20 Things All Moms Wish Were Cheaper

Every mom knows just how expensive being a parent can be in this day and age, especially since many of the necessary items one needs for an infant are incredibly high-tech.

For example, Baby List points out that the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor has three different types of lenses: normal, wide or zoom angle, so you can see down to the minute detail of what your infant is up to when you are in the other room.

This high-tech baby monitor also comes with a color LCD screen, the ability to see using night vision mode and was designed to allow moms to soothe their child when they wake up in the middle of the night demanding their presence without ever having to get up from their cozy bed. That’s a far cry from the baby monitors my parents had for myself and my sister—those things resembled (and acted) more like old-fashioned walkie-talkies than anything else.

For moms-to-be that are curious about the necessary items they’re going to need for their nursery or moms that might be in the market to splurge a little on their infant, the following is a compilation of all of the expensive items that will make a wallet facepalm but are totally worth the cost.

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20 Lactation Consultant

According to Romper, a good lactation consultant isn’t cheap because they often aren’t covered by insurance plans and new moms have to pay out of pocket for their services.

It’s sad that they are so pricey because they really do provide a vital service. Breastfeeding isn’t as easy as some people think, and some moms need to refine their method under the watchful eye of a lactation consultant with years of experience under her belt. It might be tempting to hire a cheaper consultant, but as with anything else, the more expensive lactation consultants are really worth it because they have decades of education and experience under their belt.

19 Car Seat

Parents like to joke about how expensive items for their kids are nowadays, but there’s a kernel of truth to their kidding around. Car seats are one such item; sure, there are cheaper models, but it is best to open the wallet and purchase the best of the best.

USA Today points out that the reason why good car seats are so darn expensive is due to the fact that that the high-quality models are made from only the best material, have extensive safety features and are incredibly comfortable for your little ones to sit in. It’s too bad no company has made a car seat with all of these features but sold them at a cheap price; they’d definitely be rolling in the dough!

18 Stroller

The Bump points out that strollers also cost a pretty penny for new moms, even though they pretty much rely on these things in order to take their children out and about.

For example, one stroller brand that has a recliner seat for an infant, a sunshade for moms to use on really sunny days and an easy-access basket to hold a diaper bag or purse in, can cost $400; which is the same price as my older dog Esme’s vet bill when she has to go in for multiple vaccinations plus grooming. Strollers are a necessity, and it’s sad that they are so expensive.

17 Baby Carrier

Another product that is expensive but moms everywhere would throw a party if they could find a brand that wasn’t are baby carriers.

USA Today points out that it is nigh impossible to find a baby carrier model that isn’t going to break the bank, is pretty comfortable for your little one and for you to wear and is made of durable material that won’t break down within a few months. It’s like trying to find a unicorn amongst a herd of horses and that’s why so many moms shell out the cash to splurge on their little one and make sure that their carrier is safe.

16 Glider

USA Today writes that glider chairs can be pricey, but they’re an essential part of any nursery because it provides a comfortable place for mom and dad to sit while they are feeding the baby and it’s a great way to soothe your little one to sleep when they are feeling fussy.

Since this chair is going to get plenty of use throughout the first year or so, it’s best to invest in a good brand and make sure that it’s really quiet so it doesn’t wake the baby up—just try not to think too much about the price tag so you don’t start facepalming.

15 Baby Seat

Baby seats are pretty much a necessity when you have an infant, although they can often make your wallet flail when it sees how much money you have to take out. My mom spent a good chunk of change on one for my sister when she was a baby, and it lasted years—to the point when she no longer needed it, she gave it to a friend that recently had an infant that was very fussy.

USA Today notes that it’s a good idea to get several different chairs because each one has a different way to soothe a fussy baby; some entertain your child by allowing them to bounce around while others help them relax by gently swinging them back and forth.

14 Baby Monitors

Sure, it might be easier on your wallet to get a simple and cheap baby monitor. After all, your parents had one that they used for you with no frills and it worked fine for them.

USA Today writes that baby monitors have come a long way since the ones made in the past and the more expensive ones have helpful options such as being able to access the monitor by using your smartphone, video monitoring and sound control, which means you don’t have to physically leave the room to soothe your child every time they wake up in the middle of the night.

13 Diaper Pails

Every mom loves her baby, but even she will admit that the smell of a dirty diaper can make someone feel light-headed because it is hard on the nostrils.

In order to keep mom, dad and anyone else in the house from having to walk around with clothespins on their nose until the infant is fully potty-trained, USA Today recommends splurging for a really expensive diaper pail that comes with odor control and makes tossing out dirty diapers a breeze because after all, no one likes cleaning up a pail that looks like the baby used it as a toilet bowl.

12 Breastpump

In order to make the breastfeeding process easier for both mother and baby, any good lactation consultant will recommend that moms purchase a pump.

USA Today recommends that breastfeeding mothers not skimp out when it comes time to purchase a pump because the more expensive models are completely worth it and actually cut pumping time in half because they are so efficient. As any busy mother knows, efficient items are good because it leaves more time for them to rest while their baby is taking a nap or to take care of their newborn if their little one is awake.

11 A Crib Mattress

Babies tend to not know what the word “sleep” means and seem to enjoy forcing their parents to have a really weird sleep schedule because they have to get up in the middle of the night in order to feed or soothe their infant.

USA Today urges parents that want to make sure their baby gets a bit of shut-eye at night so that mom and dad can have another half hour of sleep spend the money on getting a very comfortable crib mattress. An expensive and comfortable crib mattress of quality is essential in the attempt to lull an infant to sleep.

10 Furniture That Can Transition As Your Child Grows

When my little sister was a baby, my parents headed out to the expensive furniture store and purchased some items that would be able to transition with my sister as she aged from infant to toddler. Heck, she kept that furniture up until the age of four or five and then she demanded the opportunity to pick out her own “big girl” bed.”

USA Today writes that it may cost a pretty penny up front, but purchasing furniture that can be transformed (like a changing table to a dresser) as your child grows will actually save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to run out and purchase a toddler bed, only to turn around and get a regular-sized bed a few years later.

9 Hiking Carrier

For active moms, it can be disheartening trying to find a hiking baby carrier that won’t make your wallet side-eye you so hard and gossip about you with your bank account behind your back.

Baby List notes that it’s worth spending the money to buy a model like the Babyjorn baby hiking carrier because it’s sturdy and is designed to transition from the newborn stage up until your child is three years old. That way, you won’t have to worry about it breaking down when you’re in the middle of an excellent hike with your child and you won’t have to keep shelling out money for a new one until they’re about three or four years old.

8 The Mamaroo

It can be difficult for moms to put their infant down for a few minutes to make dinner or run to the bathroom because their child immediately feels slighted and lets them know in no uncertain terms about how they feel about losing their human chair.

That’s why Baby Gaga recommends splurging for the Mamaroo, an electronic baby chair that was designed to mimic human movements and soothing sounds. You’ll be able to get dinner ready without having an upset baby on your hands and your newborn will stay relaxed even when they are not being held in your arms. Win-win all around!

7 Tutors

I will fully admit that math is not my forte and as a child, I struggled for years to barely pass my math classes when I was in elementary school. When I was in sixth grade, my teacher recommended a good math tutor she knew that I could go for private lessons after school and my mother spent a fortune on this extra help for the next three years.

Your wallet won’t feel happy about hiring an expensive professional tutor, but Brooklyn Math Tutors points out that it is worth it because you know that they have advanced degrees in the subject and years of experience under their belt, which means that your child won’t have to fret about the possibility of going to summer school.

6 Tubs For Baby

It might be tempting to skimp on purchasing a cheap baby tub for your newborn, but the investment in a good quality one is worth it, especially if it’s BPA-free and phthalate-free; no one wants to worry about that when there’s so much to do as a new parent.

Baby List adds that shelling out for an expensive model like a collapsible baby tub will also make your life easier during bath time since it’s easy to set up and take down without having to navigate a slippery bathroom with a cumbersome piece of plastic being held in your hands.

5 Travel Crib

One downside of “regular” cribs is that they are not often designed to be taken down and set up somewhere else, which means that moms have to go out and purchase another one that can be easily folded up and set up without having to struggle too much during the latter.

Baby List recommends ditching the old-school travel cribs like the pack-and-play in favor for the more expensive but lighter models like the Baby Bjorn travel crib because they can be used for children up to the age of three and it comes with its very own traveling case for parents to store it in.

4 Bassinets

My parents really lucked out when my sister was an infant because my mother’s college best friend surprised them by buying them a really nice bassinet that she got from Babies R Us and gave it to them as a holiday gift a week or so before my mom’s due date.

Baby Gaga notes that it’s best to indulge your little one by purchasing a high-tech bassinet like the Snoo Smart bassinet because it helps lull your child to sleep by mimicking the rocking motions and the sounds they heard while in the womb. Plus, it helps make sleep training and the transition to sleeping in a crib a breeze!

3 Children's Bicycles

When I was a little girl, it was pretty common for parents to take their child to Toys R Us in order to purchase their first “big girl” or “big boy” bicycle. They had a fairly large selection and I remembered being thrilled to see how many bicycles I could try before making my choice.

Cost Helper writes that it’s best to go for a high-end bicycle for your children, even though they cost more. The reason why the high-end bicycles can range from prices like $100 to even $300 is due to the fact that they have more safety features, which means moms won’t have to fret every time their child hops onto the bike to take a ride down to the local park.

2 Daycare

According to What To Expect, the reason why daycares are so darn pricey is that most of their expenses come from the fact that they’re taking care of children and they need to have things like insurance as well as important items like books, toys, etc.

Moms might shudder at the cost of daycare, but the pricey ones are worth it because they often make sure that their teachers have had the highest education and credentials possible while trying to provide their clients with an environment that keeps them comfortable and helps them learn at the exact same time.

1 Baby Sitters

When my best friend and I were growing up, it was pretty common to see teenagers in our age group making a little bit of pocket money by babysitting the younger children in their family, younger siblings or even the younger children that lived on their block.

Parents points out that society has largely moved away from that trend and new parents are often shelling out a chunk of change for quality babysitters with years of experience because nowadays, they don’t want just anyone watching their precious child. Plus, they’ll be able to enjoy their night out without worrying that a teenager might not know what to do in an emergency while an experienced and highly qualified professional sitter will leap into action and keep a cool head while doing so.

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