20 Signs Mom Is Paying Too Much For Her Babysitter

Finding the right person to look after the most precious thing in the world is by no means an easy task. It’s important to find someone who is responsible, caring, trustworthy, and who loves kids. Once a babysitter is chosen, that doesn’t mean that the hard works stops there. It’s important that they are doing things that all good babysitters should.

It’s important that the child is as comfortable around the babysitter as the parent is. And if they aren’t doing these things and the child is not comfortable around them, there’s a good chance they’re being paid too much. Whether it involves showing up late or missing from work, inviting someone else over without permission, or simply complaining about the parents’ parenting style, there are some things that babysitters do that should raise a few red flags. These red flags shouldn’t be brushed aside, because they could be negatively impacting the kids that they look after in more ways than one.

In fact, if a babysitter is doing any of these things, the money they’re being paid is probably better being spent elsewhere. So without further ado, here are 20 signs that mom is paying too much for her babysitter.

20 They are Late Or Missing From Work

If you think that being punctual isn’t important, think again. I don’t know about you, but being late is a personal pet peeve of mine. If you’re a mom waiting for your babysitter to show up, that isn't okay. What’s the point of paying a babysitter so much if they’re either not going to show up, or if they are just going to show up late? Look at it this way, if the babysitter doesn’t care enough to show up on time, then how can you trust them to care enough to look after your child?

19 Kids Appear To Have Frequent Mishaps

When it comes to kids, it’s expected that they will have a couple of mishaps here and there. Nevertheless, the babysitter should still be able to give you an explanation for how your child received them. Did they fall of the swings? Did they tumble down the slide? However, if you are starting to notice very frequent mishaps, it might be time to start questioning whether they are properly supervising your child. 

18 They Invite Someone Else Over Without Permission

Just because a babysitter has been with your family for a while, doesn’t mean that they can take it upon themselves to invite a friend or even a date over to your house. If the babysitter hasn’t been with your family for a while, doing something like this would be just plain ridiculous. The main problem with inviting someone else over without permission is that more often than not, the child will inevitably receive less attention than they should. This is just a bad situation all around.

17 They Don’t Care About Provided Instructions

If you are going to go out of your way to provide a babysitter with certain instructions for your child, you should expect the babysitter to not only acknowledge them, but to follow them. If you’re trying to tell the babysitter that the kids have to be in at a certain time or that they’re not allowed to eat certain foods, and the babysitter is feigning interest and not paying any attention, that is concerning. A good way to work around this is to write down the instructions for them, but let’s be honest, if they don’t care about the instructions, you’re paying them too much.

16 Kids Complain About Being Left Alone With Them

Let’s get something straight before we dive into this next one. It is in no way unusual for a kid to get upset when their parent leaves them. That’s not so much the issue here. The issue here is when your kid becomes so emotional and starts whaling when they are left with a certain babysitter. If you kid really does get that upset, it might be time to reconsider the babysitter and get someone else. While it may be just a case of separation anxiety, it could also be that your child is uncomfortable around the babysitter; which shouldn't be taken lightly.

15 They Spend Too Much Time On Their Phone Or Computer

If there is one thing worse than going out to dinner with someone who is on their phone the whole time, it’s someone who is looking after your kids and won't put their phone down. What parent can have peace of mind when they go out when they have to worry about their babysitter texting or going on social media the whole time? I mean, if you wanted to pay someone to use their phone for hours on end, I’m sure people would be lining up down the block for the opportunity. Remember, you’re paying them to look after your kids, not at their phone.

14 They Seem Secretive About Their Daily Routine

What goes on from the time you leave your child with the babysitter to the time that you come back home, should never be a secret. I think that should go without saying. In fact, you are probably wanting to hear from both the babysitter and your kid about how their day was. If the babysitter is quiet about giving up any information, it could mean that the babysitter isn’t a good of a communicator. Either way, this is something that needs to be addressed and dealt with.

13 Kids Exhibit A Change In Sleep Pattern Or Change In Behavior While Awake

While you might not think that a child’s change in sleep pattern or change in behavior while awake can be related to the timing of a new babysitter, these are indeed signs that should definitely not be ignored. If your child is normally very sociable, but all of a sudden becomes very introverted or withdrawn, or you notice that your child is having a hard time sleeping, and this all happens to coincide with the time in which you got a babysitter, then this is something that needs to be addressed. While the behavior of children can change, it shouldn’t be brought on by the babysitter.

12 They Always Appear Exhausted

When you hire a babysitter, you’re hiring them so that you can go out and have a good time and not have to worry about if you’re kids are ok and if they are being supervised. However, how can you go out, have fun, and have peace of mind if your babysitter shows up to the job extremely tired and have no energy? If they're always exhausted, they really won't get any work done, much less look after little balls of energy that kids are. If you are going to have a babysitter who’s always tired, why not just leave the kids in front of the tv and hope for the best?

11 The House Isn’t The Same As When You Left It

“Home sweet home.” “Home is where the heart is.” There’s a reason there are a lot of quotes about homes. And that’s because your home is your sanctuary. So if you leave someone else in charge of your child and your house, the least they could do for you is to make sure that it is the same way as when you left it. Just as the babysitter should be respectful of your child, they should also exhibit the same respect for your house. That includes things like washing dishes they may have used, and picking up toys from the floor.

10 They Don’t Check With You On Sticky Situations

I know that when you hire a babysitter, it’s so that you can go out in peace and not have to worry about anything. I mean come on, who wants to get a call every few minutes with questions about what the child is allowed or not allowed to do. While you may not want to be bothered, if there is something that the babysitter is unsure of, they should still check in with you. You don’t want the babysitter taking certain things into their own hands and start winging it.

9 They Lie And Steal

I think it’s safe to say that having a babysitter who lies and steals isn't a problem that moms should have to worry about. Actually, having someone work for you who lies and steals is probably one of the most stressful problems anyone can have, not just moms. But since this is about moms, we’ll just stick to them. The last thing any mom wants is to leave their child with someone who can’t be trusted. Not to mention, who wants to come home to discover that your valuables have mysteriously vanished. It’s time to look for a new babysitter.

8 Kids Appear Messy After They Leave

Have you ever noticed that your child looks messy after their time with the babysitter? And I don’t mean like once or twice. I mean like they consistently look messy. I’m talking about how they always have food particles over their face, mouth, and body. While it’s natural for kids to get messy after playing or even eating, kids shouldn’t be left like that the whole time they are with the babysitter. If your kid is always returning to you with a full diaper or their always a mess, you’re probably paying the babysitter too much because they’re not doing their job.

7 Kids Are Hungry And Tired Afterwards

When kids have gotten enough rest and are well fed, they are at their most active. And what parent wouldn’t want to see their kids happy and playful when they return home? However, if you were to return home to kids who are lethargic and hungry, this should be cause for concern. If at the end of the day, everybody sits down for dinner, and your child eats like they haven’t eaten all day, this is a telltale sign that the babysitter isn’t doing their job.

6 They Complain About The Parents’ Parenting Style

When it comes to parents and babysitters, only one word should come to mind. And that word is of course, teamwork. There needs to be a collaborative effort when it comes to providing the child with proper care. Don’t get me wrong though, while parents should certainly listen to what ideas the babysitter may have, they should still not allow the babysitter to force their own parenting style on the mother. The sign of a great babysitter is their willingness to follow through on the plans that were put forth by the parents and not take matters into their own hands.

5 They Don’t Engage In Conversation With The Parent

Is it so hard for someone to say hello, how are you, and make a little small talk? I didn’t think so. So if it is not hard to do, why shouldn’t you expect your babysitter to engage in a little conversation with you? They should want to ask you about the kids, tell you about their day, ask you about yours. They should want to make you feel comfortable around them. I mean come on, they’re looking after your kids. These are pretty basic things that any babysitter should do. If they don’t engage in conversation, that’s something to think about.

4 Kids Are Left Without Supervision During Activities

When mom and dad are away, they expect the babysitter to have full responsibility for their children’s safety. A kid should never be left unsupervised during activities, such as swimming, biking, or playing in the park. So, if your kid starts going on about how they have been taking part in some non-parent approved, or unsupervised activities while the babysitter is in charge, that may be a sign that the babysitter is untrustworthy and irresponsible; which, in turn, may mean it’s time to start looking for a new babysitter.

3 They Don’t Give Feedback

Wouldn’t it be great if after it was over, the babysitter was happy to tell you about how the day went and was able to give feedback on the day's activities? It would, right? Unfortunately, things don’t always go as they should, and you can be stuck with a babysitter who doesn’t provide you with any feedback. It’s not only important to hear about the good things that happened, but it’s just as important to hear about the not so good things or things that might be cause for concern. It’s important to receive that kind of feedback so any proper adjustments can be made.

2 It’s The Kid's Fault, Not Theirs

I think it’s safe to say that kids can sometimes be little troublemakers and cause things to go wrong. However, if when it comes to the babysitter looking after your child and everything that goes wrong is being blamed on the child, then it might be time to reconsider that babysitter. If you constantly hear things like, “I tried to stop him, but he just would not listen to me”, coming from the babysitter, this is not a good sign. If a babysitter cannot admit their own mistakes, that can only mean that they are not as trustworthy as you may have originally thought.

1 They Just Don’t Feel Right

Ultimately, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. It’s called mothers intuition for a reason, so by all means, use it. If something doesn’t quite feel right with you, then there’s probably a good reason why. And if you don’t think that the babysitter is doing what is right, then you need to trust your instincts. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so if that means having to find a new babysitter so that you can have a little peace of mind, then so be it. You should always feel comfortable with the person that you are entrusting to look after the most precious thing you have.

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