20 Things Teachers Actually Have No Clue About

Educator. Counselor. Advisor. Inspirer. These are the words associated with Teachers. Not exactly an easy job. While many perceive teaching to be the best job in the world, many teachers are in fact, overworked, overstressed, underpaid and undervalued. They are expected to be a know-it-all and should they fail to even master a certain subject or be able to keep a child from spiraling out of control, then, they are usually the first ones to get the blame.

However, many teachers are like us, mere humans, trying to stay afloat in our jobs. Teachers are learning something new about their jobs, as well as about their students every day. There are numerous things about students that teachers have yet to find out. Granted, a multitude of teachers gain an insight into the children’s lives, as well as master the ability to understand a child’s temperament (after having  been in the field of education for years) while a minority of others, simply put, will somehow stay in the dark about their profession for the rest of their career.

Here we present to you 20 things that some teachers have no clue about.

20 How Much Of A Brat Kids Are At Home

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How often do we hear, ”Oh, but ‘so and so’ is such an angel in school!” only to smirk to ourselves knowing how much of a devil our little ones can be at home? Our kids are smart. Their grades might not reflect it at times but our kids sure know how to put on an Oscar-worthy act every time they are in school. Come back home and gone will be Dr. Jekyll’s facade and out will come Mr. Hyde. We cannot blame the teachers for being in the dark about this matter. Kids are simply way too evolved to get caught in the act.

19 Separation Anxiety

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Many children, especially the younger ones are often filled with separation anxiety when being sent to school. They might hide under their beds in the morning, cling onto daddy’s legs for dear life, try to claw their way out of school just so they can stay with mum and dad. They might whimper and cry a river but once settled in school, they will warm up to their friends and forget about all their anxieties earlier on. So some teachers simply will never witness the sniffles and worried creases on the kids face before they go to school.

18 If Kids Will Turn Out Successful In Life

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Teachers are only a part of a child’s life for a number of years. Some of the more thoughtful and grateful ones will go on to keep in touch with their teachers long after they graduate while too many would forget about their schools, let alone teachers. And because the ratio of teachers to students is usually 1:20, it is only normal for teachers to lose track of who is whom after the kids graduate from their class. So unless the child is superbly outstanding in class, most teachers won’t even recognize them a semester or two later, let alone keep track of how successful the kids the kids become after they grow up.

17 If Kids Need A Little More Love

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Many parents work day in and day out just to make ends meet. And at the end of the day, they just want to sit back and relax without having to entertain anyone else. So what happens to their children? They get ignored of course. To make up for it, some parents shower the kids with toys, others resort to scoldings and punishments. And when the children go to school the next day, they will either lash out in class or become increasingly introverted. Sadly, many of these sad cases never become obvious to the teachers.

16 What They Are Teaching

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Some join the teaching profession out of passion. Others, for the steady income, and yet, there are a number of them that enter the profession because they are unable to find a job to their liking. Put the percentage of teachers who have no passion in teaching to teach a subject that they are uninterested in, and the end result will be a teacher who babbles on about facts that they have absolutely no clue about. And when a teacher has no idea what they are trying to project, what more can we say of the kids in class?

15 Whether What They Teach Is Beneficial For The Kids

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Many schools have to adhere to the government’s education system and teach a number of subjects (deemed important by those higher up) to kids. But does teaching history with twisted facts and lessons on the mountain types and names of ringworms really benefit the kids? Who even remembers what we learned in first grade? And do we really use the math algorithms from class when we have a handy calculator in hand? Plus most subjects taught in school never end up being used in the real world.

14 If Kids Are Faking

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Most kids dislike going to school. To avoid having to board the bus or attend Phys. ed, many resort to world-class acting that could give Meryl Streep and Leonardo a run for their money. So what is it that they pretend? They pretend to fall ill, of course. Stomach cramps, the flu, the cough, fainting spells, migraines, you name it, they’ve got it. And the funny thing is, some of the acts are so realistic even the teachers and nurses get fooled.

13 What Nicknames The Kids Gave Them

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Kids have a knack for giving each other nicknames. Lanky Bob could be Mr. Bean Pole. Red-haired Susie could be carrot top. Teachers can get roped in with nicknames that the students bestow upon them. And while some of the names can be rather sweet, others are downright embarrassing. The good thing about this though is that most teachers are oblivious to the nicknames given to them. They’d probably send the whole class to detention if they knew.

12 If The Kids Are Picked On In School

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Not all kids are saints. Some are just plain mean and have a bad habit of picking on other kids whom they deem to be weaker than them. Most times, teachers are able to put a stop to this but there are some instances where teachers are blinded from reality, with the weaker kids being pressured not to reveal anything to the teacher. When a student doesn’t speak up and a teacher is not sensitive enough to pick up weird vibes, then the teacher will forever live in a fairytale world.

11 How To Get Students’ Grades Up

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Being an educator is no easy feat. A teacher is expected to master a subject (that the teacher might not even be passionate about) and be expected to inspire and transfer 101% of that knowledge to every kid in class. And as if that isn’t enough of a challenge, a teacher is expected to make an Einstein and a Jobs out of each and every kid. But the fact is, some teachers haven’t a clue as to how to get their kids’ grades up. Sometimes having the kids pass a paper with a big juicy C is considered a feat for the teachers themselves. Get the grades up? Hahahahaha. Thousands of teachers worldwide laugh until their sides hurt.

10 Why Some Kids Are Smarter Than Others

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Some kids are just born smarter than others. The synapses in their brains are somehow better fused than others. Maths, science and an array of other subjects become a piece of cake for them. Remember that cool boy in your class who always dozed off when the teachers were teaching and yet ended up as valedictorian? Hard to understand right? Well, it’s the same for teachers. They get puzzled too at why some kids are just able to absorb the teaching materials better than others.

9 If The Kids Are Mistreated At Home

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Not every child comes from a loving family. Some kids are unfortunately mistreated at home. And the saddest thing about this is the kids actually put up a brave front in school and teachers sometimes never find out about how miserable the kids really are. For all their childishness, kids somehow have an acute sense to put on  ‘mask’ in school so as to prevent anyone from finding out about what happens behind closed doors. And sadly, because of this, the teachers will never be able to help and protect the little children.

8 If The Kids Are Misfits

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Being picked on in school is one thing. Being the instigator is another thing and it is even harder for some teachers to separate who is actually the angel and who is, in fact, the devil in disguise. Loud-mouthed Bob in class might, in fact, be a do-gooder, while quiet little Tom could actually be The Godfather of the school. Sometimes, teachers can jump to the wrong conclusions based on outward appearances. Hence we get all kinds of misfits running around in school without the teacher ever catching on.

7 What The Kids Secretly Aspire To Be

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Some kids want to be dancers, some want to be the next Justin Bieber while others aspire to be mortuary makeup artists. But when asked what they want to be in school, most kids will jot down conventional answers like lawyers, doctors, and engineers (*yawn* respectable jobs *yawns *) out f worry of being laughed at. And most teachers take the answers at face value without prodding on. So in the end, the teachers will never know what some kids secretly aspire to be.

6 If Some Kids Cheat In School

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Cheating in exams is a skill that many have mastered. In fact, some can even write a thesis on sure proof ways to cheat in an exam. And because a flick of the wrist or a shift in the eyeball usually goes unnoticed in the exam hall, most kids are able to ace their exams while cheating right under the noses of their teachers. Some kids hide the answers under their pants or skirts, a handful pass answers around in crumpled papers or via simple hand gestures...and in the end get away with having cheated in an exam that many others have painstakingly studied for.

5 What The Kids Think Of Them

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‘Happy Teacher’s Day to the best teacher in the whole wide world!’ This is what is usually presented to a teacher on Teachers’ Day. But do kids really think that dull Mrs. Brown or stern Mr. Ho rock? Most teachers will never know what their kids think about them other than the image the kids have conjured up for them. Either that or Mrs. Brown and Mr. Ho and a host of other teachers play dumb and would rather not find out the harsh perceptions their kids have of them.

4 How Some Kids Are Struggling Financially

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Many schools require students to buy exercise books or pay for a plethora of other activities and stationeries. In order to look cool or prevent themselves from being picked on by others for being poor, many kids choose to hide their status back at home. Therefore, some students do not go up to the school advisor to tell them about their financial difficulties. So teachers rarely realize that some kids actually study next to the lights of a 24-hour drive thru and that their family prioritizes getting fed at the expense of the child’s education.

3 If The Kids Help Around At Home

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Kids are taught life skills in school and are theoretically instilled with moral values that should enable them to help others. In Japan, the kids are made to wash and clean up the school bathrooms and many other countries are starting to copy this system with hopes that the kids be mentally programmed to continue to help out at home. But do the teachers really know if the kids help out at home? Hahahaha. Of course not! They’re teachers. Not telepaths.

2 If The Kids Are Tattletales

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Some kids just cannot keep a secret. Give them an important detail to keep to themselves and the whole world will know about it the next day. But some of these kids who spill the beans are sneaky. Secrets will be unlocked but the one who lets the cat out of the bag will remain anonymous to the world. So perhaps little Jane confided in Mary about wetting her bed last night and the next thing you know, Jane becomes famous as the bed wetter throughout the whole school. And the sad thing is, the teacher won't even know who spread the story.

1 If Presents From Kids Are Hand Me Downs

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Sometimes, students will present gifts to their teachers out of gratitude and love. Others do it because it is the right thing to do. And on Teacher’s Day especially, kids will present gifts to their teachers as a token of appreciation for having taught them all the ‘wonderful subjects ‘ in school. But what most teachers do not know is that a number of the gifts they receive are usually recycled or unwanted presents from the kids’ family. Sob. So much for Teacher’s Day.

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