I rushed to the nearest salon and dished out over $200 to have the colour fixed. I don’t think she’s tried dying her hair since.”

12 The House Party Gone Wrong

via theguardian.com

Chloe* knew that her daughter house sitting was a bad idea… she just didn’t know how bad until it was too late!

My daughter had just graduated high school and was in the middle of her wild streak whens he was asked by a family friend to house sit for them. Two nights into it, I got a frantic call from her at 2am saying a party she was throwing was out of control, and she didn’t know what to do.

I drove 40 minutes in my Christmas pyjamas to yell at a bunch of teenagers to leave the house. We spent the next day cleaning the entire house together because she wouldn’t have been able to finish it in time before they came home. The only condition was that she never house sits again.”

11 The Kid Who Just Wanted Her Drink

via instagram.com

Any parent knows dining with toddlers can be a struggle, but we doubt anything could have prepared Lydia* for this mess.

When my daughter was 4, she went through a phase where she was obsessed with Shirley Temples. One day, we went to a restaurant and the server unfortunately told us they didn’t know how to make one. However, my daughter refused to accept that she had to choose another drink. She started screaming and crying in the middle of the crowded room. It climaxed when she threw two water glasses off the table, which landed directly on the waiter. We ended up leaving without waiting for our main course.

10 The Cheeky Situation

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Like many parents, Rachel* used to always argue with her teenage daughter over her clothing choices. That is, until her teen had to learn things the hard way.

When my daughter was in her teens, we always would fight about what she was wearing… until one day. I got a call at work from her while she was at school. She told me she’d worn a thong with her mini skirt that morning, but regretted it big time when she tripped down the stairs and revealed everything to her classmates. She begged me to come pick her up because she was so embarrassed, but I only brought her a change of clothes that would be more appropriate.”

9 The Future Fashion Designers

Via: Westbury Arts Centre

Ashleigh* was definitely caught by surprise when her daughters went from painting canvases to people’s clothing!

My sister was getting married, so we had family from out of town staying at our place for the weekend. My daughters had gotten a set of paints the week previous, and were into painting everything and anything.

I was really stressed with all of the wedding prep, so one day I told them to go find something to paint to keep them occupied. Previously, I’d allowed the girls to paint some of my old t-shirts that I didn’t wear anymore. Some Great Aunt’s clothing was in the laundry, and the kids mistook it for mine. They ended up painting 4 of her shirts- including the one she was going to wear to the wedding!

It was the most embarrassing thing ever. I had to pay for my aunt’s clothes to get dry cleaned (though it didn’t help the stains), and for a new wedding outfit.”

8 The 5-year Old Hairdresser

via youtube.com

Letting your kid cut their own hair is disastrous enough. So, imagine Candace’s* shock when she learned her daughter had given her little sister a new look.

My daughters were 5 and 3. They were playing in the living room while I was making dinner in the kitchen. ‘Mommy, come see’ was all I heard from my eldest before my jaw dropped. She gave her little sister a haircut, which meant all of her curly blonde hair was chopped off. She had little more than a buzz cut. What was hilarious was that her sister was so proud of her hairdressing skills, and honestly the little one didn’t seem to mind her new ‘do. It was just awkward explaining what happened to anyone who asked what was up with my daughter’s haircut.”

7 The Kid Who Knew What He Wanted

via blogspot.com

All moms know how tough it can be to quit breast-feeding. But Shannon* had an especially embarrassing experience when her son did this.

I didn’t stop breast feeding my son until he was 4, and it was very, very hard to get him off the boob. One time, right after I’d stopped, we were shopping in a Sears. My son started begging my for ‘boobie milk,’ to which I calmly explained again that we’re not doing that anymore.

I guess I should have been suspicious when he didn’t continue to insist. Evidently he walked up to another woman in the store and began asking her for ‘boobie milk.’ The lady was kind enough to help him find me and then explain what he’d been asking for without making me feel completely mortified.”

6 The Kids Who Outgrew The Playground

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Trisha* didn’t think something as harmless as a children’s swing could pose a danger to her children.

My daughters were 12 and 10, and I would often let them play at the park beside our house with my permission (I could see the park from our kitchen window). We’d never had a problem, until one day my eldest comes home without her sister and says she got her stuck in the baby swing.

Sure enough, I go out to see what’s happened, and my 10-year old is stuck in the swing. Even I wasn’t able to help her get out, so we ended up having to call the fire department, who had to cut the swing in half. No playground after that.

5 The Bad Poolside Behavior

Nicole* must have been absolutely mortified when her daughter decided to do the unthinkable while at the swimming pool.

We take the kids regularly to the outdoor pool in the summer. One day my daughter, who was 6, observed a teen boy trying to take the bikini top off of a teen girl. Evidently, she thought this is how people have fun at the pool, because she went over to a middle age woman and started taking her bikini top off. The other pool-goers got a good look at the woman’s privates before I was able to drag my daughter off of her… who then started crying and screaming because the lady didn’t want to “play” with her.

4 The Runaway Couple

via instagram.com

Jodie* didn’t seem too worried when her daughter tried running away with her boyfriend. That is, until they experienced car trouble.

My daughter had a boyfriend for 2 years who we absolutely hated. He never treated her properly and was into all sorts of sketchy stuff.

One day, after we had a big fight with her about seeing him, she ended up running away with him with only a backpack between the two of them. We knew they wouldn’t get too far because they didn’t have much money. So, I wasn’t surprised when my daughter called the next day asking me to pick her up.

It turns out they’d gotten a flat tire, and didn’t have enough cash for a tow truck or repair it. I paid to have the car fixed and told her BF to stay the hell away from my daughter, which was surprisingly effective.”

3 The Kid Who Cut Her Own Bangs

via blogspot.com

Jordanna proved she’d the best mom ever when she went above and beyond to ensure her daughter looked and felt beautiful on picture day.

It was picture day at my daughter’s school. She was convinced her hair just wasn’t right, so she took a pair of scissors to them at her school’s washroom to fix them. It wasn’t long before she realized the mistake she made, and that she only had 30 mins before her photos. She called me crying, and I bolted to the school with a thick hairband to hide the bangs she’d poorly cut. I quickly fixed her hair with the headband so you couldn’t even tell she’d cut it. Mom saved the day!

2 The Kid Who Needs Potty Training

Via: Mommy Shots

While Hannah* though her daughter would be okay baby-sitting a family friend, it turns out they both got more than they bargained for.

During one of my daughter’s first baby-sitting jobs, she called me hysterical saying she didn’t know what to do. The 3-year old had locked herself in the bathroom, but was asking my daughter to come inside to help her wipe her bottom (she wasn’t full potty trained), although she was also refusing to open the door. After 15 minutes of me trying to negotiate with the toddler on the phone, I ended up calling her mom who told me this isn’t the first time this happened to one of their baby sitter’s.

1 The Kid Who Really Likes Spicy Food

via dailymail.co.uk

Jenna* and her family probably couldn’t believe their taste buds when they bit into her son’s spicy creation.

When he was really young, my son was obsessed with chilli powder and would ask to put it in everything. We were having our extended family over for a formal dinner, and I was making a yellow curry. My son came into the kitchen begging me to let him add his favourite spice, but I told him the curry was spicy enough without it.

Little did I know that, when I left the kitchen, he sneakily put a HUGE serving of the chilli powder, like half of the bottle. We didn’t realize what happened until we sat down to eat and the food was way to spicy. Now, my family is South Asian, so that’s saying a lot. Even my son though it was inedible, which is when he told us he didn’t understand since he added the chilli powder like he always did. We ended up just ordering in pizza.

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