20 Things That Are Already Making Stormi's Life Fascinating

A legion of folks can’t stand the Kardashians and view the Kar-Jenners as even worse but their opinion of a semi self-made millionaire probably doesn’t matter when she is as young as Kylie. She’s a pretty gleaming example of making a unique situation work for herself, maneuvering around thriving as the youngest sibling of a completely over-exposed family. She has achieved even bigger wealth by toying with it and experimenting with her relationship to the public, eventually capitalizing on the lifestyle she was thrown into and forging it into a makeup empire.

And what about becoming a nearly-teenage mother to a child fathered by a new boyfriend? Yeah, that’s a tough spot a lot of people couldn’t pull off. But Kylie does and sure, that’s a much easier situation when you’re totally loaded, but money doesn’t buy maturity. It’s easier not to move in with your baby daddy when you have your own mansion, but still a ton of people wouldn’t have the self-restraint or wisdom to do the same.

The point is that Kylie’s an interesting case in rising to meet the occasion and her full-fledged devotion to Stormi (whether it’s demonstrated in the public eye or more evocatively, not seen) is all her.

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20 If Interested, She's A Make-Up Heiress


Kylie is more than aware that her daughter may or may not want to inherit this empire- as the recipient of a giant media dynasty, she’s familiar with the weight of an inheritance larger than most people could ever imagine but also your personal wants. Kylie told People Magazine,

I work hard for Stormi and being able to pass Kylie Cosmetics onto her — if she is interested — would be such a cool thing to do.”

Kylie has been public with her childhood difficulties grappling with the lot she was born into, so it’s only common sense that she knows her child may or may not want this gift.

19 But She Won't Be On Kylie's Social Media

Via: Instagram

Kylie’s inclusion or exclusion of Stormi on her social media is as calculated as it is necessary. When millions of people ogle your baby, it’s a very conscious choice to crop out their little face. She stated on Instagram, “Yeah I cut my baby out. I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now,” also adding, “My reality is.. I only show people what I want them to see. No one knows what goes on in my day to day but me & who I share my moments with.”

Kylie’s pregnancy was a masterclass in fighting for an amount of privacy in the most important times of a very public life.

18 Her 1st Birthday Party Is Already In The Works

Via: Instagram

Kylie is only so controlled with her baby’s social media presence because she’s so totally infatuated. When it comes to occasions that friends and family attend, Kylie’s gung-ho. When Stormi was still six months old, EOnline reported that her mother shared, "We're halfway to a year, almost, and I'm already thinking about her first birthday and how it's gonna be epic, OK?

She also added she wanted to have a "super magical unicorn theme" until North and Penelope’s shared birthday party took the theme. She said, “So I have to think of something else.

Whatever that means, it’ll most likely be totally amazing.

17 Stormi Chooses Outfits By Pointing

Via: Instagram

Stormi’s wardrobe is the stuff of myths. There are most likely not many kings and queens, medieval or Rome-era that could compete. And Stormi more or less has a team of stylists as her extended family -- not only is her mother a fashion icon, but they’ve got the paid help to never go wrong. That said, apparently Kylie lets Stormi lead the way on what she wants to wear by setting out options and letting her little one point.

If anyone knows the importance of structured choices, it’s the girl who grew up in the media’s sights and managed to have a life all her own.

16 And Her Shoe Collection Is Out Of This World


Back to that wardrobe; Not only does Stormi have all the baby shoes anyone could imagine, but she also has baby-versions of adult shoes that don’t even exist elsewhere. Stormi has the miniatures of father's Jordan Retro IV x Travis Scott, which wasn’t even a baby shoe. It was an adult shoe made tiny so that one very special little girl could match her father. The estimated worth on Stormi’s shoe collection is absolutely ridiculous but generally in the range of a year of college tuition at a coastal liberal arts school. Again, there’s a reason many people can’t stand the KarJenners and it’s all about opinion where you stand.

15 She's Way Closer In Age To Her Cousins Than Any Other Kardashians

Via: Instagram

Who is closer than Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney? Oh, I don’t know, how about their mini me’s? In terms of age, the newest generation of cousins are incredibly close. Stormi is a whole two weeks younger than Chicago and two months older than True Thompson.

Is there a lifetime of shared birthday parties ahead or will they do their darnedest to stake out individual events? On the Kardashian budget, you can probably do all of the above.

It’s not even that these babies are all the same age- they’re literally born in the same season. They’re like triplets from another mother- not that that’s a thing.

14 She's Growing Up With A Ton Of Pets


Kylie was exercising her mommy skills long before becoming pregnant; she’s always been a huge fur mama to her crew of dachshunds and Italian greyhounds. She was also pretty vocal about wanting a baby one year ago, but the clues were always there. Now that Stormi’s around, she’s definitely priority number one but those dogs have been with Kylie long enough that they’re sticking around through Stormi’s childhood. Most of the dogs are tiny enough to seem regular sized even to an infant, but it remains to be seen whether this level of exposure to animals will imbue Stormi with her mom’s dog mania.

13 Her Crib Is A Hand-Me-Down From Kim

Via: Instagram

Yeah, Kardashians and hand-me-downs, which isn't a typical combination. That said, those ladies know style and quality when they see it so it makes sense that they make a sensible decision to share.

It’s not necessarily out of fiscal awareness but it’s still human nature to make practical decisions. Even if the crib was originally $4200 as reported by EOnline, the KarJenners are making sure it gets used to all four grand of its potential by serving as many little ones as possible. What are the odds that this crib is more comfortable than most luxury hotel beds? Whatever, let’s not overthink it.

12 The Baby Went To France But Usually Stays Home

Via: Instagram

Inside sources close to the little family have shared with UsMagazine that, “You have to go to her house to visit… She’s being very careful about keeping the baby healthy and indoors.”

Nonetheless, Stormi stuck with mom to travel very far from Calabasas, California to France for one of her dad’s bigger gigs. She almost definitely wasn’t backstage for the show but she took a private jet with her parents, two nannies and BFF Jordyn Woods to Nice, France.

Yeah, everyone has memories of family vacations to France for one of their parent’s concerts. Just kidding, Stormi is way too young to remember this.

11 She Inspired A Kylie Cosmetics Collection


What an entrance! Before even hitting the scene, Stormi made a splash in her mother’s multi-million (are we at a billion yet?) makeup empire. Some lucky folks are the muses for artists and others inspire an art form for the human body. While the rest of us were enjoying the towels embroidered with our initials or little baby stools painted with our names, Stormi was selling out expensive eyeshadow pallets in her name.

It’s just what happens when you’re Kylie’s baby.

It’s incredible how much this child has achieved with absolutely no effort, but it’s also totally logical and to be expected.

10 Her First Insta Post Reached 14M Likes In Less Than A Day

Via: Instagram

Oh wow, what a segue. Speaking of exerting relatively no effort to larger results than most achieve in their lifetime or multiple generations, welcome to Exhibit A: little Stormi Webster’s first Insta post. All that was necessary for this photo to happen was a great manicure on Kylie and little Stormi’s pudgy fingers wrapping around that famous thumb.

And all of a sudden, you’ve got the chart-shattering record of fourteen millions likes in less than twenty four hours.

Honestly, don’t even beat yourself up over never coming near this- it’s a completely different level of game and there’s no way to aspire to it.

9 She Was In A Calvin Klein Ad Before Even Being Born


That quilt sure has way more significance now that we know what it was hiding.

In a family-wide Calvin Klein (sorry, I meant Kalvin) ad, Kylie was the one to clutch a red-and-white quilt in multiple pictures. Maybe it was innocuous now and a few eagle-eyed fans had conspiracy theories, but we now know what that blanket was hiding. So Stormi was featured in a photoshoot in utero that most professional, lifelong models will never come close to reaching… Cool, cool. Whatever, we’re not jealous. It’s just a picture of a barn and some quilts and the world’s luckiest little life.

8 Kylie Is Totally Infatuated, But Especially Loves Those Toes


Even though Mama Kylie is in charge of what aspects of her daughter’s life reach the public, she still shares tidbits. In a Twitter AMA (ask me anything) about little Stormi, one (probably British) fan asked, "What’s your favorite feature of Stormi’s? She’s so precious.

Mama Kylie responded by saying, "Well all of her! but her little toes get me every time". It’s true of puppies and babies, the whole package is adorable, but those little toe beans work the magic every time. They’re so pudgy! Anyway, Stormi’s little toes may never inspire a Kylie Cosmetic’s line but that’s not because of a lack of cuteness.

7 Her Mom Doesn't Want Her To Feel Pressured By Beauty

via:Celebrity Insider

Beauty is such a subjective topic (considering beauty is very literally in the eye of the beholder) but it’s an especially interesting issue with a makeup mogul. Kylie shared to Elle Magazine that, "The beauty lesson that I want to pass on to Stormi is probably just be carefree and experiment… And let her experiment with her look and who she wants to be… Beauty to me means being yourself. Beauty to me means Stormi. I think confidence makes someone beautiful. Life is beautiful. Marriages, sunsets.

It’s vague and wholesome but it also sounds like Kylie is set on her daughter avoiding at least some of the anxieties she grew up under. It might be safe to assume that Stormi will never feel pressured to meet the demands of the public the way her mommy has.

6 Her Parents Might Get Married

Via: Twitter

These past facts have just been summarizing the facts of a very complex, fascinating current issue, which is fair since we all need a second to catch up. That said, it’s totally possible and very likely that the most interesting stuff is still ahead.

As for the family Stormi is apart of, EOnline reported that sources said, "Kylie and Travis have definitely discussed getting married and she has expressed what type of ring she would want Travis to buy her. It would definitely be over the top. They are not engaged right now but have talked about it, and it's only a matter of time."

5 The Kardashians Refer To The Baby Cousins As "The Triplets"


It’s as adorable as this picture and all the ensuing cupcake parties, the Kardashians are especially aware of how ridiculously cute and fortuitous it is that these three little girls were born together and have each other going forward. So sure, Penelope and North are pretty cute BFF’s but the best is yet to come.

That’s why it’s rumored and backed up by WMagazine that the in-family nickname for the little crop of nieces is “the triplets”. Wow, the Kardashian sisters were already close but the Thompson-West/Kardashian-Webster triplets? Sounds like an unbreakable bond. Also, metaphorical triplets is somehow even cuter than cousins.

4 She's Walking With Some Help


Oh, let’s back up and clarify, Kylie isn’t the only mega-fan of Stormi. And no, I don’t mean the legions of Instagram commenters, even if they have the best of wishes for the little Webster-Jenner. Much more importantly, Stormi’s papa is totally smitten. As People Magazine reported, Travis Scott posted videos of Stormi to his Instagram story wobbling around in the miniaturized versions of his distinct shoes with the captions, “We about to be walking soon,” and “OG 3s I see u mama”.

Sure, Stormi probably has more help than any other baby in the world to start walking but it’s likely she can do all this on her own.

3 She Has An Extra Auntie

Via: People

Stormi isn’t just at an advantage over her aunts and mother for being part of a gang of triplets- she also has the additional aid of a family friend and honorary KarJenner.

Yup, we mean Jordyn Woods.

Even though Kylie’s pregnancy was totally about Jordyn’s pay grade in terms of the stage of life she’s at (and that she doesn’t seem particularly motivated to become a mama), the model still handled her BFF’s big news with grace and then some. Kylie shared during a Twitter Q&A that when she told Jordyn she was pregnant her BFF said, "Okay, well I guess we‘re both having a baby," and called her lifelong friend “a real one”.

2 Kylie Documents Which Photo Shoots Correspond To Parts Of Stormi's life


Sure, Kylie’s released more than enough make-up collections in the last year with her sisters and best friends and for every holiday that some of us have lost track but Kylie hasn’t. As for the photoshoot surrounding Kylie’s birthday collection, she explained during a Twitter Q&A that,

"Fun fact: that was my FIRST photo shoot I did after Stormi for my bday collection! I had to turn those photos in ASAP to make timing! I thought of the idea while I was preggers”.

Kylie obviously takes her business extremely seriously and her dramatic life events only inspired her to take more daring, exciting choices.

1 Kylie Thinks Stormi Has Her Father's Lips

Via: newslocker.com

A baby’s features are a work in progress and Kylie is more than excited to speculate on what her little one will someday look like. When she noticed her baby’s full lips, Kylie turned the media’s obsession with her cosmetic procedures on its ear when she joked in a YouTube Q&A with her BFF Jordyn Woods that, "She didn't get those from me!”.

Let’s find those conspiracy theorists who genuinely think Kylie modified her newborn's lips and then totally ignore them because if Kylie can, anyone can.

She is obviously not going to let anyone’s opinions, positive or negative, affect the most important time in her life.

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