20 Things Madonna Is Strict About In Her House

No matter how hard she may try, Madonna can never quite leave the spotlight. Everything that she does is pretty much under scrutiny. But, perhaps, this is the way she likes it. Still, it's hard to imagine that she likes so much attention on her kids or her parenting style. But it's pretty unavoidable to get some information about it since she went through a very public divorce with Guy Ritchie and some of her children have spoken out against her parenting techniques. This is why it's appropriate for us to go into detail about some of the rules that the mega-star has set for her children.

Although things have changed over time, Madonna is pretty particular when it comes to raising Lourdes, Rocco, Mercy, David, and twins Stelle and Estere. Biographer Lucy O’Brien said that the Detroit-raised singer inherited strict and old-school parenting values from her mother (also called Madonna) and her father, Tony Ciccone. When going through this list, some will definitely question the choices this talented performer and singer has made. But, at the same time, they may understand that quite a bit of thought went into these choices. Without further ado, here are 20 Things That Madonna Is Strict About In Her House.

20 No Cell Phone Use

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Madonna was used to being the "bad cop" at home. One of the ways she earned this title was by not letting her kids have cell phones. In fact, she was more than adamant about this rule. Even though all of their friends had cell phones, Madonna's kids weren't allowed to have them until they were much older. This is because she wanted to keep them engaged in more important things and not distracted. This decision also probably helped them communicate with people in a healthier way. However, Madonna's kids didn't like this rule, and it caused a couple of them to move in with their father.

19 Eat Only Macrobiotics

One of the reasons why a couple of Madonna's children really wanted to leave their mother and move in with their father had to do with her strict meal plans. While living at home, Madonna's kids were only allowed to eat macrobiotic foods. This is because she herself did as well and thought it was the most healthy choice for her kids.

This wasn't fun for the kids who weren't allowed to eat any preservatives, salt, sweets, chocolate, or any dairy products. They had to eat very clean and weren't allowed to bring any outside food in. If they ate other foods out, it was frowned upon. Although her intentions might have been good, this choice really made a couple of her kids unhappy.

18 Absolutely No Television

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It wasn't just cellphone use that Madonna was really strict about when it came to raising her children. During a heated custody battle, it became clear that a couple of Madonna's children were really unhappy with the fact that they had to live without TV. Under no circumstances were here children allowed to watch any television while at home. Madonna felt very strongly about this as she wanted them to focus on more important things like actually communicating with one another. Then again, maybe it's because Madonna didn't want her kids to see anything negative of her portrayed in the news.

17 Clean Up Clothes Or They're Taken Away

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Madonna's custody battle made a lot of aspects of her parenting style clear to the world. Apparently, a couple of Madonna's children were really unhappy with the fact they had to be extra careful about where they left their clothing. If the kids left clothes on the floor, the items are taken away.

Madonna spoke a decade ago about Lourdes getting in trouble for her sloppiness, Madonna explained: “She has to earn all of her clothes back by being tidy, picking up things in her room, making her bed in the morning." She then said that Lourdes had to wear the same outfit every day until she learned her lesson not to do it anymore. This, without a doubt, is a hardcore parenting choice, but it probably worked.

16 Be Okay With Being In The Spotlight

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Although some celebrity parents are keen to keep their kids away from the spotlight, it seems that Madonna is the opposite. One of her kids, Rocco, is said to have been fed up with his mother's oversharing of his life on social media. She has posted videos of him performing a backflip and making a less than cool caption with it. She also compared his hair to that of her first husband's, Sean Penn. Additionally, it seems that Madonna has her kids at press events often as they are photographed quite a lot. This leads us to believe that she tells them that they have to be okay with being in the spotlight because they may not have a choice.

15 Don't Make The Same Decisions As Mom

Children of celebrities often have a hard time not causing trouble. It makes sense as they are given literally everything they need to go off the rails. But Madonna has made it very clear to all of her kids that she doesn't want them making the same mistakes as she has. Madonna also became famous quite young and, as we all know, has made news for an assortment of activities.

Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, has also made news for various things and apparently Madonna isn't all that happy about it. The two are very close, but Madonna doesn't like that Lourdes is doing things that many other young adults are doing once they've gained a bit of freedom.

14 Learn From Mistakes

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If you look at the details of some of the other things Madonna is strict about, such as her rules about picking up clothing, it's easy to conclude that she wants her kids to learn from their mistakes. Unlike many celebrity parents, as well as most normal ones, Madonna isn't keen to bail her kids out of any situation without them experiencing some consequences. The thought is that they will learn from their mistakes after experiencing the consequences. And then maybe they will learn not to act that way anymore.

But this parenting technique isn't just about the negative, it's also about following one's dream. Madonna wants her kids to stumble as they fulfill their goals as she hopes it will allow them to become multi-dimensional human beings.

13 Toys Must Be Ethical

When Guy Ritchie left Madonna, he received a copious list of rules that he was to follow when parenting her children in his house. The press got a hold of this list, which is how we've been able to compile this list. Among the strict rules that Madonna had for her kids was that all of their toys had to be ethical. They also couldn't be "spiritually unsound"... whatever that means...

Presumably, this means that all of the kids' toys were made under safe conditions as well as didn't cause harm to others, themselves, or the environment around them. But still, we are curious to know what exactly Madonna means here.

12 No Relationships Until 18

According to Today, Madonna said that she wouldn't let her daughter, Lourdes, date until she was 18-years-old. She had a similar rule for the rest of her children. This isn't something that is uncommon. A lot of parents have strict rules for their kids in terms of dating as they don't want their kids to grow up too fast. Unfortunately, these rules don't always work. Well, they certainly didn't for Lourdes.

When Lourdes was merely 16, she started dating Call Me By Your Name and Beautiful Boy star, Timothee Chalamet and continued with multiple guys afterward. Therefore, Madonna had to alter her rule slightly. The compromise was that a bodyguard had to be sent with Lourdes on her dates until she was 18.

11 Constantly Wash Their Hands

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Madonna is the type of person who is really concerned about falling ill. This makes sense as she is constantly on the road and performing. Therefore, her health needs to be good. But one of her rules for her children, regarding this, may have been taken too far.

Apparently, Madonna was a bit obsessed with her kids regularly washing their hands with disinfectant. She made them do it every time they walked in the house, as well as after they played with their pets and, of course, after they used the washroom. Perhaps this attitude caused them to be a bit overly concerned with germs. Then again, it may have been a healthy choice.

10 Obey The Curfew

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Many parents set firm curfews for their kids. This is because they want them to be aware of their responsibilities as well as stay safe. But one of the reasons why Madonna's son, Rocco, went to live with his dad, Guy Ritchie, was because his mother was apparently way too strict about this rule. He wanted to have a life and felt that Madonna was too firm on the time of night he was too come home. If he were to disobey his curfew, there would be consequences. According to NY Daily News, an insider said that Guy Ritchie isn't as strict about this. Apparently, Rocco can “meet his friends, eat fast food, he doesn’t have an early curfew."

9 Little Ones Must Only Be Read Her Books

Parents who encourage their kids to read are probably doing the right thing. Especially if they are encouraging their kids to read actual books instead of straining their eyes on a screen all day. But a source told The Guardian a slightly odd rule that Madonna has for her kids regarding this topic. After Guy Ritchie and Madonna went their different ways, Madonna is said to have told Ritchie that he was only to read her books to their kids.

If you weren't aware, Madonna is an author as well. She wrote a book called The English Roses, as well as a few other children books including Mr. Peabody’s Apple, The Adventures of Abdi and Lotsa de Casha. So, at least, Madonna's younger kids have a couple of books to choose from.

8 All About School And Homework

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Madonna has said that she reminds her kids just how lucky they are to be able to get to school. This is because so many kids all around the globe don't have the opportunity. This is the foundation for her strict focus on her children's education. She wants them to be completely committed to education. This means that their homework takes top priority. They are also encouraged to maintain stellar grades and stay active in their school's communities. If they complain about any of this, she won't listen. She reminds them how lucky they are and how important it is that they continue to develop their academics.

7 Keep In Constant Contact

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Here's another strict rule that Madonna has (and had) her kids obey. They are to keep in constant contact with her every day. This means that they have to keep her aware of where they are, who they are with, and what exactly they are doing. They have to check in with her at least three times a day. These times are set by Madonna in order to accommodate her schedule. This was something that she strictly enforces. Yep, apparently, she is that firm about it. Sure, this is done to protect them. but it's also a way to control them. No wonder a couple of them were so keen to move in with their father after their parents went their separate ways.

6 Answer Mother's Questions

There's one thing that is absolutely certain about Madonna's parenting style, she is not a passive parent. She explained this tactic in an interview where she stated that her kids have to answer all of her questions. Although she may not see this as an interrogation, she usually gives them a list of questions that they have to answer on the daily. These questions can include, "Have you done your homework?", "What are you eating?", "What did you eat today?", "Why did you say that?", and "Why are you wearing what you are wearing?" She feels that all of these questions have a purpose and that her children's answers are important.

5 Avoid Man-Made Fibers

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We've already spoken about how Madonna only wants her kids to play with "ethical toys", but we haven't touched upon one of her other practically strange rules. When Madonna and Guy Ritchie went their separate ways, she told him that she wanted him to provide her kids with clothes that weren't man-made. She only wanted them to wear natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Under no circumstances were they allowed to wear anything with man-made fibers such as polyester. She felt that it was a safer and healthier choice for her kids. Whether she's done research on the matter is yet to be determined.

4 Take Part In Kabbalah

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As many Madonna fans know, the singer and actor is a devoted follower of Kabbalah, a branch of Jewish mysticism. Although this sect of the religion has been around for a very long time, Madonna made it pretty famous as she was one of the first mega-celebrities to take lessons. But it wasn't just her that became part of this unique and challenging form of spiritual education; all of Madonna's children were put into Kabbalah lessons with her until they were old enough to choose for themselves what to practice. This isn't that uncommon, as most parents who are into organized religion do the same thing with their own children.

3 Only Drink Kabbalah Water

Here's where Madonna's rules about her children taking part in Kabbalah get a bit weird. Even though Madonna's interest and devotion to Kabbalah have seemingly lessened in recent years, she insisted that her children only drink Kabbalah water. Kabbalah water is basically incredibly expensive spring water that has been blessed by Kabbalah religious leaders. This strict rule meant that her kids weren't allowed to purchase and drink other bottled water like Evian or Nestle. It also meant that they weren't allowed to drink tap water or water that had been filtered through a typical filtering device. This rule seems like it would have caused major inconveniences for her children.

2 Being Mindful Of Words

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Madonna has probably gotten herself into some trouble in the past. This is mostly due to the fact that she's never been one to mince words. She says what she means, even when it's not always the right thing to say. This is one of the reasons why people call her a "diva." But she encourages her children to be more mindful of their words than she was. She wants them to understand that language has power. That it can truly harm others, or bring them great joy. That it can be used for the greater good and to show maturity. Additionally, she wants them to choose their words wisely and always seek the truth within them.

1 Share The Wealth And Serve Others

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Madonna is in a unique position as a person; she's incredibly successful and wealthy. Although she could easily retreat into herself, she has done tremendous philanthropic works. This is something that she encourages her children to do as well. She commented on this very topic in an interview: "I regularly remind my children how fortunate they are to have the things they do and encourage them to share. My daughter goes to children's hospitals to read my books to other children, and as she and my son get older, I'm sure they will become more involved in community service."

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