• 20 Things We Want To Know About Jim Bob And Michelle's Grandchildren

    The Duggar grand-children are a whole new unexplored territory of unknown factors- between the slight generational distance to the intense Duggar lifestyle and the extended families, it’s safe to assume the Duggar children won’t parent exactly like their parents Jim-Bob and Michelle. Only time will tell, but we're taking it for granted as inevitable. A parent can be as imposing and anti-dancing as they want, but that doesn't mean their children will grow up to parent in the same way.

    In almost every other case, it’s the most controlling parents who end up raising free-spirited, rebellious children but any Duggar-fan (or person who happens to have seen the show and feel deeply conflicted) knows that Duggar feuds are fought silently. It’s all Southern hospitality, even when they’re upset.

    If any family was going to convince us that the children would rear their little ones like they were raised, it’s the Duggars. Except we’ve already seen some differences in parenting styles and that only raises more questions. This isn't just a vague, amorphous cloud of questions swirling over our heads. We have separated them, thought about them for way too long and broken them down into the most realistic situations. We’re like conspiracy theorists except we’re most likely right- which is what conspiracy theorists assume too.

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    What Are The Odds Of A Full-On Commune?
    Via: NBC News

    Long ago and far away, the Duggars moved into a brand-spankin’ new compound with their sixteen youngest children. But those were the days of “16 Children and Moving In” and those days are in the past. Jinger lives far, far away in Texas and the rest of the kids seem to be spattered across Arkansas.

    Josh Duggar relocated his family from Maryland to a home a mere twenty minutes from his parents. For his part, John Duggar seems to have his own home despite only being engaged and even Jessa’s family lives close by. So what are the odds that the Duggar kids someday re-inhabit their parent’s 7,000 square foot compound? Actually, better question- who is even inheriting that thing?

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    Are Their "Courtship Dates" Celebrated Like Anniversaries?

    The Duggars are always talking about how it feels like yesterday that their formal courtship began and older couples are always consistently asked to dole out advice to younger couples.

    But are courtship anniversaries celebrated the same way the rest of us celebrate full-on anniversaries? I mean, it’s just another reason to celebrate and if it’s such an important rite of passage, shouldn’t it be immortalized and celebrated every year? Maybe if just the separate Duggar adult children’s families celebrate them individually? Anyway, we would love to know how many homemade cards the Duggar grandchildren are expected to give to their family.

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    Are Kids Of Opposite Genders Allowed To Play Together?

    Some time along the way, the Duggar grandparents outlawed wrestling between children of different genders. How strict are those rules and how much do they extend to other games? Is that just for rough housing or all kinds of games, including when the kids play house? Then again, are little kids who are expected to raise so many other children even playing House?

    And do those rules apply to the Duggar grandchildren, on or off the compound? Since the Duggar adult children were raised with that ban applied to their life mid-way through, do they feel that strongly about enforcing it?

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    Can Siblings Of Opposite Genders Hug Or Hold Hands?
    Via: Pinterest

    This is a weird comparison, but hear me out: obviously courting Duggars are only allowed to hug from the side and can’t hold hands. Or they can’t hold hands unless they’re courting?

    There are so many rules!

    Considering boy and girl siblings are off-limits from wrestling, are they also not allowed to hug or hold hands? Sure, the Duggars implemented that buddy system so if you’re going to hold hands with anyone, it’d be your buddy (who’s probably the same gender) but hand holding is just… a thing people do. Not that it necessarily includes the Duggars and what they consider okay.

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    Are They Allowed To Have Sleep Overs?

    According to the Gospel Herald, the Duggars don’t even allow their children to sleep over at another family member’s home. But despite the fact that Jill and Jessa could only hang out with their own cousin at the family’s compound, does that mean the adult Duggar children also prevent their children from the influence of the outside world, aka sleepovers?

    And do they allow their children to have friends over? It seems Michelle and Jim-Bob had pretty strict regulations on even other family members visiting, so it feels less than likely that non-related friends would be permitted to stay for the night.

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    Or Go Away On Overnights?

    Can the Duggar grandkids go visit their friends (probably from church-let’s just assume they’re only visiting the most devout of children) despite their parent’s up-tight raising? The original nineteen Duggar children are obviously close, whether as friends or pseudo-parents, but weren’t they ever frustrated about not growing up around other children their age? Like, ones they didn’t have to see every day.

    How does that influence the Duggar children’s parenting?

    Do some believe that it was for the best they were kept from this pretty regular childhood experience of staying away from your parents for a night or do they see it as a missed opportunity?

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    What's Their Relationship With Screen Time?

    Various sources have delved into the over-16-year-old Duggar children’s relationship with their phones.

    They’re given phones but aren't allowed any Internet access. They also usually need to be chaperoned to FaceTime.

    Then there’s Jessa, who was reported by the Inquistr as enjoying secular cable television with her husband. Sure, parents, Michelle and Jim-Bob might argue that a television is a marriage-ruiner, but maybe Jessa and Ben see the benefits of watching series together.

    That leaves a lot of murkiness with how much screen time (and on what apps with what level of supervision) the Duggar grandchildren are allowed.

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    Are The Cousins Ever Schooled Together?

    The Duggar grandchildren are still mostly very young. A few are in school and by in school, we mean home-schooled. That said, with the exception of Jinger, most of the Duggar adult children seem to live in Arkansas within a reasonable radius.

    Why not join forces and educate together? It would give the moms some time off to trade off on who teaches what… which could potentially lead to them having their own individual lives outside of the family, which the Duggars are enormously against. Okay, so maybe this is unlikely. Keep the women busy with babies. Ugh, this could be such a helpful development.

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    Would Any Go To A Public School?
    Via: Duggar Family Blog

    Yes, this would lead to the Duggar women having spare time to themselves, which we all know is the entrance to living in a way that goes against all that is good and right (totally kidding if the sarcasm isn’t painfully obvious).

    But would it ever be okay for the Duggar grandchildren to attend some kind of school that teaches the values they so vehemently hold? There has to be a large amount of these schools in Arkansas of all places fit for even a family as devout as the Duggars. But then again it seems like Jim-Bob and Michelle were more concerned with outside influences on their children than anything. Will their children be so controlling?

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    Or Go To Camp?

    Again, most resources may not be regimented enough for the Duggars, but that doesn’t necessarily go for their children’s families. And if the adult Duggar kids’ aren’t as controlling as their parents and actively enjoy childless time (not time where the older children are raising the younger children but actually kid-free time), then maybe they’d go for this.

    So much pressure is put on the kid’s reproductive “duty” in their relationship, wouldn’t quality alone time only benefit their marriages?

    Again, if anywhere in the world is home to the most Duggar-approved of camps… it has to be Arkansas.

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    How Do Vacations Work?

    The Duggars have travelled farther than most of us can dream of (hello honeymoons to Switzerland and visiting Nepal while still being rude to the people living there), but that’s usually as a couple on a honeymoon or the entire clan.

    Now that the Duggar kids have their own (substantially smaller) families, how do vacations work? Do they only travel for missionary purposes or openly embrace travel as a secular way to see the world? Is Disney World totally off limits or are they into the only other place as squeaky-clean as they aspire to be? Most importantly, are hotels too sinful to stay in?

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    Or Pets?

    The original Duggar clan had their dog, Bubba. Frankly, one dog for that many children doesn’t seem like enough but I guess everyone had enough responsibilities and cleaning to do not to want more. But do the Duggar grandchildren enjoy the company of pets?

    Their parents aren’t so burdened by more than a dozen of children, so maybe they’re open to having pets.

    Of course, most couples use pets as test-children but no Duggar thus far has put off child-rearing to that extent. Heaven forbid you evade churning out babies for a few years in order to practice loving a cocker spaniel.

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    Are They Expected To Parent Younger Siblings And Cousins?

    Thank goodness all those babies aren’t Jill's. Actually, none are. These babies were gathered (wow, that sounds weird) and posed by midwife and wedding coordinator Venessa for Jill’s bridal shower. Because a bridal shower is just an early baby shower when you’re a Duggar. Actually, Jill Dillard only has two children (also known as a totally normal amount of kids to have) when at her same age, her mother Michelle already had five children.

    If anything, she’s way behind (please- just kidding, take your time). Anyway, do the Duggar kids expect their children to co-raise their own siblings like the elder ones were tasked with?

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    Do The Couples Ever Leave Their Kids With The Grandparents To Go Out?

    The Duggars definitely babysit for one another on date nights, but how often (and for how long) are the adult Duggar kids allowed to send their little ones off to the grandparent’s communes to hang out with their aunts and uncles - who happen to be only a few years apart.

    Actually, Josie is only a year older than Josh’s eldest Michael James. So that’s one thing to bond over and talk about. But do the siblings ever go on vacations together to bond as adults apart from their parents? The adult Duggars don’t have enough children for them to raise each other like Jim-Bob and Michelle often relied on, so do their own parents step up for that?

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    How Are Birthdays Handled?

    The original Duggar family accounts for twenty-one people and then there are twelve grandchildren.

    That’s a total of thirty birthdays spread out over only twelve months!

    And while it’s not correct to assume they’re evenly spread, that would lead to like, three birthday parties per month? At least it would be if half of the most recent baby rumors are true. So how are these handled? Do the adult Duggar kids celebrate birthdays within their own nuclear family to keep it feeling special or just clump it in with the entire clan? Are there two celebrations, one for the kids and their respective parents and then a communal birthday party, probably split up amongst three people?

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    Exactly How Large Are The Duggar Kids Planning On Their Families Being?

    An Inquistr article claims that it's a poorly kept secret that Michelle and Jim Bob are hoping for one hundred grandchildren… yeesh.

    Split that up amongst nineteen children and it comes down to only 5.05 kids each, which at least eldest Josh has already accomplished.

    But is there pressure on all the kids to have at least five children a piece? In a weird way, this innocuous hope for one hundred grandchildren (which is also so creepy) defies the Duggar’s claim that they want God to plan their family size.

    If they’re setting a number, isn’t that not letting the Lord do all the work?

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    Will The Kids Be Expected To Get Jobs When They're A Little Older?

    None of the Duggar wives (or the Duggar daughters who marry into other families) are supposed to work. Sure, let’s ignore the financial issue and that we no longer live in a post-WWII-economically-thriving America where families only require one breadwinner.

    Let’s not consider how much the Duggar grandparents have to augment their adult children’s incomes. Could the Duggar daughters get jobs? Will they expect their children to get jobs once they’re teenagers and will those expectations be gender-discriminatory as well?

    Does an after-school job really lead to all that much sin? Then again, if you’re not even attending school in the first place… maybe things are a bit different.

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    Do Derrick And Jill's Kids Come Over?

    Derrick and Jill were formally dismissed from working with TLC. More specifically, Derrick was and Jill stood in solidarity with him. Even if they’ve been written out of all the contracts, do the families still hang out? Are they allowed over, once the cameras aren’t running?

    Or is the Duggar’s filming schedule so time-consuming that there isn’t a time when the cameras are off. Is it possible that so much of the family’s actual time together is planned in conjunction with the show that there’s just no spare time for the banned couple to join back in? Or are they actively avoided?

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    How Do The Grandkids Feel About Uncle Josh?

    Another family on thin ice with TLC is Josh’s branch, which leads us to wonder if the business side of things affects the Duggar family and to what extent? How much-harbored resentment for Josh losing the family “19 and Counting” affects interpersonal relationships? Are his children made to bear the brunt as well and outcast?

    Or are things alright and smoothed over off-camera? It’s also possible that while things aren’t great between Josh and some relatives, the older relatives know not to extend those less-than-pleasant feelings to his kids. Then again, some of Josh’s siblings (and his children’s aunts and uncles) are almost the same age so that level of independent thought can be difficult.

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    How Do The Grandkids Feel About Pickles?
    Via: YouTube

    Finally, we’ve gotten to the most important question of them all. The Duggars famously document the occasion when one of their offspring first “experiences” a pickle. They gathered around and tried to gauge their reactions.

    The entire family is supposed to love the sour, budget-friendly snack but is that an inherited trait?

    Or do some of the grandchildren feel less than amazing about snacking on pickles? And how much of a rebellion is it to be a Duggar who doesn’t, actually, love and live for pickles? Is that as much of an affront to the family as wearing jeans? Or far worse?

    References: Inquisitr, Gospel Herald, Inquisitr, According2Mandy, InTouchWeekly.

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