20 Things Only Moms Of Boys Will Understand

Boys will be boys is the saying that everyone likes to use, and it is also the most natural phrase to explain as well. Boys are a unique creature brought to earth, between their adventurous games and bug-hunting tendencies. But they are more than just dirty and rambunctious; for most of their young lives, boys happen to be very sweet to many people, but especially to their mothers.

Ultimately, their childhood is where their attitude stems from, which is why it is crucial for parents to be sure their boys stay adventurous and curious throughout their young lives.

Without any adventure, they may get bored and turn to temper tantrums and violence, which could stick with them for the long run. Boys are usually some of the hardest to raise, from their crazy toddler years to their party-filled teenage years. Regardless, they are easy to love just like our little girls.

Boys will give us a run for our money but also put tears in our eyes with the accomplishments they will have throughout their lives. We, as parents, need to be role models for each of our children because even if it doesn’t seem like it, they watch us for examples on how to live their own lives.

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20 You Will get soaked while changing the diaper


Little boys are not yet used to their man parts and for this reason, they do not have much control over where they pee.

According to Naptime Notes, the best way to go about changing a baby boy's diaper is to blow on his tummy a few times to release his pee reflex. This way you are prepared for him to pee and once he’s finished, you can safely change the diaper.

There are times when changing a diaper involves rushing; so, there is a high chance that you will get peed on at least a few times throughout the diaper years.

19 Clothes Will Be Ruined

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Boys are very rough on their belongings; they love to play and jump around and do things that they are not supposed to. Unfortunately, sometimes this means ripping and tearing holes in clothing.

It is not unlike boys to be uninterested in clothing; for this reason, they will wear clothes basically until they do not fit anymore. Along with wearing the same clothes over and over, these same clothes will eventually have holes ripped into the knees because the fabric has gotten so soft and flimsy from being worn so much.

Even though we thought clothes would be easy with boys, they aren’t. They’re either ripping them or growing out of everything too fast, as reported by the Huffington Post.

18 They Will Get Dirty

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According to Spaceships and Laser Beams, adventures are essential when it comes to having boys; they almost never want to sit still unless they are sleeping.

Due to this, they are forever playing outside—living up to their biggest imagination desires. This often means they are climbing trees, playing in the sand, dirt, or rocks, jumping fences, and stomping in mud puddles.

There are so many ways for the little guys to come home dirty and grimy that it’s impossible to list all of them here. Even though it is a pain in the rear to clean them as often as we have to as parents, it’s important to remember they are using their imagination and becoming smarter every second.

17 You Will Step On Many Small Pointy Toys

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Boys love their toys at any age. In the first few years—especially during year 4, according to Parents—small things like Legos, Matchbox cars and action figures are a hit at this age.

Not only are you stepping on them, but they find themselves in your purse, in the car and sometimes even in your shoes. They often have little points that feel like pinpricks when you step on them, which can be so painful.

No matter how many times you tell your boys to pick up their toys, there is always something for you to step on. Prepare yourself now.

16 They Sure Can Eat

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Boys typically have bigger appetites than little girls, and for parents, it means a more significant grocery bill.

A word of advice from Cafe Mom is that it is probably best not to take your boys with you on any food shopping trip because your cart will be filled with extras that they just couldn’t go without.

There is a point where your son is eating a lot because he is growing and needs the extra calories and then there is overeating for no reason. It is essential to monitor them at all times because it isn’t uncommon for boys to sneak snacks around the clock when they think we aren’t paying attention.

15 Video Games Over Homework?

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These days, virtual games are much more exciting than any other activity to the boys who are old enough to understand what a video game is. According to Life Hack, boys will often try to choose video games over more important aspects of life like homework, sleeping, eating, and bathing.

Many parents wish their boys had the dedication they do to video games to other parts of their lives, but that won’t likely ever be the case. Some boys play to take their minds off of things that are happening in their lives that might upset them.

It's important to understand exactly why your son is so hooked on his game console; maybe there is something more profound at play.

14 Boys Will Rough House


For whatever reason, boys are born rough. Whether it's kicking Mom while in the womb or being branded a little spitfire once they’re old enough to walk, boys will forever horse around.

Little boys genuinely have a much more active imagination and because of this—according to The Joys Of Boys—boys who are fighting and boys who are playing sound quite similar. A lot of yelling goes on, as well as play wrestling that seems a lot like real wrestling.

It is important to remember that having an imagination is essential for children to grow up and be able to dream big. But for sure, keep watch for boo-boos.

13 The Toilet Seat Will Always Be Left Up!


A well-known fact of boys is that they pee with the toilet seat up once they get older and become more comfortable standing. Many men will remember to put the seat up when they enter the restroom, but forget to put it down when exiting.

According to The Telegraph, there is a bit of controversy about this. If they have to put the seat down for us, why don’t we put the seat up for them? For most families, little kids or household pets are often running around and may be wanting to drink from the toilet or go fishing.

If the seat is up, there is more access to danger. Keep the bathroom more guarded with the toilet seat down.

12 They Won't Smell Like Roses

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Similar to enjoying each type of bug species ever produced on earth, boys are equally as interested in passing gas.

According to the Huffington Post, they love to talk about farts, love to release farts, and joke about farting on people all the time even though most of the time they are fake farts produced by a sound coming from their mouths.

This may seem gross to us moms, but in reality, our little ones are just having a little bit of fun and indeed if they aren’t hurting or offending anyone what’s the big deal with a pretend fart? It’s all fun and games until the real farting begins, right?

11 Be Aware Of The Silence


When children are silent, it usually means they are getting into something. This seems especially true when it comes to boys.

Silence could say nothing, but most of the time if they are quiet it means they’re doing something wrong and concentrating on not getting caught.

Boys sometimes need constant surveillance because they like to get into trouble and do things they probably shouldn’t be. The lesson here is to keep a good eye on your little man when he seems to be up to no good; there could be a lot of destruction! Not only do they know when we aren't paying attention, but also where to hide.

10 Isn’t Furniture For Climbing?


Going back to boys being rambunctious, they also use everything in their sights as a jungle gym. Little boys are often big fans of climbing, and because of this, they enjoy being high up as if they are going to save the world.

But also because they have a vast imagination, they feel as though every piece of furniture is their playhouse.

Don’t be fooled; every part of the house has its own story as told by your little boy and he is happy to explain it to anyone who asks. Boys may seem very independent, but they love to have others included in their adventures.

9 Bugs Are The Coolest

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One of the most exciting aspects of little boys happens to be their interests. One of the many subjects that grab their interest is bugs. Our little men love to chase them, hunt them, pick them up, squish them, and even keep them as friends.

Much of the time, girls will find imaginary friends while boys will find friends in the bugs that they discover while exploring the backyard.

Moms all over hope there would be a limit to what kind of bugs their sons bring home, but in reality, there isn’t; boys love all bugs no matter what. Be prepared to be shown spiders, ants, grasshoppers, caterpillars and so many more because boys love to share their treasures.

8 Keep Them Busy

If a little boy is bored, you can bet he’ll be throwing a tantrum or destroying the house. When there is nothing to do, boys can usually put their mind into imagination mode ensuring them plenty of fun.

What's in it for you? A messy house with the possibility of a frustrated child who can’t find something to do. Boys with big imaginations can see the fun in almost any activity; so, it is essential to keep them engaged in doing something at all times.

Give them a craft, bring them outside, let them play with certain toys they maybe can’t have all the time. We will have so much less work to do in the long wrong by merely keeping their little minds and hands busy.

7 Hospital Visits Might Be Commonplace

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For boys, hospital ER and urgent care visits may be a regular occurrence. Having the great imagination that little gents typically have often lead to many injuries needing attention.

Whether this is because they thought it might be a good idea to jump off the top bunk of their rooms, climbing and falling out of a tree, or getting scraps from tripping, boys will frequently look a little banged up.

Although these bumps and bruises may seem painful, after the pain stage has passed, they will be more than excited to share the story of their injury with you.

6 You Will Be Their First Love

When babies are born, they have a strong bond with their mother—and/or the person who takes the time to care for them. At a young age, boys are only around their parents most of the time.

Thus, mothers usually end up being their first love. According to Cafe Mom, this is often why little boys always voice wanting to marry their mothers and can even become extremely upset when told that their mothers are already married to their fathers.

Some parents choose to let their boy think they’ll one day marry mommy because it makes them feel good, but others will tell them that it's not possible.

Either way, your little boy will always love you first.

5 If You Think You Didn’t Know About Superheros

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Marvel is a super important fact of life for most little boys—or even big ones. Most every little boy has their favorite superhero that they look up to, according to the Huffington Post; whether that be, Superman, Batman or Spiderman, they all have role models.

This is a natural part of boy interests though because it is easy to get your hands on superhero-themed activities, objects and Marvel-themed foods galore.

Be prepared though, because each little boy will want to make sure their parents know just as much as they do about their favorite heroes and villains as well. It's mandatory when parenting a boy that we know everything about their favorite character.

4 Their Feet Will Stink

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Everything that goes on in a little boy's life—whether it has to do with hygiene, nutrients or free time—seems to go back to how adventurous they are. According to Cafe Mom, it's vital to make them change their socks often and keep their feet as clean as possible.

The reason is that they are playing so often and outside running all around. As a result, their feet are not only going to get dirty but they are going to sweat as well. Dirt is easy to clean off, but when they start to sweat into through socks, their shoes will begin to stink.

There are ways to keep the stink away, but once the stench arrives it's hard to get away.

3 Sleep Is Essential For Boys


Boys grow a lot from the moment they are born until the moment they turn 21. Not only for boys but for girls as well, a lot of their growing occurs at night while they are sleeping.

Their tissues and muscles need time when they aren’t moving to grow, but their brains need time to update and improve as well which they can’t do very well while being used.

According to Positive Health Wellness, sleep is one of the most critical factors in growth, and without it, the children of the world would be facing many problems within their physical, mental and emotional growth.

2 Prepare Him For Girls


At one point or another in a young man's life, there will be girls. Whether it be in first grade or when they are a senior in high school, there is a good chance they will bring a girl home to Mom at least once in their lives.

According to Justin Coulson, it is essential that we as parents teach our boys how to treat girls with respect. They will learn by watching how their dads treat their mothers but also by mothers telling them how they want to be addressed.

Teach your son to respect; it’s crucial for them to be successful.

1 Prepare Yourself For The Girls


Boys are going to bring many girls home throughout the years, and it is essential that we support them in this. There are going to be girls they introduce that we have no interest in meeting because we know they are not good enough.

But because they are currently posing as happiness in our boy's life, it is important to accept them. If she isn’t the one, he will eventually figure that out on his own and go in search of something better. Nonetheless, if he feels his parents are trying to make him find someone else, the chances are that he will stick with her to stick it to us, according to Justin Coulson.

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