20 Super Cute Baby Boy Names That Have No Known Origin

As parents and those dreaming of being moms and dads someday --perhaps very soon-- scour the A to Z list of names, the realization also comes that the task isn't as simple as it might seem to the lucky ones who have a name picked out since childhood. In the midst of their search, they know they want a name somewhat shrouded in mystery and they also know they are looking for a name that sounds absolutely adorable.

Now, I write about names for babies a lot — and I mean a LOT — and for me, it is so often easy to love names that are familiar to the ear because they have been repeated time and time again throughout history, sometimes centuries upon centuries. These names can sometimes be traced back to, say, the Bible, or a certain old family name (or last name).

What I love about the list we’ve gathered here for you today is yes, these names are easy to love and are just as cute as can be, but where they came from just isn’t quite as clear.

Check it out, and I think you’ll be pleased, and maybe even find the first name (and maybe middle name, too…) that’s a winner in your book, or fit to go at the top of your list of ideas.

They sound great, some of them are trendy, too, and there are even a few that might work for either a boy or a girl. They are 20 super cute baby boy names that have no known origin.

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20 Anderson

Via Instagram

The meaning? Well, I bet if you just stopped to think about it for a second, it would be pretty clear to you. The masculine name Anderson means “son of Andrew.”

A chart of names at Adoption.com, though, lists the actual origins of this nice name as being unknown. It also provides some similar names, such as Anders and Andy. I would add that a slightly different spelling, Andersen with the second E in the last syllable, might be a fun spin on the name for a little boy, as well.

I like everything about it, myself, from the nicknaming possibilities to the full version in all of its lovable glory.

19 Aniston


Yes, it’s quite familiar, perhaps, because it is also the last name of an actress who pretty much-dominated ’90s TV and beyond, had that amazing bronde (yep, that’s right) hair, and was married for a while to none other than Brad Pitt (Jennifer, of course), but it’s also a pretty awesome name for a little boy.

Adoption.com has this one in a chart of names with no known origin and lists it as being for a male. No meaning is included for the name Aniston, either.

I searched further, and it looks like Aniston showed up on the charts as late as 2002, where it ranked at number 3591, says BabyNameScience.com, which notes the name has been used, also, for girls.

18 Ashton


I swear I’m not only going to include cute little boy names that are also part of the names of really famous celebrities of the ’90s and 2000s… But really, isn’t Ashton a very cute name?

Yes, yes, Kutcher made it really famous both in That ’70s Show and his other various shenanigans and pursuits for MTV and beyond, but isn’t it also rather sweet and handsome-sounding all on its own?

It can be used for a boy, but it might also be used for a girl, as a chart of names with no known origin notes at Adoption.com, which lists under the gender column that it can be used for “both.”

17 Avalon


I quite like this one, and I have a feeling some other moms and dads (and expectant or dreaming ones) out there might, too.

Avalon means “island,” and it’s a nice name, indeed for a little boy.

It doesn’t have any known origins, says Adoption.com in a chart featuring names in this particular category. I like the three syllables and just the sound of the name, which somehow feels both unique and interesting and steady and strong.

After further research, I found that Avalon is said to be the resting place of King Arthur, and might mean “island of apples” or “island of paradise” (according to BabyNameWizard.com).

16 Baker

Via: Satchell Lab

Well, to me, a baker is a great thing, an old and important occupation, indeed.

If you sort of like the sound of the boy name Baker, you might also like the names Baxter or Baxley, so you actually get three ideas for one with this little entry (you’re welcome).

Adoption.com includes this name for a little boy in a chart listing names that don’t have any known origin, and also lists those similar alternatives that we mentioned above.

However, Ancestry.com says the name Baker comes from the Middle English “bakere.”

In any case, it sure is cute.

15 Bates


Now, I have two very little ones of my own, and I don’t think I ever could have waited to find out their genders until they were actually born. I like to know all of the details that I can, and I mean, hey, go ahead and tell me “I told ya so!” if I end up having another and waiting for the big surprise at the end of labor.

But I just don’t think I could ever do it.

Many parents I’ve encountered could and did, though, so I know there might be some very practical (and simply posh) need out there for names that can work for both boys and girls.

Look no further: Bates might be used for either gender.

It’s listed as such at Adoption.com, along with “unknown” origins.

14 Bryce


I’m liking this one big-time, and I think it’s because it sounds not only cute but also pretty trendy to my ears. Now, there are some similar names to consider here, too, if you like the name Bryce but want some other nice options. How about Brice? Or there’s also the spelling Bryce if that looks good to you.

Bryce is a male name, and its origins are listed as unknown. That’s all from a chart of names in that category included at Adoption.com.

On the flip side, BabyNameWizard.com says that the name is from an English last name originating in France in the Middle Ages, so one source contradicts another on this one.

Regardless, what a nice idea for a name!

13 Carson


It’s cute with a capital C — literally.

Carson may steal your heart, as it did mine, because of its pop culture familiarity. I’m not sure exactly which years would be said to define the MTV generation, but I do believe many people currently or becoming parents may indeed be a part of it, and that brunette host for so long on the channel was broadcast to many a living room TV after school when I was growing up.

Any guesses on the meaning? Yep, “son of Carr.”

That’s what is listed at Adoption.com, which also lists the boy name’s origins as unknown.

12 Coltin


What I love about names, and words in general, is all the associations… the way our brains tend to link one to another, think of this or that when we hear a certain sound or word.

Coltin is a very cute name for a little boy, if you ask this mama. But if it’s close but just not quite right, how about the similar names Colt or even Kolt with a K?

These alternatives are included at Adoption.com, which also lists that the cutie-pie name does not have any known origins.

It makes me think of a young (male, specifically, I confirmed on Wikipedia and Google) horse (colt)… so wouldn’t you think there might be some connection there?

11 Hadley


Does anybody out there know immediately what “heath near the wasteland” means?

Well, apparently, that’s another way to describe the name Hadley, as that is what is listed for its meaning at Adoption.com. Now, that site also lists the origins for the name for a male as unknown.

Hadley has a very nice ring to it if you ask me, and sounds somehow quite old-school and formal, which I believe makes it quite trendy, after observing the naming trends around me of late.

I would actually argue that this might just be one of the very cutest ones on the list today, and I think it’s because of the two simple syllables and sweet “lee” sound at the end.

10 Jay


It’s a noisy bird, and a quite nice-looking one, at that, especially those trademark blue ones.

It’s also nice and short at just one syllable (fun fact: one of only three total of that sort on this list today, I believe) name for a boy.

The meaning, as listed on Adoption.com, is indeed “a bird in the crow family,” and that same site also lists that the origins of this nice little name are unknown.

I mean, maybe they are, like, “nature,” then, right? Or “birds.” Famous Jays include the NFL quarterback Cutler and of course Tonight Show host Leno.

9 Jefferson


I am kind of loving this name, and I have for some reason never absolutely loved the name Jeffrey. No offense to anyone out there, and it’s probably just because of some association I have from early school days or something.

Jefferson, however, has an almost elegant ring to it. It means “son of Jeffrey.”

Makes sense, right? That meaning was found at Adoption.com, which indeed features the name in a chart of monikers with no known origin.

I think it might make a pretty nice middle name, too, now that I think about it.

8 Keaton


I like the almost formal quality of this name. Maybe that’s because to my ears it sounds kind of like an English last name, or maybe it is that I can’t really imagine how you might change or shorten it into a more casual nickname. Not quite sure. Keaton is a name for a boy with its origins listed as unknown at Adoption.com.

I had to delve a little deeper on this one, though, for curiosity’s sake, and TheBump.com says that it is indeed (nailed it!) an English name, which means “place of hawks.”

7 Raimy


Now, fun if random, story for you on this one: This name, or at least one that was perhaps spelled differently but was essentially the same, was included on the list of names for a baby that my own parents had going to prepare for when I came along. I saw it with my own two eyes, and cringed at the thought.

Maybe it was for ideas for boys names?

For a little boy, it’s short, cute, and original, to my ears, and hey, maybe even for a girl, too, now that I think about it, and it is indeed listed as being for both genders at Adoption.com, in a chart including some names that have no known origin.

6 Sandler


Trivia question: How many names have I included in this list that seem to somehow reference famous celebrities of the last, say, 30 years?

I count at least four, and that was actually completely by accident. I guess maybe when things sound a bit familiar somehow, it can have a way of adding to their qualities of cuteness.

Now, Adam Sandler may have sung silly songs about lunch ladies and the like on SNL and made goofy comedies that the people I’ve met either loved or disliked, but let’s leave that behind and just look at this as the nice little name for a boy that it is.

The name Sandler is for a boy and has no known origins, says a chart at Adoption.com.

5 Siler

Via: Unsplash

Again, if this is catching your eye but not quite the one, how about the similar name with a different spelling Syler?

That alternative is listed as a similar name at Adoption.com, where this nice moniker was included in a chart of names that have no known origin.

It makes me think of names like Skylar or Saylor, personally. But I like that I’ve never actually encountered anyone who’s gone by the name Siler before.

If I had to make up a meaning, I’d say, “one who sighs…” (kidding).

Also, I do want to note that Ancestry.com says the name is thought to come from German words and is of “uncertain” origin.

4 Talon


Okay, so sorry if this ruins if for you or something, but I can’t personally help but think of the recurring character on MTV “reality” show Laguna Beach, who caught the eye of more than one little lady on that series featuring teens chillin’ out in Southern California.

My random pop culture associations aside, this name might be used for either a boy or a girl, and I think it sounds not only cute but also kind of strong, or even fierce (a talon is a claw, like a hawk’s, right?).

Its origins are listed as unknown in a chart at Adoption.com.

3 Terro


Names and words that start with “ter” make me think of “earth”… A glance at Dictionary.com reminds me that “ter” is from the Latin for “thrice” as in “three times.”

I had never thought of the nice name Terro for a boy, and maybe that’s why I’m sort of attracted to this little cutie as a boy name option.

It was nice enough to be selected from many (and I mean many) that I looked through to put together this list for you today, so hopefully, that’s saying something.

It is said that the origins of this one, too, are unknown and that it’s for a male (at the Adoption.com).

2 Tyrek

Via: AliExpress.com

We’re already almost to the end! And I honestly can’t believe how it’s flown by. I am a word person, and a mom, and I love thinking about names, and when I get to write about baby names (particularly ones in a quite interesting category), I think I tend to get a little excited, and my fingers really fly across that keyboard…

Thanks for journeying along with me today, and I hope that you’ve found one or two that really inspired you enough to put them on your list of “keepers.”

If you still haven’t at this point, consider Tyrek, a very interesting name that might even be shortened to Ty (or you could just choose that similar name, if you love it).

The origins are unknown, says Adoption.com. But the cuteness factor is real, says I.

1 Zalman

Now, up at the very top of this article, I said that we’d go on a naming journey from A all the way to Z, and I have now indeed made good on that promise.

Z names are always interesting, right? How about Zane, for example, which is simply the only other (and quite nice) one that I can think of right now?

Zalman is one I’d actually never heard of until today, though, and it is said to mean “peaceful and quiet.”

That is the meaning that’s included at Adoption.com, which lists also that the origins of the name are not known.

References: Adoption.com, BabyNameScience.com, BabyNameWizard.com, Ancestry.com, TheBump.com, Dictionary.com.

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