20 Things About Farrah Abraham That Almost Went Unnoticed

Farrah Abraham has made quite the bang in pop culture since she was featured on the MTV docu-series 16 and Pregnant. Farrah got pregnant with her child when she was just a kid herself and had to face a ton of challenges as a result of becoming a parent so young. The father of her child was killed in a car accident before she even gave birth to their little girl, Sophia. As a result, she has been raising their child pretty much on her own and, because of this, she's had to do some pretty unique things in order to make ends meet.

She has been on TV for almost a decade and has reveled in all of the attention she has received. Farrah has basically grown up on television and, therefore, has made some of the common mistakes that teenagers make while being filmed. She also, however, has made some mistakes that most people do not. She is one of the most controversial celebrities out there because she says what she thinks and doesn't care what anyone else has to say about it. As a result, she is also one of the most disliked celebrities of all time because many people do not agree with her lifestyle or parenting style. With all of that being said, most of her mistakes have been broadcasted on a number of different news stations and blogs but there are some things about her that you may not know.

So to help you learn all you need to know about Farrah Abraham we've compiled a list of 20 things that almost slipped the radar, but not quite.

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20 She Secretly Attended Derek's Funeral


Farrah was completely in love with Derek but they did have their fair share of issues. They were always breaking up and making up. At the end of the day, however, they cared a lot about one another. When she lost Derek, she was super pregnant and very lost in her life. They had been trying to work on their relationship for the sake of their unborn child but all of that was ruined.

At the time, Farrah was filming "16 & Pregnant" for MTV and was having a hard time keeping almost anything from the cameras and crew. Once Derek died, she knew that she had to attend the funeral to pay her respects and say her final goodbye. However, she didn't want MTV cameras following her there and capturing it for the show. So, she acted like she didn't go. What was discovered later on was that she actually did attend Derek's funeral, just in secret.

Since then, she has been seen visiting him at the cemetery multiple times on Teen Mom both with their daughter and alone. She also seems to have a good relationship with his family and tries to keep them involved in Sophia's life.

19 She Was Fired From Teen Mom


Farrah got her start with MTV when they chose her story to be featured on their new series "16 & Pregnant" way back in 2009. She grew up with the cast and crew and had some of her most exciting and heartbreaking moments while she was filming for the show.

Once filming for "16 & Pregnant" ended, MTV started working on another show called "Teen Mom". This show followed around four of the girls from the previous show to see how they were doing since their episode aired, as well as, to see how well they were moving forward with their lives. The show aired for a total of four seasons before its conclusion in 2012.

However, a revival of the show was announced in 2015 and all of the original "Teen Mom" girls returned to continue telling their story. The show is still running today, however there is one key component missing, Farrah. Farrah started out on the show, but when she decided to continue furthering her career in the adult entertainment industry, MTV cut ties with her and she has not been featured on the show since. Farrah being given this ultimatum was actually featured in one of the episodes from the newest season.

18 She Was On Celebrity Big Brother (And Not Well Liked)


Farrah has not let her TV career start and end with Teen Mom or even MTV in general. She has been on a couple of other reality TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother UK. Celebrity Big Brother UK follows a bunch of celebrity contestants who are isolated from the outside world for an extended period of time in a custom built house. Over the course of their time on the show, tensions and emotions fly.

Farrah obviously had a bit of a hard time on the show because she is not the easiest person to get along with. Farrah entered the house on day 1 and on day 16 she was fake evicted. She moved into Big Brother's Luxury Suite where she spied on the other housemates until the 18th day when she returned. Little did she know that the other housemates knew what she was doing and she was actually evicted on day 23. Farrah has had her time on the show brought up a lot because she had a number of explosive arguments and blow-ups during her time on the show. In fact, there was even an instance, according to US Weekly, where after glasses were thrown, the police had to be called.

17 She Has A Ton Of Feuds With Celebs, Including Kendall Jenner


Like we said before, Farrah Abraham is not an easy one to get along with. She is obnoxious and rude at times, always talking about people and loves to give her opinion out of others. As a result, she has a number of celebrity feuds with celebs like Nicki Minaj, Amber Portwood and even Kendall Jenner.

Her feud with Kendall Jenner began when Jenner said that she sided with Nicki Minaj in the famous feud between the two and she didn't "agree with a lot of Farrah's decisions in life" according to an article on usmagazine.com. The comments surfaced during Khloe Kardashian's talk show, called "Kocktails With Khloe". During the show, Kym Whitley and Snoop Dogg recreated the twitter exchange by wearing wigs and reading the tweets out loud. Farrah found these comments to be extremely rude and wasted no time in firing back on her Twitter page. She talked about how the Kardashian's came to be famous in an attempt to prove that Kim Kardashian and her life choices are actually not that different. The feud between Nicki and Farrah started when Nicki said that she didn't agree with how the "Teen Mom" star talked to and treated her own mother, especially on the show.

16 She Is Worth A Ton Of Money

Despite some of her past mistakes and poor decisions, Farrah has been, in general, pretty successful in building herself quite the empire. She is worth a lot more money then most people think with an estimated net worth well over a million dollars.

Thesquander.com estimates that her current net worth is somewhere around $3-6 million. While she was working on "Teen Mom" she was making at least a whopping $30,000 per episode along with her many business ventures. Some of the more PG business ventures that she has explored include her frozen yogurt shop, her furniture store, her beauty line and her family's line of pasta sauces.

She is one of the more successful of all the teen moms. However, she was recently fired from "Teen Mom" which was one of her biggest moneymakers. Producers decided to cease telling her story because of her treatment of the production crew as well as her involvement in the adult entertainment industry. Her bank account is sure to take a hit without this big money making gig but we are sure that she will find something else to make sure she can keep shopping till she drops. After all, if anything, Farrah seems to be quite resourceful!

15 Her Book Was On The New York Times Bestseller List


Farrah Abraham is a jack of many trades and has dipped her fingers in a couple of different industries since making her television debut on MTV. One thing that she accomplished was writing an autobiography titled "My Teenage Dream Ended" in 2012.

This book chronicles Farrah's pregnancy and includes topics like her drug use, the arrest of her father over his threatening of her daughter's father, and the death of her daughter's father, Derek Underwood. Although she didn't have much experience writing before this book, it was a smash success and made it to number 11 on the "New York Times Bestseller List". Clearly, her story resonates with others as is made obvious by her success both with the show and her book.

If you want to hear Farrah's side of everything, then this book is a great read because it literally tells of everything from start to finish without leaving much out. When most people think of Farrah, they think of the girl from "Teen Mom" or many other negative things, but she is actually beauty and brains. This autobiography was just the start of this young woman's empire that would soon span over a number of different industries.

14 She Appeared On Couples Therapy Even Though She Wasn't In A Relationship

The Inquisitr

Farrah has attended therapy many times over the course of her time on TV. She is no stranger to therapy and truly believes that it has helped her get through some of the toughest times in her life, as she has stated in a number of different interviews.

She had a rough childhood and, after losing Derek, she had a hard time finding anyone she wanted to settle down with and start a real relationship with. In 2014, when Farrah joined the cast on "Couples Therapy" there was just one thing that separated her from everyone else, she wasn't actually in a relationship.

According to what Farrah said on the show, she was expecting to go on the show with her then boyfriend, Brian Dawe. But according to radaronline.com, Dawe said that him and Farrah were never actually a thing and the producers from the VH1 show tried to persuade him to go on the show in order to film some scenes with Farrah. However, Farrah stated that this was not true and she seemed genuinely upset during her time on the show that her significant other decided not to show up. The truth was never really discovered but it was a bit odd to be on a couples show by yourself. Farrah braved all of the criticism, though, and remained until the very end so, "You go girl!"

13 She Said She Would Let Sophia Get Work Done

Stay at Home Mum

Farrah is mainly known for saying outrageous things and not caring what anyone has to say about it. A lot of the time, her craziest statements are about her daughter and/or her parenting style when it comes to the little girl. She lets her do a lot of things that most kids her age are not allowed to do and, as a result, she acts more like an adult sometimes then a child.

Farrah received a lot of criticism when she waxed her daughters eyebrows but she was the center of even more controversy when she said that she wouldn't mind if Sophia wanted to get plastic sugary and she would even support her in it. Farrah said this during one of her many interviews, but it may have been taken out of context a little bit. When Farrah said this, she meant that if there was something that Sophia did not feel comfortable with about her appearance or physical body she would allow her to get plastic surgery to make her more confident in herself and her appearance. Not saying that this is much better then what people may have thought, but its best to get the entire story before making a snap judgement on someones parenting style!

12 She Owns A Yogurt Shop As Well As A Furniture Store


Like we said before, Farrah is a jack of all trades. She has put her foot in the door in a couple of different businesses over the years. Two projects that she has recently finished are the openings of her frozen yogurt shop and her furniture store. She is very involved with both of these businesses and frequently visits them to make sure that they are running smoothly, the costumers are happy and the employees are doing what they are suppose to. Some of her run ins with the employees were featured on Teen Mom, but she seems to be a fair boss who tries to give her employees the benefit of the doubt.

Top News Channels

Her businesses seem to do very well. As well, she promotes them on her social media pages often so they get a ton of business. Her frozen yogurt shop is called "FroCo" and her furniture store is called "Furnished By Farrah". This jack of all trades really does seem to have an interest in everything. If you are ever in the Austin area, be sure to check these two out, who knows you may even catch a glimpse of the MTV star herself!

11 She Sued MTV


Farrah was not happy at all when MTV gave her an ultimatum to either stop her work in the adult entertainment industry or she would no longer be able to continue telling her story on Teen Mom. She was actually furious that they felt they had the power to decide what direction she went with for her career and dictate what she was allowed to do. In their defense, they didn't feel that her story was consistent with the message they were trying to get across with the youth. When Teen Mom was created, MTV had a very specific idea in mind as to what they wanted the message of their show to be.


Well, either way, Farrah felt that it was only fair she retaliate and decided to take out a lawsuit against MTV for what she believed was unlawful termination of employment. They ended up settling, and though the terms were not disclosed, Farrah seemed to be pretty happy with the results. It is said that they parted ways amicably. A lot of people were surprised that Farrah would turn around and sue the network that put her in the public spotlight to begin with, but she didn't care.

10 She Has Her Own Line Of Pasta Sauces


Farrah Abraham has had a very turbulent relationship with her mother for what seems like her entire life. The two rarely got along on "16 & Pregnant" and things only got worse between the two of them on "Teen Mom". Things really escalated when Farrah's mom, Debra, got physical with her, and Farrah decided that in order to keep herself and her daughter safe, she had to press charges against her own mother. However, over the course of their time on Teen Mom together, they began attending family therapy sessions where they tried to work out some of their issues.

Despite their many differences and fights, they never gave up on one another and continued to fight for their relationship. One of the projects that Farrah started working on very early on her her career was her line of sauces. However, unlike most of her other projects, this was not a solo project. She developed a line of sauces with her grandmother, Carmella, her mother, Debra, and her daughter, Sophia. The brand is called "Mom & Me" and features three different flavors according to its website momandmefoods.com. Those three sauces are "Italian Pepper Sauce", "Best Damn Mustard", and "Mediterranean Mushroom".

9 She Has Three College Degrees


When most people think of Farrah, they probably think about the girl from Teen Mom who went on to do some not so child friendly things with her career. But what most people do not know is that there is actually brains behind all of that beauty.

Although Farrah made a ton of money through her "16 & Pregnant" episode and then her role on "Teen Mom", she still went to school. She has accumulated three degrees over the years. She has a degree in culinary arts, a degree in culinary management and a degree in accounting. This last degree has probably been the one to help her create so many different business ventures for herself and grow her money to quadruple then what she originally started with.

Farrah is one girl who you should never underestimate because she is always coming up with new and creative ways to make money and provide for herself and her daughter. It is somewhat remarkable that despite having made so much money so young, she still had the sense to get an education. Providing for a child by yourself can be hard, but at least Farrah will always have something to fall back on!

8 She Was Born & Raised On The Border Between Nebraska And Iowa


If you know anything about what Farrah looks like or acts like now it can be hard to believe that she was in fact born and raised right on the border of Nebraska. Nowadays, it looks like she was raised in style in Beverly Hills or maybe in the big apple with her expensive taste and crazy spending habits. However, Council Bluffs, Iowa is where Farrah's "16 & Pregnant" episode was filmed and where part of her "Teen Mom" scenes were filmed in the beginning of the series. Although she was a high school student at the time, she dropped out as a result of mean pregnancy rumors.

Although, Council Bluffs was the only home that she really knew she couldn't wait to get out of there. It didn't feel like home, maybe because that is where she lost Sophia's dad, Derek. So, as soon as she had the means, she moved out of there and into a state with a lot more going on. Since then, she hasn't looked back and is currently residing in Texas but hoping to move to California in the coming months. This just goes to prove that you never know where America's next big star lies, it could be right in your own backyard!

7 She Released An Album Titled "My Teenage Dream Ended"


Like we said many times before, Farrah is a jack of all trades. She is not afraid of trying out new things and dipping her toes in the waters of unfamiliar territories. These unfamiliar territories include recording studios in her case.

When Farrah released her best selling novel "My Teenage Dream Ended", she decided to release her debut album of the same name. Each of the ten songs on the album shares a chapter in her book such as "The Phone Call That Changed My Life" and "Unplanned Parenthood". This album was released pretty soon after the book and received an overwhelmingly negative critical response. The main criticism for the album across the board was its widely auto tuned vocals and bland production. Despite the negative reviews, this album gave fans yet another look inside Farrah's head and the things from her past that still haunt her. Plus, it ranked in at #32 of The Guardian's best albums of 2012.

If you are a fan of Farrah and would love to know more about her, then check out her album. Although the production and vocals may not be the greatest, listen to the lyrics to hear the real story about the girl behind all of the crazy headlines!

6 She Has Her Own Podcast


Farrah loves to hear herself talk, what she loves even more is to spread her views and opinions on basically everything and everyone. This is why Farrah having her very own podcast makes complete and total sense!

Farrah's podcast is called "Farrah & Friends" and is described as an all encompassing pop culture podcast. On the show she is always having celebrity guests, talking about some of the biggest things going on in pop culture at the moment and having crazy discussions about the world, dating, and overcoming adversity. The podcast is free to listen to and available on most streaming sights like iTunes. If you have some free time, then pop over and take a listen. Farrah's podcast often offers a unique view on some of the biggest issues going on in the world. Other times, it consists of her talking about things that she probably shouldn't but thats besides the point!

Farrah is conquering the entertainment industry one step at a time and this is just another quest on her map that she has her sights on. However, it seems as though this project ended in 2016 after only four episodes. But, you can catch her on an episode of Shane And Friends from July 2017 titled "Farrah Abraham - Shane And Friends - Ep. 120".

5 She Started Her Own Beauty Line With Sophia


Above anything else, Farrah has always placed her utmost importance on making sure that her daughter has everything that she wants and then some. She is building her empire not only for herself but also so that her daughter will not have to worry about anything in the future, as she has stated in a ton of interviews. She is always trying to incorporate Sophia into her different projects, probably so that she gets an interest in entrepreneurship like her mom.

One project that Farrah created with Sophia was a line of beauty products. Part of their line includes "Mommy and Me Beauty Kits". These kits feature up to seven different bath goodies for moms and babies according to an article posted by wetpaint.com. With these kits, Farrah hopes that more mothers and their daughters will be able to unwind and decompress together while also having some fun! Hopefully, these will help create bonding moments for moms and their kids that they can always look back upon with fondness. Plus, there's always something to be said for the bonding time Farrah and Sophia will get for creating these products together, or at least promoting them! Farrah and Sophia's products are available for purchase on sophialaurentcb.com.

4 She Loves To Cook


When you are in the spotlight, you live a pretty crazy life pretty much around the clock. Therefore, you need to find something that you enjoy doing that also relaxes you so that you don't go crazy! For Farrah that's cooking.

Cooking is something that she was always passionate about and talked about a lot during her early years on "Teen Mom". She even went to school and has a degree in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She fought for the ability to be able to go to school because she had a hard time balancing being a mother, paying bills and making good grades. Eventually, she found a decent flow that worked for her and she was finally able to finish school. She has posted some cooking videos online for viewers to get a glimpse insider her technique and to see a more normal side to her. This seems to be her way of reconnecting with herself. When someone is in the spotlight as much as Farrah is, it can be easy to forget that they are normal people like you and me! Despite her work, she still has a private life of which we can only glimpse.

3 She Released A Children's Book Titled "Passy Perfume"


Way back in 2012, Farrah decided to try her hand at children's books. Now, this is way different than the books that she has recently been writing but, nonetheless, she released a children's book titled "Passy Perfume". This book was published less than a year after her New York Times bestselling autobiography "My Teenage Dream Ended".

Farrah wrote this book as an attempt to help parents who are struggling with getting rid of a pacifier. Farrah is a single mother and has always been a single mother so everything that she has had to deal with concerning her daughter she has had to figure out on her own. One of her biggest tasks was getting rid of Sophia's pacifier and the only thing that seemed to work was when she promised her her very own "Passy Perfume". Through offering her daughter a substitute for the pacifier that had no negative effects on her, she was able to break a nasty habit. She hopes to help other parents out there who are struggling with the same problem. Parenting is hard, regardless of when you become a parent, but especially as a single teen mom. Hopefully, some will be able to gain so wisdom from her experiences.

2 She Released A Music Video For Her Song "Blowin" That Features Her Daughter


Farrah has proven over and over again that she is not afraid to do her own thing and go outside the "parenting norms" that society has set forth for generations and generations. She did just this when she decided to include her daughter Sophia in the music video for her single "Blowin".

This single, as well as its accompanying video, was met with nothing but criticism. Yet, Farrah did not let that get her down. She took all of the criticism that she received in stride and basically told everyone that she didn't care what they thought, in so many words. The main thing that people had a problem with, when it came to this song specifically, was the amount of autotune that was used, as well as, the lyrics that seemed to be a bit shallow on Farrah's part. Many people chose to focus on the fact that Farrah decided to include her daughter in this music video but Sophia was actually in the video very little, some would even venture to say that the little one was barely in it at all. Overall, people were simply not a fan of Farrah forays into the music industry, not that that got her down!

1 She Released A Romantic Trilogy


One of Farrah's more recent business ventures is her romantic trilogy. When she started to write these novels, with the help of a ghostwriter, she wanted to make a trilogy that was even better than the beloved "50 Shades Of Grey" trilogy. The trilogy is based on Farrah's own experiences and history.

According to the Huffington Post, writing the books was like a form of therapy for the Teen Mom star who was able to deal with a lot of the emotions she was feeling from her past in the adult entertainment industry. She stated in a press release that the first book is a look at what being a reality TV star is really like. The first book of the series, "In The Making" was released in 2014 with the other two books, "The Secret's Out" and "Love Through Limelight", following in 2014 and 2015. Although Farrah was super excited and confident about this project, the books proved to not do as well as she would have hoped and had a 2-star rating on Amazon. However, she will always get to be proud of her debut autobiography, "My Teenage Dream Ended" for its success.

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