20 Simple (But Tried And Tested) Beauty Hacks For The Sleep Deprived Mom

Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt - author unknown.

Well ain't that the truth. Sure beauty is only skin deep and blah blah blah, but looking good does help boost one's confidence by leaps and bounds, and this is especially true for sleep deprived mums. We can practically spot them a mile away, with bags under their eyes, disheveled hair that's probably not seen the shower in days and milk stained sweatshirts that should not even see the light of day. They have sloughed through endless nights of baby talks and wails, survived being spit on, practically lived on crackers while providing food worthy only for kings for their babies and basically aged a decade or two since the arrival of the baby.

Hence it is only normal that these moms usually look like they've been through a lot on a daily basis. But hey, deep down, even the most tired mom would still want to look like America's Next Top Model. And while achieving that glamorous look might be a tad bit impossible, we've put out 20 simple (but tried and tested) beauty hacks that are guaranteed to make heads turn ( in a 'Pretty Woman' kind of way, not the 'Poltergeist' way). So get ready to transform into a whole new sassy, fresh and beautiful looking you.

20 Blow Dry Thy Hair

Hair that has been blown dry versus hair that's dried naturally; the difference is massive. Blow dried hair usually has more volume and has a visually better looking shape than its limp and messier counterpart. No time to blow dry your hair? Always in a hurry to run some errands or pick up the little one from daycare? No problem. We've got the solution for you. If you're always on the move, simply wind down the car window and let the fresh air naturally blow dry your hair. And while you're at it, use your hands to run through your hair and style it using the car's side mirror.

Or if the weather is extremely hot, turn on the car air conditioner at full blast and blow dry your hair there. 

Don't worry about the odd looks other drivers are giving you. Just make sure you keep an eye on the road.

19 Lipstick Baby, Lipstick

If your lips are always flaky and pale from the lack of rest, never fear. The lipstick is here! Always, always remember to keep a lipstick in your diaper bag, hand bag or dashboard. Whip it out and smear some red color on your lips before heading to the workplace. Who cares if you have red eyes and mismatched shoes from having to care for the baby the whole of last night? Pop on that cherry red lipstick and power your way through the day.

18 Fake Those Rosy Cheeks

Couple the pouty lips with some blush to complete your look. Try to keep your blusher in the same bag that you do your lipstick and you'll be sure to look fresh and made up all day long. No time to do your makeup? No worries. Hide in the office cubicle or restroom and quickly fake those rosy cheeks. You could even make the most out of a traffic jam, put on the blusher before heading off to work or the grocery store. Forgot to bring your blusher? We have the perfect solution for you! Hold out your hand and simply smack yourself silly across the cheeks a few times. We guarantee your cheeks will be bright red in no time. Heh!

17 Freshen Those Eyes

There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to your soul. So it is only natural that we would want our eyes to look bright and fresh even though we can hardly keep them open. Well, to keep your eyes moist, try squeezing your eyes shut and force a yawn. This almost always manages to squeeze a tear or two from the tear ducts to give your eyes some moisture. Or you could just hydrate them with a few drops of artificial tears available at any pharmacies nearby.

Some women even go to the extreme by dabbling toothpaste on their eyes. The spiciness makes the eyes water and keeps them looking like they've just woken up from a good night's rest.

Ahh, what we put up with in the name of beauty.

16 Mints Go A Long Way

Beauty doesn't mean just looking good. Sleeping Beauty might have been, well, beautiful but imagine if she had woken up and said hello to Prince Philip with garlic breath. You'd think he might have thought twice to kiss her in the first place. So as a confidence booster, carry some mints with you at all times. Pop them before a crucial meeting or before heading to buy some groceries. Heck, make sure you brush your teeth before kissing the baby.

Sure you'll smell heavenly to your kid even if you haven't bathed in days but still, let's not spoil their sense of smell at such a tender age. So go, pop some mints for a breath of fresh air.

15 The Ponytail Trick


Woke up from less than 2 hours of sleep with messy and frizzy hair? Afraid to step out into the world looking like the wicked witch from Oz? Have no fear. The ponytail is here. Simply slick your hair back with hair gel (or water If you have nothing else to go by) and tie it in a very tight ponytail. The kind that pulls even the deepest wrinkle back to practically give you a facelift that could give even the best doctor a run for his money. Let no strand come loose and comb the tail of your hair until it becomes silky smooth.

14 The Headband Trick

Or if your hair isn't long enough for a ponytail, why not pop on a headband? Headbands come in many different shapes, designs and colors. They help to keep your hair in place and best of all, the headband itself  functions as a distraction. People will be more captivated by the design of your headband (if you have a fancy one that is) than your frazzled look.

So don't be shy. Invest in a few good looking headbands...they aren't just for kids. These days, even grannies wear them so that means they are definitely back in fashion. What are you waiting for? Go grab them now!

13 Vitamins To Save The Day


There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that by eating different kinds of fruits and veggies on a daily basis, you not only get to keep the doctor away, but you also get to enjoy the numerous health benefits that these goodies have to offer?

Some berries help promote your immune system, some fruits aid in giving you sparkling eyes. Others boost the collagen in your body and help lock the moisture in your body.

So go ahead and munch on your leafy greens and rainbow of fruits.

12 Microblading

Eyebrows not only serve to protect your eyes from sweat, they are also meant to draw attention to your face. If done properly, microblading can be a life saver. It could give you a whole new look. One that is more youthful and less tired looking. Sure, the tattooing might hurt slightly and they aren't exactly permanent but hey, what's a few 'ouch' compared to a few year's worth of beautiful looking eyebrows?

No one likes a bushy eyebrow, especially not sleep deprived who have no time to trim or draw their eyebrows on a daily basis.

11 Face And Eye Masks


Face and eye masks. One of man-kind's greatest invention. Face masks and eye masks are meant to hydrate and help firm the skin on one's face. If you have no time to go for a facial, simply invest in a whole pack of masks from either Amazon or eBay or any of the stores that have promotions on beauty products. Wash your face, squeeze out whatever blackheads you can spot and pop on the mask.

Do your house chores or drive to the office with the mask on. And before you reach your workplace or even finish vacuuming the floor, your face would feel plumped up and fully hydrated.

Throw away the mask and face the day with a glow.

10 The Magic Of Water


Science has taught us that the human body consists of 60% of water. And what science claims, no one should defy. So drink up, ladies. We wouldn't want to end up looking like a de-hydrated flower, would we? Still not believing? Take a look in the mirror. See and feel the texture on your face and your body. Then make yourself drink at least 6 glasses of water (we're talking about pure H2O) for a week. Then take a look in the mirror again. We kid you not when we say that you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will look. Your eyes will be less sunken, cheeks less hollow, the skin will look more dewy and when you press onto your cheeks or arms, the skin will bounce back with a spring like feel. Ah....the magic of water.

9 Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

Want to look good without appearing to try too hard? Well, slip into a pair of jeans (boot cut, skinny, mom jeans, etc) and pair them with a simple top and voila! You are good to go.

While jeans were initially meant for hard labor, they have come a long way and evolved into a fashion statement, so if you want to look cool (even though you'd rather just wear your pj's), make sure you own a pair of amazing jeans.

They might just save your day from a wardrobe disaster.

8 The Little Black Dress

One should not only own a pair of jeans, one must also have a little black dress hanging in one's wardrobe. The little black dress is a statement of class and elegance (made famous by Audrey Hepburn) so just in case you have to attend any last minute functions and are just too tired to go shopping for a presentable dress, then your little black dress will come in handy.

So go...quickly invest in one. Find one that suits and flatters your body shape and you'll be transformed into an elegant lady in no time.

7 Ballerina Pumps For Any Occasion

Frequently on your feet? Then it is extremely vital to invest in a good pair of shoes...one that is not only comfortable but also presentable (and no, those fluffy slippers with rabbit ears that you wear around the house are not acceptable in public). Most women admit to choosing the ballerina pumps.

Not only are the flat soles comfortable and safe enough to trudge in while balancing the baby, they also give off a polished and cultivated look.

'Hey look at that tired- looking mom with her wailing toddler over there! But who cares! Check out her shoes! They're fabulous! Anna Wintour would be proud!'

6 A Dash Of Perfume

Need to rush for work but have no time to bathe after battling it out with your kids? Or too worn out from being spit on by the baby the whole day? Well...you still have to smell good. No one likes a smelly little skunk and you sure as heck don't want to be one so quick, dab on some perfume before heading out of the house. Or if you feel like it, you could even wear perfume to bed. Studies show that smelling good helps us and the people around us to relax more, so maybe, just maybe, the perfume can help calm the baby down too.

5 Dry Shampoo For A Little Volume

High Heels and Mommy Ordeals

Don't you just hate how limp your hair looks and how oily it feels? Couple that with the fact that you have practically zero time to tend to your mane because every second spent in the bathroom equals to a wailing baby and toddler. Apparently if you disappear for more than a minute in the bathroom, hell will break loose in the house. So what do you do when your crowning glory screams for attention and you have no time for a hair wash? Well, simply pour as much dry shampoo as you can and er....make the most of it.

If you can't have freshly washed hair then fake it with the dry shampoo. Beggars can't be choosers.

4 Pop On Those Sunnies

Do you have bags under your eyes and crows feet creeping around the corner? Feel like burying your head in your shirt every time you have to meet and look people in the eye? Well, worry not. Just pop on those sunglasses and you won't have to deal with those scrutinizing looks people give you. Those glasses make you look cooler too. Just don't over do it during the evenings and whenever you go into a shopping mall or grocery store. If you really feel bare without the sunnies then why not wear just the frames. This seems to be in fashion right now and the frames might just draw attention away from your tired-looking eyes.

3 Recycle Those Tea Bags


Tea is known as a powerful antioxidant. Some say that the concubines of Chinese emperors used tea to wash their faces and bodies to keep them looking youthful. So hey, if the concubines believed in it, then why don't we give it a try as well?

Sure bathing in a tub full of tea might be a bit weird but why not try placing cool tea bags on your eyes to reduce the puffiness? You could place them on for a short 5 to 10 minutes and look fresh and rejuvenated for a brand new day.

Plus the smell of Darjeeling, Earl Grey or Peppermint tea could act as a perfume as well.

2 The Sleeping Beauty


What do sleep-deprived mums need the most? Well, sleep of course. A good night's rest (at least 8 hours) without any interruptions whatsoever. That would be like a dream come true for many. If you can't get that kind of rest then let's just make do with whatever time father clock gives us. A little catnap when the baby naps or perhaps a short snooze while your toddler is away at play-school? Anything that can give our body, mind and soul a much needed rest would be welcomed.

1 Fake Eyelashes


Eyelashes help to not only protect our eyes from dust and sweat. If thick and curly enough, they give the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes.

So if you don't have time for makeup and detest having to put on and wash off the mascara, then check yourself into Walmart to buy some fake eyelashes.

Or if you prefer to have the lashes put on by professionals, check into any commendable beauty parlor and have those lashes stuck onto the eyelids. Done properly, these lashes can last for a month, giving you a more exotic look with minimum effort.

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