20 Strict Rules Celebs Have For Their Kids

In the world of parenting, there is no rich or poor. Every parent likes to lay down certain rules and restrictions on their children. We non-famous parents know how hard it is to maintain order around the household. Thus, it is easy to understand how hard it must be for celebrities to do the same amidst their busy schedules. What we see on the television is just one part of these celebrities’ lives. At the end of the day, even they have their own children and family to take care of. Parenting and the rules vary from one household to the other. While some parents impose restrictions on watching television, others may not even bother with it. As a parent, you have the freedom to mold your child any way you want, and thus you get to choose all the parenting methods that you find effective. Celebrities are no different from the people of the public when it comes to parenting techniques and methods. You might even grow surprised after hearing how some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry approach parenthood. Once you go through this list that we have brought together, you will be amazed to see what these celebrities look like as parents in real life.

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20 Gadget-free Time


Jennifer Lopez has a strict rule in her household. It is called the Gadget-free time. To limit the time that her kids spend with their phones she created the ‘Sunday Funday’. None of her kids are allowed to use their gadgets on weekdays. Instead, their Sundays come with unlimited access to electronic devices. However, Jennifer has another rule regarding the Sunday Funday. She needs her children to behave properly and work hard during the rest of the week in order to enjoy their Sunday. Or else, their access is cut off or limited. Jennifer finds this rule to quite effective as it improves the chances of parent-child interaction during weekdays. Furthermore, it also gives her a chance to relax and take a nap during Sundays.

19 Social Behaviour

Fashion and Glow

It is every parent’s dream to see their children behave well in front of the crowd. That's especially true when you are a celebrity and often deal with crowds. Mariah Carey is pretty popular for documenting all her children’s life. And due to this reason, her children are all the more ready when it comes to posing for a photograph. Mariah even took her two little tots with her as she got to star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to the tabloids, it was Mariah’s children who stole the stage that day, and they were extremely graceful even when letting out a yawn. Pictures of them cutely sleeping on Mariah’s legs and holding their hands near their ears were all quite popular on the internet and stole our heart with their innocence.

18 Strict Dress Codes

Daily Mail

As a kid, we never really loved walking in prickly dresses and skirts. We always found the simplest one-piece dresses or trousers comfortable to walk in. But this is not the case for celebrity kids. They have to follow a strict dress code even if they don't love the outfit. Why? Because they are always in the spotlight. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make their kid North follows the latest trends possible. Kim chooses the best brand for her kids and they could even be seen dressed up in the matching outfits. We have seen Kim and Kourtney wearing matching outfits in their childhood pictures. And it seems that Kim is following the very same trend with her daughter too.

17 Mobile Phones Only After The Age Of 13


While most of our kids spend hours and more glued to their mobile phones and tablets, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, had a strict parenting rule set for his three children. The founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s richest man on earth didn’t allow his children to use to use mobile phones or tablets until the age of 14. According to him, this was considered to be a great parenting strategy because once they get to have a mobile phone at the age of 14, no matter what brand it belongs to, they would still be content with it.

16 Strict Rules For Nannies


No matter who we are, when it comes to our children, every parent is a safety freak. Thus, when appointing nannies we would always be extra careful as to choose the right person who would keep your children’s safety as their top priority. Nevertheless, ordinary people wouldn’t go as far as getting a book full of rules to be followed by the nannies like Kim Kardashian. Kim wants the nannies to make their every move as per her instructions and at the same time doesn’t want them to steal her attention. Additionally, the nannies have to take care of Kim’s fur babies alongside the kids.

15 Microwaving Is Strictly Prohibited

Daily Mail

Microwaves are our lifesavers after a busy day at work. Put all the leftovers in and make something delicious within a couple of minutes. However, if you ask Kourtney Kardashian about her thoughts on a microwave, she would say that she refrains from using one. Kourtney warms the food either on the stove top or oven but not in a microwave. Her reason for doing this is because she believes that the microwave helps the toxins from the plastic containers seep into the food. So if her kids need a quick snack, they will have to wait until it is completely warmed on the stove top rather than in the microwave.

14 Strict Bedtime Routines


The Titanic star isn’t the usual easy-going mother. She has a set of strict rules made for her three kids. If you are a parent, you know how hard it is to put your children to sleep before 8 pm. However, this isn’t the case with Kate Winslet who seems to have accomplished the very unlikely task. The famous actress doesn’t allow her kids to stay awake after 7:30 in the evening while growing up – though that may be difficult now that her eldest is 17. Additionally, she believes that jumping on the bed is too dangerous a game and prevents her kids from doing so.

13 No Playing With Kids Their Age


Unlike the other kids of their age, Angelina Jolie’s kids stay at home and spend most of their time with their family. Angelina Jolie believes that family members are the greatest friends you could ever have in your life. Thus, she doesn’t let her children go out into the world, and whenever they do go, she accompanies them. Though her initiative is great considering the closeness that she could nurture, her children don’t get many chances to mingle with the children their own age. This means no socializing and no having fun. While most kids enjoy a birthday party or a sleepover, Angelina’s kids are at home with her.

12 Television Will Rot Your Brain


Next in line is Barack Obama. He is the proud parent of two lovely daughters. He and his wife, Michelle, have set a special rule for their daughters. The girls aren’t allowed to spend their time binge-watching television series throughout the week or watch variety shows. They are only allowed to watch television for six hours per week. That is just less than an hour per day. Though they have security guards and butlers to serve them all the time, even the slightest misbehavior would cut their privilege entirely.

11 Medical Masks For Visitors


Kylie Jenner, as we all know, is pretty new to parenthood and her daughter Stormi is too young to be following strict rules. Nonetheless, that doesn’t prevent Kylie from setting rules for visitors. As for Kylie, the safety of her child is the top priority. Thus, she insists that all her kid’s visitors put on a medical mask when they are around her daughter. Her justification for this particular act is to keep germs away from her daughter. This may seem too harsh on the visitors and her daughter as Stormi won’t properly get to see her visitor’s face.

10 Silk Pillows To Sleep On


You might have heard in a fairy-tale that Princesses sleep on silk pillows. However, if you look at your household or your neighbor’s household you would find most of them use cotton bed linens. Cotton is affordable and easily available for the ordinary people. Nonetheless, studies prove that sleeping on a silk pillow reduces the chances of wrinkles and hair fall. This might be the very reason why Kourtney Kardashian abstains from letting her children sleep on cotton pillows. She makes her kids sleep on silk pillowcases to avoid getting wrinkles and for their skin to look smooth and healthy.

9 Kabbalah Water Worth $10,000

Crazy Days and Nights

Madonna lets her kids drink Kabbalah water only. Moreover, she spends close to $10,000 to get Kabbalah water into the central heating system of her house while a single bottle of water costs $5. She believes that the spiritually lustrous water could solve the problems with radiation. Madonna is, in fact, a very spiritual mother as she even prohibited her kids from watching television, reading the newspaper and playing with toys which are thought as spiritually unsound. She even made a macrobiotic diet for her kids excluding sweets, cream, cheese, and preservatives. Additionally, she included grains in every meal.

8 Treating Kids Like An Adult

Growing Your Baby

Penelope Cruz adapted to the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) parenting method to bring up her children as well-disciplined citizens of the country. The parenting method states that children shouldn’t be treated like children, and they shouldn’t always be praised for the deeds that they do. Penelope Cruz has long adult talks with her children and strictly doesn’t bring in any baby talks. She also doesn’t provide her kids with high chairs, sippy cups, bouncers, and strollers because, as per the RIE method, it disrespects a baby’s true emotion. The idea is that the objects are made with the parent in mind rather than the child.

7 Put Your Nose Against The Wall

Motherhood In-Style Magazine

Jessica Alba is known for her preppy self and bubbly-ness on the screen. Nonetheless, when it comes to parenting, Jessica is a strict mother. Jessica, a mother of three, in an interview revealed that she has some strict rules set in place in order to discipline her children. Jessica is strict about timing and she wants her children to eat when it is time to eat and go to sleep when it is time to sleep. As for the punishments, the kids have to stand in a corner and put their nose against the wall whenever they do something inappropriate or wrong.

6 Sugar And Junk Food Are The Forbidden Fruit

Julia Roberts is the proud mother of three children named Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry. She is overall a cool mother. Nonetheless, when it comes to her kids she can be strict sometimes. Julia doesn’t want her kids to eat junk foods and sugary sweets as it could affect their health in the long run. However, rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? Though Julia Roberts doesn’t often break the rule, she does bend it slightly on special occasions. On certain occasions, she allows her kids to grab a bite of the snacks that they long for.

5 Those Three Magical Words


David and Victoria Beckham have together stepped into the world of parenting with their four children. Though they don’t impose any harsh rules on their kids, all four of them are brought up well mannered. Both David and Victoria have enforced discipline in their household. According to them, saying ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, and ‘please’ are all an important way to show their politeness. No matter who they are with, they always have to enforce these three words when speaking to people. Besides this rule, the kids are showered with the freedom to play and they don’t ever leave their chance to play soccer inside the house.

4 Pick Those Clothes Off The Floor


Again, Madonna is back on this list with yet another absurd rule that she makes her kids follow. We have been watching Madonna on stage for a long time, and throughout this time, she has come up with entertaining shows one after another. Every time she puts on a show, she makes sure that she organizes it and it is the same thing for running her household. Madonna rules over her household and she wants her home to look spick and span. With six children running around her house, one would think of it as a hard task but not for Madonna. Her children have to abide by the rule of not leaving their clothes on the floor if they don’t want their clothes to end up in the trash.

3 No Dating Till The Age Of 18


Seems like Madonna has a textbook full of rules that she makes her kids follow. This rebellious lady once declared to the world that she wouldn’t let her daughter Lourdes date until the age of 18. Now, this is of course so surreal because who waits until the age of 18 to start dating? Later, when Lourdes turned 16, she started dating Timothee Chalamet – an actor now most well-known for his role in the film Call Me By Your Name. Though Madonna couldn’t stand against her daughter she still made sure that a bodyguard followed Lourdes all around making sure that she was safe.

2 No Internet Access And No Television

All That's Fab

Earlier in the list, we saw that some celebrities do impose a schedule on their kids for watching television. However, here we have Meghan Fox who completely prohibits her children from watching television. This means that no matter how disciplined of a child you are, you won’t get to watch television. Additionally, she doesn’t let her kids use computers until they reach eighth grade. When asked about her decision, she said that she did let her kids watch movies because movies have a clear beginning, and end whereas, watching television is non-stop. Meghan finds television to be overwhelming and she wants her kids to feel the same way.

1 The Spicy Punishment

The Weekly Times

Not every kid loves a spicy treat or at least Jamie Oliver’s daughter doesn’t. Once, when Jamie's daughter, Poppy, was overtly rude towards her father, he gave her a spicy snack to teach her a lesson. It appears that his attempt at keeping this behavior at bay was unpopular in his household, though he found it hilarious. When Poppy asked for an apple after this particularly rude incident, Jamie Cut the fruit into pieces and rubbed Scotch Bonnet over the slices. Though his wife warned him to never do it again, Jamie still appears as if he can’t leave his habit back in his office.

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