20 Super Cute Baby Girl Names That Have No Known Origin

From across many cultures, some with associated meanings and others without, there are a certain group of names that are perhaps all the more beautiful and interesting because their origins are unclear.

In writing a whole slew of articles about baby names over the last few years — and choosing a couple very carefully for my own growing family, as well — I have done a copious amount of research about how names sound, what they are associated with, their history, and how long they have been around.

I’ve seen trends come and go, and monitored which names are trending upward, and which aren’t. I like hearing the stories behind the names out there, both those in popular use and those that are significantly more obscure. For me, the fun is in the variety. But I also love a good mystery.

If you have a little girl on the way, surely she will be uniquely beautiful and special in her own way, and if you’ve found yourself here, perhaps you’re interested in a name that sort of follows this theme, too.

You’ve come to the right place, and now I’ll go to my writing place as I tour you through 20 super cute baby girl names that have no known origin.

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20 Adah


Should I steal this one for myself and leave it off this list on purpose? Nah, that would be wrong. A name as cute as this deserves to be out there to inspire others as they search for the perfect name for a baby girl, maybe even one to be born in the months ahead.

If this is you, many congratulations! Trust me: It’s gonna be great.

The meaning included with this name, Adah, according to Adoption.com, is one that I think actually kind of funnily describes my own relationship with parenting, in some strange way:

Although they claim the name has no known origin, they also state the meaning of the moniker as being a “beautiful addiction.”

19 Addie

This one is not only cute as a button but super sweet, too. Adoption.com lists the name as not having any known origin, and explains that Addie means “joyful, kind.” Awww.

It makes me think of the name Addison, for which it could serve as a nickname, perhaps?

It sounds sort of old-school to my ears, too, which by today’s standard makes it just trendy as can be.

Will you add (sorry, can’t help it…) Addie to the top of your names list for a future little girl? Short, simple, and easy to love, I’m willing to bet this will be a winner for someone out there.

18 Amaya

via Instagram / victoria_caroline_cross

Now, names needn’t be just a few syllables to be cute as can be. This one has three, in fact, and is one of the more adorable and interesting ones of the whole bunch we’ll be chatting about today.

Maya would be a perfectly beautiful little name, too, to be sure. But Amaya, included at Adoption.com as having no known origin, sounds both exotic and appealing in a very interesting way if you ask me.

I never ever would have just thought of it on my own, as I honestly do when brainstorming many of the names articles that I write.

17 Astley


Oooh, I think I found my personal favorite of this particular collection. If it’s related to stars, it sounds pretty magical to my ears.

And this pretty little name, Astley, not only has a lovely ring to it but also means “star.”

That’s what the Adoption.com says, and they also list that the name does not have any known origin.

The best part? It might be used for a girl, but it could also be used for a little boy!

Having personally met many couples who somehow had the patience to never learn the gender of their expected baby until the birth, I know a gender-flexible name might be in demand.

16 Audora


Do you just adore (sorry, again… really cannot help myself with the cheesy word-nerd jokes…) the beautiful name Audora?

It has a unique sound to it and even a lovely look as I view it on the page in front of me. Just imagine writing this stunner in cursive, or seeing it scrolled across the title page of a baby book, or a birth announcement…

All daydreaming aside, this name doesn’t have any known origins, and the meaning appears to be missing, as well, at Adoption.com.

I suppose if you decided to choose it for your own little love, you could then craft entire meanings all your own.

15 Bates

via DHgate.com

Ooh, okay, so I know that someone out there will just need to nab this one right away. This is just my personal impression, but doesn’t it sound like one of those names that the child of a super-trendy fashion blogger or something would have?

Part of this may be that it sounds ambiguous on the gender front (très chic!), making it another good choice for someone who wants this in a name, or maybe even has chosen not to learn the gender of their baby until the actual birth.

Yep, it can be a for a boy, or it can be for a girl, says Adoption.com, and even though there aren’t any origins listed, it sure does sound ready for some stories of its own, right?

14 Blinn

In a world of many multi-syllable names, how fun to find one (and for a girl, too) that has just one: Blinn.

I would love to write that out in super swoopy cursive, that big bold B and two little Ns at the end.

If you, too, love words and letters and also the idea of names that don’t really obviously come from somewhere, you might just wanna jot this one down, if not using your antique fountain pen then perhaps by typing it out into a note in your phone.

Yep, no known origins or really meanings either, for this one, says Adoption.com, which also includes Blinn in a list of other somewhat mysterious names.

13 Bona


Well, to me, things that contain “bon” usually have something to do with “good,” right? Bon temps! Or something like that, yes?

Turns out, the lovely and quite good name Bona means “a builder.”

That’s what the info is for the lovely lady moniker at Adoption.com, which says also that there is no origin known for the name.

It is simple and yet sounds as if it has a certain special flair to it, if you ask me, which is why I’m thinking that some expectant mom or dad out there might be stumbling upon this and loving it right now as we speak… er, read/write.

12 Brilynn


Okay, first of all, how cute would the nickname for this one be? Bri is adorbs, to be sure.

But Brilynn is quite fancy, don’t you think? Ever better, it means “strength.”

And the origin, according to Adoption.com? You guessed it: “Unknown.”

This is pretty fun, right? When it’s not from this or that religion, book, or so on and so forth, it can just be what it is, and there is something very appealing about that, indeed, to me.

And hey, Lynn on its own is a pretty cute little name, too, so really you’re getting two cute names for one here.

11 Brysen


I’ve never met one of these, to my recollection. Brysen sounds sort of gender neutral to my ears, but it’s listed as being a female name, as per Adoption.com. It’s also listed as having the origin “unknown.”

You may wish to form your own fun associations with this nice name, which to me sounds strong, bold, and yet also very pretty and elegant.

For those who want one that sounds solid and steadfast and yet also really very interesting, it might be time to pull out your pens and pencils (or that note in your phone where you keep all your favorite baby name ideas).

10 Cadrian

What is it about this one? Cadrian… Is it maybe even sort of romantic in the way that its three (yep, three!) syllables roll off the tongue?

There is no origin listed for this nice name at Adoption.com, and there isn’t any meaning included there either.

But that’s okay, and as I’ve said before and will probably say again, maybe that is sort of part of the fun in choosing such a name for your little daughter.

One of a small batch of “hard C” names that I’ll include today, I’m sure that this will become beloved and cherished by some moms and dads in the crowd.

9 Caelyn

via Instagram / victoria_caroline_cross

We do know of a meaning for this one, and that meaning is quite beautiful for a daughter: “loved forever.”

That is what is included at Adoption.com, which of course does not include any known origin for the name with two syllables and a lot to love about it if you ask this mom nerd/writer.

Not only just “cute,” I’d say that the name Caelyn is attractive in a quite sophisticated way, one that brings to mind things cultured and storied.

Yes, for a little princess of a baby girl on the way (or already born and still needing a name… or in your dreams or imagination for the future…), it could really be quite nice.

8 Cirea

If you follow along with my mom-tastic (thank you… thank you…) and fun-loving (if I do say so myself) writing at all, you may recall that I tend to throw in references to a little ’90s TV show called Friends more than a little bit.

Ever heard of it?

Why exactly am I talking about this now, though? I re-re-re-re-watched an episode the other night in which, in the short period that Ross and Rachel were actually together instead of just pining after each other or fighting, Ross lets it slip that something like 6 weeks after they’ve made it official, he already has a plan in his head for how many children they’ll have, their genders, and yes, even their names…

I wanted to touch on this because not everyone reading this list will have an actual baby girl already on the way, and they, too, are welcome to dream along here through beautiful names for girls, such as this one, with no meaning or origin listed at Adoption.com.

It’s Cirea, which is unique and it’s cute as can be.

7 Corinda


Aha, a name that sounds somewhat royal and sophisticated, but yes, certainly “cute,” too.

Corinda makes me think of the unique name Corinne, too, which I have actually met more than one of in my own life, believe it or not.

Corinda is pretty and interesting to the ear if you ask this writer, and a bit on the “long” side for our list today at three syllables rather than the quite common (because it’s cute…) two.

Adoption.com lists no known origin or meaning for this stunner of a name for a little girl one day to become a wowing woman.

6 Deion


First of all, I don’t think Cher’s bestie in the ’90s-tastic movie Clueless spelled her name exactly like this, but that is one origin of the name to me, lover of knee socks, plaid skirts, and mini backpacks that I am and will probably always be, largely due to that teen comedy.

Seriously, though, Deion is pretty as can be, interesting, and a somewhat rare D name for a little girl.

Adoption.com doesn’t list any origin or meaning, either, for this one, and that is just fine by us. In fact, it might actually make us like it even more…

5 Doe


Well, I think of The Sound of Music… That’s the one with the song, right? You know… a deer, a female deer…

It seems that the little nicknames Dee Dee and Didi may be associated with this lovely little name, Doe, as they are listed in the same row in a chart with the name at Adoption.com.

There is no origin included, however, and also no described meaning for this one.

It’s probably one of the very cutest ones I could find for this list today, though.

I think it might just be the perfect fit for some little ladies soon to be born.

4 Effie


With a fun lightness to it and a softness, if you ask me (probably just because of the soft sound of those double Fs in the middle of it), Effie is sweet, cute as a button, and just plain nice.

The female name Effie means “a star!”

That is what Adoption.com says, in any case, and they do not list any known origin or any meaning for the moniker for a girl, either. It sounds sort of playful and fun, does it not?

And if you ask me, those are good things for a name (and also a person in general) to be.

3 Elvina


We’re already here, nearing the finish of our list of adorably cute names for baby girls that are made even more fun due to the fact that there aren’t any origins listed for them.

And now, I think, is a great time to get straight-up magical with it.

First of all, the very, very interesting name Elvina means “friend of elves!”

To all the builders of flower pot fairy gardens out there, readers of Harry Potter, and lords (and ladies) of the ring, you are welcome for including this one.

A similar name would be the shorter and also very cute Elva. Adoption.com notes as much, and also lists no origin for the name.

2 Fairlee


From the elfin associations of the entry above (see the previous name, “Elvina” for more on that) to a name that looks sort of like the word “fairy” when you glance at it quickly, we are keeping it really magical as we (sadly) wrap up our list of baby girl name ideas that are just so awesome because they are just so cute — and perhaps a little bit mysterious, too.

Fairlee is pretty much as lovely as can be, and a similar name would be Fairli, which is of course just spelled a little bit differently.

There is no known meaning or origin included for this feminine name at Adoption.com.

1 Harriet


Yes, I know we’ve gotten quite creative and even rather magical, there, for a minute today. So let’s end with something a bit more traditional or perhaps at least familiar.

Harriet means “home-ruler.” You might choose to spell it a little bit differently than this, as Harriett, with two T’s, as well.

Now, Adoption.com doesn’t have any origin listed for this one. However, I felt the need to do a bit more research on this matter, and the baby names site SheKnows.com says that it is an English name, the feminine form of Harry, actually. That site does have a very similar meaning included for the nice girl name, though: “rules the home.”

References: Adoption.com and SheKnows.com.

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