20 Sweet Ways These Celebs Chose To Share Their Child’s First Photo With The World

Welcoming the arrival of a newborn is an exciting time in the lives of many parents, which is why the first photo they share with the world is such a special moment. Celebrities are no different in this regard, except maybe for the fact that they share their photos with millions of people who have been following their pregnancy and eagerly awaiting the new arrival. But these announcements don’t just bring excitement to the new parents, but to everyone who sees them, because what is more beautiful than the gift of life?! And seeing a celebrity get real about their happiness allows fans to view them in a new light.

Every parent chooses to announce their newborn in a different way, whether it’s a close up photo of their little hands or feet, or a heartwarming snap of the baby lying against its mama’s chest. And the words that accompany the first image are often incredibly heartfelt and moving, which is not unexpected considering that these parents have been waiting nine long months to meet their baby.

All first photos of children are adorable, but some are definitely more creative than others, and below are 20 wonderful ways that celebrities chose to share their first photo of their child with the world.

20 Tyra Banks Shared The Most Glam Photo Ever (On Valentine’s Day)

Announcing the arrival of her son, York, was one of the most exciting times in Tyra Banks life, and to mark the special occasion she decided to share possibly the most glam first photo. After all, she is a supermodel.

Her son’s arrival also coincided with Valentine’s Day, and Banks couldn’t have hoped for a better gift on this holiday of love.

Banks and her former partner, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, welcomed their son in 2016, via gestational surrogate -- Banks had previously spoken about her struggle to conceive. Although the couple has since split, they had been together since 2013, People reports.

19 Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Posted Stamps Of Their Son’s Feet, And A Catchy Rhyme

Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz are both talented musicians, so it seemed only right that they would announce the birth of their second son, Genesis, with a little rhyme (they had their first son, Egypt, four years earlier).

Taking to social media, Keys shared this adorable photo showing a stamp of her son’s little feet, as well as the date and time of his birth. And to celebrate the moment, she wrote, “The joy of joy is joy!! It's a boy!!” Her arrival announcement was a little different to most, which makes it stand out.

18 Liv Tyler And David Gardner Melted Everyone’s Hearts With Their First Photo

Every parent chooses to announce their child’s arrival in a way that is special and unique to them, and it was sweet to see Liv Tyler and her partner David Gardner share their baby girl’s first photo with her daddy holding her. The photo serves as a reminder to us all that welcoming a child into the world is just as special for the father.

The post revealed the name of their daughter, Lula Rose Gardner, and Tyler shared that they were “sooooo happy” and that her “heart [was] exploding with love!” The birth of their daughter was the second child for the couple, and the third for Tyler, who had a son from an earlier relationship with an English singer, Royston Langdon.

17 Beverley Mitchell Gave A Glimpse At Her New Arrival By Showing The Sibling Love With Big Sis

The arrival of Beverley Mitchell’s second child with husband Michael Cameron was a moment that was just as important for their daughter, as it was for them. And so, Mitchell decided that the best way to announce that their second child was a boy, was to show just how much their daughter, Kenzie, loved him already.

Mitchell shared this heartwarming photo on social media, and made the announcement all about her children. “Kenzie is proud to announce the arrival of her sweet baby brother, Hutton!” she wrote, before thanking fans for their love and well wishes.

16 James Van Der Beek Welcomed A New Addition Into His Perfect Curly Haired Family

James Van Der Beek and his wife, Kimberly, have a family of five, and their children are all ridiculously cute -- as for how they manage that many kids, well, they must have unlimited energy and patience. But it was the arrival of their fourth child, Emilia, that really stood out because the couple shared a photo of when she was just two days old, surrounded by her siblings.

The couple also appears to be really dedicated parents, and Van Der Beek is open about sharing what it’s like to be a father. He wrote, “Crazy how deeply in love you can fall with someone you just met.”

15 Stephen Curry Couldn’t Have Been More Proud Of His Wife And His Beautiful New Addition

Sometimes when there is a newborn involved it can be hard to remember the fathers because women are going through so many changes emotionally and physically. But Stephen Curry reminds us of what a momentous occasion the arrival of a new baby is for every dad, and in 2015, when their son, Ryan, was born, the proud dad couldn’t have been happier to share the news with the world.

He also shared a photo of his wife, Ayesha Curry, and their firstborn, daughter Riley. On the photo, he wrote about how he was “blessed,” but also gave special thanks to the medical professionals who helped deliver his son and cared for his wife, which was a thoughtful touch.

14 Eva Chen Even Got The Balloons Out To Celebrate Her Son, Ren’s Arrival

Some people want to share a photo of their newborn all swaddled up and asleep, others choose to get the whole family involved for a heartwarming picture, and then there are people like author and fashion star Eva Chen who pull out all the stops. For the announcement of her son, Ren, who she shares with husband, Thomas Bannister, Chen posted this photo, which shows both her and baby looking comfy on the sofa. But the best part is the big silver balloons spelling out her newborn’s name.

Chen loved being pregnant and she told The Tot, “I was one of those annoying people who just loved being pregnant.”

13 Gal Gadot (AKA Superwoman) Showed A Photo Of Her Growing Little Family Leaving The Hospital

Gal Gadot let her fans into a special family moment by showing a photo of her little family, including husband Yaron Varsano and daughter Alma, leaving the hospital with their newest addition, a girl named Maya. The photo doesn’t show her second daughter’s face, but the emotions that come with the post are all that was needed to make for a memorable first photo.

Gadot’s second child made her feel incredibly grateful, and she wrote about this in the caption accompanying the photo. “I feel so complete blessed and thankful for all the Wonders in my life,” she stated.

12 'NCIS Los Angeles' Star Daniela Ruah Joked About How Her Daughter Thought Labor Day Was Actually The Day To Go Into Labor

NCIS Los Angeles’ actress Daniela Ruah loves being a mama, and always wanted to have a boy and a girl. She got a son first, and she and husband David Paul Olsen decided to name him River, but the couple welcomed a daughter, Sierra, next, and this was something that was a lot for Ruah.

She recalled how she first found out she was carrying a girl, telling Fit Pregnancy, “ I just sat and started crying, and Dave hugged me. I’d always hoped to have one of each.”

When it came time to share Sierra’s arrival, Ruah posted this photo, and also joked that her little one had arrived three weeks early because she thought Labor Day really meant it was the day to go into labor.

11 Jenny Mollen And Jason Biggs Shared A Sweet Hospital Photo Of Their Baby Boy

Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs welcomed their first child, a son named Sid, in 2014, and the new parents couldn’t have been happier. Taking to social media, Mollen posted a photo of her son while he was still in the hospital, and showed all of his personal details, including date and time of birth.

Mollen, who is also an author, has even mentioned how motherhood changed her in her author’s bio (via S. Mommy), in a sort of tongue in cheek way. Her bio reads: “overnight, Jenny was forced to grow up: to be responsible, to brush her hair, to listen to her voicemail.”

10 Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Celebrated A Hashtag For The Empowerment Of Girls, To Announce Their Daughter’s Birth

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis became proud parents for the second time when their daughter Daisy was born in 2016, and Wilde announced her arrival with a photo of her sleeping soundly. The photo is adorable, as are all photos of newborns, but it is the caption that accompanied the image that got a lot of attention, as Wilde wrote, “Daisy Josephine Sudeikis. Born, like a boss, on #internationaldayofthegirl” -- a day which is meant to raise awareness for, and celebrate the education and empowerment of girls, Marie Claire notes.

A year after Daisy’s arrival, Wilde spoke about how the birth had been a “little bit complicated” and she thanked the team who helped deliver her daughter, People reports.

9 One Week After Jessica Biel Gave Birth, She And Justin Timberlake Shared A Photo Of Their Beautiful Little Boy

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are parents to just one child (so far) and a week after Silas arrived in 2015, the proud dad posted a photo of his wife and their son on social media.

Instead of the usual mention of how mom and baby are doing well, or how he felt happy, Timberlake didn’t comment much about the new arrival, and more about how the whole family was ready for the basketball team, Memphis Grizzlies (ESPN notes that he is a minority owner in the team). Their son was even dressed in the merchandise. Biel, on the other hand, looked incredibly happy to become a mother and was grinning widely.

8 Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick’s Third Son Looked So Comfy Laying On A White Rug

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick never made it down the aisle, but during their 10-year relationship, they did have three beautiful children. When their third child was born, a son they named Reign, Kardashian shared her joy by posting a photo of her newborn looking very comfy on a fluffy white rug, along with the caption, “My little turtle dove angel baby boy Reign Aston Disick.”

Kardashian loves motherhood, telling Parents, “It's definitely my favorite role in life.” She continued, “It has changed me and made me realize there is nothing else I would rather do with my time. Being a mom is what life is about. I hope people realize what the priorities in life should be and know not everything has to be perfect.”

7 Christina Aguilera Waited A Good Few Months Before Sharing A Pic Of Her Daughter, Or Should We Say Little Diva

Christina Aguilera didn’t rush to share a photo of her second child, a daughter, Summer Rain, who she shares with longtime partner Matthew Rutler. But when she finally did, it was worth the wait because she chose to share a photo with a message that was all about girl power. Posting a photo of her daughter wearing pants with the words “little diva” embroidered on them, Aguilera wrote, “Watch out...another one's getting ready to conquer the world!”

Aguilera has many feminist anthems, so it makes sense that she is raising her daughter to believe that she can do whatever men can do.

6 Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Announced Hazel’s Arrival, And Also Made A Comment About The No Kids Policy

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are both celebrities and they chose this life, which means that they understand that fame comes with an unpleasant side, which includes the constant invasion of privacy. But they do not want the same for their children, and when they became parents for the first time in 2014, with the birth of their daughter, Hazel, they were happy to share a photo of her with the world.

But Krasinski also wanted to use this moment to educate people about the No Kid Policy, a campaign that launched to stop photos being taken, published, and shared by the media and consumers.

5 Molly Sims Let Fans Know Both She And Baby Were Doing Great

Model Molly Sims is a mama to three children, who she raises with husband Scott Stuber, and when their third, Grey Douglas, was born, she was excited to share the first glimpse of him, taken while she was still in the hospital. “Words do not express how grateful and happy we are to have another piece of magic added to our little tribe,” she wrote.

As grateful and magical as Sims was to have a third child, there will not be a fourth announcement. In an interview with Haute Living San Francisco, she said, “We are complete. This shop is closed!”

4 Former ‘The Bachelorette’ Star Emily Maynard Johnson Got The Whole Family Involved In Her Baby Announcement

Former The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard Johnson has come along way since appearing on a show looking for love. Not only has she found love with husband Tyler Johnson, but she also has a beautiful family, and she was excited to announce the third addition in 2016. She did this with a lovely family photo and a mention of how she and her daughter, Ricki, were outnumbered by men in the family now.

The family is now a family of six, and there may be more kids on the way. “You could have 18 kids and it really doesn’t make that big of a difference,” she told People. “Your stroller gets bigger, but that’s it. I want to have maybe two more. Ricki is so much older, she’s just more of a help than anything else. So, we’ll see!”

3 Terrence And Mira Pak Showed How Tiring A Newborn Can Be In Their Relatable Announcement

Mira Pak and Terrence Howard welcomed a son in 2015, and Howard, being the proud papa that he was, announced the news on social media with the photo of himself and his son. Howard’s first photo of his son, Qirin Love, is probably one of the most relatable photos ever because he is sleeping in it -- and every parent knows just how emotional and tiring it can be with a newborn.

But this was not Howard’s first child, nor his last, and he is currently a father to five children (three children with his first wife, and two with Pak).

2 Zoe Saldana Showed That She Had Her Hands Full With Twins By Posting A Snap Of Their Bottles

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego welcomed identical twins in 2014, and the couple named them Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio. The excited parents chose to announce the arrival of their boys with a photo of their two matching bottles and Wubbanubs pacifiers.

But this was about as much as fans were going to get from the Saldana, who prefers to keep her private life to herself and was reluctant to share photos of her sons’ faces. She did, however, later share with E! News that the twin bond was something she and her husband found fascinating. "It's like we wake up to go to a children's museum, and the kids are the subjects," she said. "That's all we do, is just observe them."

1 Carrie Underwood Couldn't Get Over Her Son's Tiny Hands And Feet -- But Didn't Show The World His Face

When Carrie Underwood became a mom for the first time with husband Michael Fisher’s son, she couldn’t get over how little his hands and feet were. The couple named their son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, and Underwood chose not to share a photo of his face but rather a close up of his little hands, which she accompanied with the following message: “Tiny hands and tiny feet...God has blessed us with an amazing gift!”

Motherhood has been an incredible journey for Underwood, and it was easier than she expected. "I think I honestly expected—it's gonna sound weird—but I expected the [opposite of the best]," she told People (via Fit Pregnancy)."I've never been around babies before, to be honest, but he's so laid-back!"

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