20 Things All Southern Moms Do Differently

Anyone who has visited the South knows that it's a magical place. When visiting Charleston or Savannah or any other Southern city or town, tourists love the historical architecture, the delicious fried food, and the warm weather.

There are many things that all moms do when taking care of their children. Every mom feeds their children three meals a day plus snacks (and every mom also knows how much children adore snacks like cheese, crackers, and fruit). Every mom worries when their kid comes down with a cold or flu, wants them to learn a lot at school, reads them books, and teaches them about the world around them. They set up play dates and want them to have lots of friends, help them navigate tricky school and social situations as they get older, and throw them fabulous birthday parties.

No matter where moms live or what their daily routine looks like, it's true that they do all of these things for their children. But it's definitely true that when moms live in certain places, there are some regional differences. When a mom is from the South, there are some things that she does that are unique.

Read on to find out 20 things all Southern moms do differently.

20 Southern Moms Believe Comforting Casseroles Solve Everything

Verywell Family

Not every mom cooks, but one thing that all Southern moms have in common is that they love to get into the kitchen and feed the people that they love. More than that, they always make casseroles.

As this mom wrote for S. Mommy, "If you don’t have a go-to poppy seed chicken casserole or the family heirloom Jell-O mold, you need to call your momma ASAP. Because taking pre-made lasagna to a new neighbor’s housewarming is basically the same as extending your middle finger. You can’t buy Southern hospitality in the freezer section at Costco, y’all."

A nice warm casserole (preferably with cheese on top) is always a great gesture, so Southern moms have a really good thing going.

19 They Always Think Their Kids Aren't Eating Enough


According to a Buzzfeed story, one thing that Southern moms do is always asking their kids if they're eating enough.

While every mom wants their kids to eat balanced meals and get in enough nutrients three times a day, Southern moms are often convinced that their kids just aren't eating enough. They just love to feed their family and it's part of how they show love. Every parent dreams of sharing many meals with their little ones and continuing that tradition even as the kids get older (and turn into teenagers who want to eat with their friends instead). It sounds like family meals are also a big part of having a Southern mom.

18 They Give Their Daughters Beauty And Hair Advice


Southern Living says that Southern moms love talking to their daughters about hair and beauty.

The publication asked readers for things that their Southern moms have said to them, and they included things like "Put on some darker lipstick, honey. That pink is washing you out." Another mom said to her daughter, "What do I think of your new haircut? Well . . . it sure is different, isn't it?"

These definitely evoke a few chuckles, but at the heart of the matter, we can see that Southern moms care deeply about their daughters and want them to take pride in their appearance and feel good about themselves.

17 Southern Moms Love Bows And Fancy Baby Clothing


Is there anything sweeter than a baby girl dressed in a fancy outfit... complete with bows? Whether she has bows in her hair, on her dress, or on her socks (perhaps the cutest place to have bows), it's always a lovely sight.

Southern moms really love dressing their kids up with bows. As this blogger wrote on Charleston.citymomsblog.com, she's a big fan of this: "I do love how put together kids of Southern Mamas are all the time! Southern Mamas make sure that their children have the appropriate outfit for every occasion and guaranteed, their tops are always going to match their bottoms. I live for the big bows on little Southern girls and I’m not even mad at the monogrammed outfits."

16 They Are Careful Not To Waste Anything

The Independent

Moms know that it can be tough to use up all of the food that you buy at the grocery store every week. You start out on Sunday with good intentions, swearing that you'll cook all of that broccoli that you got (hey, it was on sale, so it made sense to grab a few bunches). But then the end of the week rolls around and you realize that some of the veggies are looking like they have seen better days.

The Mommy site says that Southern moms are really good at never wasting anything. This is something that is really important to them, which is awesome.

15 Southern Moms Love Monogrammed Objects

Southern Living

There are some people who love monogrammed objects, bath towels, pillows, you name it. And those people are most likely Southern moms because this is something else that Southern moms are big fans of.

As this mom wrote for S. Mommy, this is also how Southern moms name their babies: "Do those initials look good on a diaper bag? As a Southern parent, you will be monogramming anything that doesn’t move, so this is a serious consideration when naming your baby."

A monogrammed diaper bag does sound really cute. Many moms could get behind that. And since coming up with baby names can be tough, thinking about the initials is a great idea.

14 They Teach Their Kids To Think About How Others Feel


According to Southern Living, Southern moms really want their children to think about how others feel: "Teaching your children from an early age to share and take turns because it's fair, not just because it's the right thing to do, will help them grow up to be considerate."

This is a really interesting thing to think about. Many moms teach their kids the importance of sharing toys and it's usually presented as this is how you behave because it's polite. But taking it one step further, like Southern moms do, and talking about compassion and thinking about others is a really nice idea.

13 Southern Moms Feel Taking Children To Church Is Important


Southern moms love taking their kids to Church.

Reese Witherspoon is a Southern mom and People magazine quoted her as saying,  “[Church] takes you out of your personal experience and universalizes it. You understand that whatever you’re dealing with, someone in that room has either dealt with the same thing or will in the future. We are all struggling to figure out what life is about."

Everyone feels differently about what they believe in, what religion they follow, and whether they will bring their children to Church every Sunday. It sounds like this is something that is very important to Southern moms.

12 They Care About Being Polite No Matter What


Another thing that Southern moms do differently is being polite no matter what. This matters a lot to them and they would never dream of being mean to someone or anything other than friendly.

As Southern Living puts it, "If your daughter sees you snap at that rude cashier, your sibling, or even her, you can't be too surprised when she mimics your behavior. We certainly know no one is perfect, and it's more than okay to explain your lesser moments to your children as something you regret, but it’s a good reminder that you're the most constant example your children have for how to speak and act."

11 Southern Moms Go All Out When Entertaining

Scary Mommy

When a Southern mom entertains, she seriously goes all out, which is something else that she does differently than other moms. While some moms might not love cooking and might throw a more casual gathering, Southern moms love to go big and fancy. It sounds like these get-togethers are amazing.

Matador Network says, "Fine china and four-course menus are required for dinner guests. You make a Pinterest board for every party and prepare at least a dozen dishes, including options for gluten-free, vegan, kosher and lactose-intolerant friends. The house must be spotless, so you dust and vacuum, even though you cleaned two days ago."

10 They Stress The Importance Of Saying "Ma'am" Or "Sir"


The Mommy site says that all Southern moms want their children to call others "Ma'am" or "sir" when speaking to them and this is something that is emphasized in the South.

While all moms want their children to be polite and to say hello to others, we can see that moms who don't live in the South aren't putting quite a huge emphasis on a kid calling an adult "sir." In fact, we don't really see that in other areas of the States. This is part of raising kids to be polite and to always remember that manners are a really important thing.

9 Southern Moms Give Their Children Boiled Peanuts For Snacks

Scientific American

As this blogger at Charleston.citymoms.blog says, Southern moms love giving their children boiled peanuts for snacks. She thinks that this is an awesome snack and writes, "Every time we break them out, all of the toddlers flock to us like seagulls and we can’t crack them open fast enough. I can’t believe I just wrote a paragraph about my love of boiled peanuts. Maybe I am morphing into a Southern Mama!"

This is definitely something that all Southern moms do differently because we don't see this specific snack being served in other parts of the U.S. We know that kids love peanut butter, so we can only imagine how good boiled peanuts are. Maybe we should all try giving our kids this snack?

8 They Serve Lots Of Fried Vegetables

Natural Paleo Family

When we think about Southern food, we immediately think about fried food.

Sweet Magnolia Tours says, "As a kid, deep-fried was the only way your mother could get you to eat anything green. As an adult, your palate has become more refined, but there’s still a special place in your heart (and stomach) for fried okra."

Making fried vegetables (and fried okra in particular) isn't popular anywhere but the South. We totally get it because it's true that it's tricky to get kids to eat vegetables.  Maybe we should try making some fried okra every once in a while? It does sound really good.

7 Southern Moms Believe They Should Always Be Ready For Anything


According to The Odyssey Online, if you had a Southern mom, she was always ready for anything: "Momma taught you to always be prepared, so you can most likely save the world with the contents of your purse. Sewing kit? Check. Snacks? Check. First-aid kit? Check. The cure to a previously incurable disease? Probably check."

This is a really smart idea, and we're all going to be inspired to keep more things in our bags or purses. As every mom knows, things happen that are unexpected, like a traffic jam on the way home from a soccer game and your kid is saying that they're hungry.

6 Southern Moms Are Amazing At Small Talk

Parents Magazine

Southern moms have a unique ability to be awesome at small talk.

As The Odyssey Online says,  "When you were a kid, it seemed like your mom made more friends in the grocery store checkout line than you could remember, and it never failed that she found one of those friends just when you were ready to leave someplace. As an adult, you realize just how important that small talk really is."

We have to hand it to Southern moms because we could all become better at small talk. Especially when you become a mom, you have to talk to lots of people all the time, whether you're dropping your kid off at a playdate or standing in the pick-up line at school.

5 They Want Their Kids To Do Things With Care

Viral Glow

Life Made Fab says that she had a Southern mom who taught her to do things with care. She wrote, "I think I have this quote burned into my memory, because this is something my mom ALWAYS said to me. I’m so glad she did though, because we all have our lazy moments. It takes twice as long to be lazy and do something half-way then it does to get the job right the first time. There’s something to be said for doing a job right for the first time, and exceeding expectations. Having this mindset really will take you far in life."

Isn't this so inspiring? Southern moms have a real knack for taking pride in anything that they are doing, and it's really nice to adopt this attitude, too.

4 They Dress To Impress No Matter What


Life Made Fab also says that Southern moms always dress really nicely: "Fashion has always been important in my house. Mom is always put together, and she taught me how to have great taste from a young age. One thing she always told me is to dress better than you think you should. But it’s so true."

Sure, not every mom will do this all the time. There are days when you're so busy that all you can wear is yoga pants and a t-shirt, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it's also nice to dress up sometimes and have some fun picking out your outfit.

3 They Would Never Dream Of Anything But Picture Perfect Holidays

Scary Mommy

It sounds like holidays are very intense for Southern moms... but in a really fun way.

According to Southern Thing, Southern moms have many Christmas sweaters and they often have not just one Christmas tree but a whole bunch.

This definitely isn't how every mom does the holidays because some of us are just trying to hold our heads above water during the entire month of December. Sometimes, even getting one Christmas tree seems exhausting, let alone a few. But we can take some inspiration from Southern moms next Christmas and make it a magical season with a few over-the-top things. It does sound fun.

2 Southern Moms Do The Right, Old-School Thing


Matador Network says that Southern moms always do the right thing.

When Southern moms get gifts, they write notes saying thank you to the person who gave it to them. As Matador Network puts it, "You never go to someone’s house without flowers, wine, beer or food for the host. You say “please,” “thank you,” “yes, sir,” and “no, ma’am.” You keep your elbows off the table and know which silverware goes with every meal course. And you always RSVP before the deadline."

These actions do sound old-school since we could say that they have fallen out of favor and we don't all do them. Southern moms keep these up, though.

1 Southern Moms Have Many Favorite Sayings


Wide Open Country says that Southern moms have sayings that they repeat on a regular basis. This is definitely something that Southern moms do differently since moms living in other places don't tend to have such favorite sayings.

Some of these include "It'll all come out in the wash" or "You'll catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar." That last one is particularly awesome and is very effective. This is one thing that we can learn from Southern moms for sure. When we're talking to our kids about being kind people, we can tell them about flies and honey and vinegar, and it's going to be inspiring.

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