20 Things These Women Had To Do During Pregnancy That Were More Difficult Than Carrying

No one said pregnancy is a walk in the park! Carrying and creating another human for nine months takes a toll on a woman, leaving her feeling less energetic than usual with emotions that are all over the place. She suddenly finds herself unable to do everything quite at the same speed and tumbles for a cat nap every time the afternoon rolls around.

Although pregnancy is a challenge in itself, that doesn’t mean it’s the only stressful thing a mother-to-be has to go through before labor. There are tons of other things that can come up during pregnancy that can be more difficult than the physical labor part of having a baby.

These 20 women all share what was the most difficult part of their pregnancy other than actually carrying the baby to term. From having to deal with family drama to financial matters to rude and insensitive comments, you’d be surprised what some women have had to deal with while pregnant.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that pregnancy is no easy task. Whether it’s physically or emotionally exhausting for you (or perhaps even both), make sure you take proper care of yourself during this exciting yet stressful time. All that matters is that you’re putting you and the baby first above all else!

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20 Going On Unemployment

Via: Radar Online

Joanne* and her husband went through a rough patch when he lost his jobs- just months before she was set to give birth to their first child!

My pregnancy itself went really smoothly. But when I was at the two-month mark, my husband found out he’d been let go of his job. I’d already left my job when we started trying to get pregnant, knowing I’d want to be a stay-at-home mom.

It was a really stressful time not knowing when he was going to be employed again and how much money we’d be making in the next few months.”

19 It’s The Terrible Twos For A Reason

via youtube.com

Mina* says that being pregnant is nothing in comparison to taking care of a toddler, which is why her third pregnancy was so much more difficult compared to the first two.

Being pregnant is a breeze compared to taking care of a toddler! My first two pregnancies were so easy compared to the third since I didn’t have two monkeys to chase around.

I had a 2-year old and a 3-year old when I was pregnant with my third child. Merely getting the kids fed and ready in the morning made me tired, let alone the fact that I was as big as a hot air balloon.”

18 The Rushed Buyers

via thehollywoodreporter.com

Roxanne* says that making the decision to move homes while pregnant probably wasn’t a wise one since they felt rushed into buying a house that they weren’t completely sold on.

We lived in a 1-bedroom apartment when we got pregnant with twins, so we had no choice but to move to something bigger. But I think we should have waited until the babies were here since things got so stressful.

We came across all these problems and felt forced to sign for something quickly since the babies were on their way. We ended up buying a house neither of us was in love with, which caused us to argue more than ever before.”

17 The Higher The Heel

Scary Mommy

Lilianna* admits she still had to wear heels to work, even though she was heavily pregnant and obviously uncomfortable.

I was working at my serving job up until I was 8 months pregnant.

The uniform is a tight black outfit with tall heels, but I thought they’d make an exception for me. Too bad my boss at the time was super unreasonable and told me I should just quit if I couldn’t do what all the other girls were doing.

Wearing heels for that long every day while pregnant made me have to go on bed rest for the last month.”

16 To Enjoy Or Not To Enjoy

via hercampus.com

Carolina* says she felt guilty for enjoying her pregnancy since her best friend was struggling with infertility at the same time. Overall, it sounds like it made the experience stressful and anxiety-inducing.

Usually people are so excited when they’re pregnant and mentioning it everywhere online.

But I had to be extra careful about what I said because my best friend was having fertility problems when I (unexpectedly) got pregnant.

It was even more painful for her since we weren’t trying for it, whereas she and her husband had for years. It made me feel guilty for enjoying my pregnancy.”

15 Making Med School Work

via mtv.com

Crystal* admits that having a baby while her husband was in medical school provided its own set of challenges that she didn’t anticipate.

My husband had just started his first semester of med school when we surprisingly found out I was pregnant. This was probably the worst time to have the baby because there was so much extra pressure on me.

I already had to keep up the house and bills all by myself. I had to work up to my due date because we couldn’t afford not to and go back to work ASAP after having the baby. Plus he was barely ever even home, so I felt like I was doing everything all by myself.

14 Honey, Grab Your Passport

via pinterest.com

Serena* says that moving to another country while pregnant probably wasn’t the wisest decision.

My husband always wanted to move back to the states where his family is from, and since I don’t have a family tying me down, I agreed.

We got pregnant sooner than expected. But he said this was the perfect reason to finally make the move, especially since I’d be leaving my job. But planning a cross-country move while pregnant was one of the most stressful things I’ve done.

Not just packing everything up and searching for a new house, but just transferring doctors was so difficult.”

13 That’s None Of Your Beeswax

via austradlle.com

Charlotte* was alarmed about the number of uneducated questions she got about raising her expectant baby in a household with two moms.

I’m married to a woman. We decided I should carry our baby because my work is more flexible with me taking time off.

What I didn’t expect was how many people would ask me questions about our family structure- like if we thought our baby having two moms would mess him up, or if the baby would feel more like mine since I was carrying him.

I know the comments hurt my wife more than they did me, but I always got so angry when someone would say something insensitive and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

12 Respect The Employees

via youtube.com

Hayley* admits she was disturbed by the number of weird comments she got from customers when they began noticing she was pregnant at work. And we can’t blame her- this sounds downright creepy!

I honestly wasn’t expecting how many weird comments I’d get from customers while pregnant (I work as a cashier at a local grocery store).

I had everything from old men try to hit on me and make jokes like ‘well at least I can’t knock you up,’ to ladies trying to touch my bump without asking.

The pregnancy went smoothly, but the experience itself did not.”

11 What Else Are Sisters For

via blogspot.com

Jody* says that she took in her younger sister while she was pregnant, which proved to be a bigger challenge than carrying a baby around for 9 months.

During my first pregnancy, I actually had to take in my teen sister because she was having problems at home.

Dealing with her adjusting to living in our home and getting used to the schedule of a teen (dropping her off at school, making sure her homework was done) was a huge challenge, plus her attitude didn’t help.

Being pregnant felt like easy work compared to dealing with her angst.”

10 Love Doesn’t Perish Easily

via romper.com

Marilyn* says her husband’s ex-wife had a very hard time adjusting to the news that he was having a baby with his new wife. She then started stalking their family, which led to them having to seek out a restraining order.

My husband’s ex-wife has never really gotten over him. When she found out I was pregnant, she got extra creepy and tried to win him back. She did everything from sending him emails professing her love to showing up at our house trying to get him to run away.

We ended up getting a restraining order because I was paranoid she was going to try to do something against me or the unborn baby next.

9 The Outspoken In-Law

via youtube.com

Ethel* says that the most difficult thing she dealt with while pregnant was her mother-in-law’s strong opinions. While the pregnancy luckily sounds like it went smoothly, she said the stress of her MIL still made the pregnancy unbearable.

My mother-in-law had an opinion about everything. She made my whole pregnancy miserable. I didn’t have any health complications or serious morning sickness, but she always found something to nag me about, like the nursery not being completely ready or me not eating enough protein.

Things got even worse once my daughter was born.”

How would you deal with such an overbearing in-law?

8 You’re Being Evicted

via metro.co.uk

Annie* and her husband had to deal with getting their dubious tenants evicted before the baby arrived.

We told our tenants we wanted them to move out while we were trying to get pregnant (they were staying in our second bedroom). But they began avoiding us and refusing to seek other accommodation.

It got to the point where I didn’t trust them or feel safe with them around.

I was finally 5 months pregnant and we were taking them to court to get them evicted. The court didn’t actually force them to move until I was 8 months along. It was the most stressful thing I could imagine going through while pregnant.”

7 Gone To Doggy Heaven

via dailymail.co.uk

Sonia* says that losing her family’s dog put a real downer on her pregnancy. She wishes that the experience had been more positive, but she has no idea how it could be given the circumstances.

Everyone says that pregnancy is supposed to be this overly positive time in your life. Well, it wasn’t like that at all for me. When I was six months along, my husband and I lost our dog that we got together when we were first dating.

It felt so wrong to be starting our family when we lost such an important member. It made everything really gloomy.”

6 Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Via: Military.com

Chloe* says that her boyfriend being deployed overseas was the worst thing she had to deal with while pregnant because it meant he couldn’t be a part of the pregnancy. He didn’t even get to meet his daughter until months after her birth!

Pregnancy wasn’t physically difficult for me. But what was difficult was having my boyfriend be deployed. We actually didn’t find out I was expecting until after he was overseas, or we probably would have gotten married.

But he wasn’t even able to come back for the birth, and only met our daughter when she was 6 months. I felt so alone and unhappy the entire pregnancy because he wasn’t around.”

5 The Unwanted Roommate

via videoblocks.com

Sierra* admits that she regrets allowing her brother-in-law to crash at their place during her pregnancy since she ended up having to put in more effort to taking care of him than herself… which didn’t make for a relaxing pregnancy.

At the same time we were pregnant with our first, my husband’s brother found himself unemployed and homeless. So we let him move in with us for a bit.

That’s when I discovered he’s a huge mooch (which is why his GF threw him out). I suddenly felt like I had a man-child to take care of, like picking up his dishes, doing his laundry, and cooking extra food for him.

I swear it made my pregnancy 10 times more difficult.”

4 I Can’t Lose Custody

via popsugar.com

Nadia* says she had to deal with a custody battle while pregnant with her second child, which put way more stress on her than any pregnant woman should have to deal with.

My ex-husband decided to wait until I was pregnant and in a new relationship to take me to court to get custody of our son. I swear he waited until then because he knew I’d be so busy and emotional.

The entire pregnancy I was so scared of losing my child and stressed over the huge lawyer’s bills we had for court fees. I eventually had a pre-term delivery, which the doctor said was likely due to stress.”

3 The Boss From Nightmares

via videoblocks.com

Val* says the toughest thing for her while pregnant was dealing with the unsavory and indirect things her boss at to say.

The worst thing I had to deal with during my pregnancy was my male boss’ condescending comments.

As soon as I announced I was expecting, he started going on rants about how women like being pregnant because things become easy for them. He even said women shouldn’t have careers if they’re planning on having kids.

His comments were so passive-aggressively targeted towards me. I was scared I wouldn’t have a job to come back to in the end.”

2 I’m A Gym Bunny

via today.com

Claudia* says that hardest thing wasn’t being pregnant, but not being able to be as physically active as she was used to. She said it caused her not to enjoy her pregnancy.

I’m a professional runner, but my doctor told me I had to limit my physical exercise when I was pregnant because it was high risk.

Everything went good with the pregnancy, but the tough part was being away from working out the entire time. I felt so restless and it interfered with me being able to really enjoy the pregnancy. A part of me was so glad when my son was finally here.

1 This Is No Place For A Baby

via youtube.com

Layla* admits her living situation was less than conducive for being pregnant, which caused her a lot of stress during the nine months.

My boyfriend and I were living out of a van and touring the country when we got pregnant. We were young and dumb, so we thought we could make the arrangement work even when the baby came.

I was so uncomfortable living out of the van in my later months of pregnancy. Not having running water or a place to lie down flat became a serious issue, and I got so much anxiety worrying how we were going to afford the baby when it came.”

*Names have been changed.

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