20 Things Moms Do During Pregnancy That They'd Rather Not Talk About

Everyone has their thing. Some secrets are big and others are, well, strange. When a woman is pregnant there may be many things she does that can be considered unusual to everyone else who isn’t carrying a child. Pregnant women don’t need to explain themselves or tell what they are doing to the world or rather, they don’t want to. Pregnancy isn’t an easy thing to get through, so some women will do just about anything they feel like doing when their hormones are running rampant, oftentimes with no explanation as to why.

You know that pregnancy can make women feel like they are aliens, even to themselves. That’s why many things these women do, they do in secret. They don’t want people to look at them and consider them strange or weird, so they do them quietly in the security of their own homes, where only they and the walls know what they are doing. It’s not that they are doing bad things, no, more like things that a non-pregnant woman wouldn’t understand.

If you have ever wondered what women do in secret while pregnant, it’s time to find out. Here are 20 things pregnant women do that they keep from the rest of the world.

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20 Tastes Unusual Things Because Of The Smell

When you are pregnant and you smell something that smells so delicious, the first thought is to try it and some women do. We all know about the usual things, peanut butter and pickles or ketchup and ice cream, but what if the thing that smells so good is dirt? Or even chalk? Flowers perhaps? Many women will give into the urge to try these unusual things just because they smell so scrumptious. Is it any wonder they do this in secret? Many would think they'd lost their minds, but rest assured, it is just a normal part of pregnancy.

19 Takes Multiple Tests Even After A Positive

When a woman first takes a pregnancy test and realizes she is going to have a baby, she's likely ecstatic, perhaps even a bit in denial. Secretly, women like to know that they are pregnant, especially if it’s a pregnancy they have long been waiting for. Even after a doctor does the blood test and puts them on prenatal vitamins, these moms to be will still purchase pregnancy tests and keep testing. They love the look of the positive sign or are just trying to convince themselves repeatedly that this really is happening. Before the pregnancy becomes obvious, many women will continue to test for pregnancy even though, they already know they are.

18 Cries At TV Commercials

That little puppy that needs rescuing, the soldier who comes home to mom, or the gecko that seems so small in the big insurance world -- it can be anything that sets her off. Moms-to-be will cry at the slightest television commercials. Many women like to keep themselves occupied so they don’t pay attention to these commercials when others are around, but secretly, they give into the hormones and let those tears flow freely. It doesn’t matter what’s on the commercial or what it's about, women will cry shamelessly while watching them.

17 Wets Their Pants A Little (Especially When Laughing)

It can be something really funny, or perhaps a sneeze, but women who are pregnant know how difficult it is to keep their bladders under control. Many women won’t admit to it, but they will pee themselves a little when they are pregnant. This is a big secret women like to keep because, well, they are grown women and feel this shouldn’t be happening. However, especially in the third trimester when there is a baby pushing down on everything, women do have a tendency to pee their pants a little with the slightest bit of pressure. They won’t, however, tell anyone about it.

16 Takes It Off At Any Chance


Pregnancy has a habit of wreaking havoc on a woman’s body. One of the biggest issues most women face is how hot the world suddenly seems. Even if she lives in a cold climate, the internal heat of a woman’s pregnant body can get the better of her. What does a woman do? Well, when no is around, she will strip down and go commando. Almost all women at one point or another during a pregnancy will just let it all hang out when they are alone. The heat can just feel overwhelming and freeing themselves from constricting clothing feels more comfortable, but of course, women will only do this when they are by themselves and more likely than not, they won’t tell anyone about it.

15 Looks At Their Bits With A Mirror


During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes a lot and it happens quickly. Sometimes the changes make women feel uncomfortable and long to know what they look like. At some point during the pregnancy, especially towards the end, many women want to remember what they used to look like, below the belly. In private, when no one is looking, women will grab a mirror and stick it between their legs to try to see what they haven’t been able to see for months! No woman will admit to it, but a good majority of women will look at their genital area to remind themselves there is something below the baby bump.

14 Checks Out Their "Girls"

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Every woman wants breasts that are nice and plump and perky. When a woman is pregnant, there is a lot of talk about how much they hurt, how engorged they are getting, but secretly, women love the new look. When no one is looking, a woman will wear a tight top, or no top at all and check out the changes. Women love the look of new and fuller breasts than they have ever had before. Women who were on the smaller side going into pregnancy especially relish and welcome the changes pregnancy brings to their chest. Checking them out in mirrors and in different tops and bras becomes something every woman will do in secret just to see how awesome her "new" breasts look.

13 Eats Ice-Cream For Breakfast


You know the stories of pregnant women everywhere who crave pickles and unusual things. We all hear of the woman who eats peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. However, the secret part to these cravings is when they eat things like ice cream for breakfast! Every woman loves to use pregnancy as an excuse to indulge at every chance she gets. Why not have ice cream and cookies for breakfast, as long as you don't do it in front of anyone? Ice cream and cookies for breakfast? Of course! Everything goes when you're pregnant, but shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.

12 Takes Measure

As pregnancy progresses, the changes become obvious. The doctors will weigh you at each visit, so you do know how much weight you're gaining. However, every woman wants to know how big she is getting, weekly or monthly. In the privacy of their own homes, they will pull out the measuring tape and wrap it around their bodies to try to determine how big they are getting and how big the baby will be. We all know this isn’t an accurate way to measure the weight of a baby, but women will do it anyway because, well, pregnancy is obsessive.

11 Becomes A Food Hoarder

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Pregnant women are eating for two, or three, or maybe more? Any way you look at it, women who are growing a baby inside them are hungry all the time. When you are ravenous and you're never sure what for, you have a tendency to keep things hidden so they are available when you want them. That is why pregnant women will hoard food secretly, so much so, even their partners don't realize it! They can't help it, baby wants what baby wants when baby wants it.

10 Lies About How Far Along They Are To Hide Pregnancy Gains


Every woman loves to talk about her pregnancy, both the good and the bad. However, when a woman gets comments about how far along she must be, she may have a tendency to secretly lie about this, especially if she looks larger than they are expected to at that point in pregnancy. Almost all women will say they are further along than they are to make up for extra weight gain. However, they only do this with strangers or people they don't see very often.

9 Tries To Get The Baby To Move

No matter how much women complain their babies are kicking them in the bladder or the ribs, every woman loves the feel of her baby moving. That is why when the baby has been less active, every woman will secretly try to get the baby to move. They will either push on their pregnant stomachs or eat something sweet. Anything to get that baby moving is what these women will do. Even if the baby is generally active, women love the feeling of the baby moving, so it's something they like to instigate.

8 Reads Everything Pregnancy-Related

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Was it mentioned that pregnant women can become obsessive? Well, they can. One thing women will obsess about the most is what's going on with their babies inside them, or what's going to happen in the future, or even how to take care of a newborn. It doesn't matter, if it's baby related, women will read it. They will do this by themselves and surround themselves with books because they don't want to be told to stop obsessing. Like that is even possible!

7  Lactating?

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Especially when they are first-time moms, women who are pregnant want to check to see if they are starting to lactate. That is why when they are alone in their rooms or bathrooms, they will squeeze their breasts to see if lactation has started yet. They like to know that when the milk does come in that there will be enough to fill their babies' hungry bellies. This is one of the joys of pregnancy that women like to keep to themselves. It's not something they will share even with their best friends.

6 Refuses To Shave

You guessed it! One secret that most pregnant women keep is that they refuse to shave, especially their legs and their lady bits. Once you have a baby making your belly balloon like a watermelon, shaving legs can be very difficult. Bending over can be very difficult. Therefore, many women will refuse to shave until after the baby is born and instead, they will opt to wear pants all the time.

5 Has Some Caffeine

Every pregnant woman tries to do her best to be healthy and avoid things that could be bad for the baby. Some of these things include bad habits. However, sometimes it's hard to resist. There are a large number of pregnant women who will sneak some caffeine when they are pregnant. Pregnant women need the pick me up that comes from caffeine too and sometimes that urge just gets so overwhelming they give in. Generally though, this will be done when no one is looking to judge.

4 Uses Pregnancy To Get Out Of Something

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Women everywhere when pregnant will reap the benefits that come with it. One of those benefits is saying no to something they don't want to do when they are asked. Things like going on an outing or perhaps even being asked to cook something for a potluck. Women everywhere will use their pregnancy as a chance to say no to something and to just lounge on the couch. Pregnancy is exhausting enough without having to add other things to their day. However, women only have this excuse for nine months, so they might as well make the most of it.

3 Does Everything They Can To Induce Labor

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Near the end of pregnancy, a woman just becomes tired of being pregnant. So, despite the advice of many, every pregnant woman will do what she can to induce labor. She will dance around the kitchen, or eat spicy foods. Maybe she will go for a long walk every day, doesn't matter what, women want the baby out and they will do what it takes. They will literally read about every possible method to induce labor to see if there is something they missed. No matter what it is, if they get wind of something that might induce labor, women will try it.

2 Passes Gas


No matter where they are or what they are doing, pregnant women will secretly pass gas. It most definitely isn't something they will share with anyone, but they will do it. It is because of how uncomfortable they feel when they are gassy. So, women will just let it out and hope it doesn't make a sound. No matter where she is or what she is doing, she will pass gas if the urge arises. It is very natural for pregnant women to do this. You won't get any pregnant woman to admit to it though.

1 Is Heartbroken When The Gender Of The Baby Isn’t What She Was Hoping For


As long is it's healthy, the gender doesn't matter. That is what you hear all the time when you ask the gender of the baby. However, that isn't always true. Women secretly get disappointed when they find out they are having a girl when they wanted a boy or vice versa. No woman will admit she is disappointed about it, but she will let it out when she is alone. It's perfectly normal to be disappointed when you find out your baby isn't the gender you wanted, but that will go away when you hold your little one.

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